This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Elton John / Jewel Box: B-sides 3LP vinyl

£15 was £35

John Lennon / Imagine John Yoko Collector’s Edition

£122 was £185

Grab a Deal

This is the luxury, ‘posh’ version of the Imagine book. It’s an expanded copy bound in real cloth, with 150 additional illustrations, more artworks from the ‘This Is Not Here’ exhibition, an additional chapter devoted to the singles from the period, and six, almost 1 metre-long gatefolds of panoramas stitched together from rare film outtakes. It also includes a numbered and officially stamped 30cm x 23cm lithographic print (of an unused photographic proof of the Imagine album artwork by Yoko Ono) in a clothbound portfolio case, reproduced on acid-free Olin Regular High White 400gsm woodfree paper, using archival pigment inks. Limited to 2000 copies worldwide.

Neil Young / Return to Greendale 2CD+2LP+Blu-ray+DVD box set

£43 was £68

Excellent price for this numbered, limited edition deluxe box set which includes two CDs, two vinyl records, a blu-ray of the full concert film and a DVD of Inside Greendale (the making of the album documentary). Watch the SDEtv unboxing video.

Derek & the Dominos / Layla 4LP 50th anniversary vinyl

£43 was £78

Between £80 and £90 at the time of release in September last year, this is a superb price for the 50th anniversary vinyl box set. The original album has been half-speed mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios and, being a double, is pressed on two LPs. Two further records of bonus material (not half-speed mastered) make up this 4LP deluxe box set, which also includes a 12 x 12″ book.

Lloyd Cole / Guesswork vinyl LP

£9.99 was £14

Great album, great presentation, great price!

Toyah / Desire white vinyl LP

£10 was £15

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Neil Young Archives Vol. II (1972 – 1976) has decreased slightly (from £100.96 to £97.90) on Amazon UK too, which now brings it in at under £100.


Bob Dylan – John Wesley Harding Mono Mix Vinyl on White coloured vinyl – only £12 currently on Amazon UK.


The udiscover music store has free international shipping for the next week. Managed to grab a few McCartney coloured live vinyls.


Thanks Paul – nabbed a Greendale just before the price shot back up. Wonder if Neil Young is aware of Postman Pat…..


Just been offline and get back to find that I’ve missed the Greendale bargain :(


Me too! Teach me to watch the footy!


I wouldn’t mind buying the signed Labi Siffre box set at £29, but I’m trying to be good. Hopefully someone else enjoys this bargain:

My Song – 50th Anniversary Edition (Signed Excl… https://amzn.to/3wGMhmv


and that bargain is over too – now back up to £48


Ordered Layla on Amazon.de for just 45 euro, so cheaper than Amazon UK.

Richard Fisher

I got it for £37 from Amazon UK.


Some of the Neil Young deluxe sets are starting to drop in price on Amazon UK. Return To Greendale deluxe set is now £46 (down from £90) and After The Goldrush is £67.


Layla box set just delivered with Prime. You know what I’m gonna say – delivered in a paper bag. To be fair, there was also a manufacturers card outer but quite fimsy and unfortunately not enough to protect it from some serious impact damage on one corner. Will be heading back tomorrow.


There seems to be a cardboard box crisis in the UK, Brexit stuff I guess.


Graeme Ewan

Nice plug for the FT. Not.

Richard Fisher

Mine arrived well packaged and intact. In fact I have never had a badly packaged order from Amazon. Strange when I read so many have.

Hugh Hall

I remember once receiving a double album (MSP – Generation Terrorists) shipped from the US to UK just in brown paper. It arrived without any damage at all. I was tempted to tell the seller they should try harder but at the end of the day they’d been proved right.

Obviously Amazon is all about profit and the savings they must make sending records (books too?) in paper bags compared to boxes/packing will be enormous. There are quite a few comments here saying that is how people have received items without any problems. I imagine Amazon will continue this practice until there are enough problems that the scales are tipped against them.

I wonder if Amazon are able to pass off a certain percentage of the returns they get from disgruntled customers back to the labels as damaged on their way to Amazon rather than on their way out from Amazon?


until now, I have ordered a lot and gladly in the UK. now with taxes, it is too expensive. what a pity!


For anyone interested Mumford and Sons ‘Sigh no more’ 7″vinyl box set now only £25 on Amazon UK

james bennard johnson

I just received my Thin Lizzy box & WOW this is a great set of CDs!!! Do not hesitate to grab this if you are a fan & before they discontinue it again.

Rare Glam

Just an addition to those posting about Amazon EU and damaged items due to inadequate packaging. I received the Pylon Box 4 x CD set on Saturday, 3rd April, it having been sent on day of release, the 2nd. This was from Amazon UK and thankfully it arrived ok other than a slight impact bump on one corner of the box which also dinged the top of some the book pages inside the box but barely noticeable really. The point being this very heavy item (200 thick glossy pages hard backed bookset in a hard slip case that measures 12″ x 12″) was despatched merelyiny a paper bag!!! I kid you not, none of the usual robust stiff card boxing and paper filler for buffering, no, it was in a plain paper bag, the slip case seemingly used as the packaging for the bookset inside it. I consider myself fortunate after reading the Amazon EU stories earlier.

Nathan Thomas

Yeah I ordered the Prince SOTT vinyl box & they shipped it in an empty cardboard box with no packing at all & was totally smashed up, same with the replacements they sent – there’s nearly £500 of vinyl trashed because they didn’t want to spend a few pennies on the packaging. My hit rate with damaged amazon box-sets is around 50/50


Yes, I received an LP (Kinks-Lola versus Powerman) the other day in a paper bag! I could hardly believe it at first and I thought it would be in one of their LP mailers inside the paper bag, but no, it was just in the paper bag! Remarkably it was ok I’m glad to say, it had only traveled a few miles down the road from Dunfermline to Edinburgh, but even so. Hopefully this is not a new thing.


Fortunately I’ve not yet encountered the paper bag ‘packaging’ from Amazon. However, they do have a history of making odd packaging decisions.
My worst Amazon packaging experience was receiving a limited edition coloured vinyl Suede LP a couple of years ago just in its shrinkwrap with the address label stuck on the front. Luckily the record was undamaged – but my feedback on the packaging was that I would have liked some!


Zombiekev. I had this issue of a vinyl being sent with packaging with the address label on the outside. This was a blondie lp sent to Australia. My postman couldn’t believe it. What made it worse was it was a birthday present and I couldn’t get the shipping off.

CJ Feeney

I received a rare 10″ single from Am.UK in a plastic bag. I just don’t buy vinyl from them anymore.

Richard Anderson

Yes. The amazon paper bag packaging is becoming much more common. Last week I ordered Andrew Farriss vinyl and the After the Goldrush 50th Box Set both of which came in paper bags. Both badly damaged and within 15 minutes of receipt they were back in the post to amazon returns. Whilst amazon may be trying to be more environmentally friendly I fear for the amount of returns they will get, especially from record collectors. Amazon have gone from one extreme to another. One minute your lp comes in a cardboard mailer inside a huge and unnecessary cardboard box that takes up half of your recycle bin and the next time it is in a flimsy paper bag.


Ordered the big Bob-Mould-cd-box when it was deal-alerted here some time ago from Amazon Italy.

This also came packed only in a brown paper bag, luckily unharmed.

As said before in this thread it’s just a shame how many records will end up destroyed just because the management at Amazon wants to look environment-friendly.

Nathan Thomas

Black Sabbath has dropped again – £78 now

Mark Yon

And Layla bought…. thank you, Paul.

Stevie j

Some you win some you lose
Layla £82 late last year now £37 smacked bum time

Wayne C

Thinking just that myself, bought the Sabbath at full price last month of £130!, now nearing half that or just a little more. Makes me wonder if it’s worth buying any release immediately.

Pete Stanton

Ronnie Wood’s Mad Lad box set is down to £14.79 and Keith Richards Live at the Hollywood Palladium Double red vinyl is £12.89 on Amazon UK.


Thanks just bought the Layla box. Cheers


Ordered. Thanks.

Tim B

Layla 4LP 50th anniversary box set down to £39 at amazon U.K.


Just sharing some info that may be useful. I wasn’t aware of this situation so others may also be unaware. I’ve noticed recently on Amazon Uk that more and more items are being sold by the seller “Amazon EU”. I recently bought one of the Led Zeppelin Super Deluxe boxes from Amazon EU. Unfortunately, it arrived very damaged. Shipped from UK with Prime. I started the usual return process, but the return process for Amazon EU items is very different. They give you a label but you have to pay the return tracked postage (even though clearly their error) and you have to return the item to Slovakia! They say they will refund postage up to £15 “if appropriate after reviewing the return”. However, the cost of returning the heavy Zeppelin box by tracked mail was far more than £15. Is this something new or have i just been lucky not to encounter it in the past?

Phil Tate

That’s a bit alarming. I bought the Sgt Pepper super deluxe a few weeks ago when it was (very briefly) £65 on Amazon UK, and that was sold by Amazon EU. Luckily it arrived in perfect condition, as posting that bugger to Slovakia wouldn’t have been £15!

Clemens Germany

Hi there,

Brexit in full effect now. Custom duties, VAT (if not deducted from seller) and postal handling fees are very high now if items are shipped from EU countries to the UK or otherwise. Additionaly: From 1st july on no more free of duties orders when under 22 Euro (for example from UK to Germany).

Sad but true.



I ordered an album from Amazon which took a few days to arrive (not the usual next day which it usually does with Prime). Didn’t think much about it at the time of ordering. however yesterday the album arrived and it was just the album placed in an amazon plastic covering. No protection whatsoever. Sure enough the package was totally damaged in transit (all four corners totally – and I mean totally – bent. I could see the damage without even opening the package.
Seeing the comment above from Simon P2 I thought I’d check where the package was sent from and indeed was Amazon EU. How anyone can be so stupid as to send a single vinyl album in just a plastic covering and expect it to survive transit unscathed is beyond me.
I hate returning things as it is such a waste of resources but this copy is so damaged that I will have to.


Please, write them with your concern. They will probably cover the whole postage cost. It is not your fault. Or you might get a nice bargain if it is good for you.


Perry Farrell The Glitz, The Glamour down to £49 at Amazon uk.

Richard Fisher

Here Comes The Nice Small Faces boxset now £79 at Amazon UK.


Bowie-Who Can I Be Now CD box set down to £75 on Amazon UK as I write.


Paul Taylor

I take it that anyone sending the Lloyd Cole back because it’s black haven’t listened to it.


Looks like Thin Lizzy is back up to 97 Euros.

Paul M

David Bowie The Mercury Demos vinyl box £34.67 on Amazon UK.
Cheapest I’ve seen it there.


If you have a copy of either Joy Division that appears to be red vinyl when helpful to the light it is a first pressing and worth a lot of money. Back in the 70’s anything released on the Our label and it’s subsidiaries (Buddah etc) also appeared to be red vinyl when held up to the light.

Paul Wren

It’s actually conventional black vinyl that had a slight colour imperfection that does appear slightly reddish in colour with a strong lightbulb behind it. It means it’s a very early pressing.


all pressings at the PYE factory in the 70’s are the same, look black but dark red when held up to the light

No Parlez

Beck Hyperspace 2020 Japanese CD is down to £22 on Amazon UK


Lloyd Cole Guesswork LP arrived today from amazon.
Just in case it matters to anyone thinking of ordering, this is black vinyl rather than blue vinyl.
Thanks for the tip on the deal Paul.


Black Sabbath 4 now £87 Amazon UK


Al Stewart Year of the Cat on USA Amazon US just dropped from $85 down to $60. Now I will buy this. Glad I waited


Elton John’s 3LP set “Rarities and B-Sides” for €16.66 at amazon.es.


Lloyd Cole is even cheaper on HMV with the the 30% flash sale, comes in at £6.99


For anyone thinking about picking up Lloyd Cole’s “Guesswork”, I hope you’ll give it a try. It’s an excellent album.


Bobbie Gentry box at Amazon nl for 57 euro


Thanks, I was waiting for that one!

Kieron Cox

Thanks for the information. Thrilled to have ordered Toyah for under £11. To get the Deluxe Edition as the auto-rip, was an added bonus!


Paid £98 for the John Lennon collectors edition book August 2018 which I thought was a good price. Surely they must have sold 2000by now ?

Nathan Thomas

The allocation seems pretty random – I bought mine from Amazon only 2 days ago & I got number 45 , so who knows how close they are to selling all 2000 !

Wholly Atoxic

Toyah – 2020 White Vinyl 180g reissue of ‘Desire’ only £10 at amazon UK.


Got the Lloyd Cole with The Beatles Live at Liverpool Empire for a shade over £20.
Free autorip for Lloyd Cole as well!
Thanks Paul.


Muse’s Simulation Theory Deluxe Film Box Set is only $44 USD at PopMarket. List is $126 USD



Thanks for this. But item is to heavy to ship to Germany. WTF???


I am having the same issue of some items being too heavy to ship to Australia. importcds.com and deepdiscount.com will not ship items internationally if they weigh more than 4 pounds in weight.


PHENOMENAL deal! Thank you very much for posting. Not a huge fan of the album, but jumped on this nonetheless. And free shipping to boot!


Too heavy to ship to UK. What a cop out
Shame really – looks like a nice box

Nathan Thomas

John Lennon ‘Imagine’ Collectors edition (limited to 2000 worldwide) is reduced on Amazon currently to £95 (RRP is £185 & it had been on Amazon for £130 last week)

Mike M

Do you have a link for this please pal?



Nathan Thomas

Only 3 left so the Lennon has gone up to £123 now, (but still better than £185 I guess!)