This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: a-ha / Hunting High and Low CLEAR vinyl LP- £12

Classic album. Clear vinyl. Great price.

UK: David Bowie / Spying Through A Keyhole 7″ box- £27

With four seven-inch singles in the box and now at £27, this represents the best value offering so far, in terms of these recent David Bowie demo sets.

SPAIN: Depeche Mode / Black Celebration: The 12″ Singles box- €55

Out at the end of this month, this five record set is £90 in the UK but only about £48 if purchased from Amazon Spain. Bit of a no-brainer. The similar Music For The Masses box (out the same day) is also much cheaper via the Spanish site.

UK: Prince / Piano & A Microphone 1983 deluxe edition – £19.99 

While we wait for the forthcoming ‘Originals’ set, why not take advantage of this superb deal for the deluxe of last year’s Piano & A Microphone 1983 release which offers black vinyl, CD, a 12-page large format booklet and a 12″x 12″ print… all contained within a snazzy hardcover book package. This is a steal for under £20!


Suede / The Blue Hour box set details revealed

GERMANY: Suede / The Blue Hour box set – €39.99

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Mark Harvey

Just a heads up for Amazon.co.uk buyers. I was just charged UPFRONT for a July pre-order. I queried this as a mistake because the full amount had been taken from my bank account only 5 days after ordering, and NOT on release/shipping. The manager explained they had a policy change. I asked for this in writing. So for information here is her email in full:


We’re introducing some improvements to payments and authorisations in order to simplify your shopping experience on Amazon.

When you pre-order an item that is yet to be released, we charge you the full order amount when the item gets dispatched.
If the shipping date is set after more than five days, that charge occurs on the fifth day since your order was placed.

We’ll dispatch your item as soon as it gets released. You can check updates to your order status, or cancel your order anytime before it gets dispatched, by visiting Your Orders at Amazon Sign In .

Whenever you pre-order a book, CD, video, DVD, video game or software item from Amazon, the price you pay will be the lowest price offered by Amazon.co.ukbetween the time you place your order up to and including the end of the day of the release date. If your order qualifies for the Pre-Order Price Guarantee, you’ll be refunded the price difference once your order dispatches.

Immediately after you place an order, we now request your bank to authorise the full order amount. At this stage you’re not being charged yet – your bank is reserving the funds until the transaction processes.

We only charge the full order amount when all the items included in your order have been shipped. Should an item require more than 5 days for dispatching, your payment method is charged on the fifth day since your order was placed.

This new experience will avoid processing multiple authorisations and charges for the same order.

I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Chris Squires

Since when is being charged for anything an “experience”.

This will have a negative effect on my shopping at Amazon, some of the items we order can be months in advance. So, if I read Mark’s email correctly we will have the funds authorized immediately and charged after 5 days even if the item is not being released for 6 months?

It certainly levels the playing field for normal retailers like the SDE shop.

I wonder if this is retrospective as I have had some things ordered for quite a while.

Mark Harvey

It didn’t effect my £40 preorder for the Blamanche box set. There must be a cut-off date for pre-existing orders covered by earlier t&cs. They don’t seem to have changed the website help page which still says you don’t get charged until it ships. Yet two Amazon managers both told me the same thing today, which the email sent confirmed. It was a July pre-order I made last week that got charged to my bank account in full today. Not sure how Prime members are effected, or if I’ve been randomly singled out. I guess I know next pre-order. I think I’ll avoid any pricey box sets, you could inadvertently be charged unauthorised overdraft fees if caught unaware.

Peter Stanton

This is a major turnaround and needs to be featured by Paul so that everyone is aware of this. It doesn’t seem to be retrospective, yet, Chris.

I ordered the Dylan big box through Amazon France and UK to let it ride nearer the time before cancelling one. We won’t be able to do this or order the Hitch Hiker s Guide for instance to see if I really can afford it/want it come the time.

Mark Harvey

I’ve just replied to the email I received from Amazon UK asking them why there is currently still no mention of this revised policy on their website. It still says you pay on release date. This is really confusing. If it was just one lowly call centre operative telling me this I would be dubious. But two different managers phoned me back with the exact same policy I’ve posted. If anyone else gets charged upfront after 5 days pre-ordering please post it here. Surely they haven’t just singled me out for some odd reason? I’m getting suspicious now!


Mark, they’ve done it to me too. I emailed Amazon today to clarify when pre orders are paid for, why there has been a change of policy, why it isn’t shown on the website and when this change happened. Over three emails Amazon said that a) this new ‘experience’ started on 11 April and b) the reason was to make payment easier for customers – they claim earlier payments mean they can get in the stock and prevent customers defaulting on payment near release date. They did not say in any of the three emails (despite me asking three times) why customers were not made aware of this change of policy or why the website doesn’t say anything. Plus, they didn’t confirm any pre orders I currently have, have had payment taken – I need to check this I guess.

They also ignored my point that sometimes it’s just not financially viable to have to pay for items up front which you won’t get for many weeks or months. One item is ok to pay up front, but what if you have several? This point was ignored.

It’s a real shame they are taking this approach and I hope there is a chance they reconsider.

Mark Harvey

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for confirming. It does seem it suits them not to publicise this. I would question that by not changing T&C’s on the site to explain this, there might possibly be a legal issue here? I’m sure that buyers legally need to be informed upfront the terms of trade.

From what I can see it is applicable to all new pre-orders but not to ones that have been available for a while or already ordered a while ago. Hopefully it will be a disaster and they will reconsider. I won’t casually pre-order any more, unless it’s a cheaper item. Shame. They will lose sales, but gain interest in advance payment I guess?

Mark Harvey

I just received another email from Amazon. I had asked a few more questions regarding lack of information on website.


This is Abigail a member from the management team.

We are sorry that the information regarding upfront charge for the pre-order is not been informed to you.

We are working on changing the terms and conditions on the website as well.

This is not for specific customer this is for all the customers they will be charged upfront for any pre-order. We charge you the full order amount when the item gets dispatched. If the shipping date is set after more than five days, that charge occurs on the fifth day since your order was placed.

Whenever you pre-order a book, CD, video, DVD, video game or software item from Amazon, the price you pay will be the lowest price offered by Amazon.co.uk between the time you place your order up to and including the end of the day of the release date. If your order qualifies for the Pre-Order Price Guarantee, you’ll be refunded the price difference once your order dispatches.

I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Warmest regards,

Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.


Piano & A Microphone 1983 [Vinyl LP] Deluxe Edition , ASIN: B07DKGDX9P
amazon.de: EUR 24.18 today
for German buyers it’s cheaper to order via amazon.de, no shipping charges with prime or just add a cheap cd to enjoy free shipping for orders > 29 EUR


Any info on the wang Chung reissues coming out on cherry red in October?

Marc Wall
Robert Laversuch

Hi got mine a couple of years ago for EUR 55 thru rarewaves – good value with 30 odd singles plus a two CD best of. At the price quoted I would call that a bargain to quote The WHO.

Mike williams

A-ha’s clear vinyl re-issue of Hunting High and Low currently £9.51 at Amazon U.K.

John Barleycorn

Sorry, forgot to add that the 20% OFF voucher code for Music Magpie eBay shop is for purchases over £25 to a maximum discount of £75 until May 16th. Not sure if this is just UK or not.

John Barleycorn

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (sorry, vinyl) there’s another offer on eBay at the Music Magpie shop. 20% OFF using the voucher code POP20.

Yes, I know it takes some searching for but with some effort there could be some nice rewards.

eg. REM At The BBC – 9 disc box set £55.15, with voucher reduced to £44.12 / Steve Hackett Broken Skies 8 disc Artbook £50.11, with voucher reduced to £40.09. Subject to stock availability and so on. I would be happy to hear what the SDE community buy.


Thanks John Barleycorn, your comments are in the true spirit of SDE, helpful in information and avoiding paying over the odds. Far more useful than the “I don’t like artist So and So so I won’t be buying this.
Having said that there is a good mix on the site and it amazes me how much good info can be found on here. Either from people in the industry such as Phil Cohen or from Fans or collectors of a specific Artists who have an encyclopaedic knowledge.

Chris Squires

Thanks for that John I would have missed it otherwise. I got the soundtracks to both Coraline and Ratatouille for £30 each and the Foxbase Alpha box set (unsigned of course) for £40 saving exactly £25 overall. Nice day’s work there.

Rob Deighton

Thanks for this code. Ordered two Peter Gabriel LP’s (Car and So), with voucher took them down to £12.50 each from £16

Peter Stanton

Thanks for the tip John. As Will said, this sort of message is what SDE is all about. Trying to get Completely Under the Covers on vinyl, but haven’t got it to work yet!


Alain Bashung – Immortel 1977-2018 – 24 disc box set. It was already the cheapest I could find on t’internet by at least £20 and I then saved another £17.50 – I just couldn’t resist!!! So thank you John Barleycorn…

Nigel D Day

I’d love the DM boxes but without the missing 12”s I’m done with that collection.

Tyronne Mayadunne

For those in US/Canada, Amazon.ca is offering Black Celebration singles box-set at a pretty decent price.


Michael Lykke

Thanks Paul for providing this information, so I could get the Depeche Mode box sets cheap. Just hoping for at good price on A Broken Frame and Construction Time Again box sets at some time.

paul griffiths

seems DM broken frame box set back to original price!!?!?!??/


Thanks for the heads up on the Black Celebration a bargain price just keeping tucking off my list ;-)

Electric Sydney

I think that the price for The Cars box has gone up.


The Suede “Blue Hour” box set is back up a few pounds on Amazon UK, but now under £35 on Amazon.de. I ordered from there to the USA — cheapest option I could find for any Amazon outlet.


Thanks Paul!!! I couldn’t resist buying Prince for £19.99


Für the german readers, at Amazon.de the Prince Deluxe for 29,10 €
wich is the same as in UK incl. delivery


Thanks Paul for another alert on a great offer. The SDE website is excellent in so many ways – who doesn’t love it? ( except the bank manager and from what I read on here, some partners who aren’t so keen on how much is being spent on music).

My largest problem is in getting the time to listen to a fraction of the music purchased. I’m looking to clone myself, which would enable one of me to fully enjoy all the music that I love.

Thank heavens for live performance where I’m able to give full attention to talented artists.

Still it’s a great problem to have – too much music to listen to – it’s called being spoilt, and I’m grateful for what I have.

I heard Erasure’s Give a Little Respect on the radio today and it brought back memories of the excitement of buying The Innocents cassette as my ‘summer album’. Other than the radio and home taping not too many albums were bought due to student financial constraints – partying was a bigger priority.

Anyway, another purchase made. I’m looking forward to listening to this – Prince was just brilliant in his hey day and I’m glad I went to see him on the Hit and Run tour at the NEC.

Wayne Olsen

Prince? Absolutely. Thanks, Paul!


Prince irresistible at that price, thanks Paul.


At Amazon.com USA this is only US$18.36


@ Leemer, Looks like it is $28.75 on Amazon.com. I don’t see the $18.36. Do you have a link?


Not sure if this is the right place, but will SDE be covering the massive new Woodstock box set (for the low, low price of $800 US), and the various smaller related compilations? https://www.rhino.com/woodstock50

Wayne C

That’s an expensive box who would want all that stuff?. First came the Triple vinyl , now the full event housed in authentic mud splattered sleeping bag!!… a good historical document but all those CDs phew!!.


Apparently 19 of the CDs feature The Grateful Dead just perfuming one song!

John Kilbride

Song? Nah, 19 discs of the GD tuning up The Dead’s Woodstock set’s long been in circulation in deadhead circles, but was never rated much on account of it being a pretty uninspired (and short!) set.


Prince ordered. Great price, so thanks for the heads up

Gavin Norman

Thanks for the Prince heads up – purchased

Wayne C

Thanks for the tip about the Prince Album , ordered Cheers for that Paul.


I’d been waiting for the CD price to drop so this is a nice surprise. Thanks Paul

Keith Slatter

Was going to purchase the Cars box set, but then saw your superb review and totally agree with you that they could have done so much more in terms of the colours and content. I’ll stick with the individual coloured re-issues that have come out over the years.


Great deal on the Prince Thanks Paul

Phil Wilson

Prince – £19.99, I see what they did there. At this price I had to buy, have held off the CD version for this long.

Alan Mitchell

£31.21, £20.10, £19.99, personally I’m waiting for £7.