This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Frank Sinatra / On Air 4CD set – £12.99

Sony’s 2015 release marked the centenary of Frank Sinatra’s birth. It features over 100 tracks culled from rare radio broadcasts and rehearsals, plus a 60-page book.

UK: Van Morrison / Too Late To Stop Now Vols II,III, IV 3CD+DVD – £14.99

Newly remixed audio from the original multi-tracks of previously unreleased Van Morrison live recordings, plus a DVD live at the Rainbow Theatre.

UK: Neil Young / Songs For Judy 2LP vinyl – £18

UK: Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction 2LP vinyl – £22.94

Three sides of remastered audio and a fourth with a ‘Hologroove Hologram’

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“The Girl From Chickasaw County – The Complete Capitol Masters” by Bobbie Gentry (8 CDs)
now $76.57 US from Amazon US…….


For those who can’t just click on the link (because they’re at work for instance):

First link is the CD-box with the Columbus Albums Collection by Earth, Wind And Fire for GBP 31 (16 discs), the second leads to John Denver’s 4-CD-set All Of My Memories for GBP 17.

By the way for those interested in heavier stuff:

I accidentally stumbled over what looks like a new edition of The Columbia Albums Collection by Blue Öyster Cult (17 discs) on jpc.de, who are offering it for EUR 60, which is a lot cheaper than what most sellers on eBay or Discogs asked for it since it went OOP a while ago.

And finally a plea to Amazon: They should try to headhunt the guy who developed the packaging for the SDE of R.E.M.’s Automatic For The People at Paul Smith – Absolutely brilliant. An ecological nightmare for the use of lots of bubble-wrap, but nothing could happen to the set while it was transported.


Danke für den BÖC-Hinweis Klaus!


The Earth Wind & Fire box set was available for 20.99 GBP for a long time during the black friday / pre-Christmas period, so the current price is not a bargain anymore.


Sorry, I didn’t know that…


Deal Alert on the new Art Of Noise 2CD In No Sense? Nonsense! 7.99 Pounds on Amazon.co.uk



Hi Paul
Off topic, but just wondering if you plan to have any article on your site re the re-issue of Wild by Erasure. Read some news on it a while back from the erasure website. thanks.


You are jumping the gun a bit it’s not released till the middle of March.


Yeah – was aware of the March date, but a few months lead-in time with release info is not uncommon.


Great news!!


Thanks for the heads up on the Van Morrison live album. Scored the “expanded” volume and the original release for under $40 shipped to the states.

Happy new year, Paul!


I ordered the Sinatra set but was disappointed that “So Macho” isn’t on it. I should have checked beforehand. Happy New Year, Paul.


The Kate Bush vinyl box sets are on Amazon at £72.75 each or less

Gary Hunter

Off topic but looking for general help….

I have received an Amazon voucher in US Dollars and redeemed it on Amazon.com When ordering a CD what import duty will you normally pay? Can this be paid upfront via Amazon??

Gary Hunter

Thanks Paul for that, good that you know the fees up front, fair play to Amazon for that, I presume it shows the fee at checking out stage does it?

Tony O

GH (VAT) I think the royal mail will charge £8 + 20% of the price of your item, the £8 is the admin fee for the pleasure of taking your money, thats how it worked last time i got charged

John Barleycorn

For those on a budget look at the Aretha Franklin ‘Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-70’ 2 discs, 34 tracks at £4.99 on Amazon. Surely a steal. All the tracks seem to be in Mono if that’s a consideration for you.


They’re matching HMV’s instore sale price – I got it there on Sunday.

While I’m here, Happy New Year everyone, especially Paul, of course. Health and happiness to you and yours.

Marcel N.

Everybody A Super Deluxe 2019 !


The “On Air” titles can drive you nuts. There are real label releases [such as Sinatra and The Rolling Bones] and then there are those bootleg cheapo labels.

Paul E.

A 4 Disc Van Morrison box set via an SDE Deal Alert under $20 delivered…that’s how to end 2018! Happy New Year Paul!!

Simon Taylor

Went for Sinatra. It was hearing (on you tube) the banter between tracks/rehearsals that sold it. Looks a lovely set for £12.99.

I must hold back on these offers in 2019. No more room, i already need to do a cull to fit my Christmas additions in. I may have to unsubscribe from SDE alerts.

Aint gonna happen tho is it!

Mark H.

Sinatra set can’t be shipped to the US. So sad.


The link doesn’t go to the proper page. Click on the “new offers” and the 12.99 one is sold by Amazon and is shipped to the US. I just bought it for less than $19. With shipping. Thanks, Paul. Happy New Year!

stephen wood

The Cure – Mixed Up (3CD Deluxe Edition) is £9.99 at HMV. I picked it up in store on Boxing Day.



Managed to find Mixed Up in my local HMV in Croydon. £15.99 sticker, £9.99 when scanned. Thanks for the headsup. Sad that the store has notices it will close on 24 January. I guess even if they find a buyer that one’s a goner.


Croydon is my local hmv as well. The store closure on 24 Jan is because the lease is up and they are vacating in advance of the Whitgift redevelopment. Whether that actually happens is another story but the store closure is u related to hmv’s current woes.


Bob Dylan – Trouble No More: The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 / 1979-1981 Deluxe Edition

£100.99 direct from Amazon UK.



In the USA for $87 you can get the More Blood from Amazon or Ebay from Clover Media in La Vergne TN delivered in 2 days. Very Cool!!


Rick Parfitt : Over and Out Band Mixes Vinyl only £6.99 at amazon UK

Paul Taylor

Cheers Paul.
Grabbed both Neil Young and Van Morrison sets.
That keeps Mrs T happy as well as me! (She’s a big Van fan!)


Thanks Paul, I’ve ordered the Sinatra, shame this wasn’t a price match with HMV else I’d have happily bought it from there, as I do with around 75% of my music purchases. But they don’t stock it.

Robert Laversuch

Bagged old blue Eyes – thank you much for that!


Happy new year Paul, keep up the great, great work. That Youthquake reissue was utterly fantastic.

Ben Williams

For those who havent picked up the Van Morrison set – well worth it for £15!! :-D

Ian Murphy

Cheers Paul, I’ve just grabbed the Van Morrison. I haven’t seen the price as low as that so that’s brilliant!


Grabbed the Neil Young earlier when I spotted the deal alert. It should arrive in an hour or so! Happy New Year indeed!