This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology 6LP £69

Superb deal for a superb compilation. The best of Lindsey Buckingham’s solo work spread across six vinyl records. £69 is as cheap as this

UK: Creedence Clearwater Revival / The Studio Albums Collection £129

Best price to date for this 7LP Creedence Clearwater Revival vinyl set which offers half-speed mastered audio, an 80-page book, and high quality ‘tip-on’ sleeves. Albums included in the box are: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bayou Country, Green River, Willy and the Poor Boys, Cosmo’s Factory, Pendulum and Mardi Gras. Fans in the USA: This price equates to $141 which is at least $60 less then the US price.

UK: Kate Bush / Remastered in Vinyl II£53

The final three albums in what you might call Kate Bush‘s ‘early phase’ are career-high Hounds of Love (1985), The Sensual World (1989) and The Red Shoes (1993). All remastered and gathered in this vinyl box which has the best cover of all of them. The Red Shoes is a double, so this if four records in total. Rather overpriced when this was £89.99 but £53 is much more like it! The individual CDs are all £6.99, by the way!

UK: Elvis Presley / Moody Blue CLEAR vinyl – £11.99

Elvis’ last studio album, originally issued in 1977,  presented on clear vinyl.

Thompson Twins / Here's To Future Days purple vinyl

UK: Thompson Twins / Here’s To Future Days purple vinyl – £13.99

UK: Wet Wet Wet / Popped In Souled Out super deluxe – £36.95

Normally around the £50 mark…

UK: David Bowie / Glastonbury 2000 3LP vinyl – £39.95

Best price around for this triple vinyl package.

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The 3CD of Solo Anthology: The Best Of Lindsey Buckingham is only £7.99 on Amazon UK, 1/9th of the cost of the vinyl edition!



kate now siting at £49.44. Dammit i crumbled at £53. (its 2015 on 30/1)

Peter Stanton

I would guess that most of us interested already have it, but the Stones Blue & Lonesome Deluxe is 7 euros on Amazon France

Matt S

Lindsey B box is $76 on Amazon US right now.

regan judson

$71.46 right now with a $5 coupon at checkout.


Right now (21.34pm) on Amazon UK, you can pick up all 6 of the Pink Floyd The Early Years sets for just under £140.

Richard Anderson

I ordered the Diavid Bowie WHO CAN I BE NOW? (1974 – 1976) Limited Vinyl 13LP Box Set from What Records at sale price of £124.99 plus £8 postage. That is the cheapest I have ever seen it.

paul wren

CCR: This is quality music and a quality reissue – every home should have one!

John Orr

On another related note, Val Doonican has a 3CD collection just out for a fiver! C’mon, you have to have a bit of Val in your collection. Anyone else remember Xmas eve telly with Mr Doonican’s jumpers and rocking chair?

Colin MacKenzie

But if you are looking for Val on vinyl head to the local charity shops! Val must be high up in the top ten. I would say Jim Reeves is probably top regarding the quantity of records available with honourable mentions to Sky, Leo Sayer, Andy and Don Williams to name a few.

Paul Taylor

You sound like you’ve been in the Shelter shop in Stockbridge too…..

Colin MacKenzie

Virtually every week!

paul wren

Don’t forget Max Bygraves!!

Neil Jones

Don’t forget James Last or Mrs. Mills!

Stan Butler

That’s great Value.

Peter Stanton

Reputedly Jimmy Page on guitar on something or other!

Matthew Charles

,, thanks for the smile, fellas


Anybody else ordered the Bowie “A Reality Tour” 3LP-set after the deal alert in mid-Decembre at amazon.co.uk?
My order still isn’t fulfilled. Got an update it will take a few weeks longer.



Yes, I did, I received it.


Mine arrived after a month or so at the right price too


I agree about Kate Bush. The price is right and exactly where it should be. I don’t think it could be much lower at this point. I’m just disappointed all 4 box sets aren’t at the same price.

I definitely think Kate and her label FishPeople should have priced each box set approx £60-70 upon release and sold a complete box set in the £200-250 range. I know some fans only want III and IV because these albums have been out of print and rare (III) or have never been released previously (IV) but I think lots of Kate Bush fans who already bought each album separetely on release date would be interested by a box set with all the albums remastered and the rarities.

About Bowie at Glastonbury, I bought it in a Fnac store in Paris for €43.99 (approx £37) and it’s the same price on Amazon FR.


On a related note the Speak and Spell vinyl box has dropped to £35.99 on Amazon UK.


Chris Squires

Nabbed one at £35.99, Thanks Torch……

It’s interesting to see that a set, that many thought would drop far and quick has held so firm. Ditto Howard Jones, how the two SDE sets are still at or above £100 is beyond me. Maybe I am missing something….

We need a decent 3 for 2 Germany deal to spruce things up…..


Oh yes…….another 3 for 2 Amazon.DE would be lovely indeed……although last orders will probably keep me occupied at least until next Christmas……


No worries, Chris. I want these boxes but I’m not going to pay silly money for stuff I already have. They’re all on my Wish list and I check it a few times every day.

Bob Peel

Bugger missed it great price tho


Amazon UK has the Creedence Clearwater Revival studio albums collection down at £129.99 at the moment, which is the cheapest it’s been – normally £165.

Mr P

Why not press the Elvis album in blue?

Martin Power

I think it is actually ‘clear blue vinyl’

hendry doran

It sure is


that was done the first time around…

Geert De Wilde

Kate Bush – still overpriced for that particular box. Take off another £10.00 and I’ll be game.

Geert De Wilde

Overpriced for me, I mean. I confess, I didn’t know Red Shoes is a double one. The original LP wasn’t. So, maybe £5.00 overpriced …? I might be wrong, but I think they will go lower still, so I’m holding out. :)

Geert De Wilde

Also, I’m willing to pay steep prices if the item delights me. McCartney Archive Series for example. I got the Kate Bush vinyl box I, and was rather disappointed with so little added value. The Kick Inside and Lionheart look noticeably ‘cleaner’, but something like The Dreaming (on of my favourite albums) didn’t feel, look or sound so different from the LP already on my shelf. But I guess this is just not my type of re-release … Others clearly appreciate it! :)


Amazon’s pricings are odd. I ordered my Kate Bush vinyl box 2 on Friday morning when it was £55.71. I then kept checking it and it continued to drop by a few pence throughout the day, and into Saturday. It finally seems to have stabilised at £53.77 (it went a few pence lower than that at one point).

You can never be sure though. The next time I look it could be back up to £70 again. I can live with losing £2!

Reuben Kranz

Another Amazon AU ripper…
U2 – No Line On The Horizon (2019 black vinyl) – $AU14.95 (£8) pre-order for Feb 22nd release.


That is a brilliant deal, Reuben… But due to my illness I’m going to have to hold out for the clear version.


These Amazon AU deals are a bit frustrating if you live outside of Australia. Try shipping to New Zealand (which has no local amazon site, so Australia is the nearest country with an amazon site) and it won’t allow it.


They really should allow shipping to New Zealand… feel for you as an SDE reader, Ryk.


Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered it in time for $14.95. It has now gone up to $56

70s Guy

Wish You Were Here SACD down to as low as I have seen it in the US at 30.66 +tax.
6 left as 15:30 CST

Charlie D

The Kate CDs have gone down as well. Part 2 was about $111 on deepdiscount.com / and now it’s $92 – for 11 CDs on amazon.


The Lindsey Buckingham best of vinyl box set was down to £62 briefly earlier today and is now £67.


Another bargain from Amazon AU. The Rolling Stones “Voodoo Lounge” uncut 3LPs. Is just $28.54. Just click on the “9 New From” under the advertised price.

Matt S

Unfortunately can’t deliver to the US, at least for me.

Matt S

Aha, Boo!


I know most fans will disagree with me but these three albums are my favorite Kate albums especially Hounds of Love and Sensual World. Both albums are brilliant IMO. The Dreaming is brilliant as well (but isn’t in the Vol II). I’m slowly trying to get all the vinyl. I have I & II now working on getting III and IV (waiting for the price to go down a bit).


I’m in the same boat as you, Jon. If I had purchased all four vinyl boxes and both CD boxes upon release, then it would have added up to cost me well over $1000 AUD… even for something so eagerly anticipated, I had little choice but to decide to bide my time and wait in hope for eventual SDE alerts.

Thanks to our Paul, I’ve recently managed to bag the Remastered In Vinyl 1 from Amazon US (still the only international Amazon to have resumed postage to Australia) for around half price (about $90). I can even report my first-ever encounter with Amazon’s fabled ‘boxless’ delivery method – yes, it arrived sans box, with postage labels and receipts etc whacked straight on the cover, just like that. Needless to say, the poor little box had seen better days and was covered in blunted corners, tears and dings. However, Amazon popped another through free expedited shipping for me, and now all is well.

Would love to add this next tantalising chapter, but alas Amazon UK still don’t post to Australia… Either way, it’ll be worth the wait. Haven’t heard them yet – but upon closer inspection of the first box’s contents, these are a truly wonderful addition to our little library. Thanks as always, Paul.

Matt S

Same price for Kate Bush box in US on Amazon. Picked it up this morning for $67


Hi Paul
Do you have any info re the Pink Fairies three cd boxset due in March? Available in March, but can pre-order on Amazon for £14.
If the accuracy of the history of the Fairies they have provided carries on across the whole production it does not bode well.

phil Burford

“Floating World” label does not have a great reputation -looks cheapo . The older remasters with bonus material should be the way to go on the Fairies