This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Grab a bargain!

Neneh Cherry / Raw Like Sushi

Neneh Cherry / Raw Like Sushi 3CD deluxe edition


Grab a Deal

The main issue with last year’s large format, three-CD deluxe package of Neneh Cherry‘s superb 1989 album, was always the price. North of £40 just seemed far too expensive, for what was on offer. However, £25 is much more like it and if you can forgive the error (the ‘Spanish Mix’ & the ‘A Little More Puerto Rico’ mix are actually identical) this is well worth picking up at this price point

ABBA / The Studio Albums 8LP coloured vinyl box

£122 was £140

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 2CD deluxe


Amazing price, considering you get the remastered album and a bonus disc of 15 B-sides, single versions and remixes!

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Ben Williams

Neil Young Archives Vol.II currently £101 on Amazon UK

Northern Lights

John Lennon Gimme Some Truth Super Deluxe is £45 new with free delivery at Music Magpie.


Thanks Northern lights that’s a good spot.
Also If you buy through music magpie via eBay they have 15% off. However this only takes it down to £42 because there starting price is slightly higher on eBay. I’m sure this offer finishes tonight.
£42 or £45 feels like an ok price I think!


Just secured Ronnie Lane’s Just For A Moment: Music 1973-1997 CD box set for the cheapest I have seen…. AU$121…. which has to be about £65-70. I am assuming it is a repress and not a ‘we just found this box in the warehouse’…

jonathan stevens

delicate sound of thunder 30.86 4 disc on uk amazon – seems cheapish for the floyd


I just wanted to say a really special thanks to Paul and Anne for going above and beyond to get the ABBA / The Studio Albums 8LP coloured vinyl box to me today. I ordered beyond the cut off point for next day delivery and I wanted the box for my partner’s birthday today. It was enough that the box was at a great discount price but that Paul and his SDE Shop team made that extra effort to get the box to me today is beyond considerate. I can’t say thanks enough.

Rich G

Has anyone else noticed that the pre-order price of amazon uk box sets has jumped up a lot in several cases. John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band and The Who Sell Out now both £99.99 each. Up about £15 and £20 respectively. Neil Young’s Young Shakespeare box 1LP, 1CD and 1DVD now an eye watering £76.18, up about £20 on earlier price. The Fleetwood Mac Live box has never moved from the £74.99 point which is way more expensive than the previous ones, yes it’s 2LP, but less CDs and no DVD. Is this amazon price games to make us feel relieved when they drop again and inclined to scramble to purchase or is it a wider trend of price increases? Feel many will be moved to await SDE Deal Alerts at this rate.

Mike M

Always the risk you take, twist or stick. I’ve waited for price drops and then missed out so nowadays I just tend to pre order if I really want it. I get it to hear on release day and I know I’m bagging a copy. Glad I pre ordered Young Shakespeare for £55, seemed a good bargain at the time in comparison to Neil’s other offerings so went straight in, some you win.

Rich G

Mike M – Yes I got in for these at the initial prices and was actually hoping they’d drop a little further tbh. The Who one has come back down again to £85 ish from £99.99. Agree Young Shakespeare is okay at £55. I was debating on getting the separate DVDs from Greedy Hand UK, but the Rust Bucket one wasn’t out until end of June, then both Rust Bucket and Young Shakespeare DVDs now showing as “sold out” on Greedy Hand. If the Bowie Brilliant Live Adventures is anything to go by, maybe record companies are feeling they have the upper hand on this and pushing prices and not printing that many. As you’ve mentioned, if you really want something, you probably end up not getting a deal as you can’t risk it selling out or going very high price. I was very lucky with Archives 2 from amazon and got the £103 price, despite never seeing it drop to that. Very pleasant surprise. My main point is I wonder what amazon are up to as it and what is the rationale for such fluctuations – some kind of algorithm stuff? Most shops set a price and stick to it. Amazon mess about all the time, including sometimes dropping on release day which means they still have to honour pre-order guarantee. My pet hate is a big drop the day after release day! I can handle a deal alert sometime later as that’s life!


Rich G, both the Young Shakespeare and Rust bucket dvds are still available from the US Greedy Hand store – I’ve pre-ordered the Young Shakespeare dvd from the UK store (due for release on 26th March but ordered the Rust Bucket dvd from the US store BECAUSE they have a release date of 19th March!
I wonder if the UK store have screwed up (again) and failed to transpose the American release date into English date correctly?
I notice that the UK Young Shakespeare dvd release date is showing 26/03/2021 whilst the Rust Bucket dvd release date is showing 23/06/2021! Is this a mistype? We should find out soon enough as the US release date for Rust Bucket dvd is stated as this Friday. Interesting to see if its status on Friday goes from “pre-order Sold Out” to just “Sold out”!!!

Rich G

Thanks ARidd. I hesitated buying from Greedy Hand full stop after hearing of the Archives 2 delays and also that 3 month gap between release dates on the UK store, which is why both separate DVDs had sold out before I bought them. Plus annoyingly no sign of a separate Return To Greendale DVD release despite it being the first released as a box. With US store to UK address, I’d be concerned about import admin fees etc. In terms of conflicted release dates and seemingly little transparency from Greedy Hand, I am unsure if it is poor website admin or a deliberate vagueness. I have no idea why the single DVDs for instance would be produced in such low numbers to “sell out” on pre-order without being announced as releases that were limited in any way. I was sort of waiting for all 3 to be on the website to buy them with one postage. NY is lucky enough to have lots of fans of physical music and I don’t see why things are so limited, especially a simple card sleeve DVD. Hardly an expensive item to produce and store in the event of slightly overstocking.


Tangerine Dream ordered 4pm Wednesday delivered 11am next day! Thank you Paul.


New Bowie “69-79” box set to be issued by parlophone next month. 8 cds of totally unreleased material, housed in a 128 page hardback book style case, with free t shirt. Great value at only £35.
…. sorry please ignore this post, I was dreaming!!!


Good one, Adey……:-)


@Adey Stop making jokes with old men. My heart stops for a minute. Ha ha ha


i had the same dream and bagged one before i woke up!


I was about to pull the trigger for the Tangerine Dream, but the shipping to USA was more expensive than the box set itself. In general, I knew shipping would be higher than in times past, but was not expecting 80. Nonetheless, I really enjoy this site and I’ll keep looking for a Purple box deal to show up. I got the Hades for about $75 shipped from France. Different times…

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

£75 + for shipping to the USA!!! It should be no more than £30 with tracking, insurance and super duper packaging.

I know because I sold a similar sized item of the same weight valued at £115 and with super duper packaging and sent to California from the UK for less than £30 only last week.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

I believe you Paul, but I used a courier for the parcel I quoted. I’ve just checked it was Fed Ex.

Tony O

cheapest shipping to the states at the moment for a 5kilo parcel is £55 and that is for a 3-4 week delivery, if you want it in a week with insurance you will pay at least £80. prices for international postal services have pretty much doubled since covid and if you paid £30 then i would cross your fingers, there are multiple companies out there who are piggy backing on the larger couriers with their old cheaper prices and have not updated their prices.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

I didn’t have to cross my fingers, I didn’t have time. Believe it or not the package was delivered in 3 days. I didn’t believe it myself when I checked the tracking, I messaged the buyer and they confirmed the package had arrived.

I’ve sold lots of stuff all over the world but that was the fastest UK to USA delivery I’ve ever

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph



I want to thank all SDE readers for posting deals in the comment section every time Paul posts a deal alert. I can’t tell you how many deals I got from these comments. I usually post a “thank you” below the specific comment but sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle. Anyway, that is one of the great features of this awesome site. Keep posting those deals folks. When I see them I will post them too. It’s made a difference in my wallet for sure.

Marc Sutton

Here here…..totally agree :-)

Phil Tate

Agreed – but it’s sometimes a disadvantage that all posts have to be approved. I posted yesterday that Amazon UK were selling the super-deluxe Sgt Pepper for £65, but it never appeared. By last night it was back up to around £115 so I can only assume it had already gone up by the time Paul saw it.


I’ve had great advice on and tracked down some real gems and rarities of stuff I never knew about via the comments that get posted here. Thanks to all and keep the discussions coming!


Tears for Fears ‘Rule The World’ double vinyl €11 on Amazon.de


On Amazon.nl it is still €11.

Agree wholeheartedly with Kauwgompie’s comment. This is a fantastic example. What a great price. Thanks to all the spotters and to Paul for hosting this exchange.


For those interested – the Richard Thompson autobiography – Beeswing – is being reissued on April 15th. “Booka” bookshop in UK (Oswestry) currently has signed copies for £20 plus £3 postage.


And is a fantastic bookshop well worth supporting. They have had lots of great signed copy music books over the years.

G.D. Wilde

I must say, Richard Thompson’s signature on the recent ‘Hard Luck Stories’ box was barely more than a small squigle. One of those might be enough for me :)


Just been sent McCartney III promo tin with 3 Dice, happy days!!! Anyone else been sent any?


Hmm, nothing as yet and I did order a bunch of III vinyl and CDs from the Macca store too.


Hi there SDE people.
A question, a request for help.

I’m ‘needing’ to buy a cd from America. Reason: It’s never been issued in U.K., despite the artist being world class and world famous.

It costs $20 and will come from the artists own shop.

My question, will i be charged any tax for this purchase? (I think I read that anything below £135 is exempt ).

All help appreciated, the artist means a lot to me.


Firstly thank you Paul. I hadn’t made a distinction (or understood) import vat plus £&@)k

Bloody heck that makes a simple music lovers purchase quite potentially expensive.

Derek Langsford

Interesting that VAT is charged on shipping. Perhaps that is why Amazon UK charge US sales tax on shipping to the US despite shipping not being taxable, at least in California. That has further boosted the cost of one or a two CDs coming from Amazon UK to the US.


I’ve ordered several cds from america in the past, the last one being around 6 months ago (it was from a shop selling on discogs).
Over the years I’ve never been charged any vat or duty on anything from america.
Got stung once around 15 years ago, with a tour t shirt from the official u2 store, sent from brazil. I just went into the royal mail office and refused delivery/ told them to return it. Theres no way I’m paying royal mail ANY rip off handling fee!


HI, Paul. Great price on the Tangerine Dream. Shipping to California is showing £80. That can’t be correct?

Jason Brown

Got Raw Like Sushi, thanks Paul. One of those albums basck in the day I ummed and ahhed about as a 15 year old, for £25, fair enough. Be interesting to finally listen to it!

Completely different genre, but : the new album by The Anchoress available for pre-order as a 3CD hardbook, signed pic / lyric sheet, limited to 500, for £27 (+P&P). Her debut Confessions Of A Romance Novelist was great, and the new stuff sounds really good to0.


Amazon currently have TFF Seeds of Love Box Set for approximately £43.00 if that helps anyone.


Been waiting a long time for this one!! Luckily managed to snag a copy via Clouds Hill. Was surprised at how quickly all the units sold out.

Julian Hancock

For anyone interested who might have missed it, there is Mars Volta vinyl album box set out in April. 18 discs and a few trinkets. Costs about £400 on Amazon UK.


Even at £25 that Neneh Cherry is still overpriced. Is there no Out This Week post this week Paul or have i missed it.


David Bowie. Brilliant live adventures 5 is out this Friday.


yeah but it’s not like you can buy it if you haven’t already. it was only for sale for about 2 hours.

David Bricknell

This has been such a frustrating release strategy!

Ninety minutes after receiving an official email advising of Brilliant Live Adventures 5 (and about one minute after reading it) I went into Warners Music Australia website only to find every format of this release was already sold out! Not impressed!

I then immediately jumped on eBay & had to pay five times the original retail price to secure a copy. Prices are now far higher.

This wasn’t a problem when I bought the first four releases in this series, but it seems the releases are now being instantly snapped up for private on-sale on Ebay at highly-inflated prices.

Warners – a message for you – please dramatically increase the number of available units on these (and the box) to meet demand from true, long-term Bowie fans!

Dave B


Sade – This Far 6LP box now only €131,– on Amazon NL and Bol

G.D. Wilde

Two sites that have given up on international shipping completely …

Matt Cullingworth

Been after this for a while. Shame they won’t ship to the UK

Luiz Paulo Morais

Won’t there be “out this week”?

Martin Kilroy

There is a new installment of Brilliant Live Adventures from Bowie, but I’m assuming you’re over that Paul given the barrel of worms these releases seem to open up!


I’m still getting nightmares about missing out on the last BLA release especially given how bad #5 was. I swear Warner’s are printing less and less for each one. What with the delays and Boxgate as well, it’s been a total shambles.


No; Neil Young is currently on holiday.

joel d ivins

just an fyi, there seem to be 5 new copies of tears for fears, seeds of love on sale for about $65, give or take

Richard Fisher

Bob Marley Live At The Rainbow double vinyl down to £15.88 at Amazon UK.

Hoof hearted

Neither of these deals are active


£6.46 now, still a bargain though.

ian scott

i picked up the Cherry set at a slightly higher but good price and the Simple Minds box set but have mainly played the discs that are in the two cd set. Was not sure about Street Fighting Years when it came out but it sounds great now. Very happy and got a lot of listening out of both and the Cherry package is great so if your wavering on these i would take a chance


Recently, on Amazon US I’ve seen the Neneh Cherry go down to $29.99 US…FYI…


Thanks for this. Setting an alarm for it.


Looks like the Neneh Cherry deal is gone in the UK (it shows £39 from here, USA), but Amazon Germany has the same deal. €29.

Nathan Thomas

Nope the deal is still there, amazon is geo-blocking it. For future reference , In 99% of cases where you in the US etc can’t see a UK deal it’s because it’s geo-blocked, not because the deal is over.

Liam Bastick

You mean “global community excluding Australia” :-)

Andrew Barnett

Already back up to 6.79, well done if you got it at 3.99!!

Rob Garvey

Another one Paul that Amazon have decided not to offer to us in Ireland :(
This is my third ‘want’ in the last two weeks that I cant buy :(
Have always had Amazon Prime and your deal alerts have always had me buying buying buying!
Unfortunately it looks like now everytime I see a deal alert I sigh at a another deal not available :(

matt charles

Paul,, Any news updates on the BREXIT mess going forward?
Possible changes on the cards?


Welcome to ‘global Britain’


Yeah, has cost me a bloody lot already…


Amazon uk doing Simple Minds, Street Fighting Years, 2 disc version £3.99!