This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

DE: Nazareth / Loud & Proud! The Box Set six-disc super deluxe – €117 (or £104)

This mega-set contains six vinyl LPs, 32 CDs, three seven-inch singles, a hardback book, tour programmes, lyric sheets and more…

UK: John Lennon / Imagine six-disc super deluxe – £53

Excellent price for a fine 4CD+2blu-ray package.

Michael Jackson / Scream compilation glow in the dark 2LP vinyl

Michael Jackson / Scream 2LP ‘glow in the dark’ vinyl – £15

The SDE Shop celebrates Halloween with a great price on this beautifully packaged Michael Jackson vinyl set.

UK: Blondie / Pollinator 7″ box set with D/L – £26

Morrissey / Low In High School

UK: Morrissey / Low In High School vinyl LP – £8

UK: Lulu / Decade 1967-1976 5CD bookset – £24

Out in a couple of weeks. This superb looking anthology was £40 until quite recently.

UK: The Creation / Creation Theory 4LP coloured vinyl – £43

UK: David Bowie / Breaking Glass Live EP – £7.99



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Big Nige

The Nazareth box is £99.99 at a well known UK online store, tho it would be £8 postage. I got it for even less on Amazon pre order and it’s superb! Worth that for the vinyl and memorabilia alone. Only wish the Hemispheres SDE was £99 too….


League of Gentlemen vinyl set back down to £95.99 for those that missed it before (or ordered at the higher rate and will now have a nice surprise! :-)

Stephen Tomlinson

Guns N Roses locked and loaded box including turntable is now $900 at shop.musicvaultz.com in Canada.

Paul Taylor

I got the Nazareth box for a pretty much identical price on preorder and it is indeed superb value for money in terms of content.
One of the best for a while

Sean Hewitt

Thanks for the Lennon offer – ordered it immediately and they’ve just dispatched it. Couldn’t resist at that price!


Lulu £31 with signed print or £24 without – life is full of tough choices!

Gareth Jones

Just ordered the Lulu collection, fantastic value. Thanks Paul, you make me wanna shout!

Gary Hunter

What a bargain that Nazareth Box Set is, if you are a fan of course, I’m not a fan, which is a shame.


Even at the full price of just over £150 it is still a bargain. I bought mine a couple of weeks ago when Amazon had it for sale for around £125 for one day. It is a lovely package. I have only listened to 5 cd’s but the remastering is superb. I lost track of Nazareth’s music from the mid 80’s onwards but am looking forward to discovering the more obscure part of their catalogue. The whole package is beautifully compiled and must be the best value for money boxset wise ever. It should win loads of awards at the end of the year and is a wonderful example of how to provide a comprehensive celebration of an artist’s career at an affordable price which delivers excellent value of money.


Morrissey Low in High School should be the clear vinyl version


It is the clear vinyl (which is the standard version).

Should anyone be interested in the orange vinyl (spanish version)
you can get it here for a good price:



There must be warehouses full of unsold copies of that Morrissey album…

david h

Heinz thanks for shout out re thin lizzy boxset from jpc £13.00 delivered to uk ordered.


10 euro plus postage for the fantastic Lizzy box set, an absolute bargain.
Pity I bought it years ago!

Ian Whiteford

Thanks Heinz. Lizzy box ordered £14 delivered. Very pleased.


Thanks Heinz. Thin Lizzy box ordered for the crazy bargain price of 14.68e.


The Guns N Roses official site has the locked n loaded box for £595 incl. free UK or Europe shipping which based on the original price counts as a deal! It says it’s for today only 31st Oct..

Mark browne

Still too expensive mate, it is the best boxset I’ve ever seen though


£600 for a few records and a box full of junk is still way too expensive, limited edition or otherwise!


“…a box full of junk….” Agree. Don’t need the filler


Bloody Amazon!

I checked out the Lulu boxset because that price is just too good to ignore. It clearly says on the listing: ‘This item can be delivered to Australia’. I thought “AWESOME! They’ve unblocked us!”

But no. I added it to my cart, went to checkout and was blocked.

Why the hell are they still saying ‘This item can be delivered to Australia’ when it can’t? It really does my head in.

Larry Davis

Had the Lulu box on pre-order since mid-September…now with the VAT removed, it’s 19.99 pounds, 23.07 with shipping, which is $29US…a steal…missed the signed one but my friend Bruce will inform me when she will be back in NYC…she comes every so often and Lulu is his fave female singer…so I will get mine signed then…

The Lennon I can wait on till after my cruise…just put the pre-order in on the Judie Tzuke, which for the 24CD set, the price was reduced to 84.99 pounds, with VAT removed, 73, which just broke under $100 at $98…that’s a pretty great bargain if you ask me, not sure how limited it is, but if I can wait on it till later, I will…but I don’t want to miss out…

Rochard Anderson

Confessin the Blues Box Set which is released on 9th November is 47.99 euro on amazon France at the moment. It is £20 dearer on amazon UK where it is £67.


Blondie Pollinator Vinyl Box Set [6 x Vinyl + 6 x Art Cards + Download Code] only £26 on amazon UK at the moment.


That Creation box is a great spot and well worth the price. I tend to agree with Rich G that the Lennon box is likely to drop to around £40-45 but at the current price is well worth it

Paul Mortimer

I managed to nab the Creation 4-LP box yesterday, for just over £26 on Amazon Prime! Yayy!

It’s back up to £43 today.

The box-set arrived today, very substantial casing and all albums are in picture inner sleeves as well as proper album outers. The coloured vinyl feels heavy and looks lush – yet to play it…

I would say, I bought the original Planet Label singles (Making Time, and Painter Man) when they came out, still have them! Also, my wristwatch face is a facsimile of the original Making Time 7″ single – so there. I’m a fan, just polishing my buttons :))

Ann Coates

This is my worry with The Beatles white album deluxe vinyl set (the one with the Esher demos). Have ordered (at £90) as supposed to be limited…

John Barleycorn

Is it worth mentioning that if you top up your amazon account by £40 or over you get an extra £5 (effectively buying a gift card). So if you buy one for £48 you should, in theory, get the extra bumped up to £53 and then the Lennon box is even cheaper.
Just a note, it may be by invitation only. I saw it flash up on the app.


Hi Paul, left field inquiry here, but was curious as to why you’ve not mentioned all these Siouxsie vinyl reissues coming out – I realize they’re not deluxe editions in any way, but definitely something I figured some of this crowd would be monitoring. Just a thought, as I purchased the first two albums, and have been trying to monitor prices for the rest.

Martin Power

If you are interested the first 4 x releases are available as a package from HMV for around £60 – Agree they are really well put together vinyl reissues – nothing flash just really straightforward and good releases


I agree, since the first batch release it hasn’t been easy knowing when the next batches were to be released, Superstition, Kiss In A Dream House and the Scream were released in September, they weren’t really announced and HMV seems to be stocking the second batch in limited amounts, as I rarely see them, but I see the first batch quite often.
I went on Amazon yesterday and they have a release date for the third batch for 14th Dec, these are The Rapture, Peep Show, Kaleidoscope and Hyena.


am returning my lennon set as “faulty”( and the book, both unopened and with reutn date of 11th Nov” prove the point to amazon and stop the BS . also cancelling the lulu set despite autograph. give me a real price on pre-order or it totally devalues the whole bloody point.


And at some point Amazon will just shutdown his account.


l need to get that Lulu. for time, it said out of stock.

John Barrett

I knew that Lennon box wasn’t quite worth the £62. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets reduced to £40 at some point but £54 is enough to tempt me!

Rich G

Lulu is well cheap. That kind of price makes up for not getting a signed one at about £32. The Lennon Imagine Box shows the pitfalls of modern box set. You worry that some of them will go silly price or out of print and then here we are within three weeks, save about £10 on the UK price and even £7 on that best amazon de price. That smarts a bit really, so soon after..


It’s just lowered to the price level i bought it for on Amazon.de (EUR 59,99).
I guess they wanted to try out the Brits as his native countrymen, if they would spend some more on it. ;-)

Richard Clarke

Bargain! Thank you.

Nigel Croft

Bugger, paid 38 quid for my Creation box. Just shows it’s not always the best strategy to pre-order, although I’ve made out better most of the time by doing so.


Great comment … it’s always worthwhile to read the comments … the Creation box set is a great deal … bought it! Thanks.