This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Kate Bush / Remastered in Vinyl I  4LP vinyl box – £66

Down from £96! Contains The Kick Inside, Lionheart, Never For Ever and The Dreaming.

UK: David Bowie / A Reality Tour  3LP vinyl box – £32.99

The Kinks / Mono Collection vinyl box

UK: The Kinks / The Mono Collection  10LP vinyl box – £115.99

UK: The Pogues / 30 Years 8CD box – £21

Includes seven studio albums and a previously unissued live album The Pogues With Joe Strummer Live in London (recorded at The Forum in 1991). Also, Red Roses For Me and Peace And Love have both been newly remixed for this box set.

George Michael / Listen Without Prejudice super deluxe edition

UK: George Michael / Listen Without Prejudice 3CD+DVD  box – £20.99

UK: Elvis / That’s The Way It Is 8CD+2DVD super deluxe – £65.99

UK: Boney M / Complete 9LP vinyl box – £29.99

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Arvind Mohindra

Paul – Kate Bush Remastered in Vinyl I – available on amazon.com for under US$ 54.00 [$59 odd less 10% discount] and with shipping to Asia it is below $60…below GBP 47 shipping included… not bad!!!


Existing HMV Pure members can get £10 off if they spend over £50 until the 21st of this month. I bought Kate’s LP Boxset Vol 1 for £79.99 yesterday which is cheaper than what Amazon are offering.

And although the chain is big at least it’s a High Street store and employs local people. I know a lot of people dislike HMV but my local one has some really good staff who are always helpful and chatty. They’ve been there so long it feels like the record shops of old once you get to know them.


The Sensual World vinyl set is currently £67.12 on Amazon (as of 20:45 on December 18). Seems like a good price and as someone pointed out previously, it’s worth buying £40 of Amazon vouchers as you are given an extra £5.

Iain Carmichael

Bowie five years box set $110 Australian dollars.
About £ 62 00.

Ian Ellis

Some decent price drops on classical boxes at Amazon.de. This includes Decca Sound (50cd) for E53 and other Decca boxes in the same “range” (eg. Mono & Analogue years). Also the Amadeus Quartet complete recordings (70cd) is £92 delivered to the UK – deal of the day (£117 on UK).

Tom M

@Ian Ellis Thanks for the tip on those Decca classical megabox collections. Phillips has one:

Philips Classics: The Stereo Years (Limited Edition) 50 CD Box-Set €34,99 (about $40 but they also subtract VAT so it will be lower).

Tony C

I just tried the Red Rose Speedway box from amazon.ca and it says I can’t ship it to the UK. Shame, I really want that box but the price is too high for me.


Amazon.de has today only the “Fanbox” of a-ha’s “MTV-Unplugged-Summer Solstice” feat. the concert on 2CD, DVD and BluRay plus some goodies (looks to me like sticker, badge and wristband, seemingly no marbles or tote bag this time) for EUR 15, which is the lowest price i’ve seen this for so far.
Nice example of a not-quite-so-limited Limited Edition it seems.

Dave W

Red Rose Speedway $115 CDN at Amazon.ca.


Missed the Kate box as now up to £73 and will hang fire and see if drops again (fingers crossed) but could not resist the George Michael which is an absolute bargain

Thanks Paul

Darren Briscoe

So far I have bought Kate Bush vinyl set 1 for $59.80…with $25 credit for late delivery and vinyl set 2 for $67…with ….get this….$70 credit for delivery issues!! Therefore two boxes have cost me $31.80 plus tax!! Can anyone beat this?


I do a LOT of orders through Amazon(s)– never heard of a $70 credit for a delivery issue– and I’ve had many over the years. Customer service has limited options and giving over 100% of purchase price back for a “delivery issue” is simply unheard of.

Tom M

Kate Bush Remastered in vinyl 1 $59.80 at Amazon U.S.


Thanks Tom, finally I can begin the (assuredly rather slow but hopefully not too ridiculously expensive) process of assembling my own Kate Bush Remastered collection!

Fingers crossed for more similar deals on Kate’s boxes to come in the next few months.


If you top up your amazon account with £40 you get a free £5 top up bringing the Kate Bush Remastered in vinyl down to £61..had to be had at that price.

Art Sienkiewicz

I’m sorry guys, but to pay over £10 for any vinyl which is a copy from CD is ridiculous. I will buy Kate Bush box when its price goes down to £40. If my money goes to artists, I will change my mind.

Robert Deighton

Some people have a bug-bearer about vinyl from a digital source. i think that’s what he means. If they sound good, then it doesn’t bother me personally.


I’ve been eyeing the Kate Bush box since it was announced. After getting today’s email, I went with the U.S. price, opted for free shipping, clicked a 10% coupon Amazon provided as I checked out, & used a few points I had sitting around in my account. This box ended up being $48.45 before tax.

Thanks, Paul!

John Barleycorn

There’s 10% of music on eBay this weekend with the code PINCHME with a minimu order of £20 and max saving up to £50.

Eg. Lennon ‘Imagine’ Super Deluxe is £56.43 on Music Magpie eBay Shop so claim your 10% now til stocks last… brings it to just north of £50. Treat yourself, just don’t send me the bill!


I used to be next door neighbour to Robert Fripp. Just saying! I had never heard of him or his music before he showed up. Had a friend who was a big fan. Every time he showed up, he would stand outside their door, trying to peep through the spyhole. Annoying!

Actually, I got on better with his wife, Toyah Wilcox, who was much more outgoing. I once asked her, “So what was all that about you sleeping in a coffin?” She replied slightly sheepishly, “Well, I was young in those days!”

Still have a Christmas card from them someplace!

John Orr

Phew, my mistake from earlier comment, just refreshed and purchased the Bowie set, cheers Paul! Not a bad price at all for DB.


Thank you Paul. A fantastic price for the Bowie Reality Vinyl. €41, including shipping to Germany. Have a very Merry Christmas.


That Bowie Reality live-set is good price. I bought mine from AmazonItaly, when it was released (in october 2016) and I paid roughly 27€. Not bad for 3lp-set and I didn’t at all have any other edition of this, so of course I had to get it.

John Orr

Jeez, the Bowie set didnae last long. Yep, you have to be quick. Not long now to the sales hopefully.


Many Thanks Paul for that. The Bowie Box Set is a Cracking Price with Free Delivery for Prime.

Rafa Muntan

Gone down from 13 to 7 units left in 5 min

Tyronne Mayadunne

Boney M complete vinyl set down to 29.99 on Amazon UK


Kate Bush Remastered in Vinyl 1 box set $53 on Amazon.com. Even with the shipping and import charges €71 to Ireland.


Cheers Mark.
£61 GBP to UK.


The ROAD TO RED deal is back up.


Gone again but then again I only looked at this post a short time ago so I suspect it’s been long gone.


Amazon IT: the first 3 Bowie Boxset can be bought with 20% off… and they’re already wuite cheap anyway


@ob – hi where is the 20 per cent off for the bowie box sets please on amazon.it website?


If you go to the Boxset page, it highlights 2 promotions. It’s the first one.
This is the promotion:
I think it works without a particular code, it just works when you have 3 items of the same promotion. It’s under the audiorip blablabla.



Also great value for money imho is “The Complete Studio Albums Collection” by Leonard Cohen for currently EUR 16 on Amazon.de, although, because released in 2011, it’s not quite complete anymore.
If you want really all of his released studio work you have to add “Popular Problems”, “Old Ideas” and “You Want It Darker” for another EUR 19.


Are you the Simon F from Intaferon? Is so, cool!!


The Bowie Loving The Alien vinyl box is £194 on Amazon UK at the moment ‍


$145 on Amazon.Com with the built in discount. Shame about the shipping fees and the import charges….

graeme ewan

king crimson still 79 euro on my amazon and i’m in dundee.

Simon F

Crimson Red deal over Back up to 162


Still coming up at €162.87 at my end. What’s going on!?


Amazon US has the Larks’ Box for $84 after 10% checkout discount. Not bad a deal either!

Mark Rutherford

For a brief giddy moment I thought there was a superdeluxe version of the Prefab Sprout album…..


Great deals on the King Crimson-boxes. I bagged “The Road To Red” for approximately EUR 103 delivered to Germany.
“Lark’s Tongues In Aspic” i already got in a 3-for-2-deal in the end of 2017 together with “Thrak” and “On (And Off) The Road” for about EUR 85 each which brings the score 4 down – 2 to go (“Starless” And “Sailor’s Tales”), or 3, because maybe the deleted “In The Court Of…”-box will also someday be available somewhere for a reasonable price.
Thanks Paul, of course, you made my day.

Jarmo Keranen

Last week i bought “In The Court Of…” box that was in NM condition. It cost me 172 Euros. I was ready to pay 250 Euros. Luckily other bidders didn’t offer higher price than mine!

phil Burford

New 50th Anniversary deluxe box coming next year may make this current one redundant