This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Bob Dylan / The 1966 Live Recordings  36CD box – £59

GERMANY: Springsteen on Broadway 4LP vinyl set – €33 (or £29)

Incredible price for this quadruple vinyl package (since increased a bit!)

UK: Yazoo / Four Pieces 4LP vinyl box – £58

This is usually quite expensive (in the £70-£80 range) so this is a great price and about as low as this has been. The 4LP set comes in very flashy packaging and includes large art cards of the album covers. The records are both albums, remixes and BBC sessions.


USA: David Bowie / Loving The Alien 15LP vinyl box – $149 (or £115)

Outstanding price and about as l0w as this has been. Absolute bargain if you are in the US and even UK fans can buy this ‘all in’ (including shipping & taxes) for about £150.

The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society 50th anniversary super deluxe

USA: The Kinks / Village Preservation Society super deluxe – $87 (or £67)

The enormous, hefty 11-disc super deluxe (five CDs, 3LPs and 3 x 7″ single) is incredible value at this price.

USA: Rush /  Hempisheres super deluxe – $110 (or £85)

All the really good deals are Stateside today. This Rush super deluxe is a six-disc set and includes a 5.1 mix on blu-ray. This is £154 in the UK so a substantial saving.

GERMANY (JPC): Barry White / The 20th Century Singles  1973-1975  – €35.99

Reduced from €77, this is a 10 x 7″ single box set.

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Was going to post about the french days deal on Amazon FR but Matthias beat me to it…
Just bought Bowie live at Glastonbury 2000 (3LP for €44) and The Coral’s Singles Collection (3LP for 12€) and only paid €46 with the FRENCHDAYS10 code. €10 discount. Pretty nice. Two albums I wanted.


If you have already used your codes CADEAU1, CADEAU2 and CADEAU3 on Amazon France, there is a new opportunity today and tommorrow with the code FRENCHDAYS10. You have to have articles in the basket of more than €50 to get the €10 discount.

John Orr

RE Paul Taylor, thanks for that, just ordered it. Saved a fortune on those eBay prices.


The Rubellan Remasters new wave CD label is having a first anniversary sale this weekend and all of their reissues will be on sale from $6.99 to $9.99 starting tomorrow. Now that’s a great deal!


Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl III is 46euro on Amazon.de at the moment



Bob Dylan – The 1966 Live Recordings box set is £59.60 on Amazon UK right now (21.14pm – 25/4/19).

Paul Taylor

Bohemian Rhapsody OST RSD pic disc is £33 including postage and import fees on Amazon via US global store

Electric Sydney

Not a box set comment, but I noticed the next Chrissie Hynde album, Valve Bone Woe, due in September, is available as a preorder signed(!) edition for £10 at Amazon UK.

Martin Power

Looked at the Christine and the Queens previously but never pressed the button but at this price a no brainer – Cheers for the heads up Paul



This post is a perfect example of how Amazon Australia is crap.

The rest of the world has access to all these amazing deals, but all I (we?) seem to get offered is a free month of Amazon Kindle.


Brisbane John

I feel your pain!
The sooner we can get back to dealing with the UK outlet the better. Amazon AU is a junk store with boutique prices.

Wayne Olsen

KINKS! 87 bucks. Can’t beat that. Ordered.


Received my (very) heavy copy of Village Green. The hard-bound book inside unfortunately has a lot of creases and a few pages look like they were struck by a sharp object, scratching and, in some cases, nearly piercing the pages. At first I thought that I must have received a used copy, but it was shrink-wrapped with the gold sticker on the front. Not returning it because I got it at a bargain price, but was wondering if anyone else had similar issues?

David M

Mine was fine, was missing “autographed” photo, but got it later.


You are lucky.

Hey, Paul. Do you know if the email address for reporting that missing Village Green photo listed elsewhere on you site will work for those of us in the US? Don’t know if the UK is sending the pic overseas or not.

David M

They sent one to Canada for me via registered mail. I sent them an email or two which were never acknowledged then about 6 weeks later it just showed up.

The Golden Age Of Good Advice

Return it for an exchange, your bagain price will be honoured. Also Amazon will ship your replacement before you return the damaged box.

This has been a Public Service Announcement on behalf of `Golden Age`.

Darren Linklater

Thanks Paul, picked up The Band Big Pink Box from Amazon.de. Worked out less than £50 which is far cheaper than Amazon.uk.

Andy P

The most recent Small Faces ‘Ogden’s’ book set is currently £35 on Amazon UK, maybe a reflection of the lack of new material on this set but a good deal for those who don’t have any of this material.


Picked up the Links box in the last Amazon De 3for2 offer and it is superb a really great example of how to get these box sets just right


Sorry that should of course be Kinks – Doh me

Electric Sydney

Perhaps a good name for a Kinks cover band though.


The Bowie “Five Years” CD box seems to be almost out of print. It doubled in price almost everywhere except it’s $87.29 on Amazon in the USA but the deal is fulfilled by “Amazon Global Store UK”. The funny thing is that on Amazon UK it is much more expensive.
None of this makes sense except it’s $87.29 on Amazon.com so for those in the USA who don’t have “Five Years” yet or who want to buy an extra copy, here is the link:


It’s now $150 so the above deal is over.


Music from big pink deluxe also on amazon Germany.. £49.53 delivered to UK. Ob price matching with jpc… Or vice versa. Saves over £33 on current UK amazon listing.


Grabbed the Village Green. Thanks Paul!

Andrew Brooks

Just ordered the Kinks mammoth box set from Amazon US – here in Australia – shipping is OK – GST a pain now – but overall a $100 saving on best store prices here. And their best album – thanks.


With points on my Amazon Visa card, Village Green cost me $30. Thanks, Paul!

Keith Lambert

I note for those interested that The Kinks set is now £80.00 on Amazon UK. I did proceed to checkout on Amazon US to check the total and with import duties and postage, it comes out £10 more expensive than the UK at £90.00. Shame.