This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Sparks / No.1 In Heaven  vinyl LP reissue – £12.99

Superb price for the forthcoming VINYL reissue of Sparks’ 1979 album which is due out at the end of the month. Remastered, this reissue also includes the rare and original Peter Cook promo spots for the record…

Italy: The Beatles / The White Album 6CD+blu-ray super deluxe – €88

This equates to £76 which has to be the best price to date (still £100 in UK). Also, in Italy the 4LP vinyl of The White Album is also a very good €60, which is something like £52, a £20 saving on the UK price.

UK: The Chic Organization 1977-1979 5CD box – £22.99



R.E.M. Automatic For The People 25th anniversary reissue - 4-disc super deluxe edition

FRANCE: R.E.M. / Automatic For The People 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe – €45

German Amazon deal gone, but same kind of price in France! Less than £40 for the large format R.E.M. box that features remastered album, demos, live and Dolby Atmos surround mix of the album. If you’re in Germany then JPC.de is probably your best bet.

Germany: Kate Bush / Remastered in Vinyl III 6LP box – €52 DEAL OVER! :( 

The third out of Kate’s four vinyl box features the double vinyl Aerial, double vinyl Director’s Cut and double vinyl 50 Words For Snow. All three albums are gatefold and come with large, thick booklets. This is almost £73 in the UK, so this German price of around £45 is a great deal!

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Chris Squires

Paul, a bit late for this page but a good one to start the new week off with.
Bowie: Loving the Alien Vinyl Box set is down to £170 on Am UK, it’s got as low as £180 before but not touched £170 until today.

[…] CD reissue of Sparks’ 1979 album is out on Friday, but the vinyl – which is very cheap right now – isn’t out until 29 […]

Larry Davis

I bought the Chic a while back not long after it was first released…it is a great set, paid $45 US so this cheap price sucks for me…they better release follow-up sets covering the 1980s and solo work…


Ordered The Beatles vinyl at 6pm last night (£54) and it showed up at 10am. Sunday sorted!

Martin H

Looks like the Bowie CD Boxset of Who Can I Be Now ? 74-76 is at the lowest ever £73.21
If you check all sellers Amazon are an option at this price [when checked]

Richard L

Don’t know if anybody has spotted it. What Records is offering Bowie’s ‘Who Can I Be Now’ vinyl box set for £124.99 plus shipping.


Martin Power

Picked it up last week – ordered and delivered in 3 days

Joe Morgan

Yeah managed to get this bargain.


Unfortunately Amazon Italy charges exhorbent shipping to the U.S.

Alan Jones

I must confess I pre-ordered Sparks at £12.99 on Amazon on 22 Feb but with trepidation having seen the colour vinyl on their official site. Paul, with your connections, would you be able to find out if all copies are in colour please?

Tim Weldon

Hi Alan,
Like you I ordered Sparks for £12.99 too. I just thought I’d take a look at Amazon’s listing again tonight out of interest and not only has the price gone up to £22.99 but the listing also states ‘Coloured Vinyl.’ Looks like we made a good decision – a snip at £12.99 and coloured vinyl too!!!
Best wishes,

Dave Thompson

Blimey, the rate in the pound changes quickly……Beatles ordered….just over £82


Loving the alien £81.33 delivered from Amazon Italy.

adam shaw

Hi Paul .
Will the Sparks album with the Peter Cook tracks be coming out on cd as well ?
I’ve got the original coloured vinyls of the two singles but would love a cd version .

adam shaw


Gareth Pugh

I’ve had the 2CD new edition of Numebr One In Heaven since Friday c/o their official store and although I’m no sonic expert, it genuinely does sound brilliant and much crisper/‘3D’ to my ears than any previous copy of these tracks I’ve owned (and there have been a few!). Hope the new double vinyl of this remaster also sounds this good. Their official site has this weekend announced the first 400 copies of the vinyl from them will now include a signed photo print – although it’s a fair bit pricier than ordering from Amazon now, admittedly. They tweeted today that anyone who has already preordered the vinyl from them does fall within that 400 and will be getting one.

Marc Peberdy

A CD version is available from Sparks website. But the two Peter Cook tracks are vinyl transfers.


Cheers managed to pick up the Beatles vinyl and the Chic set which will go nicely in the car


I’ve been putting off buying the ‘White Album’ until it went below £100. Euro 87 + postage is good enough!
(Could you remind me where to find the ‘translate’ button – I had to guess what I was clicking on!)


On amazon.de you can change languages with the little globe in the top meni bar. Settings are saved in your account.

Amazon.it/fr don’t have language options. Except for what your browser offers.


Ah! so that’s why. No little globe!
As a postscript… “Costi di spedizione” (?) EUR 4.40 plus “IVA” (tax?) EUR 15.30 – Total GBP 82.09 – A Bargain! Thank you Paul.
(I hope the packaging is tough, it’s a long way from Italy to here!)


Yes, that’s what I thought – I couldn’t see it, but it’s too late now! (fingers crossed that I won’t need it).


Amazon.it match italian website Feltrinelli who starts a massive reduction on some items including Beatles stuff, grabbed a super deluxe box for 55 euros

Neville Godwin

Sparks ordered. Thanks for the heads up, as the businessman stuck in the 80’s would say…


Sparks ordered, cheers for the information. It looks great.

Paul Taylor

The coloured vinyl version on Sparks website works out at around £37 with postage, and there’s no mention of any black vinyl version in existence elsewhere. It was listed on their site as being released yesterday (1st).
Even if the Amazon one is black, it’s £24 cheaper than the coloured one. I have the blue vinyl reissue from a couple of years ago so the bonus stuff is the draw for me, and is probably worth £12.99 on its own.


Amazon.it have a good price for The Beatles White Album deluxe 6 cd and blu ray for £81.80 delivered next Thursday.
and the 4 vinyl version for £57.33 delivered next Thursday.


Grazie Keri and Paul for the word. Ordered the 6 disc White album, using my Christmas money.


Sparks ordered! Thanks for the alert!

Auntie Sabrina

The Sparks LP is available as coloured vinyl for £30 form sparks’s official website. I’m not sure if this is exclusive to their website. The album is newly remastered and is on Lil’ Beethoven rather than Repertoire Records like the previous releases. There’s a doubke CD version that looks lije it’s in a cardboard digifile pack.

Bryan Rees-Wall

Hmmm. You have a point, the Amazon listing does not mention if it’s coloured vinyl or not. Still, at £12.99 for a double vinyl album, it’s worth a punt! Best to order it now and can always cancel later…

Gareth Pugh

Comes in a trifold card wallet – is that a digifile?

Ian Murphy

Hello Paul. Madness’ website have some copies of the 3 CD & vinyl special edition box of The Liberty of Norton Folgate for £39.99.

This is a great price for one their best albums (their best full stop IMO). The link is https://madness-uk.myshopify.com/collections/music/products/the-liberty-of-norton-folgate-special-edition-box-set-3cd-vinyl


Thanks! I just bought the very last one, with very reasonable shipping rates to Belgium too.

David Carter

Ordered the Sparks album, cheers

Ollie Carlisle

Hi folks, here’s a Sparks double vinyl reissue pre-order at a remarkably good price: https://amzn.to/2Vvc2m4


Just ordered the Chic 1977-79 5CD box from Amazon for £22.99


Pink Floyd´s The Wall 2LP is only GBP 15 at Amazon UK at the moment.


There are a few stray releases also
REO Speedwagon – Classic Years 1978 – 1980 9 CD Box
Ian Hunter – From the knees of My Heart – 1979 – 1981 4 CD
Santana – New EP release – In Search of Mona Lisa


Blimey I was lucky there ordered R.E.M. at 11.43 and is due to be delivered tomorrow.
Many thanks for the heads up.


I missed both deals on Amazon Germany but I checked Amazon France and R.E.M. box set is at approx same price : €46.

But it’s listed as a pre-order that will be released on march 22. I guess it’s a mistake and march 22 is just the date they will get the item back in stock.


Steven C

Says REM #1 seller in Jazz category… sorry Miles, maybe next time…

george glazener

Dang, that was fast. Well, here’s a story instead. The inspiration for the album title was taken from an African-American owned soul food restaurant in Athens, Georgia. The restaurant is called “Weaver D’s” and he posts the phrase “Automatic For The People” outside on his marquee. The boys from REM frequented that restaurant in that period, and asked the owner for permission to borrow that phrase for that album title. Being as I live close to Atlanta, GA, I recently went to Weaver D’s and had a wonderful “dinner”, which is what southerners call lunch, or the midday meal. They are also known as a “meat and three”, meaning you typically order your choice of a meat and three sides. It’s a small little restaurant on the outskirts of town, within walking distance of the downtown where Peter Buck once worked in a record store (which is still there too) and met Michael Stipe. The food is really good, a bit greasy, which you might expect being southern fried. Pure classic southern home cooking. But the atmosphere is musically soulful too, there are posters of REM and many different R&B, rock & roll, and blues artists all over the walls. You really expect that while you’re eating to see Peter, Mike or Michael just walk in. Y’all come visit..!!


REM still at cheap price at JPC.
Here’s the link again (was in the blurb up top already)


The Golden Age Of Northern Cuisine

Ha, Thanks George, I remember the story from around the release of AFTP. Made me hungry, so I`m gonna rustle up some `jackbit*`.

*That`s Wiganese for food! We also call lunch dinner around these parts.

David M. BE

was gone in less than 5 minutes

Craig Smith

Deal gone already?
Showing as 81.99?

Neil Kelly

Not your fault you’re not in charge of Amazon!

Scott G

Kate Bush / Remastered in Vinyl III 6LP box back up to €81.99 already. :(