This Week's Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK Black Sabbath / Vol 4 4CD super deluxe – £69 £95
Little bit of a strange one this… but Amazon in the UK currently have the Rhino 4CD super deluxe of the forthcoming Black Sabbath reissue for £69, which is a £25 saving on the UMC version which is £95. They are identical, save for the label design on the CDs (Warners are issuing this in the USA while BMG/Sanctuary are issuing it outside the US).

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 4CD box set
GERMANY Simple Minds / Street Fighting years 4CD box – €22 (£18.50)
Stunning price in Germany, for last year’s box set. Nothing extra to pay for UK fans, except £3 shipping.

UK Neil Young / Way Down in the Rust Bucket 4LP+2CD+DVD box set – £89
The super deluxe edition is finally available via Amazon UK and for a decent price.

Paul McCartney / Flaming Pie 5CD+2DVD deluxe edition / Archive Collection reissue
GERMANY Paul McCartney / Flaming Pie super deluxe – €147 €225
Great deal in Germany for the Flaming Pie 5CD+2DVD super deluxe, although there is the major proviso that the deal isn’t available to ship to the UK. It may be strictly limited to Germany, but worth having a look if you’re in Europe.

ITALY Richard &  Linda Thompson / Hard Luck Stories 8CD – £58 DEAL OVER
Bargain price for the newly available and much acclaimed 8CD package. UMC have apparently repressed this, so they will ship in a couple of weeks. £90 in the UK but only £58 with £4 shipping (to the UK) via Amazon Italy. Remember, nothing extra to pay for UK fans (EU sellers have to charge all fees at point of sale for ‘consignments under £135).

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The Prince Sign O The Times big vinyl box is only €218 on Amazon Germany. This box is sold out on Amazon USA & UK (for a normal price). Last chance to get it at an excellent price before you have to sell your car to be able to afford one.


The German/Italian Amazon deals are over (for now anyway). Was literally browsing/adding a couple of boxsets to my basket when the offers disappeared!


The promo’s on Jewel Box and Vienna are gone but U2’s All That You….is still only €68. I don’t have Prime in Germany but it also came with free shipping (to The Netherlands).

Craig Deeley

The Shakin Stevens Fire In The Blood huge box set is £64 delivered on Amazon.de
Cheapest I’ve seen it.


Paul, Amazon Germany has U2’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind box set on sale for €69.


With the “promotion” SimonP2 talked about, you get the Elton John “Jewel” Box for 67€ on amazin.de. km which is the best proce I have seen, till today.


Thank you JurRie for the Elton John tip – been waiting for a reduction somewhere.


For those inclined – Tom Jones Complete Decca Box is currently £37.12 including shipping to UK on Amazon.de (promotion automatically applied at checkout). It’s a massive 17CD set and just under £50 on Amazon UK


Ok – I havent worked out the logic yet but there are quite a few good deals on box sets on Amazon.de. Having successfully got a promotional discount on the Hard Luck box, i explored further. Discount seems to vary from title to title. For example, I just bought Ultraxox Vienna box. This attracted a further 7.9 euro discount on an already discounted price – this comes to only £39.52 including shipping etc to UK. Looking further


Thanks SimonP2 for highlighting the Richard and Linda Thompson deal, I’ve opted to purchase. Looking forward to whatever else you’re able to find.

Marc Sutton

Cracking bargains, I have bought them both myself. Thanks for the tip


Hey Paul Thanks a bunch for the heads up
I just picked up the Thin Lizzy box on Amazon USA for $125.28. Such a deal. There were 11 available & there is 1 left for the same price. There is also a new SACD master of BTO’s first 2 recordings for an amazing $25 on the Vocalion label


The Doobie Brothers Quadio Box is down to £48.30 at Amazon UK.


I just ordered “Hard Luck Stories” for €58.82 on Amazon.de – they gave me a €12 promotional discount at the checkout.


Thanks Rashers – my order also attracted promotional discount on Amazon.de – came to just over £56 including shipping.


Sunday bonanza with amazon.it: Richard and Linda Thompson 70,64€ (https://amzn.to/3rrykVZ) and the Rolling Stones vinyl box II 301,74€ (https://amzn.to/36QDJhi). Enjoy.


Is it possible the Hard Luck Stories box has the defective disc issue as in the original issue? Is this the original issue? Kind of apprehensive about the purchase at any price…


Great, Paul, thank you!!


I have bought this set 2 weeks ago from Amazon de and there are no issues with the discs. It was dispatched the same day so I believe that faulty box sets are not on the market anymore.

Richard Fisher

The Smiths The Queen is Dead Deluxe Edition [3SHM-CD+DVD] just £23 at Amazon UK.

Mike M

Got a link Richard, can’t find it?

Richard Fisher

Sure here it is – https://amzn.to/2LrcOkI

Mike M

Cheers mate, grabbed a copy, bargain

Richard Fisher

Nice one!

johnny john

Thank you Paul for spotting the Flaming Pie super deluxe. The lowered price is also on Amazon US and Amazon CA. Ordered at Amazon.ca for €136. Flaming Pie is one of the best McCartney release and I bought for this reason. Even at this price, I consider it’s overprice for a 7 discs boxset. Also ordered Black Sabbath Vol 4 deluxe for £32 also from Amazon.ca. Have good day all.

David Ware

Flaming pie can only be delivered in Germany


For American residents, the Flaming Pie SDE is $147.


For US readers, the Flaming Pie SDE on Amazon.com is now $147, which is the lowest it’s been.

Richard Fisher

Crooked Piece of Time, the John Prine CD Box Set, is down to £26 at Amazon UK. Currently out of stock but worth a punt! Being sold around the £55 mark elsewhere.

Phil Tate

That’s an ASTONISHING collection of music for that price. I bought it when it was around £40 and it was worth every penny.

Paul H

Mine turned up today – shipped from Germany according to the tracking. Great for £26.

Mark Rutherford

Many thanks Richard!

Richard Fisher

I shall keep you posted as I have ordered a box.


Not knowing John Prine’s music, I had a listen. I’m struck how similar a song Sam Stone is to Roger Waters The Post War Dream from The Final Cut. I ordered at £26, so will see if it sees the light of day. Thanks for the tip Richard.

Richard Fisher

No problem, I hope Amazon honour the order. They sometimes do.


McCartney Flaming Pie Deluxe box is currently 168 euros on Amazon.de
It has been cheaper in the past on Amazon.com (not anymore- currently 377 dollars) but this box is disappearing fast now so if you need it, this price is probably as good as it will get..


Not available to be delivered to UK apparently


The McCartney thing is weird. I ordered one for a friend last night (from Uk) and all seemed to go through as normal. Today though, its now saying that this product will ship direct from Amazon US – which is in itself strange as Amazon US have now sold out and only have one third party seller – ironically from the UK…
You can appreciate though why Amazon Germany may not want to get involved in collecting taxes on imports from US to UK.


Strange that they won’t ship to the UK but the price they quote includes the import fees!

Neil Woodcock

Vol 4 is only US$58 on the Rhino store. But I assume this was be shipped from US so added cost? Import duty?

andrew R

The vol 4 has American Warner’s labels . Is it taken from
The American masters which had inferior sound back in the day or are the UK and US identical this time?

Neil Woodcock

Do we know if the audio of the main album is just the existing 2009 remaster? The blurb on the Rhino site says “newly remastered” but does not say when and by whom

Wayne C

Done by Steven Wilson apparently, how he finds the time to do all this. Unless there is another Steven Wilson!. Looking forward to getting the vinyl box set – surely one of Sabbaths top three albums?. My favourite.


That’s incorrect. Steve Wilson did no work on the album proper (disc 1) of this set. He worked on the extras. It is an entirely NEW remastering. They have released one track thus far, I think, and the comments on it have not been positive.


Amazon de doing Simple Minds, Street Fighting Years box set for £26

Stan Butler

Would have snapped up the Simple Minds box, but Amazon Germany sadly won’t ship to Northern Ireland. Very peed off about this.
Most of the deluxe box set offers highlighted on SDE, that I have then bought, have been through international Amazon Sites, as Amazon UK offers are rare.
Unfortunately those days are gone.

Steven Campbell

@Stan Butler & Paul Sinclair, yep as a fellow Northern Ireland native I am peed off about the same situation for I almost ordered the Black Crowes box set off Amazon Italy only to find that I couldn’t. I have the CD version ordered via the offer someone posted about on here on ebay as I’d it ordered via Amazon UK and though they usually do drop the prices again before sale I cancelled the Amazon UK order and went with eBay. Really peed off as I have got many’s an order via the Amazon’s sister sites in Europe and it now looks like that is going to be a thing of history unless something is done. I bought the Street Fighting Years box set when it came out and was a little annoyed when I saw it cheaper even though it wasn’t that expensive to start with but in a way because of the embargo on us Northern Ireland folks have on Europe at the minute I then didn’t feel just as bad as I couldn’t have went for the offer anyway.

Rusty McShackleford

Not available to my address in N.I….

Hans Jörg

What a pity that purchases from the UK became unintersting since 1.1.2021. Some nice deals..


True, but if you stay below 22 Euro per order, no import VAT applies in Germany.

Richard Fisher

Stray Cats Runaway Boys 4 lp Vinyl set is £68 at Amazon UK right now.

Richard S

The Depeche Mode Taschen book “by Anton Corbijn” is now available in a more affordable format: https://amzn.to/3cvmlm8
I say more affordable, it’s still £100 !!

Murray Graham

Boys Keep Swinging 40th anniversary picture disc currently 7.50 on Amazon if anyone interested. Been watching this a while and this is the lowest I’ve seen it.

Different Time

After a long time OOS, Barry White 9CD The 20th Century Records Albums is available direct from Amazon UK for £33.

Stephen Hance

Not deals as such but HMV have a ‘virtual record fair’ – Macca blue vinyl and new green sleeve CD, Oasis Silver vinyl, Springsteen grey, Suede Roundhouse and more.


I pre-ordered ‘Somewhere Between: Mutant Pop……. Japan 1980-88″ on Amazon. There’s a delay somewhere along the line and the new expected delivery date is 30th December 2121!

Matthew McKinnon

I had the same message so I sacked them off and bought a copy from Juno on eBay for only 50p more.


Next release in the Bowie brilliant adventures series announced today, for thise who may have missed it. Thisisdig are selling bundles of triple lp and double cd, still in stock at time of typing this comment!

Sascha H.

Just ordered the 4th in the Bowie Live Series CDs two hours ago. I hope that when the 6th and last CD will be available I can catch the empty box ! They told me that the box will be available again.


Thank you Adey. I missed the vinyl but did get the CD.


I got one. Sold
Out most places except Australia now.


Boy, I must have looked at the website on 27th or 28th with no news (obviously since it was announced the 29th). I just picked up the CDs from Rhino site. Thanks for the heads up!

Steve Miller

Summerteeth vinyl is £42 at juno.co.uk

Steve C

Black Crowes, 3CD soft pack, deal £18.44, from Badlands UK through eBay, currently 10 available, now 9 as just snapped up at that price.


The Mad Lad deal is gone.