This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

USA: Rush / Hemispheres super deluxe – $88 (approx £69)

Massive super deluxe features 2CD, blu-ray (with 5.1 mix), 3LP and more. This is £145 in the UK, so less than half price!

USA: Jimi Hendrix / Electric Ladyland 6LP+blu-ray super deluxe – $57.93

Insanely good price for the 6LP vinyl box that includes a blu-ray with the 5.1 surround mix. This is over £100 in the UK, and this is the equivalent of less than £50!!

Jethro Tull / This Was 4-disc 50th anniversary edition

USA: Jethro Tull / This Was 3CD+DVD 50th anniversary set – $26.53

Amazing price for this set which includes Steven Wilson stereo and surround mixes.

USA: Elvis / ’68 Comeback Special 5CD+2 x blu-ray super deluxe – $74

George Harrison / All Things Must Pass 3LP remaster – $37

Another astounding price. A cool £97 on Amazon in the UK, but the equivalent of only £29 here!!?

The Band / Music From Big Pink super deluxe – $64

USA: Cranberries / Everybody Else Is Doing It Why Can’t We? box $26

USA: John Lennon / Imagine super deluxe 4CD+2 x blu-ray – $50


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Phil Wilson

Manic Street Preachers Box Set down to £29.59 today on Amazon.co.uk (has been £34.99, was £30.30 when first listed). This will mean anyone who preordered will get it for this price. I have all the other boxes, but this is not one of my favourites of theirs, and having listened to the bonus tracks, not tempted to buy it. But I do want a Gold Against The Soul box!


@Phil Wilson:

Bought the new Manics-box today from a Dodax-site for EUR 21,99 which is one cent below the frontier above which you must pay tax for items sent from Switzerland to an EU-country.
Several Dodax-sites across Europe offer it for that price, but not their UK-site which charge more than GBP 30 for it when i last had a look at it around noon.
Amazon.de wants EUR 36,99 and it’s still not included in the current 3-for-2-offer, but even if it was and i’d find two other identically priced items it would still cost more than the Dodax.eu price.
For the savings i bought the Deluxe-editions of Futurology and Rewind The Film (okay, not quite – about EUR 21 charge for those).


I thought Dodax had went bankrupt ? I know the last thing i bought from them never turned up and they wouldn’t reply to my emails. I had to get a refund from ebay.

jeremy keens

The imagine box set to australia from the US costs $97
the same from Amazon.Australia costs $98. And if you take a prime 30 day trial it will only be $83 as the postage is free (if you are going to buy a bit the prime might be worth it – $6.99 a month, the postage on the lennon is $14.98 so would only need to buy every couple of months.

This Was $52 US or $55 AU, with the same option of free postage for prime – $15)

So worth keeping an eye on the .au store


That’s me got the three Rush SDE (2112/Kings/Hemisphere) for just over £200 for the lot thanks to this wonderful site!


Sorry to hear of Pete Shelley’s death. A supreme talent.


For non-US citizens: This US offers are really good. Or not? If you get it really from the US (50% get shipped from yr homeland), than the chance to get a damaged box is really high. To return is often not so easy. So take care. The offer gets often a disappointment.

Peter Anderson

Ooh decisions! Press the button or not?

Phil Cox

Just bought the Rush Hemispheres box. Comes in at £93 with taxes etc. Still a lot less than the UK price.

Peter Anderson

With import duty and shipping the Rush super deluxe comes in at just under £90. Any thought that Amazon UK price will drop to similar level?

eric slangen

Wildlife is gone.


Just ordered the Rush super deluxe Hemispheres from Amazon.com for the price of just the vinyl in the uk!.


Bill, I hope you got the extra 10% as well. I’ve been holding off but I folded when I saw that! It’ll now go down further I bet!!

Larry Davis

Just ordered that Def Leppard box…now 8 copies left, turns out I used the 10% coupon without realizing it…one thing I have to mention, I wish I did not buy that Belinda Carlisle 7CD albums box because the albums were reissued as 2CD/1DVD CD books, and none of the discs in the box have any bonus tracks…the only thing I have to look for is if there were deluxe sets for the final 2 albums in the box…”A Woman & A Man” and “Voila”…the newest album is not even in there either…or the recent songs recorded like “Sun”…I may land up selling this box and springing for the deluxe CD books as well as the hits collection CD/DVD cuz it’s really cheap, like 5.99 pounds…and the newest album too…


The Butterfly Package [Live In Buenos Aires/Live In São Paulo/A Head Full Of Dreams (Film)] (3LP 180-Gram Gold Vinyl + 2DVD) $43.22 on Amazon.com after 10% coupon applied


This is the pre-release for the new COLDPLAY ALBUM!!!


Not that i would ever buy this but where’s the Blu-ray ?


Electric Maryland vinyl set now down to $52 with 10% coupon.


Just noticed amazon.com has Wings Wildlife Box, and many others , with a ‘click and save an extra 10%” coupon. That brings Wildlife down to $77! I cancelled and re ordered to pick it up! Red Rose Speedway stubbornly hight at $181 with no discount coupon attached. I see many great cd and vinyl items in my shopping cart where this extra 10% deal applies.


Thank you mikeyhavoc!! Just cancelled and reordered the Wings box with the 10% discount.

Larry Davis

Hey…here’s one…the price kept on dropping on this thing on Amazon US…Def Leppard CD Box #1 is $45.95…only 14 left, not sure what will happen after those sell, if the price will go back up, but it said more on the way…I was gonna wait till the weekend when I’m likely going to receive Amazon gift cards as gifts for Chanukah but I could not take the chance with the price that low…

Graham Gardner

Ian Dury, New Boots & Panties superdeluxe £38 on Amazon UK. This is a superb box that i paid £55 for not so long ago.


Jethro Tull – This Was – Now down to $24.80 on Amazon.com

Whats going on here? Is the recording industry going to go bankrupt or what.




Neil Diamond Career 6 CD box set now down to $56.96 on Amazon.com

You can all thank me later

Jonathan Riley

this was only $40 something shipped from amazon.de on preorder to the USA,


Yes exactly…..I pre-ordered it from DE as well 2 copies still waiting for it to arrive


Wings Wild Life Deluxe now down to $85 US on Amazon.com


As of 5:50 MST USA the Dylan jumped to $123 while Lennon & Hendrix are still available @ the prices herein

Enrico G.

Shipment at Eur 0,01 on Amazon.fr (France, Monaco and Belgium only).


Thanks for the link to the Hendrix and George box sets, ordered both from the States for a family member, excellent prices for both even with import duty!.

Thanks again Wayne


Paul: The price of “This Was” has decreased today to USD$ 24.80. Since I ordered it just two days ago at $26.53, think I will give Amazon a call to obtain the $2 plus difference. Hey, it’s only $2 but every little bit helps towards the next purchase….


They won’t do it…..I tried with the Hendrix set….unless you return it they won’t do it

stephen gilmour

Paul – you need to be monitoring the GREAT Amazon Aus deals out there – just bought the RUSH Hemispheres SDE for $130 Aussie dollars delivered – that’s about 70 UK pounds right?????


picked up the Rush and Hendrix sets. Wish Metallica’s AJFA was part of this deal…

by the way, is the Rush Moving Pictures CD/BD and 2112 SDE out of print or something?

Geoff k

Couldn’t resist the Hemispheres of set I doubt it goes much lower for the next year or so now. Even forwarded that link to a good pal and he bought one as well. Just wish Rush had not been so damn efficient in the studio and had proper demos/unused tracks. These SDE’s from them are beautiful but somewhat short on super exclusive audio content compared to so many of their contemporaries ! Still, had to have it as it’s my fave Rush album !

David Tomlinson

I hesitated on the Dylan set at $76, and today it’s up to $116. I knew this would happen…I’ve already bought my Christmas present 3 times.

Dave W

For those of us in Canada and perhaps others, Killers Career Vinyl Boxset currently at $139.99 CDN at Amazon.ca. Deal of the Day offer which ends in 9 hrs.


For those of you who are concerned about the quality of the vinyl pressing of Electric Ladyland 50th Anniversary box set watch this video


andrew R

Thanks for that, really interesting review

Brian Nelson

In Search Of The Lost Chord [50th Anniversary][3 CD + 2 DVD]2018
by The Moody Blues

Audio CD
$35.24Prime| FREE One-Day
FREE Delivery by Tomorrow, Dec 5


There is no mail delivery tomorrow in US because of Bush’s funeral


Thanks Brian, I got one!

John Cameron

George Harrison’s all things must pass worked out at £43 including postage and import duties. So still a bargain

Peter Stanton

These deals are amazing. How do they work out with tax and shipping to the UK?

Chris Squires

Rule of thumb (within a percent or two) I have always found to be what you see in Dollars you end up paying in pounds. I have bought things like Erasure Moscow… Saturday Night fever, Roxy Music SDE, Lord of the rings and pretty much pound to a penny if price is $104, by the time the savings of conversion are counterbalance by import duty and postage it will be near enough £104.

I have just checked and both LOTR ROTK and Moscow to mars were exactly that $1 = £1. within pennies with all the checks and balances of taxes etc.

Depends on the daily rate and postage but you won’t be far off.

Peter Stanton

Thanks to you and Paul for the clarification and a good simple ‘rule of thumb’.

Derek Langsford

In contrast, ordering boxed sets from the Amazon UK and importing to the USA, can make a large item considerably cheaper than Amazon.com. Amazon UK take off the 17% VAT, and only charge £3.08 per music time (CD single or massive boxed set), and I have never been charged any import duties by the US Postal Service. If the Dollar climbs against the Pound or rump blows up the international postal system, like he threatened to do, the situation may change. I feel extremely fortunate and will take advantage of it for as long as I can.

P.S. My replacement Soft Cell DVD was apparently opened by U.S Customs and Border Protection, presumably because it didn’t have any record label ID on the package, or they were checking to see if it had the original video for Sex Dwarf on it :-)


normal price…


The Rubellan Remasters label that specializes in New Wave CD reissues is also now having a holiday sale for two weeks on all of their cool stuff, like the Visage, SPK and Trees reissues. It’s that time of year to take advantage of many of the bargains these places are offering.

David Condon

One of the things I like about this website is finding out how much margin there is in some of these products…


“Wild Life” down to $85.52

Darren Linklater

Some great deals here. Shame Red Rose Speedway isn’t part of it or I would be pressing the button.
We rarely see Amazon.co.uk with this kind of deal. UK always seems to pay over the odds.


Thank you Paul, you saved me $50 on “The Beatles”. Lucky enough to snag it before it was over.


$129 at http://www.walmart.com, keep checking, was $95 yesterday…….


Alright Paul… I had resisted putting your alerts on my phone, but after paying close to 150 USD 2 weeks ago, I could kick myself for missing out on this 90USD deal.

Lesson learned! 8-)

J. Walsh

Paul, thank you SO much for the heads up! I had originally pre-ordered The BEATLES for $128 (US), but cancelled, then was bummed they raised the price, ($158), $89 was an amazing price and glad I was able to snatch it up. Cheers!


Appetite for Destruction Super Deluxe Edition on Amazon.com is now $86.75 and Locked n Loaded under $875

Now get this before it’s gone

Electric Labyland 50th 6LP & Blu Ray $66.31

Yes you heard that right


So you actually mean “Labyland”? :) :)

andrew R

What about the pressing defects on the american issue that have lit up the board at hoffmans house? Real or imagined ? i have heard the EU pressing is superior.


For andrew R

I’ve just read through all 7 pages of the Hoffman Forum on your statement you are right and wrong. Yes there is a fault between 2 songs on side 4 of the actual album. But it is not a big deal. There is also a link to the website that did a big article about the pressing and they say the same thing.

Also the differences you have heard between the UK and US pressings are as follows:

They are comparing the original UK Trac pressing, Polydor Pressing, and a comic shop pressing which have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this release.

Here is the link to the website article as well as the actual article below it in case your too lazy to go read about it on their site.


During last fall’s “Blues Masters at the Crossroads” concert weekend at Chad Kassem’s Blue Heaven studios, attendees were invited to tour Quality Record Pressings where workers were busy assembling the just-released Electric Ladyland box set containing a Bernie Grundman all-analog remastering from the original analog tapes of the double LP set, a double LP of early takes, a double LP of Jimi Hendrix Experience Live at the Hollywood Bowl, a Blu-ray disc containing a 96/24 high resolution version of the original double LP, a 5.1 channel Eddie Kramer mix at 96/24 resolution and an expanded documentary including interviews with the late Chas Chandler, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding and in-the-studio footage. There’s also a full-sized 46 page booklet in the box. I’m working my way through the box for a review.
In the meantime more than a few emails have arrived with readers complaining about a “terrible pressing defect” that has led more than one buyer to go through multiple replacements only to find the same defect on every side 4 in the space between “House Burning Down” and “All Along the Watchtower”. I’d not yet gotten to that side so I hadn’t encountered the problem but when I pulled out the record and held it in “just so” light there it was! You can see a part of it in the photo at the top. There are two of these ‘ridges’ in between the tracks, one longer than the other.

So I played the end of “Houses Burning” and listened for the expected awful defect that has led to “forum panic” and outraged buyers demanding a replacement second disc.

Here’s what it looks like on Audacity:

image:comment image

See that one tiny spike between the tracks? That’s what’s set off the panic.

Now, listen to what it sounds like:


In my opinion this is a big nothing, that had it occurred somewhere else on the side and not visible to the eye, everyone would ignore it and listen to the excellent mastering job but because it can be seen (and probably has something to do with a plating issue, since it’s apparently on every pressing), the boards are lit up about it.

If you want “perfection” get the CD version. It won’t sound nearly as good but it also will not have this tiny “blip” of a defect. That’s my take on this “nothingburger” of a “vinyl scandal” and I’m sticking to it!

Read more at https://www.analogplanet.com/content/electric-ladyland-box-set-panic-calm-down-please#Ezy3RuTvaKXc0Fug.99

andrew R

Thanks for taking the time to collate all that info..No thanks for the suggestion i am too lazy to look myself. It is generally accepted that U.S pressings are inferior
to u.k. pressings which needs taking into account when saving money on purchasing U.S. pressings .That was my point . Iwas not making a big deal about it ,sorry if it looked that way.


Does anybody know if the Blu-ray Discs on the John Lennon box set from the USA are region free, or are they only playable on USA blu Ray players ?


Thanks for the heads up. I bagged myself a copy of the Wild Life deluxe box set!
Is it me or Amazon uk NEVER seems to any of these major decreases???

andrew R

U.K. known as treasure island in the rest of the world
we buy more from the internet and pay more .
Fundamentally because we are bored /lazy
Amazon knows this .Hence few deals

Alan Fenwick

Kate Bush Vinyl Box 1

Down to $59.80 at Amazon USA – Decent deal for those in USA, still pretty good if you want to import to the UK as well, all in works out at around £65.50 delivered including import fees which is a good £25 saving compared to the UK price


Beatles now $162.74

Mike Williams

White Album Deal is Sold Out!


Thank you for the Beatles deal alert, Paul. I snapped it up, particularly after the difficulty in nabbing Sgt Pepper through any alerts while I had the cash (and having to now track it down for full price).

I am, as always, very concerned re the packaging and will keep fingers crossed that it arrives safely – but have faith and will take advantage of Amazon resuming Australian shipping. Better to grab it now for this good price (yes, would’ve been better from AmazonUK), lest it gets harder to find over time like it’s older sibling.


I moved to Canada from the U.S. a few years ago and had been been purchasing from Amazon UK forever without issue (as outlined above, there are no fees involved in the U.S.). So that was a change being on the other side of border. It took me a while to notice that Amazon UK/Germany/Italy pre-charge import fees, but what’s great about Amazon doing that is that if you *do* happen to get assessed additional duties upon receipt, Amazon will refund you that amount when you email them a copy of your receipt. And they’ll also refund the difference should their estimate be higher than what’s assessed at customs. Sometimes I’m able to find items cheaper on Amazon Canada, but that’s definitely a rarity!

Michael Ford

Imagine – Ultimate Collection at $50.69 at Amazon US.

Steve Gilmour

Paul for us Aussies can the US deal alerts now be a permanent feature please


The White Album dropped another $5 to $89.25. They win. I win.

Billy Dojcak

That’s about a $50 price difference since I bought it. And i never played mine so I’m going to send it back and buy it cheaper. They should have waited a month when the return window was closed.