This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

FR: U2 / Songs Of Experience super deluxe box – €48 or £39

U2 / The Joshua Tree / 30th anniversary 4CD super deluxe edition box set

FR: U2 / The Joshua Tree 4CD 30th anniversary edition with book – €60 or £54

Price has increased in the last few hours. Still not too bad – this is almost £70 in the UK.

Status Quo / Aquostic II Double vinyl LP – £8

UK: Madonna / Like A Virgin white vinyl LP – £14

UK: Pixies / Come On Pilgrim… It’s Surfer Rosa 3CD edition – £16.99

Recently announced reissue down to reasonable price point on CD.

UK: Pink Floyd / Pulse 4LP+Book reissue – £79

Back down to £79. If you’re in Spain, this deal is marginally better.

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I finally got The Joshua Tree Box… at less than €60!
Thank you for the tip.

john t

1980s Music Fans
Fly -Songs Inspired by the film Eddie The Eagle Limited Edition Double vinyl only £7 on amazon.co.uk. Soundtrack features new songs from Tony Hadley, Marc Almond, Holly Johnson, Paul Young, Kim Wilde, Andy Bell, Midge Ure, Nik Kershaw, ABC, Go West, Howard Jones and Heaven 17


Stephen Hance

It’s slightly off topic – but has anyone used Soundstage Direct in the US? I ordered Yes Steven Wilson vinyl box on June 16th. Two months later it’s still shown as processing. Have emailed 4x to cancel but no reply and no cancellation. Scam site? Finally tracked down the box on an Amazon Warehouse Deal in USA. Described as ‘cosmetic damage’ to box. Box literally has savage great rips through it with bits hanging off. More than ‘cosmetic’. Upside, Amazon gave full refund.

David Tomlinson

Just a warning: Don’t order from Spin CD. I’ve placed 8 pre-orders and only 2 have been received. When I email them, their response is always “Huh, what?”. Runaround for months now, trying to get a refund for unreceived box sets.


Their customer service is non existent, it appears to be a one man operation. After chasing a refund for items he couldn’t supply I finally got an alternative item delivered but it took me ages to get a response. I won’t be using again

john T

Gregory Porter Liquid Spirit Blu Ray Audio on £1 at greatofferstore.com



The Undertones Singles Box is back at £31



Also out this week is February 1970 Fillmore show by the Allman brothers. $9.99 @ Deep Discount. This disc has the earliest known recording of In Memory & has been remastered by the Dead enigneers
And don’t miss Gene Clark & Carla Olson So Rebulious A Lover @ Amazon for $15. It has the same songs as the last reiusse of this classic 1987 set


Don’t order from Dodax: they are bankrupt and are not delivering!

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ' _

Thanks for that. I’ve had lot’s from Dodax but recently I’ve had issues. Fortunately I ordered through Amazon Marketplace and Amazon refunded me. I’m not sure a lot of people on here know this but when you buy though Am MP you are protected. When I’ve had issues in the past Amazon have sorted them out. They, Amazon, besides being adept tax dodgers also look after their customers.


I think they manufactured too many Songs of Experience Boxes. I saw it on Amazon Canada for CA$50. Isn’t that around £30?

Joe Kelly

Not related to this weeks deals but the previous Ben Folds ‘Brick’ box with limited run of 500 signed lyric sheets as an Amazon Exclusive. Got mine yesterday, no lyric sheet, Amazon Customer Services were terrible, spur to two people and had to cut the call off with the first as he couldn’t understand what I was calling about, second chap was better after an initial struggle to explain but had to settle for a refund and there is absolutely no way (that I could find) to send an email to Amazon to complain…very disappointed!

fran garcia

You can send an email. Just go down the page to the blue strip with the classical ‘Get to Know Us’, ‘Amazon Payment Methods’, ‘Let Us Help You’. At the bottom of this column you have a help link. in the new page the last option is ‘Need More Help?’ and one of the options there is ‘Contact Us’. There you choose the order you want contact about. Select the kind of issue and finally there it is. Email, Phone or chat.
Easy piece, intuitive and very easily accesible.
Hope this helps

Seth Hollander

Fran, just a “nitpick” regarding your helpful reply to Joe: I had great trouble the first time I had to find a way to get customer service from Amazon. I disagree with “intuitive and very easily accesible”. So, Joe you are not alone.
I am sure your post was the help Joe needed and I am not trying to denigrate your post or you, I am just nitpicking.
And Joe, bad customer service from Amazon? Which country? My experience with Amazon customer service in both US and UK has been 100% fantastic. The only complaint I have is that I found it so hard to find the “Need More Help” and “Contact Us” links. The two times I had problems with A-UK orders (I live in US), i am sure they spent more money making amends than they gained from the transactions. I suspect A-Uk is run by an order of benevolent Nuns!
Sorry that you got screwed over regarding that exclusive. Something went very wrong there…

Big Nige

Nice one sir. A tenner, but a bargain. So much vinyl again now, had to buy an extra deck!


Talking of Songs of Experience, David Axelrod’s genre defying album of the same name from 1969 is reissued by Now-Again this week on vinyl and CD. Can’t find a vinyl link on Amazon, but here’s the CD link:


Stecve Beauchampe

HMV have the Pixies set for £16.99p, and have had since it was first announced. As they pay their taxes, I’ll get it from them and help to keep to try and keep high street record shops going in the process. I do buy from Amazon occasionally (so I’m still a bit of a hypocrite), but always check the HMV or local indie shop price first.

Andrew Taylor

I always buy from reputable, tax paying independent stores. If that costs me more so be it. If it is prohibitive, I go without.

Steve Beauchampe

Fair point, but I still prefer to buy from a place that operates actual stores, pays business rates and employs staff who – in my experience – seem to like music. I’m fortunate to have 3 HMVs within fairly easy reach of my house as well as two indie shops (and there’s also several excellent online only music retailers of course). Hilco may not be the acceptable face of capitalism, as the phrase goes, but at least they’ve kept HMV going as the last chain standing and credit to them for that.


the interesting thing about hmv & amazon is that a lot of these price reductions only come about due to hmv lowering their prices. then amazon match (I’d wager nearly all of the pre-order price changes are due to hmv listing at a lower price) – so when amazon have wiped out the likes of hmv this site is going to become far less dynamic and we’l; all be twiddling our fingers waiting for “black fridays” etc…

The Golden Age Of. _ _ _ _ _ _. ' _

The points made about Amazon are all valid, HMV more than likely use the same business methods and fair play to them. I buy 90% of my music, DVDs/Blurays, books from Amazon, I spend 95% of my disposable income on those items. I also buy direct from the artists site or Burning Shed when possible. I also buy from an independent shop in Southport, Quicksilver Records, I highly recommend it and Dave the owner. Today I traded about 40 LPs in with Dave making sure to him that I wanted him to get the best out of the deal. That’s what dealing with an independent store does it makes you want them to succeed. It’s a 60 mile round trip to the shop so I only go 3/4 times a year. That’s why I mainly use Amazon because I buy new/reissues every week.

Regarding Amazon customer services, which I have already commented on, on here. I have dealt with every Am C.S. Apart from Amazon Canada who I rarely deal with.
I have found Amazon USA C.S. to be excellent, Amazon Germany – excellent, Amazon Italy – very good, Amazon Spain – very good, Amazon France – good and Amazon UK – good to very good. The problem with Amazon UK, I have to be careful here because I do not want to be labelled with something I am definitely not, is that their call centre is in India and it is sometimes very hard to explain the concept of record collecting and Special Editions to someone who hasn’t come across them before. I also think that the staff in these call centres are under pressure to please customers but also more pressure to please their employer. But the main issue is being understood and vice versa. All the other Amazon’s use local staff and those in Germany, Spain & Italy speak excellent English, err the French only communicate via on line chat!


The “darker cover” situation. Is this because of scanning previous sleeves? I notice the darker levels and way over-saturated colors too. Does Warner Bros not still own the original artwork plates or whatever they were originally submitted as?

Graham Turner

I suspected the same after picking up the Rhino/WBR reissue of Prince’s Sign ‘O’ The Times. Both the external and internal artwork looked like low quality scans: much darker and notably softer. The lyrics on the inner sleeves were particularly disappointing:
comment image
It’s possible they ditched all of the original artwork when vinyl ‘died’, or it could just be cheaper to locate an exiting copy and scan it.


The deal is over for The Joshua Tree :(

John Orr

The Madonna white vinyl played ok, but was missing Into the groove, reason why? Cover is far darker than original release, which lighter and more detailed.


No longer at 43€ an amazon.fr but on dodax.nl it is at 52€ (free delivery in the EU):



Do not order from any dodax as orders never turn up. Just check any reviews or feedback left for them.


Yes, I’m already waiting on my order for a few weeks. So success rate is spotty.
(Mixed Up Deluxe by The Cure did come through, so it’s not like no order will ever turn up)


Damn. Already back up to EUR 60. Will keep an eye on it during the day though, just out of experience.


Thanks Paul! Been waiting for the drop on Joshua Tree box.

Martin Power

Thanks Paul – Finally jumped into the Joshua box