This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals!

UK: The Cars / Heartbeat City remastered & expanded CD – £5

Expanded & Remastered Shake It Up is the same price.

UK: The Cure / Mixed Up 3CD deluxe – £9.99

Under a tenner for this triple-disc set is amazing. It includes a newly remastered version of the original set on disc one, a further CD of extra remixes (either from the original era, or from 1990) and a final CD of brand new Robert Smith ‘Torn Down’ remixes.

UK: Paul Weller / True Meanings CD – £4.99

Standard CD, not the deluxe, but this is such a good album and well worth a fiver!

UK: Marillion / Clutching at Straws 4CD+blu-ray – £24

Excellent price for this set which includes live material, demos, 5.1 mix and documentary.

UK: Various Artists / 80’s Symphonic CD – £4.99

This various artists compilation with “80s originals combined with new orchestral arrangements” has only been out a couple of months but with a price of under £5, is now the time to take a punt? Read my interview with a-ha’s Paul Waaktaar-Savoy where he discusses the orchestral ‘Take On Me’.

The Rolling Stones / Blue & Lonesome deluxe

FRANCE: The Rolling Stones / Blue & Lonesome CD – €7

Deluxe boxed edition with 72p hardcover book

Depeche Mode / new album Spirt 2CD deluxe edition

FRANCE: Depeche Mode / Spirit 2CD deluxe  – €6.99

Includes bonus disc and 28-page booklet in hardcover book. Also £5.95 in the UK.

GERMANY: Simon and Garfunkel / Concert in Central Park CD+DVD  – €7.99

GERMANY: ELP/ Pictures at an Exhibition 2CD deluxe  – €5.99

Bonus CD features ‘Live at the Lyceum’ in 1970.

GERMANY: Alison Moyet / Raindancing 2CD deluxe  – €4.99

I get weak in the presence of such a good deal…

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Another bargain from Amazon AU. The Rolling Stones “Voodoo Lounge” uncut 3LPs. Is just $28.54. Just click on the “9 New From” under the advertised price.


I saw the new 180gm Kate Bush album releases of ‘Hounds Of Love’ and ‘The Dreaming’ in Sainsburys 2 for £25 vinyl offer today.

Colin MacKenzie

Head on over to What Records. Some serious reductions and far too many to quote!

Mike williams

Thanks for the tip Colin!
I’m now £110 down but lots of lovely records are on the way, some very good prices there.

Colin MacKenzie

Am a similar amount down myself but couldn’t resist !
Have received so many great tips from this site so try to
reciprocate wherever possible. Not a place to come to save
money but it goes way further !


Couldn’t pass up The Cars for that price! Thank a lot!


Thanks for the heads-up on The Cars discs. Ordered both

Reuben Kranz

Don’t know if this has been mentioned yet…
Amazon Australia


Wow, thank you Reuben!

Could not resist at that price, and have been waiting around a year for something like this – all the while biting my nails that I might have missed nabbing a copy… Very pleased and appreciative.

It seems that AmazonAU is slowly coming into its own, after all?


If anybody in Australia is interested in The Ramones “Rocket To Russia (40th Anniversary) – 3cd , LP and book. It is available from Amazon Australia, for $19.99. Click on the “New From” option.


Many thanks for the heads-up. Here’s another bargain in case you’re interested.
4LP set for $16.33!

Paul Taylor

That’s a mistake, it will never be fulfilled at that price!


Paul, they’ve honoured similarly crazy prices in the past such as –
Tusk Deluxe $14.99
Village Green Box $39.99
Trouble No More Deluxe $40.99
Monty Python at the 02 (book edition 2CD/1 Blu,1 DVD) $5, or buy 1, get 1 free!


Kinks Village Green box for AU$39.99?! When was that one, David? Completely missed it…

Paul Taylor

Shame they don’t ship to the UK! :-(

Reuben Kranz

Thanks David…ordered.


GentleRabbit, I ordered it at that price on Nov 19.


Amazing, well done. Must check back even more often! Thanks


Does anyone know if there’s an NTSC DVD version of the Simon & Garfunkel ‎– The Concert In Central Park set on ANY Amazon site?
Even the 2015 US Pre-order listing here links to a PAL version. The only ASIN I can find anywhere is B00ZL4PNZW where you can see PAL on the back. Thanks.

Ian Fry

ridiculous cheap deal on bob dylan’s TROUBLE NO MORE: THE BOOTLEG SERIES VOL. 13 / 1979-1981 (DELUXE EDITION) over at amazon australia. click on ‘new’ and ‘used’ and there it is. has been there more than a week and is not a mistake. i purchased a second copy ‘cos of the price. had already played full price for the bonus cd at the bob store way back. oh, i didn’t mention the price? AU$40.99. can you believe it? but it’s true. it says ‘prime’ but isn’t. i purchased and i’m not prime. some folks in oz have purchased multiple to sell on ebay. it has driven the going price down. but if you just want gospel bob in your collection, this is the deal of the century!

Ron Davis

Thanks for the tip, but they said they couldn’t deliver to my US address. It must be a special deal for the folks down under.

Ian Fry

that’s a shame. and what’s more, it looks as though that special incredible deal price is now ENDED. was up for a goodly while, but now gone…


Yeah, I’m still hoping to get a good deal on that one here in Europe. Fingers crossed!


The Rolling Stones Studio Albums Collection 1971-2016 is selling for 288 GBP on Amazon UK right now. About $325 USD shipped to US, which is a great deal!


Grabbed the AlisonnMoyet and even with postage cheaper as been meaning to pick these up



Tried for the Police and will cross fingers and wait – iffit anything like the Sabbath box it will be in vain and then cancelled but here’s hoping


That unfulfilled Sabbath order for The Ten Year War from last year still burns.

Robert Laversuch

Thank you for heads up on The Cars and ELP. Got a second ELP Deluxe set and Uriah Heep Deluxe Set while at it. Good job. As to Alison Moyet got the reissue lot when they first came out and they sound perfect to me. Must be my age or cloth ears. As to Cars do hope they will include Door to Door as I thought it to be a superb effort.

Mr P

I’m still waiting for the kinks village green deluxe box to drop.
I’m optimistic that it will – one day….


Thanks, didn’t realise it was imminent. Good price, yes …the vinyl is £25 on their website (clear vinyl and signed though),

Dan T.

Thanks Paul!

Depeche Mode for me!


Thanks for the heads up Paul, just added the cure set to my order on amazon, I’ve been after this for a while but didn’t want to pay £14.99 for it!
Shame about the weller deal only being the standard edition, but, as you say, a bargain nonetheless!!

John Barleycorn

Paul Weller ‘True Meanings’ £4.99 on Amazon and instore at (some) HMV outlets, same for Aretha Franklin ‘Singles’ double CD.

Ryk Skelton

I had mentioned some of these deals in an attempt to respond to the Kate Bush deal last week, but many times my posts don’t get through. In addition to the Cars and Cure deals, Lindsay Buckingham’s 3CD deluxe Solo Anthology is £7.99.


On Amazon Germany you can find cheap Vinyl under 13 €:

Abba – Waterloo / 9,00 €
Annie Lennox – Diva / 12,99 €
Steve Winwood – Back in the High Life / 7,99 €
Steve Winwood – Roll with it / 9,99 €
Steve Miller Band – The Joker / 9,99 €
Claudia Brücken – Where else… / 7,99 €
R.E.M. – Dead Letter Office / 10,99 €
Human League – Reproduction / 8,99 €
Crowded House – Afterglow / 11,99 €
Kiss – Asylum / 7,99 €
Boney M. – Oceans of Fantasy / 10,99 €
Boney M. – Kalimba de Luna / 10,99 €
Boney M. – 10000 Lightyears / 9,99 €


the cure was 9.99 UKP at HMV (physical) shop as well


This reminds me, I wonder if we’ll ever get to see the final Cars’ remaster – ‘Door To Door’.

I hope so!


Yes, I picked my copy up at HMV. Got to say, I hate these digipacks, they seem to become rough around the edges far too quickly.


bought the alison moyet for 4,99 € – great deal, thanks paul !

Stephen dC

I took a punt on the 80’s Symphonic [A fiver in ASDA] and regret it.

‘You can’t reheat a souffle’ I think is the saying…

Unfortunately, people think that adding a string section or whole orchestra will improve any song but they are woefully misguided.

Take On Me is terrible and what they have done to Vienna is beyond words for me.

Billy Dojcak

Wonder who proposed this idea in the first place? Nobody needed anything like this.

Paul Taylor

Blue Monday was played on the radio this week, bad beyond belief….

Lee Cook

I did the same Chris Squires i ordered mine at £93 I have seen some going for £150 and some going for over £200 I think when the box set was first released it was £79.99 so if it’s been deleted now I can live with that. Just hope it gets delivered now.

Michael Chapman

Wht would anyone bother with the Alison Moyer reissue. I understand the mastering us anything but “deluxe”.

Stephen dC

The sound of the Alison Moyet reissues are far better than your spelling!

I got them at £9.99 and they are brilliant.

Hoping to see her soon with Tears For Fears in Nottingham. Woo hoo!


You have actually seen these re-issues and understand the meaning of the word ‘deluxe’?


The mastering on Alf is horrendous the rest of her reissues not so bad.

Chris Squires


The Police Abbey Road 6LP half speed mastered box set “Every Move You Make” is at a decent £93 on AMUK right now, I bagged one last night as I was hoping it would dip to something around the £70 mark, but it has held it’s price well and has been out of stock on a couple of occasions. So whether I panicked or jumped in just about right, we shall see but I was happy with £93 delivered.

Chris Squires

I know, it worried me too, but on an optimistic note I have had many box sets that had that and then the amazon email comes through “Good news – we will deliver earlier than expected” and it turns up three days later. Gotta be in it to win it….

However, as you say, I feel I might have missed the boat with this in the eternal SDE gamble of “when to jump”. I snoozed, I probably lose…..

Paul Murphy

I envy your luck Chris. Last year was the Year of the Cancelled Order for me. Hendrix ‘Seattle’, Black Sabbath ’10 Year War’, Dylan ‘Mono Vinyl’ [boy not getting that one at the £203 price hurt], several Stones Platinum SHM-CDs, Elvis ‘King In The Ring’ vinyl, … got to stop, too painful to remember …

Chris Squires

Oh, I’ve had many those too, I choose to forget those annoyances and just remember the one’s that came through.

As I mentioned, it’s really a game. If the aim is to get what you want at the cheapest possible price then it’s as bad as riding the stock market with the threat that you wait so much as one minute too long and it’s gone, possibly forever at a half decent price. The other thing is what Lee says above. Swallowing your pride, if something launched at £79 and you missed it, it does take some effort to leap back on at £93 and take the hit because if you don’t you will never get it. I’m bloody annoyed at having to pay £93 for the Police (If I get it at all) as I shouldn’t have hesitated at £79.
Last time I stuffed it this bad was Donald Fagen – Cheap Xmas, missed at £67 had to get back on at £77. I gambled, I lost.


those dylan mono vinyl albums are readily available individually. they are exactly the same AAA masters as the box set. for some weird reason even the latest vinyl releases are mono, but have stereo written on their labels and covers, but they have exactly the same stampers on the vinyl. hmv (for example) currently has The Times They Are A-changin’ for £10.99 – so you should be able to pick up everything up to John Wesley Harding for far far far less than £203
the reason for all this is because when Music On Vinyl asked for hi-res files to do their remasters a few years back for these albums they were sent the actual plates instead (i’m guessing by a mistake).



I also took a punt at that price, with VAT deducted it is a no-brainer for me. And today, I see one of those small charges put on my credit card from Amazon EU that a company will do to “test” your card before charging it the full amount, so that’s a possible sign (this is currently my only outstanding European Amazon order) that they actually do have stock of this. Also, today the status has now changed to “out of stock.”

On another note, Amazon U.S. has the same item, for slightly more, and is “in stock,” but I’m not sure if they shuffle stock internationally or not.


Update on The Police “Every Move You Make” Amazon order from January for £81.21 (international purchase, so no VAT and including shipping) – they finally shipped it today! They honoured the purchase even though it is now listed for £200 and has been out of stock for some time.

Lee Cook

I’m waiting for the Kate Bush vinyl box sets and the Depeche Mode box sets to come down in price now Paul I hope you’ll give me a shout if this happens.

John Archbell


I certainly wouldn’t rely on a one to two month time frame for delivery.

I’m overjoyed that I pre ordered my copy as soon as it was available.

It is still available at Banquet Records though at £119.99.


Even over on Evil Bay are thin on the ground. One copy bidding at £77 with 4 days left.

Banquet is your best shot at the moment.

Chris Squires

Thanks for the link John, I waited and waited to see if anything positive came from Amazon, as £93 is a decent price, but although I have it in the queue, I don’t hold out much hope, so went to banquet.

John Archbell

You’re welcome Chris! It’s a lovely set.


Oh nuts! I saw it had dropped in price and was wondering whether to take the plunge, but thought I’d hang on a while longer. However as you say it now says delivery in 1 to 2 months, which indeed, is ominous. Ordered anyway…will see what happens.