This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Kirsty MacColl / Days 1988-1991 4CD+DVD – £39

A price drop of nearly £10 makes this summary of Kirsty’s Virgin Records era much more attractive. Features double-disc editions of Kite and Electric Landlady along with a DVD of videos.

UK: Buffalo Springfield / Complete Albums Collection vinyl box – £82 £123

5LP vinyl version now down in price. 5,000 limited edition. First two albums in mono & stereo and third album stereo-only. New mastering overseen by a certain Neil Young. The CD box is now £19.99 in the UK.

UK: Neil Young / Roxy: Tonight’s The Night Live 2LP – £22.95

Down from over £28.

UK: The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper 2CD deluxe – £9.99

Amazing value. Essential.

UK: The Beatles / 1967-1970 2CD – £9.99

Classic ‘blue’ double disc compilation does a good job of summarising the creative final three and a bit years of The Beatles output. This uses the 2009 stereo remasters. The equally good ‘red’ 1962-1966 compilation is the same price.

UK: The Beatles / Anthology 1 2CD – £7.94

Still the only Beatles album where you can get Free As A Bird.

UK: The Beatles / Anthology 2 2CD – £9.99

Still the only Beatles album where you can get Real Love.

UK: The Beatles / Anthology 3 2CD – £9.99

Still the only Beatles album where you can, er, A Beginning

UK: Graham Nash / Over The Years 2CD anthology – £4.99

Forthcoming release. First disc contains hits, second previously unreleased demos.

UK: U2 / Songs of Exprience 2LP+CD box set – £41

Forthcoming release. First disc contains hits, second previously unreleased demos.

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Larry Davis

Reordered that Kirsty set…before it was way expensive, now much better…and it’s at a point when I have no other preorders out that week. so timing is good…we’ll see…and I hope Edsel does more Kirsty packages in the future…


the Pink Floyd rsd mono piper vinyl turned up on Amazon U.K. now – 10 copies £35 which is pretty good

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

I just spent over £75 over at Burning Shed on the upcoming Big Big Train live LP&CD plus the single and my wish for a decrease in the price of the vinyl Springfield box has been granted. £82, just over £16 an album, I can live with that. Those waiting to pull the trigger on this be aware there are only 5000 copies, I know that’s been said before but the Springfield ain’t The Beatles. There will not be a second pressing of the box set.

Right, so add £177 to the £67 I also spent today on the Procol Harum, £27 on Ryley Walker’s new LP & CD, around £65 on Discogs for some out of print albums. Not bad for a Thursday and there’s more tomorrow, yep, my cutting back on album buying plan is certainly working. Now I need some place to put them!

Ronny Pudding

That Buffalo Springfield box is still a rip at £82. And that cover…did they have an intern do that in like 10 minutes? Looks like a bootleg or something.


HMV also have the single disc version of the Sgt. Pepper 2017 re-mix album for £6.99p (i.e. no outtakes).

Peter Stanton

Interesting about the Jimi Hendrix box, I keep dithering on this one.

Received my Roxy Music box and Fresh Cream box yesterday. How many Roxy boxes must they have? Still on offer.


What Jimi Hendrix box?

Peter Stanton

see below re West Coast Seattle Boy.


“How many Roxy Music-boxes must they have?” –
Quite a lot i guess. Maybe even the SDE-reader was right who supposed it to go down in price even further. I stopped gambling about this one and ordered it a week ago, because i think that 55 GBP is an acceptable price for it. I received it the other day and it was in good shape because they left it in the original Universal-packaging. So it even survived the almost usual negligible parcel that Amazon used for additional protection.

Peter Stanton

Both of mine were in the Universal boxes too, so arrived in perfect condition

Marc K.

Beatles White Album (2CD) also just 9,99

Paul G

The Buffalo Springfield vinyl boxset is currently down to £82.59 on Amazon UK.


That’s the B. Springfield set ordered. Many thanks. For those interested, the upcoming Janis Ian remasters are all around the £6 mark on Amazon UK at the mo. Also, the Jimi Hendrix – West Coast Seattle Boy box set that I ordered (from Amazon) when it was first flagged as an SDE Deal Alert, is now not due to be delivered until the end of May! That 2-4 week delivery time has now become an 8 week delivery time (& that’s if it actually does turn up this month)!!

Steven Roberts

Two thumbs up for those Janis Ian albums (as flagged up by CJL). I can’t speak for whether the Sony remasters offer anything different/better than the previous Rude Girl releases (personally overseen by JI herself) – but for £6 a pop they are worth a punt if you are curious about her music.

Between The Lines contains the big hit (‘At Seventeen’), but for me Night Rains and Miracle Row are the better overall albums.

For you vinyl types, the LPs come with download vouchers – though its not obvious whether these are mp3 or hi-res (or CD res).

Paul – any idea which it is?

Phil Wilson

Just to warn people who ordered the Jimi Hendrix box set, mine ‘arrived’ but it was actually the CD + DVD set they sent, not the box set. I contacted customer services, they had no answer but apologised, refunded me in full as the correct item was out of stock, and said I could dispose of the item as I saw fit. I am not alone in this, I have read of it happening to others, so I wouldn’t build your hopes up you’ll get the 4CD set.

Geoff D

@Phil Wilson – same thing happened to me. I’m going to contact them this afternoon but the listing still shows the cover for the 4 disc set and has the track listing for it.

Phil Wilson

I know, I don’t know what they are playing at, I have re-ordered to see what happens next time. I wonder whether they are sending out the CD + DVD version in the hope people will be satisfied with that (even though that version was £7.99 when I received mine) as it doesn’t seem to be an error on the listing. If you contact them, let them know others have been refunded and allowed to keep it, unless they offer to send a replacement (though we can guess which version you’ll get).


same here ,I didn’t bother contacting customer services but if there’s a next time then I will

Peter Stanton

Graham Nash,Buffalo Springfield and Beatles Red double ordered. There is too much interesting stufff about. Hendrix box is back to £11.61 still tempted on that.


Anthology 1 is up to £7.95p now…can’t believe I missed out on it earlier today at £7.94p. Doh!

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

Thanks for the Buffalo Springfield alert Paul, I thought I’d ordered it. I have now! I’m really hoping the vinyl box will drop in price but if it’s a limited edition (5000 I believe) I doubt if the price will drop much.

Larry Davis

Preordered that Buffalo Springfield set, as I collect Neil Young…question…that few-years-old 4CD anthology in the yellow box…is everything in that box on this new set, or do you need both, for rarities/unreleased tracks/etc??


You’ll want to get both, Larry. The previous collection has demos etc. mixed with album cuts and the first two albums.

The new set contains all original albums in their original mixes (mono + stereo).

Larry Davis

OK thanks Ben…I occasionally see the prior set cheap in both packages…long box and cube slipcase…no preference…


The new set only has the albums in both mixes for the first two and the box has unreleased material but lacks some songs from the third one. So you need both, 4 + 5 = 9 cds for 3 albums and a bunch of unreleased tracks (and still no long version of “Bluebird” – I imagine that next year, we’ll get it on a reissue of the 1973 compilation)

Robert Laversuch

Methinks you need both as this set has the albums in chronological order whereas the original box set has on about 2 cds worth demos, outtakes and unreleased. Mind you for thirty quid you should be able to get both and that screams bargain, to me at least


The yellow box has everything plus rarities etc. This one has only the albums, but some in mono & stereo. Easy choice.


The original Buffalo Springfield Box Set doesn’t quite have everything. At least one track from the final album, Last Time Around, is omitted and others from that album only appear in demo form. While some tracks from the first two albums appear twice. Because, Neil.

Jonathan Still

How much was the U2 live box and where?


Buffalo Springfield ordered, thanks


Buffalo Springfield what’s that sound cd bot set £16.95 amazon uk

Mathew Lauren

I, normally, don’t comment on 2.0, stereo items, however, for anyone uninitiated with the Beatles, the RED and BLUE compilation albums are the best primers for anyone wondering about the genius that was the Beatles.

Gis Bun

And a few tracks on the red album were in mono. :-)


U2 video box already gone, but Graham Nash for less than a fiver was an absolute no-brainer.

Thx Paul.


Anthology 1 : 7.99
Anthology 2: 9.99
Anthology 3: 9.99

Martin Power

Does anyone know if the anthology series are now in the folding card cases or still in those easy to break jewel cases?

Gis Bun

Wish they’d re-release including the full video series on BR….

Martin Power

Cheers Paul – I thought so I had these so will give them a miss


Sadly yes, well past time that they put these out as digipacks (remastered)…but I guess they’re still trying sell the stocks of jewel case versions first! Also well past time that the Anthology film was put out on Blu-Ray.


I think I’d rather see Let It Be make it onto dvd/bluray. Anthology is good, but it seems a little light weight in terms of focusing on each album properly – it really only skims the surface most of the time. It would also be nice to have someone make a documentary series without having to include shots of the members of the band well beyond their prime – in ill fitting jeans and waistcoat combos – reminiscing about when they was fab. Documentary makers seem to have lost the art of telling a story without having talking heads “tell the story” – it’s a bit cheap looking, dul, and un-artful.


That’s half right, Paul. – They’ve only been remastered for iTunes since their original release and therefore the only physical releases are the vinyl editions and the double jewel cases from the mid-nineties… They’ll inevitably be remastered for CD/DVD/Blu-ray in the next year or so, so I’d wait for these. There’s also the possibility of expanded versions on the future physical and digital remasters and they may include the elusive ‘Carnival of Light’ plus the additional cuts from the ‘Free As A Bird’ & ‘Real Love’ singles etc…


Let’s not resort to name-calling. It’s ‘big-boned’ boxes…

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

That U2 ‘Light Bulb’ box is full of more shit than Bono.


Another like button request!


Have a little bit of respect, please Mr. —- –‘-. And wash your mouth out with soap… you dirty bird.

Joseph Bartram

price of u2 boxset hasrisen to £79.99!


I bet that light bulb can be had for about 2 quid on eBay!


No, it’s £2.99…

Chris Mooar

I’m eagerly hanging out for the SDE Deal Alert that says the Plexi super-duper Eno box is at cost price. I know…dreams are free.

Not Available

That thought crossed my mind also.

Mark Stack

I have bought that box set, but mine is a signed version from rough trade so I won’t be too upset if it does. Worth waiting for it to be cheaper. The gorillaz box set was reduced £100 a few months after the release.

Rob Deighton

Amazon must be matching HMV prices as they have a bit of a beatles sale going on at the moment.