This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Neil Young / Archives Vol II second edition

Tom Petty / Wildflowers & All The Rest 3LP vinyl


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Nathan Thomas

Elton John Jewel Box Cd set down to £67 on Amazon

G. A

Sade This Far currently restocked at HMV for £149.99. Interesting thing I noticed about the listing is that it was restocked a couple of days ago at the price of £125 – this lasted for a few hours until it went back to being sold out. Did anyone here manage to get a copy or was it a glitch?

Nathan Thomas

Often it’s not really a ‘restock’ – HMV have been pulling a lot of stock from stores so they may get one copy that had been in an HMV in Kilmarnock (or wherever) stick it on the website & if it sells it immediately goes out of stock again. They don’t want stores to be empty of stock when they reopen in April but are pulling store stock to fill some gaps in online inventory – especially on higher priced items that may have been sitting in a shop for months/years as there’s no local market for the item, but they know it would sell online. I bought a box set that was reduced & when it arrived it had store security tags & the remains of a price tag (which they’d tried to remove) – when the item was properly restocked (from the record company) it had gone up to full price again.

David Cornyn

Lol sorry that made me smile as I live in Kilmarnock. No HMV here, you’re thinking of Ayr!

The Avid Collector

Just suffered the usual scramble for a copy of the latest Bowie live record and slip case! Had to order from America and only managed the cd and slipcase! How limited are these I wonder? It always seems to be such a mad scramble to get one. Will have to buy the vinyl on eBay I’m sad to say.


I find this all a bit odd, all the recent archive boxes are freely available and mostly reduced in price, Conversation Piece box, Space Oddity 50th, Clareville Grove, spying through a keyhole, the Loving The Alien box set is down to £160 on Amazon at the moment. Apart from the Five Years box set & Is it any wonder, there seems to be generally good availability, most RSD releases are still knocking about, so what’s gone wrong here? They must have decided on the numbers available from prior archive sales, but presumably there are more than a few thousand
people worldwide who would want these. I think that by quite simply calling this BLA series Limited Editions attracts the attention of eBay sellers, who seem to be very efficient at harvesting these releases. There is a very simple solution, they could release a mass market box set of the CDs, but I think they’re not too bothered about pissing off the older Bowie fans & quite like the little buzz they’ve created here. I’m a key worker on night shifts at the moment, I had no hope of getting these, the first time I’ve not been able to buy a new bowie release since I bought Cat People in’82.


4000 Vinyl, and 6000 CD. The way these were sold was appalling, and showed a complete disregard for Bowie fans. The UK site that was selling them was all out of Vinyl after 4 minutes, and CD’s after 11 minutes. Thus, people had to run off to other sites to find them. It’s been a horrific experience all in all.

Oh, and I say this as someone who managed to get all 6 CD’s, and a box to keep them in. I’ve never felt such dislike for a set of music in my music buying lifetime. Every time they made me jump through hoops – and pay 6X shipping, since they never sold complete boxes – I felt like bailing. However, I persevered. I’ve no idea who thought this was a good idea……

Rich G

It seems the Bowie Brilliant Live Adventures anomaly was CD5 “Something In The Air Paris 1999”. I’ve been buying the CDs from DIG. I signed up for the notification by email, but NEVER got one, so I kept looking. I had no issues getting a CD for the first 4, even a day or 2 after they were launched. For CD5, I’d kept looking several times that day (refreshing each time) and it wasn’t there and then it suddenly appeared and was sold out. I never saw it “on sale”. Now number 6 is limited to one per order, hallelujah! as it should have been all along, so guess what, the scalpers can’t buy in bulk, so it’s still available to buy on the UK store over 2 days later. My guess is the scalpers finally twigged about the potentially marketability for number 5 and since there was apparently no limit to how many you could buy (at the time) they bought loads each. The DIG website took action only for number 6. Why they won’t do a limited release again of at least number 5 I don’t know. Basically every copy of the CD is selling at about £25 plus postage to people who have sealed copies. Why have they got sealed copies? There can be only one reason – they aren’t fans who have opened and ripped them and are re-selling, they are people who bought in bulk in order to extract an extra £13 from the fans to make some cash for themselves – totally undeserved income. Appalling that this was allowed to happen! I completely echo Dean’s sentiments about being forced to pay 6 x shipping – expensive and not very green of them either!


Hi Avid collector, Just been on Dig (UK) at 21.20 and you can still purchase the vinyl, slip case etc.

tom m hans

$39.05 2 amazon.com – as of 9:47 am EST here in Florida.

Nathan Thomas

Sting – The Studio Collection: Volume II [5 LP VINYL] now £49 at Amazon (was around £90 previously)

Richard Fisher

Bob Dylan’s 3 lp Basement Tapes box set now down to £39.99 at Amazon UK.

Peter Anderson

Way Down In The Rust Bucket Neil Young vinyl box £60 on Amazon UK. Been steadily coming down from £90 since release.


Neil young around $115 at Amazon.com US.


U2 All That You Can’t Leave Behind 5CD was $90 on Amazon US last night, and I nabbed a copy. It’s back up to $106 or so today.

G.D. Wilde

“Down the Road Wherever deluxe box set” — they forgot to number the ‘numbered artprint’! I thought was sort of hilarious. :) I didn’t mind that and enjoyed this box very much – as only the casualest of fans, remembering the Dire Straits from back in the day, I picked this album up a few months ago, and was very pleasantly surprised by its musical contents!

Bob peel

U2 all that you can’t leave behind vinyl boxset is 137 on amazon.co.uk

Paul Murphy

It has been that price for quite some time – it was in Amazon’s sale a couple of months back and has not gone up since, bar the odd day. Must have been an overestimation of demand.
I did pull the trigger on Pink Floyd ‘Early Years’ at £269 last week, only a few pounds more this morning. And ‘Wish You Were Here’ Immersion is £49 [unless I have just bought the last one].