This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Tears For Fears / Songs From The Big Chair vinyl LP – £7.99 

Bruce Springsteen / Album Collection, Vol. 2 1987-1996 / 10LP vinyl box

ES: Bruce Springsteen / Albums Collection vol 2  10LP vinyl box – £101 or €115

Buy from Spain and enjoy a massive £50 saving compared to the UK price.

UK: Prince / Purple Rain vinyl remaster – £10.99

UK: Elton John / Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 2LP vinyl – £12.99

UK: The Who / My Generation  vinyl LP – £7.99

UK: The Rolling Stones / Aftermath vinyl – £7.99

UK: Nirvana / In Utero vinyl – £9.99

UK: Talking Heads / Remain in Light vinyl LP – £10.99 

UK: Lionel Richie vinyl LP – £6.23

R.E.M. / Out of Time 25th anniversary edition

UK: R.E.M. / Out of  Time 2016 vinyl remaster – £7.99

UK: T. Rex / Electric Warrior vinyl LP- £7.99

UK: Portishead / Dummy vinyl LP- £9.99

UK: Dire Straits / Brothers in Arms £11.99

Some decent prices on CDs too…

UK: Jack White / Boarding House Reach CD edition- £5.99

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Justin (UK)

Thanks Paul- TFF anf Nirvana duly purchased (o:


OK picked up the TFF , and after VAT removed since shipping to US it was 6.66 GBP, which I sure hope isn’t a bad omen…


Why does hmv don’t ship to Belgium ? Amazon doesn’t seem to follow…
Want Black album and seldom seen kis


A little off topic Paul, but have you by any chance heard anything about any new ‘Deluxe Edition’ remasters from Mike Oldfield? It seems like they only come out in a pair every 2/3 years at the moment…

elliott buckingham

extremely pi..ed that the 2014 stereo remix of tears for fears isn’t available were only 10 copies ever pressed


I think there were about 9 actually, one got lost in the post. One would think Universal would want to cash in on a different mix, on vinyl no less, but no. It was a Universal store exclusive, however, Paul did have a few for sale here a few months ago. Albeit I think they were about £50 a piece. I was tempted but passed. If it were released under $30 I would definitely get it but the original mix is the better of the two. You can still get that alternate mix on the blu-ray as well. Better fidelity than the record as it is a digital mix anyway. I suppose you will have to wait until 2025 when they include a live show and the previously unreleased early mix of Mothers Talk and the extended running mix of Everybody Wants To Run The World, signed photo, and strand of Curt Smith’s hair. By then the LP will probably retail for £50 anyway.


A few years back before it closed my local “head” store was selling them for £6!!!! I thought it was some dodgy European import due to the turquoise tint about the sleeve, and having already purchased it numerous times on every format going I stupidly passed on it


Eternally grateful to Paul for helping me to secure a copy after Universal messed up my order, incorrectly sent me a copy of the standard vinyl and then promptly removed the 2014 mix from their website!

Thank you again, Paul!

Tony Orwell

Am I the only one who thinks the who my generation double vinyl lp from the sound of vinyl at £6 is a steel? https://thesoundofvinyl.com/Outlet/All-6/My-Generation-Online-Exclusive/5A970I180SA


There were some really great Soft Cell / Cure £6 albums on offer but when I tried ordering I realized that they wanted to charge me approx £4 postage for every album ordered / shipped to Croatia, so I finally gave up…….

Such a nice deal…..but only for those in the UK or maybe close by (couldnt really tell)……

elliott buckingham

no I ordered it it was £22 on release so a great bargain and this edition only available from universal store

Mark R

A steal. Ordered.


I got my copy of Springsteen on release day form Badlands Records Manchester for £149.99 with free delivery, so not grumbling yet.

elliott buckingham

is the dire straits the 33rpm dbl or the 45rpm version


It’s not particularly clear but both the Amazon and HMV £11.99 versions appear to be the May 2014 “Back To Black” 33rpm double album (which I think is the same pressing as the Studio Albums box set and has the longer versions as per the original CD/cassette).
IIRC, the only 45rpm version is the limited Mobile Fidelity 2LP from early 2015.


Cheap cure vinyl on amazon UK – head on the door £7.99 and faith £9.99


The Beatles Box Set – Remastered in Stereo is currently £119.50 on Amazon UK for the CD set. Bit of a blast from the past (in more than one way I guess; age of both the music [1963-1970] and the remaster reissue [2009]) but that seems like a pretty good price if anyone is interested.

Iva Ugewon

I love your deal alerts!…even though it making me poor! Thank you!


Does anyone know if the Pet shop boys vinyl reissues are available in any deals at the moment? Thanks


am patiently waiting on this too!


Love that Jack White album. Completely bonkers!

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ` _

I ordered the Springsteen Vol2 box from Amazon Espania for £130 on the release date. I was a bit angry, only a little bit. So I contacted AmEspan and discussed the price I paid and the price it was going for today. Result – a £25 refund.

I`d like to add the box set arrived in tip-top condition, no damaged sleeves/inners and nice clean flat vinyl. Amazon takes a lot of flack, desrvedly so at times bur their customer relations are second to none. Especially AmFrance, Spain, Italy, Germany & USA. AmGB good but not quite as good.


Why doesn’t GB have the usual good service compared to others? Do you have any experiences to share here?
I think that there’s something that has happened with Amazon’s warehouses and the way they package the orders, it was better in the past but now even more often I get a bit scared to order any of those high price boxsets. So, I’ve been ordering from other places than Amazon. I like them but since the few problematic deliveries they’ve been losing me and some other customers.
I’ve received mostly good packages from any Amazon’s but got few destroyed packages from GB and due to that I think I’ve started not to trust their packaging no more. I think it was just bad luck for me, but from now on I think I will only order from places that pack the albums/boxsets secure.


To be fair Selana did say, ‘I think it was just bad luck for me.’

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ` _

I buy a lot of music from Amazon Everywhere. I`ve had packaging issues with Amazon USA, Italy, Germany & UK. The customer relations with all apart from AmUK was very good and very easily resolved. When dealing with AmUK, I think they are the only one who use call centres in India, I may be wrong with this but when I have spoken to customer relations with all the other Amazons I have spoken to people with accents associated with that country. I think Amazon UK put undue pressure on their Indian call centres to make it more difficult to resolve a problem.
As far as packaging is concerned I reckon AmUK are no worse/better than any of the others.


I’ve had better experience again lately but did go through a phase of nothing but trouble from amazon.uk last year. I only use them if hmv or elsewhere can’t match them now

Dean Taylor

Just picked up who’s next from hmv(£7.99)
It’s the 2015 reissue and much to my surprise it comes with the original Head Hunters inner sleeve, the original is very rare and a collectors item . Had no idea it was included with this reissue. The remaster is much better then the deluxe triple album from some time ago.. well worth the price paid.


Should I pay for my Springsteen boxset in GBP or Euro? Any advice appreciated, thanks!


I worked it out, cheaper in Euro by about £5!

Couldn’t resist at that price, thanks Paul for the great work.


How much is this total with postage to uk please.my amazon keeps crashing


Well i guess i have to buy it then.thanks paul

eric Slangen

Also grabbed the Springsteen box, thanks.


Nice one Paul , ordered the Springsteen box along and volume 1 for £250 … volume 1 out of stock but hopefully they’ll find one .


Springsteen set now only 114.86 euros…


Nabbed the Springsteen for 120€ incl. shipping to the Netherlands. Thanks, Paul!


Massive vinyl sale at HMV website, 50& off.

Paul Wren

Good tip off from others on here about the HMV sale – I’ve just picked up Nirvana “In Utero” and Stones “Aftermath” for £17.98 including postage to my door!! https://store.hmv.com/music/lp-sale?src=aff&utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=awin&utm_campaign=Parallax+Studios+Limited&awc=6336_1528488235_a425f3e8891b3ca42b97107c7d805195


Metallica Black album and Elbow seldom seen kid at great prices too


That Goldfrapp album has been £7.99 for a while, I’m surprised it’s still available since it was released in 2010.

Gary Hunter

Gone for the Dire Straits, a fantastic price, thanks Paul.

Paul Mortimer

T-Rex Electric Warrior LP is still £7.99 next-day delivery to Amazon Prime members!

(5.30 pm, here in Brum UK)

Mark R

Missed out on The Who’s Who’s Next. Back to £15. However just picked up My Generation double vinyl on The Sound of Vinyl website for just under a tenner inc p&p (£6 before p&p). There’s many others for a good price.


J S Allan

hmv vinyl deal here


Good man yourself. Jumped on The Who and The Cure. Loved the article in the Guardian about Robert Smith yesterday, by the way: well worth a look.


Electric Warrior didn’t last long..it’s now jumped to £20.99!


HMV have started their 7 day sale today with a number of price drops, it looks like Amazon are following the price drops of HMV. :)

Mike the Fish

I’d much prefer to shop from HMV.


Me too Mike, and I did! Really good prices, and we support music stores at the same time!


I grabbed Dire Straits and The Who this morning when I saw the prices drop, as well as Brandon Flowers’s latest for £9.95.

There’s a great vinyl sale on here too:


Jimi Fletcher

You’ve put the artwork for R.E.M’s Out of Time above the listing for Automatic for the People. Weirdly, I typed in R.E.M’s ‘Out of Tune’ just a moment ago before I realised my mistake. I don’t know why, it’s a beautifully sung album.

CJ Feeney

That’s the 2LP edition of Brother’s in Arms with the longer versions of some tracks.

Why do these deals pop up when I’m feeling skint!


Feeling skint? It may be a state of mind for you mate but it’s cold fact for me!