This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

USA: Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction Locked N’ Loaded box set – $618

Prices are being Slashed (pun intended). Above is the USA price. Canadians should shop at MusicVaultz while in the UK it’s under £500 via the uDiscoverMusic store.

UK: Soft Cell / Keychains and Snowstorms 9CD+DVD box set – £54.99

Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham

UK: Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology 3CD – £7.99

Immense value, but most of all can’t recommend this collection highly enough. Superb.

Jean Michel Jarre / Equinoxe Infinity

UK: Jean Michel Jarre / Equinoxe Infinity£6.99

UK: The Beatles / ‘The White Album’ 6CD+blu-ray box – £99.99


UK: The Rolling Stones / Beggars Banquet deluxe vinyl+12″+flexidisc – £29.99

USA: Kate Bush / Remastered in Vinyl I 4LP vinyl box – $59

Contains The Kick Inside, Lionheart, Never For Ever and The Dreaming – all newly remastered. Get an extra 10% off this already great price via a link on the product page. Shipped to the UK price WITH taxes and shipping is £61 (with cheapest shipping).

UK: Supertramp / Breakfast in America vinyl picture disc – £12.99

UK: Elvis Costello / Look Now 2CD deluxe – £6.99

UK: Bananarama / Live at the Eventim Apollo 2CD+DVD – £4.99

UK: Paul Simon / In The Blue Light CD album – £6.99

UK: Van Morrison & Joey Defrancesco / You’re Driving Me Crazy CD – £3.99



SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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David Bowie loving the Alien boxset £90.93 on Amazon uk at the moment

Richard John

I just saw that and I was so proud of getting it from Germany where it worked out to about 88 quid. Wonder why it took so long to drop. I was also going to get A New career boxset but its rocketed update from 81 to 95 quid on amazon. Ouch.

Nelson Lee

Kate Bush cd boxes now £48.48 & £78.81 On Amazon uk

Colin MacKenzie

Pretty good deals today from Coda Records in Edinburgh who have 25% off everything. They have an Amazon shop for browsing whats available.


Van Morrison It’s Too Late To Stop Now (vols 2,3,4 plus DVD) down to £14.99 Amazon UK Prime at the moment


eBay UK have 15% off site wide today


Metallica Hardwired ….to self destruct Super Deluxe Vinyl CD Boxset with 3xcoloured vinyl bonus tracks on CD, art prints and memorabilia … only £28 on amazon UK.


David Harold

I ordered the Metallica set – despite saying it was the four disc, what I received, and now have to send back, was the RSD 2LP red vinyl version. Amazon no help at all with a replacement, only refund.

Paul Taylor

David Harold;
It was sold by a third party seller, wmdservices. That’s why you’ll have been given a refund rather than replacement
I ordered a rare Duran Duran live CD from them via Amazon for about £22 and received some Blue Oyster Cult album that I’d never heard of on blue vinyl. I complained to Amazon and, like you, was refunded and asked to send the wrong item back. Within a week the CD was back up for sale at £46. To say I was angry is an understatement
I suspect that Metallica album will either disappear from Amazon listings and reappear at a higher price. If I was you I would complain in the strongest terms to Amazon customer service and tell them that you are aware that this seller has done this sort of thing before. It’s bad enough that sellers screw buyers on eBay when they’ve sold something for less than they wanted, but for it to happen on Amazon is beyond contempt

Mike williams

Me too. Packaged up ready to return today. I did reorder again this morning but if you’ve also been sent the same wrong version then I guess it will happen again so I’ve cancelled.


The same happened with the order I made, I received the two disc red vinyl RSD version instead of the advertised/listed four disc vinyl box.
On the positive side, I raised this with amazon customer service and they said the same as others have experienced, they can’t replace the item for the one that is listed but they offered a full refund, told me to keep the two disc version and as a gesture of goodwill credited me a 10 quid amazon voucher.

Happy New Year.

Andrew M

I got the Beatles (finally) in HMV two days ago for £99.99, and then exchanged it yesterday when the original one was damaged). Got number 22,658.

I have noticed physical music sets seem to have dropped in price more consistently recently and that coupled with the recent news that it looks like HMV are going to disappear from our high street, and I wonder what future we have……:(

It depresses the hell out of me :(

What are my daughters going to do in the future?

Paul I think we’re of similar ages, and I know you’re busy, but it would be interesting maybe at some point to look at the history of high street music retailing – virgin, our price, tower records, woolies, HMV, independents.

What the hell happened to us?

Ollie Carlisle

Check out the book Going For A Song by Garth Cartwright. It’s a history of British record shops and a great & interesting read. Probably available from Amazon, ironically!

Paul Taylor

Shoot me down if anyone so wishes, but I never understood who that GnR box set was aimed at. As others have said with a ‘limited’ run of 10,000 and price point of £850/$1000 it was never going to be rare or desirable. Vast amount of content but it would almost take a lifetime to get through it all! Plus, at the end of the day it’s all connected to ONE album. The Nazareth box even at its full price was exponentially better value and covered pretty much a full career. Yes it had a CD/vinyl mix but that sort of thing just seems to bother purists.
Now that this big wooden box is selling for around half price I wonder if the marketing genius who dreamt it up is still working for the company…..


The GNR box set would need to drop by $600 or at least $550 to be worth it. There are a lot of artists’ box set that aren’t this over priced.

David Else

Jean-Michel Jarre albums
Planet Jarre: 50 Years of Music – (Deluxe Album)
Equinoxe Infinity – Jean-Michel Jarre
Both 36.29 each at Zoom.co.uk with code signup10

david else

Sorry that should be £6.29 each

Filippo Rostoni

At the moment it is sold for € 569 on the european/UK main store.


Filippo Rostoni

During Black Friday period, this huge box was around € 550 on Amazon Germany main store for a week or something…. I am serious.



The GnR “Locked n Loaded” is only $499.99 on their own website


Not sure why you didn’t post my post yesterday about it.

Still in my opinion too expensive considering there are 10,000 of these available, making it uncollectable.

Now if it goes it $299.99 I’ll buy it!!


G n R Locked and Loaded is $499 on the gnrmerch.com website. 1/2 price!(from the original price) Only until Jan. 3
Just ordered mine!


I think I might buy the uber-boxset of Appetite era, if it came down to more reasonable price like 100€ or so. I have the original vinyl and can access all the songs on streaming services while waiting for the price to come down..

Gary C

Merry Christmas Paul, hope you’re taking some time off this year

eric slangen

Good to see the price is going down for the BIG box but it’s still 100 -200 euros too expensive.


How much was it originally? I recall some folks claiming is was an ‘investment’ as it was a ltd piece, doesn’t look to have been much of an investment!

alan hansen

for the record, the single-disc distillation of this set is excellent.


Bananarama is SRO!!!

Stephen Hunt

Thanks Paul, just ordered the Jean Michel Jarre and Lindsey Buckingham cds. Very happy!!


Does anyone know if these SoftCell boxes contain the corrected DVD?

I cannot get over the Soft Cell box set price. I already have one (from Amazon.de) for a decent price but it is not available at all on Amazon.com so for that price I decided to buy it again. I highly recommend all American Soft Cell fans to jump on this. It’s completely not available in the USA. It was supposed to be released end of November on amazon.com but it never happened. Probably because there wasn’t any meaningful volume left. I figured I can always sell it here in the USA. Price is exactly $62 if you order it in UK Pounds and use the credit card conversion. Amazon always screws your on the conversion rate.

Happy Boxing Day all!!


Once the word got out about the poor mastering, excitement for this set died down pretty quickly…..

Chris Squires

And here’s the funny thing, I think it is fine. Either my ears are shot to pieces or maybe I am just not so picky or obsessed, but I think it’s a decent set and at £55 it is the definition of no-brainer. My guess is they still contain the original DVD but that should still be available to get a replacement. My replacement came through quite quickly from the first batch.


Squires, couldn’t agree more about the no brainer. Thanks for insight on DVD. Will email for replacement now.


Poor mastering?? The thing sounds excellent. Been playing it for months.

Richard S

I thought it sounded fine too. I don’t see what the fuss is about. Now the 2 disc singles collection, that DOES sound a bit ropey, even to my old, untrained ears. Would snap this up at 55 quid, unfortunately I bought it full price … sigh! You win some…


What 2 disc singles collection ? As far as the sound goes the mastering is very poor and you would think that they couldn’t top that but they did with the single disc collection which sounds horrendous. I was looking forward to hearing Loving You, Hating Me (Special USA Mix) on CD for the first time but the rip i downloaded from a well known blog sounds a hundred times better.

Richard S

Neil, Sorry, yes it was the recent K&S SINGLE disc collection I meant.

Jeff Milrod

I would like to wish PAUL SINCLAIR & all of the members who contribute to this site a very HAPPY HOLIDAY season and a HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR for 2019!!

This site is TOTALLY AMAZING and I couldn’t imagine being without it. How I managed before joining just over a year ago, I have no idea!!

Rock On,,,,,,SDE & PAUL



Kai Karkkainen

I would also like to wish you Paul and the entire SDE community a wonderful Christmas time and a Happy New Year. I stumbled upon the SDE site a long time ago and I simply cannot imagine a day without it. Looking forward to another year of interesting content here…


Merry Christmas Paul and thanks for a great site!
Here’s one for the Aussies – Bob Dylan’s Deluxe Trouble No More is very very cheap at the moment at Amazon Australia

(Link here you can rejig if you want to share)

Jonathan Riley

if only they would ship to the USA I would be all over it

Peter Stanton

I hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas Paul and all the very best to you and your family for 2019.

As many others have said, thank you for all that you do and for all the deals that I have found via SDE.

I’m a big Stones collector, first gig I went to, 1965, so whether to go for the not really very appealing Beggars Banquet reissue or not? It was definitely too expensive before, but is now tempting. Another glass and I expect that I will hit the button.

Once again, thanks and all the best.



Wishing you – Paul and SDE readers, and your family a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Le Baron

I can’t believe it’s been one year since I told you SDE was my favorite website on earth.
It still is ! :)
Thanks again and again for what you do for us, 365 days a year.
Can’t wait for Paul Young’s box set and, who knows…Seeds of Love Deluxe and 2 new Mike Oldfield Deluxe releases (Islands and Earth Moving) this year?
Thanks again !!

Mathew Lauren


Thanks for another great year of “heads-up notifications” — deal$ on 5.1+ surround-sound PHYSICAL recordings! Here’s to hoping that next year will bring us even more, NEW, well-mixed, discrete, and immersive 5.1+ original, studio-album reissues (are u listening Jimmy Page?), as well as NEW, blues-based, 5.1+ rock/pop/jazz, PHYSICAL recordings.

Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas.



p.s. Nice work on the Paul Young reissue. Maybe next time with the 5.1+, yeah? …on a different PY reissue-campaign.

Andrew Barnett

Thanks for all your work this year, Paul. Happy Christmas to you
Ps got the bananarama bargain!


To Paul And Staff,

A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, too. Thanks for all your hard work and love that you give. I appreciate this site and the fans and music lovers as well. Peace, joy, and happiness.
We need more physical products. May they learn from Jethro Tull on packaging.
Richard in Brooklyn, NYC.

Stevie B

The Soft Cell boxset for £54.99 on Amazon comes with instant Amazon Music AUTORIP. Thanks again SDE :)

Stevie B

Soft Cell boxset ordered, thank you and Merry Christmas ❄️

Electric Sydney

All the best Paul! I think you’re swell, my wallet disagrees, but it’s been a good year for SDE type music packages.


Happy Christmas to Paul, family, and followers! Following your excellent work from Recife, Brazil. Thank you!


Hi Paul
Thanks again for all the fantastic work you do it really is greatly appreciated.Looking forward to loads more next year.
Best wishes for a great Christmas and New Year


FGTH – Frankie say……greatest (special 2cd edition) (includes the Fruitness mix on disc 2)

…..could not resist for 2.17gbp….+ shipping costs…….


…..the last temptation of Christmas……

Keychains + Snowstorms (while its still 55)
Art of Noise – Into Battle / Whos Afraid of (deluxe) / Moments in Love (2cd)
ABBA – The albums (while its still 18)
Lotus Eaters – No sense of sin (cant really live without this one on CD anymore)
Simon Garfunkel – The Collection
VA – No More heroes (60 punk / new wave anthems)
Level 42 – Lessons in love – the essential (3CD) (best singles comp currently available…..not great for 12″ mixes though)
12inch dance – 70s groove (3cd)
100 hits – the best 80s album (5cd) (decent track selection for 5gbp)
100 hits – the best disco album (5cd) (the same)

…..coudnt resist it…….


Merry Xmas Paul and many thanks for all your sterling efforts which I am sure are greatly appreciated by all your many fans. I certainly look forward to your posts and you continue to save me a tremendous amount of money and time.. Cheers


Merry Christmas Paul and hope you have a great New Year. Thanks for this super site and all the information you provide.


Have a Wonderful Christmastime Paul

Robert Laversuch

Merry Xmas everyone and thank you for all the hard work that goes into this site. It is making us poorer but so much richer all at the same time
Here is to a download free 2019!

Derek Langsford

Mine was No. 0110087. disappointingly high as I pre-ordered it as soon as it was announced. I got No. 8 of the Goldfrapp Tales of US boxed set.

John Lim

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Thank you for an info filled year.

Martin York

Just like to add my best wishes for Christmas to you Paul for a wonderful online resource and shop. Hope you have a restful break and see you in 2019. Festive greetings to all SDE customers too


David Bowie – Loving The Alien now €92,50 (£83) at amazon.de. Cheapest it has been in Europe I think.

Merry Xmas to Paul and all the SDE readers.

Richard John

Just bought the Bowie set from Germany. Woot – quite cheap, although it rose to €93.30 between adding it to my shopping basket and paying for it. rather odd.


Bowie Loving the alien. even cheaper on amazon.it, €87,50. I’m not buying it yet, expecting it to go down even more.


The price on amazon.uk has just gone back up for In No Sense ? & Treasure Hiding…….
I mean…..really ? Who does that on Christmas Eve ? It should be exactly the opposite, right ?


Merry Christmas, to Paul and to All. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

Trevor Hughes

Hi Paul just ordered Bananarama CD/DVD. Cracking Value. Also Supertramp Breakfast In America on Picture Disc for £12.99 on Amazon as well. Many thanks for all your Hard Work across the Last Year keeping us informed with some Amazing Deals. To you and your Family have yourself a Super Funk Christmas and Golden New Year.

Gary Hunter

Thanks for the heads up on the Bananarama 2CD/DVD Set, not a massive fan at all but I am sure it will be worthing watching the DVD and of course the CD’s, can’t complain for £4.99.

Best Wishes to Paul & Super Deluxe Edition Readers for Christmas and the New Year.

Ben Williams

Many thanks Paul for another year of SDE.

Heads up for Macca fans – 2 free Wings tracks up for download on paulmccartney.com today


Thanks merry Christmas

John Orr

All the very best to you and yours Paul, and everyone who visits SDE! 2018, if anything was the year I made some crackin purchases thanks to this great site. Long may the deals continue in 2019.


Curse you for emptying my bank account
Bless you for saving me tons of $
But seriously Happy Xmas from your friends in Texas

Oh, by the way, Amazon US has some plunging prices in progress. Watch for the next 48 hrs!
Dylan More Blood $81
Tull This Was 50th $26
Beatles White 3 cd $22


Antonio Diorio

Hi Paul, many thanks for your great site and twitter alerts, I work on the road and don’t get the time to do much media surfing, so it’s great to have this all done by you!
I’ve had some some great deals this year, some I’m only getting around to opening now I’m off for Christmas.
Have a great Christmas and thanks again.