This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: The Doors / Waiting For The Sun -2CD+LP super deluxe – £30

Great price for this quite recent super deluxe with features 14 previously unreleased tracks and a newly remastered stereo mix.

UK: Paul McCartney / Egypt Station CD – £7.99

Paul’s surprisingly good new album, already down in price.

UK: Bread / The Elektra Years: Complete Albums 6CD – £15.79

Jeff Lynne’s ELO / Wembley or Bust 2CD – £6.48

Jack White / Boarding House Reach CD – £5.99

Pet Shop Boys: Actually/Further Listening remaster – £6.99


DE: David Bowie / Glastonbury 2000 -2CD+DVD – €25


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Not sure it counts as that great a deal but the Inagine box is £56.95 on Amazon UK just now.


Now down to £54.16.


The forthcoming Lulu Decade 5cd set is currently £23.99 on Amazon UK.


I picked up the 2CD version of McCartney’s Flowers In The Dirt on Amazon UK for £8.99. Not sure if that’s good or not but I was pleased. :)


The John Lennon Imagine box set is currently going for £55.69 on Music Magpie.


In for the Doors this is the price I would have preordered- Yes I think it might drop further but as a a vinyl lover this suits me and don’t have a copy already so it’s a good win


That’s the Bread box ordered. Would have been rude not to at that price. Cheers Paul.


Oh with the canceled stand-alone 2CD set for Waiting for the Sun, Japan never got a 2018 release. Not even vinyl alone.


I’ll pass on The Doors. Still not the greatest price IMuHO and I don’t need the LP.
I wish Rhino/Warners would make up their mind on their release formats.


The Doors Waiting For the Sun set looks tempting, but I have not heard any reasoned reviews on the content.
It’s hard to justify as I have two versions already…

Karl Bray

It’s all on Spotify so you can listen before buying :)


Sadly, Bowie box is up to 220 pounds + shipping :-(

Darren Gardner

Still £149.95 on Amazon UK

Wayne Klein

David Bowie never looked right with long hair.


Regarding Glastonbury 2000 it’s saying Currently unavailable.We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock. Now considering they never had in stock to start with and of course it’s not even been released yet that is one of the silliest things i have ever read. Oh and while i’m moaning another thing why the hell is it £15 cheaper from Amazon ca ?


Bowie Glastonbury set – ‘currently unavailable’ in Germany. Or ‘Derzeit nicht verfügbar.’ to be more precise…. inundated by a flock of hungry bargain hunters???

Paul Gray

Thanks Paul. Ordered the Glasto package. I was there that magical night and saving £10 is a real bonus. How the UK can justify charging an additional £20 for a DVD is beyond me…. Anyway love the site and keep up the good work!


I’d already bailed on the CD+DVD release of the Bowie. I only need the CD’s, I can watch the DVD on YT.

Thomas Richter

Bowie deal on Amazon.de is gone…almost made it


Thanks Paul, even with P&P from Germany I’ve just saved £10 on the Bowie Glastonbury 2CD/DVD set! :-)

denver williams

“NEIL TENNANT” “LYRICS BOOK” signed copy also available via “COLE S BOOKS” in oxford.


Thank you Richard for the heads up re Neil Tennant’s signed book. We miss out on a lot of deals Down Under these days, so it’s great to finally get something I’ve been after. I missed out on the exclusive edition from the official store due to time difference and email notification.

Derek Langsford

The ELO is disappointing. Applause is edited out so it doesn’t sound like a concert. The 2CD + Blu-ray doesn’t fix the issue – the Blu-ray has the applause but Jeff talks over the intro to Standing in the Rain and there are documentary segments interspersed into the show. It’s also only 2.1.

Peter Muscutt

Agree with you Derek, very odd why it wasn’t sequenced like a live album should be. I was at the Wembley gig and it was a joyous experience but on CD it just sounds lifeless…wish there was an option to play just the live tracks and view interview/documentary stuff separately!


i paid € 111,11 at my local saturn store for the bowie box, which is a really nice price!


I’m a bit annoyed about that Bowie box set, I panic bought it 2 months ago because Amazon had limited stock for a while (dispatch in 1-4 weeks etc), I thought it was being phased out due to the mastering error so thought I better grab it before it disappears. Oh well.


Hi Stefan – As a Pet Shop Boys fan you might instead be interested in a signed copy of Neil Tennant’s lyrics for £15 at Waterstone’s online (See https://www.waterstones.com/book/one-hundred-lyrics-and-a-poem/neil-tennant/9780571351695). They also have the signed Lilly Allen biog and had Roger Daltrey. Worth keeping an eye on near Xmas.


Thanks Richard,

Missed out on the original signed copies on The PSB site. Obviously not as limited but it’ll do nicely.


Thanks, would never have thought to look. Great item cheers

Mark G

Only one DB Box left, you guys!

Auntie Sabrina

BBC Four have a 65 minute Bowie at Glastonbury 2000 screening 10.55pm Friday 26 October


Thanks for the heads-up, Auntie


wow, for how long (i mean short) was the PSB deal valid? I’ve been waiting for a deal for the last 4 boxes of the series since months, couldn’t believe my luck when i just read the email and – gone already!

Gary Hunter

Blimey Pet Shop Boys was n’t available for long at that price, maybe Amazon will do one of the other recent remasters tomorrow?

Martin Power

Fingers crossed

Randy Layton

I can’t give that Jack White away new for $2.00….so do people in the US just not regard it highly?

Mark R

PSB’s Actually is now back up to £16


I love that Jack White album, it’s bonkers! It will definitely appear in my top albums of 2018 when that becomes a discussion point.

David Carter

I believe Soft Cells Very Best of compilation from 2002 is better and a pound cheaper too

Auntie Sabrina

The Very Best Of Soft Cell? Yes, I have that one as well and it is better as the sound seems less loud.


don’t know about that… I bought it July last year for $165 shipping included from amazon.com… that would be about £126

Auntie Sabrina

You can also bag Soft Cell’s recent The Singles: Keychains & Snowstorms 20 track CD for about £6 at Amazon, or £5 at your local Tesco. Whether you feel this is a deal might depend on whether you like your music compressed ie VERY LOUD…

Derek Langsford

So disappointed that this and the boxed set are barely listenable. The boxed set have a great selection of tracks but the brickwalling is appalling, even painful at anything but low volumes. Feel bad for Marc and Dave that their ultimate career tribute set is deeply flawed.


That is too bad. Most of their peers have been reissuing very nicely remastered material lately. I wonder why Soft Cell got such bad mastering. I heard the sound on their RSD vinyl was decent but apparently that did not carry over to the cd production. I cannot listen to some of that brickwalled stuff. I recall having to get rid of the Stones remaster of Some Girls because it physically hurt to listen to.