This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Ultravox and McCartney…

Ultravox / Vienna 40th anniversary 5CD+DVD box set

Ultravox / Vienna 40th anniversary 5CD+DVD box set

DE: Ultravox / Vienna 5CD+DVD deluxe£39.99 £59.99

Fantastic Vienna deluxe edition features Steven Wilson stereo and 5.1 surround mixes; rarities, B-sides and 12-inch mixes; cassette rehearsals; Live from St Albans 1980 and more! Superb price. UK DEAL IS OVER but it’s a similar price in GERMANY, so the German deal now supersedes the UK one!

GERMANY: Paul McCartney / The Lyrics£45

If £65 or £75 is more than you want to pay for Paul McCartney‘s newly announced 960-page book The Lyrics, then Amazon in Germany have this two-volume set for just £48. And before you ask, this is the ENGLISH version and if you are in the UK there is no Brexit-related import fees to concern yourself with! (shipping to UK is £3).

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Wayne C

Black Sabbath Vol 4 Super deluxe £88 on Amazon for the vinyl a saving of £45 on what I paid pre order!.


Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder 2CD+blu-ray+DVD deluxe box set is currently £30.04 at Amazon UK which (I think) is a good bit cheaper than when initially released.

Matthew Dixon

Beyond any expectations of it turning up (I used PayPal in case I needed to try to recover the funds), I bought the REM Monster 5CD/Blu Ray box set from Fishpond.co.uk for £33 (that’s including postage and no customs) about 3 weeks ago and it was just delivered earlier today all the way from Australia. At least £20 cheaper than I’ve seen it anywhere since release. Think that company has a bad rep but I can’t fault them on this one.


Massive Mars Volta 18LP box went presale today. Sold out almost immediately in the US. Still available on RotW site: https://cloudshillshop.com/collections/the-mars-volta/products/the-mars-volta-la-realidad-de-los-suenos-vinyl-box-set

A bit pricey. Maybe for the dedicated fan only…

Pete Stanton

Kinks Lola Box is under £37 and Mad Lad box now £17.17 Amazon UK

James Dougan

Thanks for the heads up Paul,my Vienna box set arrived this morning.


Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker reduced packaging triple CD set is now only £16.99 on Amazon UK. Lowest price seen


The box set of Ronnie Wood Mad Lad is now just £18.43 on Amazon uk. It’s a nice set and great value for the vinyl , cd, and an art card in a nice thick box.



Beatles White Album super deluxe down to £58 on Amazon UK

Phil Tate

Brilliant, thank you. Been waiting for this to drop again.

Evripidis Tarasidis

Well I bought the ultravox box set from a retailer shop in Greece for 39 euros. They had discount days and have some odd box sets at very good price : blancmagne box for 39 euros, heaven 17 – play to win box for 79 euros, simple minds – rejuvenation for 39 euros etc. How odd for this shop to have these box sets at THESE prices. How lucky am I?


Price for Vienna still down on amazon.de and jpc.de


On Amazon’s US site, Elton John’s “Jewel Box” (8CD Super Deluxe Edition) is currently $83, which is the lowest price I’ve seen for this set since it was released.

Grahaeme Jones

Just logged in and the price has gone back up to £59.99 Grrrrrrrrrrrrr


Maximo Park’s enjoyable new album Nature Always Wins, out last Friday, is £4.99 on Amazon UK. They’re no. 1 in the mid week chart, according to an email from them yesterday, and doing their best, without a Macca budget, to hit the top of the pops.



I snagged it from them direct. Fiver for the regular CD, signed with £2.50 postage. And damn fine it is too!


Vienna back up to full price

Mark Phillips

missed Vienna!Grrrrr.


Thanks Paul, picked up Vienna from your link but at an even better price of £39.94!

Robert Hammond

Thanks for the heads-up on the ‘Vienna’ box-set, Paul. With a £15 Amazon voucher from my birthday too that’s a no-brainer for me now.


Vienna Deluxe Edition: 40th Anniversary box set is down to under £40 on Amazon UK


This is another deal that Amazon is geoblocking for non-UK residents. When I sign in with my delivery details to Texas, the site says: “Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” But when I log out and use a UK postcode, the deal appears.

Rich G

After a discussion on here a month or two ago about experiences of SDE readers from rarewaves.com, (my experience was always good) has anyone in the UK ordered from them post Brexit please? The items usually took a while to arrive but had a look like they’d come from the within UK (even when it said from USA on ebay location) and didn’t get an extra customs charge. Just wondered if things have now changed post Brexit?

Phil Tate

I ordered something just before new year, delivery took a few weeks and the item (Abbey Road super-deluxe) was only packaged in a thin polythene mailer (by some miracle it wasn’t trashed in the post). Seems like it came from within UK. I think I’ll only use them again if it’s an unmissable bargain.


Regarding Rarewaves, I ordered a Black Sabbath 1st album CD superdeluxe set in January with a superb price (34 € delivered) Apparently it was the 40th anniversary edition but I actually received the 50th anniversary set. Took long to arrive but no customs charges (to Spain) either. Package was thin but the item was in good condition. I have ordered Black Sabbath new Vol 4 cd superdeluxe but still have not received it. Cheers


Missed that discussion – live in London, I ordered from them via amazon in early December, LP never came, contacted them and they sent a replacement that came quickly. Had a similar issue with RoundmediaUK – which seemed to originate in Canada. Again, I contacted them and the item arrived. Annoyingly my seeds of love box from Amazon UK is missing but I’ve got to wait until Friday before a refund/reorder

Andrew Ritchie

Just to update on a previous thread, my Amazon UK John Prine order of Crooked Piece of Time: The Atlantic & Asylum Albums (1971-1980), placed on 5 Feb at the bargain price of £26.73 was delivered today… Delighted given some scepticism that these orders would be honoured at that price.

Tim B

Elton John 3LP Jewel Box set is £19.10 at Amazon U.K.

G.D. Wilde

I’m still waiting for price of the 8-CD version to budge …


I just got off the phone with US Amazon, this was NOT for $60 on their site earlier today. Still prefer the Jim Morrison Lyrics


Roxy’s first LP remixed by Steven Wilson on Clear Vinyl for RSD last year under £20 on Amazon UK (down 35%). Was just listening to the original today!


Tears For Fears
The Seeds Of Love SDE
£43 @amazon.co.uk and
50€ @amazon.de and jpc.de


Nabbed! Again thanks for the heads up :-)


Tea for the tillerman – Super Deluxe for 86,- Dollar at amazon.com: https://amzn.to/2ZXDYn7


That’s a great deal, thank you Roland!

hendry doran

Thanks for the heads-up Paul. Cancelled my Amazon UK order and went for the Amazon Germany


Dropped on Amazon US too to $60


This American buyer is happy – not necessarily for the slight savings (as of the current exchange rate) but for the much better slipcase presentation.


No import fees for UK – but I have to pay 11 euros in VAT when living in Denmark?

Thank you for at great site


Ordered. Pre-ordered it also as Kindle edition. It would be nice to see an unboxing video from you Paul.
Thanks for the tipp, Paul!

Liam Bastick

Unboxing the Kindle edition? I look forward to that video, Paul…

David Fisher

Thanks Paul! That saved me well over a tenner – I cancelled my amazon.uk order and re-ordered on amazon.de

What Macca lacks in lyrical skill he has always made up for with his stunning melodies, arrangements and vocal panache. It will be interesting to study the lyrics apart from the music. He’s always had the reputation of being a lazy lyricist but I suspect they might be better than I expect even though he’s not a man to move me with his words generally with a few notable exceptions – “Yesterday”, “Lonely Old People” and… wait for it… “Mull of Kintyre” which I’ve always loved (I know half of it was Denny Laine’s work of course.)

I have every recording he’s put out and countless boots so it will be impossible not to hear the tunes in my head as I read them which might skew my appreciation. I will always remember my 11-year-old self in 1978 reading the paperback Beatles Lyrics book (the one with the introduction by the vile Mr Savile) long before I had more than a handful of their recordings. I entertained myself by imagining the tunes to the likes of “Mean Mr Mustard”, “Golden Slumbers” and “Happiness is a Warm Gun” which was thrilling. Perhaps that’s why I now make a living as a professional songwriter! I owe Macca so much…


Fun fact. Back in the 60’s, he was in a band called “The Beatles”.


They were not that good though which is why they stopped soon after they started. Much greater bands like the Rolling Stones continue to make music up to this day and have one of the top selling physical singles last year.

Richard Lamberti

Love the sarcasm Seikotsi!!!

Jarmo Keranen

Really? I thought it was The Monkees!

Sascha H.

I ordered it for a Macca fan. It´s a realy a good price for that nearly 1000 pages books.


Thanks For the Paul. Definitely a great price.
Had to make sure I didn’t inadvertently sign up for Amazon Prime on the German site (they make it way too easy to sign up without thinking), something to watch out for if anyone out there is planning to grab the deal.

Thanks again!


The description on Amazon says 500 pages.


or is it? there are probably 500 pieces of paper in the book(s).

actually this is one of my pet peeves within english – the word ‘page’ normally means one side of a piece of paper within a book, but it also means a single piece of paper itself (i.e., “rip a page out of a book”) even though it contains 2 pages. and you can’t separate one page from the other without creating 2 more pages in the process. plus blank pages are still pages, even though they aren’t counted in the length of a book, unless it says “this page intentionally left blank”, which of course is a lie since it isn’t blank.


Ordered. Great price (although The original price wasn’t too bad either in my opinion)


Bargain ! Got it only at 60 euros to France with shipping cost on Amazon.de


Thanks Paul,

pre-ordered though the details on the article page say it has 500 pages.
Probably another mistake by Amazon.de?


You are the best, Paul!