This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Jeff Lynne’s ELO / Alone in the Universe vinyl LP – £8.41

Def Leppard / The Vinyl Collection One 8LP vinyl box – £99

Pet Shop Boys / Actually remastered vinyl LP – £10.99

Pet Shop Boys / Introspective remastered vinyl LP – £10.99

a-ha/ Headlines and Deadlines: The Hits of a-ha vinyl LP – £10.99

Lulu / The Best Of 1967-1975 RED vinyl LP – £13

Tracey Thorn / Record translucent red vinyl – £11.99

Dire Straits / Brothers in Arms 2LP vinyl – £12.99

Pink Floyd / A Collection of Great Dance Songs vinyl LP – £11.90

Fleetwood Mac / Rumours vinyl LP – £13.99

Aretha's Greatest Hits / vinyl reissue

Aretha Franklin / Aretha’s Greatest Hits vinyl LP – £12.99

Bjork / Utopia vinyl LP – £11.43

Cher / Dancing Queen vinyl LP – £11.30

Tom Jones / Long Lost Suitcase vinyl LP – £10.78




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U2 – Songs of Experience. Super deluxe box set is 38cad on Amazon.ca

Songs of Experience (Extra Deluxe 2LP Vinyl + Deluxe CD) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B076MMYNCG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_3EaRBb1V2P9XM


Wilco – Being There Super Deluxe Edition £15.99


Wilco – A.M. Deluxe Edition £5.99



Thanks for this — was just looking to grab those and these prices are better than anything in the US.


The lovely Enigma vinyl reissues that weren’t included in the Amazon.de 5 for 3 deal earlier this year are now down to £12.99 on HMV. Handy for those of us getting fidgety at not having the whole set!



Brian Eno’s Music For Installations is £31.99 on Amazon UK.



thanks, ordered!

mike williams

Most of the Enigma coloured vinyl releases are down to £12.99 on Amazon UK and HMV but not the first two.


This is my first post to SDE so before commenting on June 1 I want to thank Paul for such an invaluable website and service!

I bought this album shortly after it was released. I’m not sure why it was only $1.99 but it was and it turned out to be very expensive. I knew who Cale, Eno, and Nico were but not the music so I thought this was a cheap way to try them out. Fell in love with Ayers and in short order was buying all the Ayers, VU, Cale solo, and Eno I could find. Turned out to be an expensive $1.99


Ramones – Leave Home box, lowest its been £34.99


Welcome to SDE Al! No biggie but you posted this under the wrong link. It should go here:


Wow, thank you Heinz! Ordered it, including shipping to the USA it was $66. Bargain. This shows out of print everywhere on Amazon. Great deal!


That’s great!!

Big Nige

As an aside, the Nazareth “Loud & Proud” box is now £129.79 at Amazon, still cheaper than the band site. I pre ordered at £107.22 so will stick at that. :-) Thanks for all the tips, I’, super deluxed right up!

Stan Butler

Like Nige I thankfully have the Nazareth box on pre-order for at least £107.22. Checked this morning and it was £107.55, but now gone up to £154.99! Seems to be no rhyme nor reason to Amazon pricing.

Nigel R. Taylor

Aye Stan. Still £154.99 today. Think tho Naz site is £150 plus £10 postage. The vinyl is arguably worth the £107 alone? Wish the Zep Song Remains SDE would drop this far!

john T

The Who – The BBC Sessions [VINYL] Box set £9.99 amazon UK. It is listed as a box set but maybe just a double LP?


Morrissey Vauxhall And I (20th Anniversary Definitive Master) [VINYL] only 10.99 amazon UK


Hey Paul, I wonder if you’d consider putting the format into the title for a better experience? These are all Vinyl, and I don’t do that – but obviously clicked anyway assuming it was CD.


The Tracy Thorn LP is superb if anyone is wondering. Love it. Really nice modern pop / dance feel to it. Very good.


Seconded. This is one of my records of the year!

Gary Hunter

Excellent Paul, snapped up “Actually” by Pet Shop Boys, hoping they reduce “Please” :)

Tom M Hans

Cher slaughters Abba with auto tune? I’d rather listen to the Chipmunks singing the Monkees. Sorry, but No No No. Good Night.

Paul Spurgeon

The def leppard vinyl box set is now £99 on amazon uk

Matthew North

I bought a collection of great dance songs little while ago and sent it back because the vinyl pressing was just dreadful..


I have bought it upon release in France and the sound was really good and the vinyl was pristine.
I had has an issue with my Pulse box (really bad pressing) but a standard exchange solved that and my second box was perfect. There are a lot of problems with the vinyl I buy but FNAC always replace the faulty ones and the only two I ever had refunded are Adele 25 (just awful pressing with a lot of sibilance) and the latest Cats on Trees which is brickwalled on the vinyl and the CD alike


HMV have a 2 for £25 vinyl offer at the moment. In my local HMV in Bristol, Pure HMV members can buy Eels ‘Beautiful Freak’ and Sex Pistols ‘Never Mind The ……. ‘ on vinyl for just £9.99 each.


PF edit it’s £11.90 right now


PF – A Collection of Great Dance Songs keeps fluctuating between £12.40 and £16. Order today at this price as it will jump again tomorrow. I’ve seen this happen three times since June.

Neil Parnell

spotted the psb cheap discs this morning – both ordered

Martin Power

Thanks Paul that will be 2 x PSB for me