This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Blancmange / The Blanc Tapes 6LP vinyl set – £42

UK: If you’re happy forgoing the signed editions, the newly announced Blancmange vinyl set is an incredible price for a 6LP package, via Amazon UK. This is out in May.

UK: Eighth Wonder / Fearless 2LP coloured vinyl – £13.99

Gatefold, red vinyl. Contains a bonus LP of extended remixes. Available via the SDE shop.

UK: The Beatles / The White Album 6CD+blu-ray super deluxe – £80 £125

This super deluxe has everything. Stereo remix on two CDs, ‘Esher Demos’ on CD 3, three further discs of outtakes and 5.1 mix on blu-ray.

Concert for George / 4LP vinyl box set

FRANCE: Various Artists / Concert For George 4LP vinyl box – back to €80!

The full audio for this amazing concert has never been issued on CD, but is available in this four-LP vinyl box. Earlier deal is over although €80 is still a decent price because this works out to be about £70 and it’s £127 in the UK!!

UK: The Beatles / The White Album 4LP deluxe – £55 £80

4LP deluxe with Giles Martin’s 2018 stereo remix plus all 27 ‘Esher Demos’ on the extra two records.



UK: The Beatles / The White Album 2LP deluxe – £25 £35

2LP edition features Giles Martin’s 2018 stereo remix.

UK: The Beatles / The White Album 3CD edition – £15 £20

Features the 2018 stereo remix and the ‘Esher Demos’ on disc 3 .

UK: Creedence Clearwater Revival / Studio Albums box 7LP vinyl – £118 £170

All albums are half-speed mastered and this comes with an 80-page book.

USA: The Kinks / Village Green Preservation Society SDE  – $87 (or £66)

Incredible deal in the USA for this excellent (and enormous) box set.

Suede / The Blue Hour

UK: Suede / The Blue Hour  CD – £5

Last year’s album was a fine effort. Well worth a fiver.


The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group box set

DE : Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group 3LP box – €19.99 €99.99

Incredible price on JPC in Germany.

DE: Little Richard / Mono Box: The Complete Specialty And Vee-Jay Albums 5LP vinyl set – €22.99 €136.99

Jethro Tull / This Was 4-disc 50th anniversary edition

UK: Jethro Tull / This Was 3CD+DVD deluxe – £18.99

UK: David Bowie / Spying Through A Keyhole vinyl box – £27.51

Germany (JPC): Sting / 57th & 9th super deluxe – €8.99

This is the super deluxe which consists of a CD and a DVD in a lift-off lid box. The oversized booklet contains a track-by-track commentary by Sting (exclusive). I’m sure I paid €40 for this at the time!

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Amazon.de started again the 3cd for 25 euros promotion and it has some great deluxe editions including Paul MacCartney’s latest 2cd deluxe editions (Wild life and Red rose speedway)

Elizabeth Hirst

Nice – been putting off getting the Tull until now. Had to buy a random £2.00 CD to get free delivery, but it could be an amazing find

Peter Stanton

Jethro Tull arrived. Just waiting for the White Album now.

I would have liked Little Richard, but reckon it will be taxed if from the US. Thanks for replies Adey and Wayne C.

Would also like Creedence and Cream boxes!


What? Me, Worry?

don’t want to comment on vinyl, just wanted to ask if anyone else had a crush on Patsy Kensit back in 1988, I did

Barnaby Dickenson

Crush on Patsy Kensit in the 80s? If you were alive and a heterosexual male, the answer is yes. Absolutely.

Jim e

Thanks for the update not only did I get the white album for £15 I also got the beatles in the studio, on air, on stage cds for £10 which was reduced from £14.99


Jpc.de offers the George Harrison Box Set for 69.99€.

Nick Peet

Amazon added a £15 import duty to my Village Green which made it pretty much the same price as buying through Amazon UK

Chris Squires

I love this game….

I was checking to see what I paid for the George Harrison 4LP set. It was £30.12 from am.uk last November. Which was part of a three set bundle with T-Rex singles box and Exodus 40 Gold Box and all three came in at £90.36 delivered. They were reduced AND part of a short lived 3 for 2 and they didn’t show up in the 3 for 2 deal listings (could have been an error on amazon’s part). Dead lucky. And just as I was feeling that smugness that only a seasoned deal alerter can feel I had the stuffing knocked out of me by realizing I paid £72.62 for the Human League 3 LP set. Not so smug. It’s now one of those deals where I am tempted to buy another one just because it is so cheap (who hasn’t thought about it?) and it will bring my average paid for the two sets down to £46 and I won’t feel so bad about it. The definition of a false economy…..


Hi Chris,

to stop you from useless discussions with yourself: The Human League vinyl-box is sold out at jpc.de now.

Chris Squires

Phew! £20 saved


Cheers Paul just had Jethro Tull This Was box set delivered thanks for the heads up


A great price, I think…



To anyone not familiar with German:

jpc.de offers the possibility to look at their website in English. Just scroll down the homepage right through the bottom and you’ll be offered a link “Switch to English”.
AFAIK it should be no problem to order from them if you don’t live in Germany because they’re shipping worldwide. P&p on vinyl boxes might become a pain in the arse though because they’re usually quite heavy.
If you have any questions you can also contact them with the link right left to that. They speak English.

Other current vinyl box set offers from them include e.g. Bon Jovi’s “The Albums (remastered)” 25 LP set down from EUR 400 to EUR 220, Rihanna’s “The Studio Albums” 15 lp set down from EUR 290 to EUR 140, Roy Orbison’s “The MGM Years 1965-1973″ (remastered)” 14 lp set down from EUR 269 to EUR 100 or the “Fresh Cream” 6 lp set down from EUR 90 to EUR 45.

And no, i don’t work there but i’m a satisfied customer of theirs for about thirty years now.

Wayne C

There must be a lot of competition in Germany at the moment I’ve just bought Fresh Cream 6 LP boxed set for £31 posted to the U.K. from another site amazing bargains.

Wish I had a few more £ is but a lot more at these prices

David Cornyn

What website?

Wayne C

Here but I think it’s just sold out for now , they may get more stock though?



It is available again at Grooves for £30

Wayne C

Fresh Cream back in stock at £30 at above link – Sun 7.30am

Byron McGuinness

The Little Richard Mono Box vinyl can be bought for around £24 on e Bay. Look for Movie Mars listing.

Peter Stanton

Will it be taxed for us in the UK as it is coming from the US?


Any optical media sent from USA with a value over £17 used to be subject to taxes/ rip off charges etc. I suspect this still applies

Wayne C

Yes you will end up paying import charges. Also if your unlucky as I was, a Royal Mail administration fee (I got a blue card through the door when I bought an LP of similar value from the US ) which will add around £15 to the price , if you don’t pay it they don’t give you the goods .no doubt if we do leave the EU they will start charging that for EU purchases also!!.


Is vinyl an optical medium then? I never knew that…


Michael's Dinner

Thanks for the tip Byron, bought!

Richard Fisher

Jethro Tull Heavy Horses box down to £30 having been £44 or thereabouts for some time. Had my eyes on this for some time. I’ve noticed that these superb boxes appear to be going out of print and are starting to cost the earth so had to do it. Currently out of stock but I’m sure that’s only a temporary thing.


KinKs TVGPS box now $87.36 US on Amazon US.

Darren Linklater

Had the 4LP white album sat in my basket for weeks but at £75 was waiting to pull the trigger. Did so today with £20 off.
Thanks Paul.

Michael's Dinner

Has anyone got the Little Richard box? Tempted by the price (it’s gone up to 44.99) but don’t want to buy some CD remasters on vinyl. Help?


39 euros at Amazon.de

Ben in Colorado

The label says that the albums of been remastered from the analog tapes. Looks like a good deal

Peter Stanton

Eventually gave in and 6 CD White Album ordered. Should I have gone for the vinyl?


I was also torn by this with the deal breaker being the book and the hope that the 2lp version can be bought next month and the whole lot come in at less than the original deluxe set price. By this logic, I feel I am “up” on things!

Martin Power

Thanks for the JPC heads up grabbed Human League and Ryan Adams


Thanks to Nick & Dominik for the JPC.de heads-up. Bought a couple of Klaus Schulze albums at €12.99 each. Bargain!


White Album ordered. Thank you Paul!

Stephen Hance

I can’t seem to make JPC work. Need to know what PLZ is or how to get round it. Trying variations on my postcode with no effect. Please help!


PLZ is the postal code.


Check out jpc.de. They‘re selling the little richard mono vinyl box for €22.99 instead of 183.99!

Peter Stanton

In tried to get this and, although I have bought from them before, I just went round and round trying to get the UK accepted. The rest of my address was fine.

Gave uo in the end and now double the price.

Rob Forster

Chris Difford comes up with £54 and not £22. Is it correct or not?


Snagged that 4LP White Album! Been wanting it for ages but was always hesitant at £80. £25 saving is fantastic! (And I picked up the Sgt Pepper 2LP on Friday!)

Didn’t want to spend anything before RSD, but can’t pass this up.


Joe Mac Pherson

WOW. I waited, hoping to see a lower price for the super deluxe 6 CD box set of The White Album. Paul! Thanks to you, I just ordered it from Amazon UK. Total price, including shipping to North Hollywood, California, was British Pounds 70.14 pence, or US Dollars 95.16 cents. I call that a bargain! Thank You, once again, for all you do to encourage and promote music!


Paul, if at all possible can you make the amazon price £20 cheaper next time please!


That’s the White Album super deluxe ordered. Cheers Paul.

Andy P

Also in the Amazon UK Easter deals is the Tom Petty ‘Best Of Everything’ now at £7.00

David Bourgoin

Hard to resist the White Album box set at that price.


I know. I’m thinking of buying another one!

Paul Thomson

I paid premium to order the White Album from Japan in SHMCD format. Mistake I made was choosing DHL priority shipping who then charged £40 shipping and another £44 customs. Never replied to emails, no promised tracking, box took ages etc. Etc. Will never use DHL again.

David Cornyn

Spring sale at Amazon UK – the Creedence half speed box set looks particularly tempting at just £118.

Colin MacKenzie

Yes – got in on that this morning. Will now get the chance to have my first listen to “Mardi Gras” which on release was described as the worst ever record issued by a major band.

Mark Phillips

Just picked up Red Rose Speedway Super Deluxe still sealed at a car boot sale for £55. I’m chuffed. Shame there was only the one.

Mike the Fish



Few deals on Amazon IT this morning:
Eagles Hotel California super deluxe €63
Joni Mitchell ‘Love Has Many Faces’ vinyl boxset €95 and
Fleetwood Mac ‘Don’t Stop’ vinyl set €53.

jai emmett

I’m sure this will interest most who come to this site but according to Marc Almond, BMG are going to discontinue the manufacture of CD’s later this year, worrying.

Chris Squires

Dear old Oscar Fry always says…..
“Never listen to any sentence that starts with the word “apparently”, particularly if it’s in the pub.”

It is worrying though, on February 25th Paul pointed out a physical CD single by a new and upcoming artist called Freya Ridings . It was limited to only 500 copies and only £1.99 at launch, £2.99 now but it isn’t selling, like many of the amazon limited editions they just don’t go. KevinS mentions the Cast 4LP box set above which was excellently priced at £35 for launch and they can’t shift a thousand copies since early November. Not sure what it is and maybe we live in a little bubble here at SDE, maybe the execs see some alarming figures. Maybe they just can’t get the figures right. Far too much of some product and far too little of others leading to a feast or famine. I would love to know what Record companies see as a typical run for something like The White album SDE. 10,000? 20,000? Vs. what a typical reissue will sustain like Mike Oldfield Exposed from a few years back that ends up being reduced and reduced as far too many were made.

My fear is that if people (like Marc Almond) keep on talking about it with (possibly) no real insight other than “I heard something” it’ll be a self-fulfilling prophecy.


How are other folks from Australia taking advantage of these deals when shipping to Oz from Amazon is so restricted now?


We are the folk with our noses pressed against the shop glass , outside looking in .


Guys, the sgt pepper box is currently sitting at $93 USD at Amazon US. It first went below $100 yesterday afternoon and I’ve been watching it, thinking it wouldn’t go much lower, and it continues to. I picked it up this morning and it’s still gradually being reduced.

David Green

£122 for both Depeche Box sets, including delivery, a £68 saving on the UK price, Thanks Paul! :-)

Chris Lancaster

Yet again a Bowie release on which you save a lot of money if you’re happy to order it on the day of release, rather than pre-ordering. Spying Through the Keyhole has been £39.99 on Amazon since it was announced, but today, release day, its £12 cheaper. You’d have thought that I would have learned my lesson by now, but sadly not …


Amazon gave me the difference back though. Quite right too. You should have had a credit if you pre ordered.

Electric Sydney

I would like the Pogues box, but Eur 8,50 to the US shipping is a bit dear.

Electric Sydney

I ended up ordering the Pogues with other items to get it above €50 so I could take €10 off, it ended up being a good deal,


I don’t really know the pogues beyond fairytale of New York and dirty old town but that is a ridiculous price well worth a punt on so it’s ordered along with Tull which I’ve been waiting on a price drop for

Peter Stanton

Just bought the same.

Thanks Paul


Maybe pre-Brexit jitters.


That would be my guess.

John Barleycorn

A quick shout for John Lennon’s Imagine Super Deluxe… this is £60.71 on Music Magpie’s eBay shop… if you apply the code PLENTY20 it is reduced by 20% to just over £48… offer ends today April 4th. It is brand new and sealed.

PLENTY20 applies to all Music Magpie orders *when you make a purchase over £25* before midnight so there may be other bargains around for Kate Bush, Bowie etc


I had to use musicmagpie via eBay for the discount to work. Either way it’s a great saving

Hans Jörg

Obviously MusicMagpie doesn’t sell any items at ebay at the moment. Checked their site. No goods for sale.https://www.ebay.de/sch/musicmagpie/m.html?_trksid=p3692


I think you’ll find that they have approximately 1.2 million items on sale via eBay.uk and that includes 534,966 cds!

Chris Squires

Just bought Karl Jenkins -The Armed Man 2LP for £15 plus change delivered with the PLENTY20 code. Need to spend a minimum of £25 so I added a few paperback books for my Mum. But it works for anything sold by MM


Yep, I got a brand new Depeche Mode A broken frame the 12” singles box for £36.59 using eBay/musicmagpie discount so chuffed with the saving there


The Pogues – 30 box set is 15.99 euros on amazon.fr:
Cheapest it’s ever been; it’s around double that usually.

Paul Murphy

The very nice John Lennon Signature Box is going for a good price on Amazon UK at the moment. I got mine for £66 earlier this week, it is fluctuating and is up to £75 as I type but still a good price for 11 CDs and, if such is your thing, very well presented.


Springsteen on Broadway – vinyl (4) is 42,72 Euro on Amazon.de and 44,15 Euro on Amazon.fr right now. On Amazon.co.uk: £59.73

Steven Campbell

Aye but how much is postage thereafter


I managed to get the My Generation Box on a French Amazon Deal last year for about 30 quid, but even at this price it is really good, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first album for years, but this box was played so much when I first could open it at Christmas.


I got the set for under £44 on Amazon.uk about 12 months ago. Really good set.

Phil Cohen

It’s unfortunate that archival activity by The Who & Pete Townshend has halted. I can understand that they didn’t want to compete against the avalanche of “Classic Rock” boxed sets that were released between October to November 2018, but the Classic Rock” reissue & boxed set scene is now in a serious slump. Commercially, this would be the right time for more Who & Townshend product.


Elusive disc in the U.S. has been promising “The Who Hits 50” set in blu ray audio format on pre-order ever since last autumn! If this ever arrives as a product it will be a must have for me, especially if it’s as good as The Stones Grrr! blue ray audio was! Sadly I’ve begun to think this version will never see the light of day.