This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Heaven 17 / Play to Win: The Virgin Albums 5LP coloured vinyl – £59

Down from £95! Make sure you order the SDE interview booklet too. It’s SIGNED by both Martyn Ware and Glenn Gregory.

ITALY: Rush / Hemispheres super deluxe – €117 (or £99)

Massive box set is £161 in the UK

ITALY: Popol Vuh / Essential Album Collection 6LP box – €88 (or £75)

Save about £25 on the UK price by pre-ordering this set from Italy.

ITALY: Brian Eno / Music For Installations 6CD ‘plexiglas’ box – €208 (or £180)

Still expensive of course, but better than the £265 UK price. Vinyl box is also available in this deal

ITALY: Faces / You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything 5LP – €83 (or £70)

This is an all-analogue mastered box and is £116 in the UK.

FRANCE: Star Wars / A New Hope 3LP vinyl deluxe – €74 (or £63)

This has the hologram effect vinyl. £114 in the UK, so close to half price.

ITALY: Kate Bush / Remastered Part 1 7CD box – €43 (or £36)

This box set has its flaws (largely presentational), but Kate’s first seven albums remastered for less than £40 is the very definition of a ‘no-brainer’! More than £20 cheaper than the current UK price.


ITALY: Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group 3LP – €51 (or £43)

This is £76 in the UK

ITALY: Steve Miller Band / Complete Albums Vol 1  9LP vinyl – €108 (or £92)

£139 in the UK

Joni Michell / Love Has Many Faces 4CD set – £16.38

Tremendous price for this set (subtitled: “A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting To Be Danced”) which normal retails for around £24.

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Martyn Yeatman

Aretha box order cancelled. Not a happy bunny!

Wayne C

That’s such a shame , I was gutted I couldn’t order it at 5pm, was still on offer at 2pm. But I feel sorry for you it’s much worse thinking you’ve managed to get one only to find out otherwise.

That deal was a ridiculous bargain to be honest.


Mine cancelled too :(

Hoping the Kate Bush CD box will come soon…

Keith Slatter

Unfortunately I’m another “unlucky” Amazon It customer whose had their Aretha box order cancelled! Strange how its still for sale at the higher price? You win some…you lose some!

Peter Stanton

My Joni Mitchell order has been put back, so fingers crossed that this will actually happen

Wayne C

Could anyone explain how Amazon Italy can drop the price of the Stones box by such a large discount as they did last week?, it worked out to £220 or so with free postage which was a brilliant saving (missed it as was working), now it’s about £350 on that site. I’m just wondering how they manage to discount so much and then increase the price – £130 is a tremendous discount which cannot be sustainable I would think for a long period. I’m just interested in how these things work?, surely they must pay the distributor close to that discount?.


Aretha box arrived today from Italy!

Roberto R

Automatic for the People box set is 48 euros on Amazon. It

Janice Pugh

I pre-ordered my Heaven 17 Vinyl Box Set and it has been dispatched today. Then they drop the price! I have requested a cancellation and will re-order for the cheaper price. I thought Amazon adjusted the price automatically if cheaper on the day of dispatch? Seems not in this case!

Paul Taylor

You’ll need to have an acceptable reason to return it or they’ll charge you postage, Prime member or not. Mind you, it will be a small hit compared to £36!


Vinyl180 have a 2-for-1 deal on at the moment as well:

List of eligible items:


Man, that has to be one of the worst websites I’ve seen for a while.

Noel Fitzsimons

Why the sudden price drop on the Heaven 17 vinyl box set. Did it fair badly on the pre-sale over the last few months I wonder. Are record companies at last beginning to realise that the buying public are not as gullible as they may think. This is a sensible price for a great box set. Thanks for the tip Paul.


I picked up the Play to win cd box set from Zoom for £68.99 and received it yesterday. Unfortunately I forgot to cancel my Amazon copy in time so have just received that too. Off to the Post office later.

Martin Power

Grabbed the Aretha and the Heaven 17 just made up Paul thanks


Been waiting for the H17 vinyl to drop.
That’s a great price.
Thanks for the tip-off.
CD set arriving today, too!

Mark Guscin

Thanks Paul – Hemispheres and Kate Bush ordered from Italy – great prices !!


Heaven 17 – Play To Win Vinyl Box is now down to £59.24


Great video of Glen and Martin unboxing the vinyl set on Amazon as well……not sure I’d want that copy though after their handling of the vinyl :)

Derek Langsford

Went to watch the video and was just imagining the pops and clicks being added during those few minutes. I handle my CDs more carefully than that!

Mike Williams

They signed that copy multiple times! I would take it!


Only 2 in stock:


Martin Goss

Have to say I love this website, so many savings i have made because of it x


Glad I ordered the Aretha box when I did.

Stephen Davison

Thanks Paul, ordered Aretha earlier. Such a great price.

Wayne C

Aretha and Stones now back up In price – was eating till I got home to order them – what a shame !!.

Wayne C

Waiting should have read apologies, wish I’d bought a couple of hours ago!!!.


I think I will follow and look if they change around. I think the Stones-set has been on that low price earlier perhaps..


would have loved the Aretha Franklin set but shipping to Canada was more that the box set!!! so, had to pass.By the way, I love SDE!!! Just sayin’


Thanks Paul. Went for the Kate Bush set.
Loving the Alien CD box is available from Amazon.it at about £81 delivered to the UK. Not a huge saving, but it hasn’t moved in price very much since it came out, and might be enough for some people to go for it.

Graham Turner

*Had* to go for the Aretha box at that price. Thanks Paul.


Stones & Aretha ordered cheers Paul


Star Wars: a New Hope – vinyl boxset with 3D hologram on vinyl when playing – only 74 eur on Amazon France



It’s $65.52 on Amazon US right now too


Great deal on Aretha’s box, thanks Paul!

Noel Fitzsimons

Aretha box set at an incredible price
Many thanks for the tip


Thanks for this. I ordered the Human League vinyl. I’m loathe to get it even at just under £50 as I think it is pretty much a rip-off for what it is, but at least better than paying the Amazon UK price


Forgot to mention:
Aretha Franklin :)


Wow, the price for the Aretha box is insane! Thanks so much for the tip!


Atlantic Records 1960s Collection 6 lp-set € 32,77 at Amazon.it

Graham Gardner

Thanks for Aretha tip off Paul. Will go nicely with my Otis vinyl box. Cheers.

Dan Timmons

Thanks Paul – been waiting for the Stones box to come closer to that $300 price point. Order placed!


Thanks – I’ve also been waiting patiently for a deal on the Stones box. I very much doubt it’ll go cheaper than that and if it does I doubt it’ll be by much.

Andy P

Wings ‘Wildlife’ 2 CD version is down to 10.85 euro on Amazon Spain


Paul – I have been waiting patiently for a deal on the Rolling Stones box. Without your message I would never have known. Keep up the great work.


There is an official unboxing video for the Stones boxset “The Rolling Stones-Vinyl Unboxing trailer” on youtube. Mick Jagger is throwing the LP’s as he does not care at all for us potential buyers, not showing anything and treating the vinyl the worst I have ever seen. The saddest part of the video is watching Charlie Watts’ face. He is shocked. I don’t understand the message they want to give us with this video.

andrew R


Nelson Lee

Whitesnake Slide it in 7 cd box £49.99 at Amazon uk


Thanks Paul, had to sign up for the Stones box. Kept hoping that they would break it open to individual releases but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.


It’s not a massive bargain but Van Morrison’s Healing Game 3CD is £16.99 on Amazon.co.yk just now.

Bruce N

The Humble Pie A&M vinyl box set is currently 115 euros on Amazon Italy whihc is a really good deal

bob peel

Kate Bush remastered 1 works out at just under £41 to the UK


For a fleeting moment on Amazon UK this afternoon, Kate Bush Vinyl Boxset no 2 dropped to just £44!!!! Snatched one with all due alacrity! Surely that’s about the cheapest any of those boxsets have been so far?

Peter Reeves

Cheers Paul ……………. couldn’t resist Stones what a bargain

Tony Ainscough

Was actually going to buy the Eagles legacy boxset this week and seen your post on the Stones great price so I pulled the trigger thank you Paul


I would love to have a cd box version of The Rolling Stones albums!! Are they remastered

Jim Breeds

Cor! How have I not seen that Joni Mitchell goodness before. Currently out of stock at Amazon UK, but I’ve ordered anyway and hope they honour the price.

Robert Laversuch

Ordered for the sake of having it. Thanks for heads up.

Tom M

Ordered, even though I have the vinyl version of this but never opened it (turntable needs a little work). This will do just fine in the meantime.


The only Joni Mitchell I have is the “Hits” CD, so I couldn’t pass up this deal!

Dustin Soper

$22 USD shipped to Nashville. Ended up being cheaper (£13.57) when checking out than on the actual item page. Thanks for the heads-up!

Mark H.

Yeah, we Americans don’t pay the 20% value-added tax (VAT) that the Brits pay.


Golly gosh Paul, been tracking this for ever and really appreciate the Alert. Ordered and I will see it in Detroit at the end of April
Brill, thanks again

Simon Taylor

Do I need this? No. Have I ordered? Yes. Been gazing at this for a while and today I treated myself because I mowed the lawn and got all the ironing done. I think this is fair reward. Thanks for the link, Paul.

Peter Stanton

Do I need this? No. Have I ordered? Yes.

Been gazing at this for a while. Already have most of it, but this is why we follow SDE.

Thanks again Paul

Wayne Olsen

I had planned to put some money aside this year for food, shelter.
Oh well.
Thanks, Paul!


Thanks Paul! Purchased.