This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Germany: The KinksLola super deluxe – €46

Contains three CDs, two 7-inch singles and a 60-page book. This price equates to approxiately £42, which is around £20 cheaper than the UK price.

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th anniversary six-disc super deluxe edition box set

GERMANY: The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper super deluxe edition – €69

Includes new stereo remix, two CDs of sessions, mono mix on CD (plus bonus tracks),  a DVD and blu-ray with 5.1 mix, plus superb book and overall packaging!

Prince / 1999 2CD deluxe edition

GERMANY: Prince / 1999 2CD deluxe – €10

Bargain price for the 2CD deluxe which comes with a bonus disc of 18 seven-inch versions remixes and B-sides.

GERMANY: The Rolling Stones / Goats Head Soup box set – €86

This 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe offers a new stereo mix, rarities, Brussels Affair – Live 1973 and a blu-ray with a 5.1 surround mix, hi-res stereo and videos.

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Jonathan Riley

Prince 1999 super deluxe 4 cd’s 1 dvd is back in stock for $39 on deepdiscount.com

Marc Sutton

Great spot Jonathan, I ordered and total cost of 41 euro including delivery to Ireland!!!


I wondered if anybody could help. I now have a couple of box sets which have blu-ray disc’s. I’m thinking of buying a Blu-ray player so I can listen to them. Will any Blu-ray player work and will I be able to connect it to my HiFi? I wasn’t planning to buy and expensive one and I don’t have surround sound.
On a separate note I have just purchased the Beatles White Album cd box set. It is €60 on Amazon France and if you start a shopping list for the first time they give you a €5 credit which equals to £56 delivered to the UK.

Steve White

Is anyone still waiting for the McCartney III red vinyl from the US store? I started getting concerned about this at the start of the week then realised I didn’t receive an order confirmation. I hadn’t thought about it though as they charged my card the day I pre ordered it so assumed all was well. I’m based in the UK and it would be interesting to find out if there are others in the same boat.

I’ve contacted the store but I fear with the lack of an order confirmation number I might be hung out to dry.


Did anybody ever confirm if the Euro Red vinyl and the US Red Vinyl were different or in fact the same (ie has anybody got both they can compare?)


Thanks. I’ve learnt this afternoon that the difference apparently seems to be the numbering. Both US and UK website versions have the same sleeve and the same barcode number. The US versions are numbered from a run of 3000 whereas the UK ones are numbered from a run of 9200. The copies that were sold from the UK website and UDiscover.de on New Years Eve are apparently unnumbered.


My US Red hasnt appeared yet so I cant verify personally, but yes it appears they are the same. Apart from the numbering, the only other difference is that you probably paid a lot more in postage for one of them :)


I got an update on the 19th December saying it was on its way with a tracking number. Last status is it left Illinois, USA on New Year’s Eve…


Mine left Illinois on Dec 28th and landed in the Netherlands! It is now apparently en route to UK for transfer to Royal Mail….

Ivo Peeters

I have bought already several times from Rarewaves (via ebay) and always without problems. I received a cd from them a few days ago and that seemed to be sent from France. Never noticed that before. To avoid Brexit problems?

Inner Space

That sounds promising regarding ordering from Rarewaves after 01/01/2021…..but still…..a confirmation from someone from the EU who placed an order after that date and received it in the meantime without paying customs fees would be nice……if they are indeed starting to ship everything from France……


I’ve ordered from Rare waves a few times. Item usually arrives, but can take ages to get delivered from the time they send it.

Mike M

This was dealing direct with Rarewaves, would have more accountability/traceabiliity dealing through eBay. Been a nightmare to deal with, won’t ever use them again.


For everyone’s information, Abbey Road deluxe ordered from Rarewaves on 30/12, “your order is on the way” email sent 30/12 at 15:40 GMT, and item delivered by Royal Mail today (9/1/21) at 10:15. (Rarewaves dispatch site and I are both in the UK).

Keep up the good work Paul and many thanks, this site is a daily read for many.

Mike M

Abbey Road deluxe ordered from Rarewaves on 27/12, “your order is on the way” email sent 29/12 at 20.28 GMT, with no tracking details from Royal Mail. Chased Rarewaves three times to provide tracking details because item didn’t arrive, not once did they supply any tracking details.
Item cancelled with Rarewaves 07/01 and re-ordered with Music Magpie same day. Item received from Music Magpie 09/01 at 13.32 GMT. Still waiting reply from Rarewaves regarding my refund, Rarewaves order never turned up, I doubt it was even dispatched. (Rarewaves dispatch site and I are both in the UK).

Keep up the good work Paul and many thanks, this site is a daily read for many.


I don’t feel comfortable ordering from abroad any more, not knowing what the final cost may be.

This is a lose-lose situation for the UK and the EU.


I’m finding a strange trend with ordering new releases (on CD) from Amazon UK where as soon as something is released it’s instantly “temporarily unavailable”. I can kinda understand say an obscure German industrial band on a German record label but it’s also with well known bands like Fine Young Cannibals? And the fact I’m in the UK and these are pre-orders makes it even more fishy unless in the case of FYC the product is manufactured in Europe…

Jonathan Riley

Two things
1st, I have been having issues with JPC.de. I ordered the porcupine tree set from them, and it shipped out in November and arrived in the USA on the 14th of December when it cleared customs. Since then my package hasn’t moved and when I emailed JPC.de they told me to wait until Jan 9th for it to show up before I ask for a refund or a replacement. It’s almost been 2 months waiting for this boxset, from a company which is usually reliable

2nd. The Depeche Mode “Mode” set is now sold on Amazon.es and they aren’t taking more orders, so who knows it could turn out like the divine comedy set on amazon.co.uk.

Mike M

I had the Mode boxset cancelled on me a few days ago, I wouldn’t been one of the first to have ordered it so don’t be surprised if you receive a similar cancellation email. Was always a long shot tbh

John Orr

Aye, there are some outlets you avoid like the plague, and Rarewaves is one of them. They do tend to sell stuff a little cheaper, but their customer service is appalling. Only ever ordered once from them, but never again. Item did eventually arrive thankfully, but took ages with no replies to emails inbetween. Juno Records is another hit n miss company. Slightly cheaper, but again, stuff can arrive damaged too.

Alan B

I believe the McCartney Store is part of the Universal group – who operate Record Store, Sound of Vinyl etc. Historically I’ve found no problems with their customer service. Always had a reply to my emails within a few days. But in November I pre-ordered a signed copy of the new Shame LP due out next week. Couple of weeks ago they had a promotion of 10% off some new releases in January. The new Shame LP is part of that promotion. Of course they don’t automatically apply the discount to existing orders. I had to re-order it applying the discount code and I emailed them to cancel the original order. I haven’t heard from them and it hasn’t been cancelled. It’s been almost 2 weeks now. It’s released in a week’s time so it is getting close to the point of no return when they are going to send it to me, similar to you Paul with Paul McCartney. I have notified them in plenty of time to cancel it. So frustrating.
I mentioned a few weeks ago the problem I had with the Warner Brothers Store regarding the Billie Joe Armstrong exclusive glow in the dark sleeve not being sent upon release date. I came to the conclusion that they hadn’t received their stock but left the status as “packing” for 3 weeks. They eventually replied after 3 weeks and it was sent, just telling me it had just been posted. Why not be upfront and say they were awaiting stock from the US? There were comments on Discogs saying they hadn’t received their copies either. But no, just keep their customers in the dark and ignore them.

Rich G

I ordered some Rolling Stones store exclusives which I believe are Universal D2C (identical look to SOV etc). It was the Clear Vinyl Goats Head Soup, the CD Box set and the Steel Wheels Live Blue / Orange Vinyl. To save postage, I said “ship together”. The former had an early Sep release and the latter a late Sep release. It didn’t ship at the time of the 2nd release, so after a few days I chased it up. They said they were out of stock of both the vinyl releases. I’d pre-ordered in July from the official store! Eventually they obtained the clear vinyl GHS for me and apparently put one to one side for my order, pending the Steel Wheels Live availability. Then without warning the sent me both GHS and I noticed the Steel Wheels Live was cancelled. When I re-wrote to customer service, they did offer a discount for the inconvenience, but I’d lost out on the Steel Wheels Live, which by then was going for much higher prices. There was a lag of a couple of days on customer service initially, but once I’d got the first email, the same person seemed to handle my query by replying to their email (not via website) and more quickly. He was pretty good I must say, but pretty poor D2C stock availability to not be able to fulfil super early pre-orders from their own label’s store!

Nick Love

Here’s a good one – ordered some games for my sons for curbside pickup at GameStop at the start of the pandemic. Picked them up 2 days later. 3 days after that received a last reminder to pick them up (??). I sent them three emails telling them I already picked them up so they would collect the money for what was obviously a scanning issue on their end. Ended up getting refunded for “not picking them up” despite bending over backwards to convince them I had the items. Oh well, maybe if they had consistently checked and replied to their emails they wouldn’t have given me $200 of free merchandise. Never got a reply to any of the emails.

Andrew M

I remember you replying to my childish over excited email on the FGTH pleasuredome set personally, Paul. With patience friendliness and amusement.

A year or so later, you had a lady answering your emails but she was just as nice and friendly and even though she didn’t “know” me, she was lovely. We were just moving to Kuwait and it was a shipping question. She even took the time to wish us luck.

Excellent service.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Talking about problems with communication from stores :

I gave up in the end ever getting any reply from the petergabriel website regarding a problem with their products.No response at all. No acknowledgement, no response , nothing. I would have been better off talking to a balloon with a face drawn on it. I will never buy from them ever again (even if PG manages to give us a new album sometime in the next 20 years).


I’ve bought records and box sets from Juno in the past. Never had any problems with them whatsoever. I guess you must have just been unlucky.

Inner Space

An ex Amazon and Rarewaves customers, from my perspective there are several major points in favor of going with Rarewaves – and ordering through their own site.

First – 10% discount for new customers……which basically means you can submit a new e-mail address and open a new account every single time and thus quality for this discount. I have dont that numerous times – always shipped to the same address and paid with the same credit card – without any problems and questions asked from Rarewaves stuff – its obviously in their interest to keep the customers coming back – and what better way then giving them such discounts.

Second – Shipping costs is only 1.50GBP for EU2 (Croatia) – and that is the complete cost for the whole order, regardless of the total price / weight of the order……which means you can order several hundred pounds worth of heavy super deluxe box sets and you will still pay only 1.50GBP for that order.

Third – As already established, their prices are always cheaper than on Amazon……in certain cases much much cheaper and you can – with a little time on your hands and some browsing skills, you can find rare (pun intended) multi-disc sets and sometimes almost deleted releases from years ago still sold at very competitive prices.

Unfortunately, some of the very popular or very rare stock tends to sell out early / quickly and then its a question of whether they will get it again or not. Sometimes they dont and thats it.

Still…….with very good customer service (at least in my own experience), the positives far outnumber the negatives and if I was in the UK, they would still be my first choice for online shopping when it comes to music.


Both dreadful companies, Rarewaves for customer service and advertising things they don’t have, and Juno for their lamentable packaging.

Liam Bastick

I have no affiliation with the company, but I have ordered from Rarewaves a dozen times or more, with not a single problem (and they ship to Australia). I appreciate everyone has problems from time to time, but never had an issue with whoever this company is.

Rich G

Just a quick email in support of RAREWAVES. I have ordered lots via their ebay site and more recently directly from their website. For ebay, some items say they are coming from USA, some UK. I’d say regardless it usually takes up to a couple of weeks to arrive and sometimes items ordered together arrive a few days apart. If you start going over 3 weeks from dispatch, then maybe start to worry. Only ONCE in many orders did something fail to arrive after 3 weeks. It was a direct order. I said I wanted the item and would like a replacement copy for the lost item. A couple of days later they responded saying they would resend the item. Sure enough maybe 10 days later it arrived. The “missing” one never did arrive, but the replacement did arrive perfectly. Their customer service rectified the only problem I had reasonably quickly and efficiently. I’ve not ordered yet in 2021, so don’t can’t speak of recent customs changes on things.


Interesting comments, I have never had a problem with rarewaves either, but their ebay portal may be better. I can only echo the comments about the Universal and Warners store fronts, all without exception (and lets face it they share the same team) couldnt care less, the customer service/order cancellation process is shocking. I would say that Townsend have a much better cancellation process i.e. you can do it yourself but recent experience with them over Kylie Disco, their customer service, though prompt, is downright rude and dismissive. All it takes is a little empathy and kindness..

Paul Anderson

Just ordered Sergeant Pepper super deluxe from Amazon U.K. for £54.96. Seemed like a bargain to me!


Music Magpie have new copies of Abbey Road deluxe going for £47. 79 free p&p.

Phil Tate

Just over £41 if you buy it from MM through ebay at the moment.


Reposting comment from ‘Get in Touch’ in case more people see it here: I’ve been burned before by ordering non-existent copies of the Hard Luck Stories, but third time may be the charm- Amazon Global Store UK (on Amazon US site) is offering copies for $91 [now $89] and free standard shipping to US ($9 priority shipping). No idea if these are ‘bootlegged’, found under the mattress, or just reissued- the UMC site is silent. Perhaps Paul can find out more. And since this is the first time I’ve posted, a big thanks to Paul for running this site- first class.


I ordered the Thompson set in September, right after Universal announced the pressing of exchange cds and it was almost everywhere already sold out.

At Saturn.de they offered it for 70 EUR and said that they could deliver it within five days into the Saturn-shop next to where i live, so that i could then collect and pay it there.

Needless to say that zero happened after five days. End of October i received the email from Universal stating that the exchange offer for the cds would only be open until mid-November, so i sent them my order confirmation from Saturn and hope that their German wouldn’t be good enough to recognise that this was no receipt and i was lucky enough to receive the exchange discs in the beginning of December.

I then thought that Saturn, though still offering the box on their website for delivery within five days had a bug on their webshop and would never be able to deliver the box and counted myself lucky that i at least now had the audio content of the box because in the end it’s mainly about the music.

Imagine my surprise when i received an email by Saturn.de late on Christmas Eve telling me that the box has arrived in the store and must be collected within six days or else they would automatically cancel the order and sent the box back to their warehouse…

Wait, i thought, the next two days are holidays, after that there’s Sunday and aren’t shops in Germany back to lockdown since last week?

So i had to wait until Monday 28th and then called the phone number of our local store and the clerk there told me to my absolute delight that yes, they are in lockdown once more but because of the short notice of the governments decision they are allowed to hand out peoples Christmas orders, be they made at the shop or online.
So i went to the store on Tuesday 29th and after anxious five minutes because the clerk initially couldn’t find the box i finally was the proud owner of “Hard Luck Stories” so i can now tell you my Good Luck Story…


I’m assuming that this is only a temporary by-product of Brexit, but Amazon Germany won’t tale any orders to Northern Ireland. GB apparently ok.

Richard Anderson

Hi John. As well as Amazon Germany I am also having problems with Amazon UK sending vinyl records to NI. They will send some titles no problem and you get them the next day. Others you get the ‘we do not deliver to your address…please delete from your trolley’. Hopefully they will get it sorted.

Phil Tate

This is a message for Kirk, Mike M and David Harold – have any of you received the Abbey Road super-deluxe from Rarewaves? I got the despatch email on 29/12 but it hasn’t arrived yet. And when I check my order status on the site it says they’re still preparing it. I’ve emailed them to clarify, but just wondered if you’d received your copies yet?


Ben Williams

I have had problems with Rarewaves in the past and now avoid them (not to panic you) but I have ordered a couple of items from them, got dispatch emails and the items never arrived sadly. I did get my money back though.


I’d forgotten I’d had problems with them in the past, and bought a couple of blu rays before Christmas.

They didn’t show after two weeks, so I contacted them and they said further copies would be sent.

One copy of each did arrive after about three weeks (don’t know if they were the originals or replacements), and I noticed they’d come via Whistl and then Royal Mail, so is that the reason for their delay?

No tracking available either, I wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole ever again.

Mike M

Hi mate

Mine was dispatched last week, still haven’t received it though so chased it yesterday and waiting for a response from them. Will report back when I hear something back, not look good though is it :(


Your order will be cancelled and you’ll get a refund. Last year I ordered four items there and only one arrived.

David Harold

Nope. I got a dispatch email just over a week ago. I emailed them yesterday and they basically said there’s no tracking and it’s on its way…



Just to add to the Rarewaves comments. I ordered something back in November through Amazon. I got the ‘your item has been despatched’ email, but after that nothing. I found it odd that for the high value the item was, it wasn’t tracked. I contacted them a couple of weeks after its due date and they didnt respond, and a few more days after that got in touch with Amazon. As soon as I did that I got an email from Rarewaves saying the item had been posted on ‘x’ date and it should arrive by y date – only problem was the ‘y’ date was 2 weeks ago. It was a very standard email and had an automated feel to it. Got back in touch with Amazon, and fair play to them they gave a refund immediately on the understanding if it did arrive I return the item. The item never arrived. I understand that things aren’t ‘normal’ at the moment, but it was a disappointing service all round, except Amazon who were every good.

Inner Space

Last year, after Amazon increased their shipping costs to some European countries (such as mine) I have made a switch to Rarewaves and been ordering from them eversince.
So far I have ordered dozens of items and although it took a lot of time for these to arrive (between two-five weeks) to my country and numerous e-mail on many occasions, they have always been very professional / understanding and willing to offer assistance – and as a last resort – even refunds.
I have been given refunds on two occasions (after the deadline expired) – and I didnt have to ask for them more them once.

Whats even better – on two occasions I have been given a refund and then the ordered items arrived afterwards – in one case it was the rather wonderful Play To Win box set, so I got a second one free.

Just lucky I guess……:)

I dont know whats the current situation like regarding orders from them as of 01/01, but when it all becomes clear, I intend to continue ordering from Rarewaves if the price remain as low as they have been so far.


If you want Amazon to be responsible, have a conscious and be kind to employees and customers then you should send back a second copy you get by accident. It is not “lucky” keeping something illegally.

Mark G

OK, well I guess I’m not getting my bargain 1999 super deluxe cd set then.

It’s supposed to be arriving late this month, but.


Hi Phil , I got the same despatch email on the 29th but as yet no box , I probably wouldn’t start worrying until weekend but will certainly be interested in any reply you get.

On brighter news I got a White Album box from Fnac last week not sure what happened with the 1st one sent 19/11 but they sent another out on 23/12 and arrived here on the 30th , hopefully the others waiting got a similar outcome.

Phil Tate

Thanks for the replies all, at least I’m not alone. I do think they’ll turn up, hopefully just held up in the holiday/COVID post. I’ve only used Rarewaves once before (the Dylan Triplicate 3-LP set) and it arrived safe and sound. Fingers crossed for all of us!

Mike M

Hi guys

I’ve just emailed them to cancel my order, I doubt it’s coming and all your comments kinda confirm it won’t either.
You can buy off eBay from Music Magpie for £41.63 right now with code PACKUP20. I have bought off them, you can count on Music Magpie to come through, I would hold urge you to do the same.


I’ve ordered many items from Rarewaves recently and it’s taken a clear two weeks for them to arrive. Maybe given them an email If the two weeks have expired. In each case, my orders have arrived.

Steven Roberts

Admittedy it was pre-Covid, but I ordered a set of Mofi Dire Straits SACDs from them around this time last year – turned up safe and sound.


Toyah & The Humans – Noise In Your Head (4 CD +DVD Box) available now at Amazon UK from third party seller All Your Music for £17.42 including postage but only a couple left I think.


For those that didnt get it on a Euro deal last year – the excellent Ronnie Lane Just For A Moment 6CD super deluxe set is only £56.85 on Amazon UK at the moment – which is nearly half of its original price on release.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Nearly half it’s original price? I don’t think so. I got it on release from Amazon UK for £58.35, only £1.50 more and I’ve been playing it since.


The double LP of “Just For A Moment” is currently £14 in the Rough Trade UK sale


David Bowie-The Mercury Demos vinyl is £41.44 on Amazon UK as I write. I understand this is the lowest it’s been.

Larry Davis

Ok was just doing some shopping for deals…recently, found a Re-Flex Refuse 6CD box for, like, $75, just arrived yesterday & it’s REALLY cool!! I did place an order for the Cherry Pop 2CD Politics Of Dancing too, in case it has some tracks/mixes not on the box (interesting tidbit that both Mark King & Phil Gould from Level 42 started out in Re-Flex but Mark was the drummer, not the bassist, and in the notes, Paul Fishman said his rep was as a killer bass player but an even better drummer, who knew?! Also, Rebellan Remasters just released a Missing Persons box, 500 copies, the 3 Capitol albums expanded/remastered together, but you can buy them separately. looking forward to this!! I did buy at Newbury Comics the Lou Reed New York box, on sale $65.99 & the Dire Straits box on sale $34.99, not bad…but here’s something funny…was at Mr Cheapo’s in Commack today as I was in that area & needed to return this Willie Nelson all-star concert release because it was a 2CD version & I came across a deluxe with a DVD (they had no idea), so I did an exchange but what’s funny is they had this 1991 Barbra Streisand 4CD “Just For The Record…”, the pink flower cover in fabric…for $3.99!! I was like what the hell…not really a fan but that cheap?? Grabbed it…I looked it over just now, I may either toss it or give it to my local library…not sure if I want to keep it…it’s like a hot potato, radioactive, haha!! But what I did get & want…the 4CD Stevie Wonder box “At The Close of a Century”, $18.99, some Stone Roses stuff…”Very Best of” ($5.99), “Second Coming” (99 cents!!) & Ian Brown 2CD box-ish “The Greatest” for $11.99(!!), Dan Hartman comp “Keep The Fire Burning” ($5.99), this interesting cool promo on Sony Music “Lollapalooza ’93” cuz I was there (tracks by Primus, Alice In Chains, Dinosaur Jr, Fishbone, Front 242, Tool, Babes In Toyland, Rage Against The Machine, Cell, Free Kitten, Lighter Shade Of Brown, Mercury Rev, Mosquito, Mutabaruka, Royal Trux, Sebadoh, Tsunami & Unrest)…and lastly this Russian semi-legal 2CD comp Ariana Grande “Greatest Hits”…I try to get those in trades or discounts cuz they are well-done & sound great, but the legalities are iffy & I highly doubt the artists get paid for them…not a bad score eh?? First for 2021…

Richard Bowden

Menswear Boxset – Signed Edition (The Menswear Collection) £22.99 on Amazon UK
Just got mine. And just got the title joke too!!


Thanks for the heads up on menswear Richard, Ordered.
Zoom has ¡hay tiempo! Clear vinyl for £17.99 incl free delivery in the uk


I have preordered the Neil Young boxset from Amazon fr to receive in March but I reckon I have already been charged…anyone else the same?


Interesting – from Amazon france price guarantee – ” When an item has a set release date, if your order entered the shipping process before the day before its release date, and the price drops below the price charged in the interval between the date the item was sent and the day before its release date, we automatically credit your payment card with the difference between the price you paid and the lowest price displayed by and on Amazon.fr until the day before the release date at 23:59 (French time).”
So, if the price drops before release date, they will refund you the difference from “the price you paid”. Certainly therefore indicates that they take payment at time of order


Hi as a regular buyer from amazon France, my experience is the opposite they usually take payment when the item is dispatched.
But I do have a French account so maybe it is different with International orders, and perhaps things have changed since 1st January?, now that the UK is out of the EU?

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

This happens a lot with Amazon pre-orders. Like many here I buy from the artists own site if they are UK based otherwisee shipping is too high. So I am left with Amazon if my local Indie Shop (54 mile round trip) does not stock what I want and I get charged in advance for around 10% of my pre-orders. Why Amazon continue this practice is anyone`s guess because when you enquire with Amazon they cannot give an answer.

Mark G

Oh, Amazon UK has Prince “1999” Super deluxe for £69, but only 4 left.


Amazon Germany sells Queen : The Complete Vinyl Collection for 318€.


Mark A

For those still seeking a copy, as of Jan. 5th, deepdiscount still has Prince’s SOTT deluxe box for US $107. (w/ CA tax & shipping approx $124). https://www.deepdiscount.com/sign-o-the-times-super-deluxe-edition/603497847563

David M

“too heavy to ship to Canada”

Romuald Fourier

Guns N roses appetite for destruction super Deluxe edition (4cd+DVD) currently 68,99€ on Amazon Spain. Ordered mine

David Bates

G’n’R about the same on Amazon UK:

David Tiffin

The 40th Anniversary boxset of Ultravox – Vienna is currently around £42 on the French Amazon page. Not sure about the situation regarding VAT being added though (?).



This means nothing to me


ah shaddup your face


Ordered this from Amz.fr yesterday via the SDE widget. No additional charges. £40 all-in if you use the €6 coupon they offer at checkout.

Richard S

I saw this – the Sheila “King Of The World” Chic album 5 disc SDE – mentioned by Kauwgompie and thought I’d add it to my Wish List. It was £69 yesterday, on amazon UK. It is now down to £37.75 so I bought it :)


Steven Howard

Great spot Richard S. Many thanks. Mine arrived today and it’s fantastic.


I advised FNAC White album buyers that mine remained showing as ‘in transit’ for 5 weeks before l asked for and eventually received my money back.
Also pointed out that the Kinks Lola box set was going for £41 plus postage on Amazon.de
Thought both would have been of interest to readers and posted but apparently not.


My copy of the Beatles White album boxset from FNAC hasn’t arrived either
ordered on the 13/11 and allegedly shipped on the 19/11
I completed their complaint form on the 21/12 and haven’t heard anymore
How did you contact FNAC and how long did it all take ?
1st and likely my last order from FNAC for me


l recall clicking on the reference number allocated to my claim and a drop down menu gave me the opportunity to make a further enquiry. This produced an automated ‘we are dealing with your request but feel this didn’t actually trigger the refund.
Looking at your dates in comparison to mine, l reckon you should get a refund in about four days. The box set is still available at €60 and showing as in stock.
Have no idea why FNAC should show purchases having been dispatched for weeks when they patently haven’t – wouldn’t buy from them again.
Did though make 46p on the exchange rate – Reeesult !


Thanks Kev & Simon
I’ll sit tight for another week in that case
Otherwise I’ll have to try and trick the ‘bot’ too :)


Contacting FNAC was a pain. There didnt seem to be any contact email address (that I could find anyway). On the web site, they direct you to a phone number or a chat assistant. Which is fine if you speak French – but phone is a bit daunting if you dont speak fluent French and the chat bot is obviously programmed to only understand French so if you enter English will give a message in French stating “unable to understand you”. I made contact finally on the chat bot by simply asking – in French – with the help of Google translate “Please can I talk immediately to an assistant?” This cut out the automation and I got through to a human. Next question – again in French – was “Do you speak English?” The answer was thankfully positive and the assistant helpful.
With regards to the White album itself. I was told that many were damaged and orders were being cancelled without anything ever being shipped. On their system, it generates an email saying rather confusingly that you have requested a return and advising their will be a “reimboursement” or something like that, so might be worth checking your spam to see if you have received anything like that….
No replacements are available so refund is only option

Pete Stanton

Hi Kev
I certainly would be interested in the Lola box for £41. Currently £47.72 inc postage on Amazon.De, which is still good.

I missed out on the Arthur box if anyone spots one at a reasonable price.

Got a signed Village Green from SDE though.

Woodsey Niles

I understand your problem with the mail delivery. Here in the US I have traced packages that one day say “Out for delivery by the end of the day” then, when it never comes, it says it is lost – please wait patiently for an indefinite period of time in case it reappears. The plague certainly hasn’t helped, not that the USPS needs any more excuses.

Jeff D

I’ve had the same experience quite a few times this year with deliveries in the US. Package supposed to arrive today, shows up 2 weeks later.


Hi Paul,
happy new year and thanks for all your tipps and informations last year!

Depeche Mode´s Mode-Box is for € 230,- in Spain at Amazon at the moment:
I don´t know if you can order this from Britain, but if not it´s a bargain for all your European readers.
Kind regards from Austria


Its temp out of stock now but I was able to order a copy in the USA


Wow! I thought the Mode box was gone forever. Is it getting a second run? Do you know, Paul?

Inner Space

Just ordered it.
We`ll see what happens……if it`ll be available soon.

What was the original price at the time of original release ?

Mike M

Just had my Mode order cancelled on me by Amazon Spain,big well one of those things, it was a long shit and was expecting it tbh. Someday maybe….

Mike M

Wow I will read back my messages next time before sending them, doh!!


Two deals for SDE box sets of the year.

If £109 is a deal for SOTT, then the US price is certainly a deal. $122 on Amazon.com

Lou Reed’s New York SDE is now only $51 on importcds.com. That is a cheap, no frills site but they have never let me down. Always delivered, in a timely fashion and well packaged. Why should Amazon be the only site where we get deals?

Lastly, the Sheila “King Of The World” Chic album 5 disc SDE is only €43 on Amazon France. I love Chic and the “Spacer” remixes on this set are excellent. The “Freak Out- Respect To Chic Mix” is epic. 12 minutes of pure pleasure.

Jeff G.

The one problem I’ve encountered with importcds, and it’s a big one, is that here and there I’ve pre-ordered an item, and when it didn’t ship by the release date, it was clear that the release sold out before they could fill my order. They just change the item status to “backorder” as of the release date. They won’t, however, contact you about it. They just leave the order unfilled, and you have to figure it out on your own and ask them to cancel the order.


Yes, I had the same experience. I missed out on both the Vienna and Seeds of Love SDEs as a result and was forced to pay aftermarket prices. Never again will I shop there.

Darren Gray

Freddie Mercury – Never Boring box set is currently £55.00 down from £89.99 on the queenonline store

Andrew Mayo

I spotted Sgt Peppers Box Set in HMV last week for £70

Stephen Hance

Beatles singles box on Banquet Records sale – £50!!! down from £185. 2 only. Hurry!


Ugh! Gone :(

G.D. Wilde

sold out … :) That was an amazing price!

Mike M

Yeah great price indeed, would’ve lasted seconds…
Personally think this boxset is well overpriced, I reckon it’s a £90 boxset or thereabouts in the coming months, happy to buy at that around that price.

Nathan Thomas

Did they fix it though as some many recent purchasers have complained of warped records f poor quality control – maybe a deal you would regret pretty soon !


I would not be too disappointed – I have bought it 3 times and sent it back three times as the pressings are terrible – each time 3 or 4 singles were unplayable due to warps and of the rest half were badly warped. This box set is really only for display or wall hanging. Anyone who wishes to play the singles will be very disappointed.

John Raymond

This might be old news but I’ve just picked up The Good the Bad and the Queen deluxe hardback book for £8.99 on Amazon uk.


Thanks John, many thanks. Looks like I got the last one.

Nathan Thomas

Not sure if it was an error & they missed a 1 off ,as they sold a few at £8.99 then it reappeared at £18.99

Chris Thomas

Cheers Paul, ordered!!

Just waiting on FNAC to deliver the White Album SDE (ordered 7 weeks ago and still no closer to appearing) and then I will have all 3 Beatles SDE’s. Looking forward to Let It Be in 2021.


I got the White album at a great price , love it except for the brittle plastic slip case that came slightly split at the corner, considering it has to come off every time i want to play anything i know it won`t survive. Trying to find a place to store it seems impossible.


I permanently removed the discs from the box and store them separately.

Dibyaroop Ghosh

7 weeks….Thats a very long time….I have ordered White Album SDE from Amazon UK to delivered to Oslo….they don’t have a delivery estimate as of now…May be I will need to wait longer…but every time I have reached out to them about the order, they are telling me to stay calm…Hoping its delivered….have been really waiting for this one…Amen!!!


Dibyaroop…unrelated but welcome response….do Amazon uk deliver to Norway?I have friend in Alesund…sure she would order …but is it just Oslo??

Dibyaroop Ghosh

Hi Derek,
Yes they do…as of now my estimated date of delivery is 12th Jan…..can only say about Oslo….not sure about other regions in Norway…thanks


Thanks lots…will check it out


Good luck with FNAC Chris. My first experience with them wasnt good. My White Album – showing as posted on 18th November on their system – they now confirm was never apparently posted. I finally managed to get a response from a helpful FNAC chat agent a few days ago. Apparently a lot of their stock was damaged so was never dispatched. My order should have been cancelled and I should have been refunded (they had previously emailed something to this effect) but no sign of the refund or any cancellation on their system (still showing as in transit). They assure me that a refund will be processed now.


Additional to the Amazon Europe comments. The Australian Govt wanted Amazon to add tax to all orders coming into the country. Amazon responded by closing access to all but Amazon Australia for Aussie residents. The US site was later added, but most those deals you’ve been posting for the past few years, have been unavailable to us.


The Sgt. Pepper deal is a great deal for “normal” times, since unfortunately shipping to my country (Chile) is right now GBP 87, which kills the deal.

Keith Swanson

Just cancelled my Amazon order placed at £104 and placed a new order at Amazon for £54!

Fair play to Amazon as they delayed the delivery of the first so I could get the deal, maybe!!

Seems a good start to 2021 on the Deluxe Box Set front.

Happy and Healthy 2021 all.


Nearly the same price here in Germany @amazon.de (69.99€)


Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Deluxe is currently £54.37 on Amazon UK


Mike M

Woke up to find the Pepper boxset price gone, damn you sleep. Great price for those that got on.

Ben Cook

So eBay are adding the VAT on but Discogs aren’t at the moment.. I wonder if I buy from EU sellers on Discogs my packages will be intercepted by customs with VAT and admin fee slapped on? Going to be interesting to see what happens.. and extremely annoying as I buy a lot of second hand CDs from abroad. Bloody Brexit.

David Bates

It also now overtakes Pet Shop Boys as most #1 by a duo. Which, let’s face it, isn’t really fair on the Petties is it?

David M

The Petties? Good grief!

Dougie Deacy

Thank you for posting this Paul. I hesitated buying it when it first appeared due to the price. Seem to sell out quickly but Amazon always seem to ha e more copies later on. Nice present at the end of a lousy year. Happy New Year to all at SDE.

billy christie

bought! & what a great price.thanks again paul


Re Dave Sullivan’s comment about Brexit costs to UK: I also got the “You’re in the UK and no longer welcome at Amazon France” message when I tried ordering the Neil Young Archive II box (it’s about £10 cheaper in France). I tried a cheaper item and it worked OK. I can only assume that if the order is closeish to the £135 barrier Amazon put it through any longer. And where one Amazon site goes the rest follow – same thing happens on Amazon Germany. So it looks like Brits are no longer welcome on Amazon Europe and it’s goodbye to big bargains in Europe for us (eg Sign of the Times Super Deluxe on Amazon Italy for under £100!). I’m just hoping that we can still buy OK from the US where I buy a lot of blu rays that can’t be had outside the US. Otherwise it’s over to ebay and customs roulette.

Wayne Olsen

Paul, thank you for all you do! It’s a great website and I wish you a happy and healthy 2021!

Dave Sullivan

Thanks Paul for all your efforts in 2020 and all the best in 2021. My favourite website by far.

Slight off topic, but I was about to order from Amazon France ( White Album box set) and got this message “

This item cannot be shipped to the address you selected. More information. You can change the delivery address or remove the item from your order. “

I just wondered if anyone else has seen this? I assume this is Brexit related ? Or am I doing something wrong?


That’s a Covid thing, is not related to Brexit. That’s been happening ever since Covid broke out earlier this year. Covid made shipping more expensive and more complicated as there are fewer planes flying, etc.


Amazon.com has the Prince Sign O The Times Vinyl deluxe box for $250. They have a promo that it is free shipping (it’s a market seller so if you are a Prime member, shipping would normally not be free). This box looks sold out or on the verge of sold out everywhere else so this is the last chance to get it for a great price before you have to mortgage your house. The cd box is very cheap as well for $122.


Theres good deals to be had in America right now from ImportCds and Deep Discount on the deluxe 1999 by Prince. 39.95 for the CD box

It seems to be back in stock in Amazon Germany too. Not quite a deal there but might be worth keeping an eye on.


Thanks a lot Eamonn!
I’ve been looking for the Prince 1999 box set and I just got it for $54,92 including shipping!
Happy new year!

Prince Fan

I bought four 1999 CD box sets from my local HMV for £75 each and flogged three of them on eBay for £145 each. I’m holding one back to sell at a later date. Easy money, especially if listed when eBay have a flat £1 fee offer! I could be accused of scalping, but they’d been on the shelves at HMV for the best part of 12 months.

Lee Realgone

Boo. I’ve been looking for one of these forever. I’m not paying *your* prices.

Mike M

I am accusing you of scalping, it’s irrelevant whether they have been sat on a shelf on HMV or not, they are sold out everywhere else and you know it, the folk who paid over obviously didn’t. Scalper, bad man!!

Mick Lynch

Re: Prince Fan
Disappointing that you’d come on here and brag about making a killing, considering this website represents the opposite. We’re all here for our love of music, and I for one would NEVER sell anything above cost price. We’re all looking for that bargain once in a blue moon, but certainlyI dont think scalpers bragging here would be popular with the majority.

Prince Fan

I have previously posted, on a number of occassions, about the availability of 1999 box sets in HMV on this very site.

Prince Fan

I should add, that HMV sold £300 of merchandise when I bought the box sets. Welcome income when they’ve spent so long with their doors closed. The buyers on eBay have bought something at what they must have considered a reasonable price and I made a profit that covered the cost of my 1999 and SOTT box sets. Everyone’s a winner!

Ian Ellis

Prince Fan – I happen to agree. You just redistributed the stock from a position where it was stuck on a shelf to a new position where it could be owned and enjoyed by ebay buyers who would not have seen it in hmv. Its a bit daft to expect that you would have passed it along at cost. That’s not the way the world works.


Unfortunatelly once again Brazil is not part of this :-(


That’ll do nicely. Happy New Year!