This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Paul Weller / Other Aspects 2CD+DVD – £9.99

Superb price for this recent 2CD+DVD live performance, with band and orchestra

UK: Depeche Mode / Speak & Spell: The 12″ singles – £35

Good price for the 12″ singles box which includes bonus flexi-disc. The Broken Frame box is £42, incidentally.

UK: David Bowie / Loving The Alien 15LP vinyl box – £150 DEAL OVER!

Cheapest price to date for the 2018 David Bowie box that brings together most of his eighties output. Includes Never Let Me Down 2018, Dance remix album and  Re:Call 4.

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Mr G Leiper

Tried amazon £14.99??

Colin MacKenzie

Download on Spotify to see if you like the album and if you do expect to pay more for it!

Tony O

There are some live tracks on the 4 lps box set, not being an expert I dont know if they are hard to find. Deluxe bonus live disc:

1. Get Off Of My Cloud (Live)
2. Dancing With Mr D (Live)
3. Beast Of Burden (Live) with Ed Sheeran
4. She’s A Rainbow (Live)
5. Wild Horses (Live) with Florence Welch
6. Let’s Spend The Night Together (Live)
7. Dead Flowers (Live) with Brad Paisley
8. Shine A Light (Live)
9. Under My Thumb (Live)
10. Bitch (Live) with Dave Grohl


Thanks for the thumbs up on the weller set, Paul! Just bkught it for £3.99 after getting £6 free voucher from amazon after buying £50 gift card from them, and free delivery as I’m on amazon prime free trial!!!


Heads up! Bloody predictive text

Andy P

Paul Weller ‘Other Aspects’ 2CD/DVD is down to £9.99 on Amazon UK


There’s still a warehouse deal there for the Bowie box £139


I suspect the Bowie boxset may go lower, as they struggle to sell it.
Although the artwork of the albums in the box set bring back memories for me, imho the set represents his lowest point ever, in terms of quality output. Couple that with the fact they really have stretched out very little music over too many discs, even including what is essentially a tribute album (nlmd “new” recordings).
I am a huge Bowie fan and have been for many years, and i gave nlmd its chance when it was released, but most of his output in this box set has aged dreadfully, not withstanding the test of time. Even I can’t stomach half the rubbish on this set.
I’m sure I’m not the only Bowie fan out there who thinks this way.


I was shocked to hear again how awful some Tracks on Tonight“are…

Colin MacKenzie

Amazon France have dropped the price of Springsteen on Broadway to just over 37 Euros plus postage which is a fair bit lower than the UK . Still don’t fancy it though!

Kristan Reed

This is why it is utterly pointless buying these things at launch—especially sets like this that have a lot of stuff a lot of people are not that bothered about. I pulled the trigger on it, but even then I’m not thrilled with it. It’s more a sorry case of completing the set. I do appreciate the price updates, though. They have saved/cost me a fortune.

Chris Squires

Ah, but there is the gamble. I would say 20% of my collection went down after I bought it and I could have squeezed a few more quid out of it and the other 80% I’m pretty certain I got it at it’s lowest possible price, whether that was launch or a short time after. It is worth getting some products at launch, particularly if you can latch onto an amazon price the day Paul announces it as amazon invariably have some kind of price blip before launch, such as with the recent league of Gentlemen release. I guess there are many happy punters here who got it at £96 for a 12LP set. Wait until launch and it was £137, wait a week beyond that and you can’t get a new one for under £250. I know there is a world of difference between a 750 limited edition and a mass produced set…. it just pays to be vigilant. Trying to get that 20% down to 15% and lower is all part of the fun. I wish I had grabbed several “Five Years” sets on Vinyl when Paul had an Italian alert at around £129 was it? and the Queen coloured Vinyl set somewhere around the £200….

But I agree with you in general, the key to all of this is working out what “Limited edition” really means for any given artist or product, if they give a number, great, if they don’t it’s a gamble. Pretty sure Bowie, Zeppelin and McCartney and a few others (Depeche Mode / U2?) seem to think limited is in the realms of 10-30,000. In 2019, it ain’t.

Kristan Reed

Good points all. I agree, of course, some things are very briefly at an unbeatable price when they first go up, so that’s a game you can play well if you’re savvy (and happen to be monitoring things at just the right time). I guess with my point, I should have prefaced it that there’s no point buying these things at “the standard launch price”. Time and again you get screwed big time. It’d be even worse for the poor sods who buy in shops, where, for example, the Bowie box in question was over £60 more expensive than the price I eventually bought it for. The Kate Bush sets in store are still twice what I paid. I like supporting shops, don’t get me wrong, but for box sets, you’d have to really dislike money to pay the recommended price. Thanks again to sites like this for showing how much you can save if you’re even a tiny bit patient (or forward thinking).


“…you’d have to really dislike money to pay the recommended price.” I am so stealing that!


Bought Bowie for 145€, not £!


Bowie set now £149 Amazon UK – how low can it go?


Sadly Amazon UK will not ship the Bowie vinyl set to Australia (as it’s a non digital item and that’s their policy as of late last year) but I can order it from Amazon USA if I like at a much higher price and they will charge an additional $55 for shipping. Nope. Damn the new import tax that stuffed it and Amazon shopping for all of us down here.

The Golden Age Of Oz Lotto

You can`t have it all Tania. There have been lot`s of REALLY great deals on Amazon Australia in the past few months but they will not ship overseas. Don`t get me wrong I`m all for the availability of all great deals for everyone.


Tania, you could get free shipping from the US if you’re willing to pay $59 for 1 year – or $6.99 per month – for amazon prime on the Australian site.


£150.18. OK, guys, keep me covered, I’m going in.

The fact that a kind colleague gave me a £20 gift voucher for Amazon yesterday sweetens the deal.

Thanks for the alert Paul.

Greg Propes

It lasted quite a while, but the Tango in the Night deal is now dead. I got it for $45 shipped to Texas.


Thanks for the heads up. After loving the first two boxes, I passed on the third because of quality issues and on this box because Im not a fan of the era. But at this price I pulled the trigger. Because of the VAT discount and very low shipping on Amazon UK, it came to £139 shipped to Japan!

Prithviraj Subramaniam

Paul, thank you for the heads up on the David Bowie deal. Woke up on Monday morning and saw that price had dipped below £160. I had wanted to wait until it dropped below £150 but decided against it and placed the order. It’s a pity though that my original vinyl LP’s of Let’s Dance and Tonight bought at time of release in the 80’s in Malaysia are somehow no longer in my collection. Would have loved to test and compare the originals against the newly remastered versions. Best Regards.


R.E.M. Automatic For The People 25 ann deluxe Amazon.de is € 44,99.


A great price for the Kate Bush vinyl III box set. Many thanks, Paul (again).


Cheers Paul, grabbed the DM set for £32.21 (after staff discount) whoo hoo!

Martin Power

I’m hoping a price drop on the CD version of the Bowie box as pre ordered the vinyl (Hey I’m a completing)

Thanks for the Depeche Mode info though nice way to start a new collection


Thank you so much for this, Paul. Just picked up the final Kate Bush set (vinyl iii) I needed at an excellent price.

Alan Deacon

Same here – great price and set complete! Thanks for the info…

Alan Mitchell

And that’s a third from me! Only got into Kate this last few months. It’s been something else having a whole career to listen to for the first time all at once. I’m still crying each time i play The Man with the Child in His Eyes. Such a deeply beautiful song.

Music can be overwhelmingly everything sometimes.

Chris Squires

Alan, considering she was 13 when she wrote it and that album version was recorded when she was 15, it is quite a testament to her talent.


I am toughening it out on the Bowie box. It has been sliding a few pounds each day for the past 3 or 4 days. It has even dropped a pound or two since this morning.

I am holding out for £150. Am I too optimistic?


Possibly not….. I waited for the ‘White Album’ SDE and it dropped to below £100 from Amazon Italy. (just don’t hold your breath!)


ps. I think that I forgot to say a BIG Thank You to Paul! (Delivery was really quick also).

Phil Wilson

What I sometimes do, as I have Amazon PRIME, is to order an item, but use scheduled delivery, and set it for as far in advance as I can (normally about 7 days). That way, if the price falls further, you can do it again and lock in the new price. If it is something very limited, and something they may run out of stock of, there is a slight risk you may not get it if they run out, but might be worth trying.


I’m also holding out on the Bowie boxset dropping lower, as compared to the previous three it represents the worse value for money in terms of content (to my eyes and ears at least).

Especially as at the time i managed to pre-order A New Career In A New Town before it came out for roughly £15 less than what Loving The Alien is currently going for above. Also Who Can I Be Now has been available for much lower too.


No. I payed not more than 150€ for each of my 3 Bowie vinyl box sets I already have.


Go Go Go, Horslips!!!! Hope you get it! Let us know.