This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Post last updated on 14/10/17 at 16.26

Deep Purple / Infinite super deluxe edition (with T-shirt!) – £27.98

UK Deal: Prince / 4EVER 2CD edition – £5

UK Deal: Grace Jones / Warm Leatherette 2CD deluxe edition  – £12.99


Led Zeppelin / The Complete BBC Sessions 5LP vinyl

UK Deal: Led Zeppelin / Complete BBC Sessions 5LP vinyl box – £49.99

UK Deal: REM / Out of Time 2CD deluxe – £12.99

UK Deal: Fleetwood Mac / Tango in the Night super deluxe – £34.99

SPAIN Deal: Boney M / Complete vinyl box – €59

UK Deal George Michael / Symphonica CD – £2.99

UK Deal: Depeche Mode / Cover Me 8-track CD Single – £4.59

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T’pau’s “Virgin Anthology” back down to £24:


Sainsburys this week (wc 16th Oct) , Pretty Things “SF Sorrow”, red vinyl, gatefold sleeve, £16. Half a dozen copies in my branch.

Philip Cohen

It’s not only the low price for the Deep Purple box that is gone. The product is entirely gone….at any price.

Chris Squires

The “Carpenters” LP set seemed gloriously expensive when I looked last week. The individual albums looking to put Macca to shame. “A song for you” at £33 at The Sound of Vinyl?

The rest either £19, £24 or £28. ALL single albums. Ouch!


Yet the boxed set is reasonable at £130


These may be of interest in a general box set edition sort of way…

The Carpenters – The Vinyl Collection (12LP Box Set feat. every non-holiday Carpenters studio album)

Black Sabbath – The Ten Year War
(Limited Deluxe 180g Vinyl 8 x LPs in original sleeves on 180g splatter-coloured vinyl. Re-mastered by Andy Pearce from the original tapes, 2 x 7’’ singles – reproduced in their original sleeves, a crucifix-shaped USB stick which can be worn around the neck containing MQA high definition audio of the first eight Black Sabbath Albums, Ten Year War brochure, Hardback book, 10th Anniversary 1978 Official Programme, 1972 Seattle Centre Arena Tour Poster)

Philip Cohen

MQA is a data-reduced approximation of high resolution audio.


lossy in other words…

Charles Hodgson

Anyone else think – outside of the odd good deal now and then to free up warehouse space – Amazon (UK) prices are usually ridiculous? Have they killed of the opposition now?

Also: Tax Dodgers and Slave Labour abusers.


@Charles – I couldn’t say, but just looked at their own price for a recent Deacon Blue CD (A New House) that I picked up today in HMV for 8.99 (not on offer, just bog standard A-Z catalogue price). Amazon are asking £14.90. That’s SIX quid more.

Prince 4EVER also 5.99 or 2 for 10 in HMV, thankfully. Sainsbury’s CD ranges are disappearing almost as fast as their instore Argos departments are being installed. It’s pitiful now, even in larger branches.


Yes, there are hardly any CDs and less vinyl on sale at Sainsburys in Winchester since they incorporated an Argos.

Gis Bun

Wonder if it is just some releases. Robert Plant’s latest album is 20% on Amazon Canada. Latest Rolling Bones “Vault” release [Fonda Theater] was ridiculously expensive for a 1CD/1BR release.

regan judson

Just a heads up that the Deep Purple box cannot be shipped to the USA by the current seller.


Prince also 5 quid in Sainsburys. Picked it up few hours ago. Got almost everything on it but a nice little set to keep in the car. Paul do you think it would be possible to set up a separate bargain thread where we could give each other heads up on deals ?


@Sean I don’t have THAT issue. But maybe only, because amazon hasn’t shipped my boxset till today. I preorderd it, a week after it was announced, but they are not able to send it to me. I don’t know why but I wait for more than two weeks. They only offered 5€ voucher for next order.
The box is “on stock”. so, don’t know whats their problem.


Grace Jones – “Warm Leatherette” – now at £12.99 (no longer £9.72).


Grace Jones – “Warm Leatherette” – now up from £9.72 to £12.99.


Anyone have packaging woes with amazon.uk re new Bowie box set. Mine arrived with no pavkaging – just the address sticker on the box! Needless to say, the box is bashed and at least one vinyl is missing. They can’t replace , only refund – any good deals around as I need to repurchase ?

Mr x

I had exactly the same.

Apparently I ticked eco packaging as an option!

The guy on the phone said it was stupid that no one thought this might be a mistake.
Refunded but ordered from Badlands online £189 and should arrive in next cpl of days

Neil McLaughlin

Led Zep a win all day long glad I held off Thanks again Paul


Tango In The Night box with 24/96. I couldn’t resist it – after holding off for weeks.
Led Zep – Led Zep – 3 Vinyl £16 also.

Another great week from SDE :)


I’m sure this will be covered in the fullness of time but the 5 cd super deluxe reissue of the fantastic Being There by Wilco is up for pre order on amazon uk for £22.99


Oh wow!

David M



Sabbath Bloody Sabbath vinyl £12.64 on Amazon UK.


I’m looking forward to the new doc on George, Channel 4 Monday evening.


Fantastic. Thank you. I missed out on the last W.L Amazon deal.


Grateful dead two from the vault 4 vinyl set £20.22 amazon


Thanks for the Dead heads-up. Just ordered. That’s a killer price!

Peter Stanton

Thanks Bobbyjean, I too just ordered the Dead Two From The Vault.

Waiting on Stones Mono CD, Dylan Complete and Beatles Mono, both, at a good price.

This site has cost, and will cost, me a fortune, but such good deals!

Thanks for your work Paul


The Fleetwood Mac boxset does look good value for money. Interestingly amazon have a 4cd version of this album coming out at the start of December, with a price of £15. Does anyone know if it’s the super deluxe edition without the vinyl? The item comes up if you search “Fleetwood Mac tango”.

Carl Homes

Fleetwood Mac – Tango In the Night (Deluxe) [VINYL] Box set, Deluxe Edition £34.99 At Amazon if anyones interested.

Derek Langsford

Just nabbed one. Been waiting for a price drop like that. And with VAT taken off, getting it to California for £32.24 delivered (about $43).


The REM Out of Time (25th Anniversary Edition) 2CD has just dropped to £11.80.
Think that’s the cheapest it’s been on Amazon UK so I’ve just pulled the trigger.

Paul Spurgeon

New order singles 4lp box set £45.46 on Amazon

Paul Spurgeon

Led Zeppelin deluxe BBC sessions vinyl box set is now £49.99 for prime members on Amazon


The DJ Shadow Endtroducing (20th Anniversary) 3CD set is £5.99 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01IQK2FR6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_taa_p.q4zbHE1RQWF currently. Not in stock until the 21st but an absolute steal!


Gone. I was too late. Bummer. Is on my list. Thanks for the heads up!!


thanks paul !


None of the manics left at that price unfortunately:(


does anyone have a link to the deep purple boxset? I can’t find it.

Alan Wilson

New Deep Purple Infinite box set £25.72 Amazon UK

The one that has all this in:

InFinite” album. It contains CD+DVD digipak, 2LP vinyl, 3 more vinyl discs of the Now What?! Live Tapes Vol. 2, T-shirt (size Large), poster, 5 photo-prints and a sticker


That £41.66 delivered to UK


Not sure if this is old news or relevant to anyone. I see the Human League box mentioned on here regularly. I have just noticed it’s a very affordable 40 Euro on Amazon Germany for the 3cd and 1 dvd.


Amazon UK have Rolling Stones – Some Girls vinyl for £7.99 for Prime Members only
The main page shows £18.89 but if you click other new vinyl you can get it for £7.99


Wow. £8.
Richard, is there anyway I can search / filter these deals? I cant to navigate to them or find a link from the Amazon page.


I can’t find a way to search or filter these deals.
Deal has now gone – but it was on the page where you get all the marketplace prices.


The Manics box set at £28.99 didn’t last long – gone before 13:30