This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

ES: Queen / News of The World super deluxe – £54 or €62

UK: Fleetwood Mac / Rumours super deluxe – £29

4CD+DVD+LP box set. Superb value.

UK: The Beatles / Abbey Road remastered CD – £6.99

UK: Pink Floyd / Pulse 4LP vinyl box – £88

Remastered and includes a 52-page hardback photo book. Out on Friday this week.

UK: INXS / Kick 30 3CD+blu-ray – £15.99

Back down in price.

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The Jimi Hendrix – West Coast Seattle Boy 4CD/DVD is ‘available’ again at £11.69…Bit silly, really, as they haven’t even sent my order for it, from 6 weeks ago..But anyway, here it is, if anyone wants to take a punt…Just don’t hold your breath.


Geoff D

I had a chat with Amazon over this and mine should be sent out next week. They also said I can keep the erroneous 2 disc one they sent me.


Thanks. Finally I bought the Rumours of Fleetwood Mac.


As I’ve said I think the remastering kn the Fleetwood Mac reissues sound amazing. I also enjoy the sound quality on the INXS reissue.

I had a listen the the Eurythmics ‘Touch’ reissue on vinyl, I was not liking it. I own an original vinyl pressing of the ‘Touch’ album from the 80’s and it sounds so much better.

I have not yet heard any of the other vinyl reissues lf the Eurythmics albums but I read on here the ‘Touch’ album was not taken from the master tapes. I am curious what their other albums sound like, the recent reissues. I will check them out eventually. So disappointed with that ‘Touch’ reissue, when I compared it to other copies of that same album.


Omg, look at my spelling! Damn spell-check, Hahaha

I can speel. I swear!


The Pulse vinyl box was briefly $65 USD on eBay today (via Deep Discount). Sold out quickly.


Can anyone review the Oleta Adams 2cd set?
Are all the mixes on it – how is the remaster…..?
Thank you guys


PULSE is over priced – £90
Pink Floyd Music 1987© / Gilmour Music Ltd seem to have adopted the ‘like it or lump it’ approach to pricing.

Gilmour is encouraging KODI and other illegal ways. What is wrong with him?
Answers on a postcard.


How is he encouraging illegal ways?


I bought Rumors SDE, I’ve been meaning to for a while, this is my time!


Talking of Floyd, I see Nick Mason has formed a new band to play Syd-era Floyd tracks. Band is fronted by Gary Kemp and line-up includes Guy Pratt.


No more April Fools-jokes in mid-may please.

Stuart Ansell

True! Got my tickets, seeing them at the Half Moon in Putney next Wednesday…


Sorry but that sounds even more bizarre than Neil Finn and Mike Campbell joining Fleetwood Mac.

Stuart Ansell

To each their own dear boy – last time I saw Nick Mason was at Wembley stadium 1988. Now I get to see him in a 300 capacity venue for less than the Floyd ticket cost in the ’80’s, and there’s a chance he’ll play ‘bike’.

I’m good with that.

Chris Squires

No more Bizarre than Sting and Shaggy.
Guy Pratt is an excellent bassist that I first heard of when he played on Stephen Duffy’s first two solo albums. He’s up there with Pino Palladino and Mick Karn in my book. He’s also worked with Pink Floyd since 1987.
Gary Kemp on the other hand. He’s a uber-talented and busy chap and busy people like to keep busy. It’s a small world at the top of the musical tree, particularly when you have nothing to prove and aren’t of a generation who seem to think that talent can be replaced by exposure.
It would be fun to blow people’s minds. Like Tom Cruise ringing your Mum from the red carpet…because he can. If I was Kate Bush, I’d do this kind of thing once every couple of years to keep people on their toes. Me (as Kate obviously), bring along Elton, Macca and Jeff and do a Karaoke night down the Red Lion or an open mic session at the British Legion. Larks.


He should ask David Gilmour and Roger Waters instead. They’re pretty good, or so I hear…

Stuart Ansell

Just back from the gig – it was phenomenal. Just – wow.


Even at £88 it’s too much. I’d love it but £55 is my limit for this.

Tony Orwell

The price point on this item will be based on the price that the original set sells for, if fans are willing to stump up £250 for the original they will suffer £100 for the re-issue. if this was a 4 disc set by a lesser artist in collectors terms it would be £50.


£88 a good / better deal. God these record companies love fleecing us don’t they!


$80.19 on Amazon USA, for ‘Murrican readers…


I’ll hold off on Pulse ss still £30 too much. Look at a similar realease David Gilmour live in Pompeii which is also a 4 lp an retails around £60


Pulse has been at this price (88£) since annoucement i believe?

Peter Anderson

Relics still at £20.99 compared with best Amazon UK pre-order price of £15.58 – wonder if it will also drop back down?

Peter Anderson

Pink Floyd Pulse vinyl therefore back down to it original best Amazon UK pre-order price – and don’t suppose they will cut it any further before tomorrow. After that it’s a gamble as to whether the price goes up or down once it is available. Think I will stick with my pre-order at £88 as it’s one I have wanted for a long time!


Love the Floyd, but not sure £88 is a great value.. still waiting for In the Flesh on Vinyl.. think it might be a loing wait.


It’s coming soon.

Richard A

Rumours 35th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition, 4CD+DVD+ VINYL LP only £24.30 on amazon.co.uk

Doug Moss

Thanks Richard. Just snapped that up. What a bargain!


A bargain ?
Doug, that was my daily laugh…
Under 60 pounds would be quite a bargain !


Or maybe were you talking about the Inxs box set, therefore i would agree with you…


I think he was referring to the Rumours box set. Which definitely is a bargain!


Hi, .. would you be so kind as to specify better? That is, what disc should you go out in this particular edition? Always Pulse? And why 4 Cd? Thank you very much – I fortunately already took Pulse at the time …


Clearly I refer to the speech of Richard, I apologize ..


Wow, that’s $32.75 shipped to Texas. Half the current price on Amazon US. Done and done. Thanks for the heads-up.


Thanks so much for that info Richard!! I ordered and as I had a GBP15 voucher that meant after VAT was removed and including shipping it cost me GBP8.83 or AU$15.85! Thats what I call a bargain!! Especially since I have all the other deluxe FM editions and didnt really want to pay out for this one as I have the previous deluxe and the DVD Audio of this great album. Now I have all the extras I want – the Rosebud film etc and for under $20!! :)
Very happy!


The SDE of Rumours has been about that price for a long time, and has actually increased in price recently. I picked it up in March of 2016 for £17.49.


Queen ‘On Air’ deluxe is currently back down to £19.99,but only 3 left!


Sadly the 3 sets from Amazon.co.uk have gone and cheapest is now £43.50 (inc p&p) from a marketplace seller


Pulse is no deal at 88£.

Amazon.ca $99 CAD


Fair enough. Same apply for Canadians buying from abroad but usually no duty charges on media.


Queen On Air only 15 Euros on Amazon Spain