This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Bruce Springsteen / The Album Collection Vol 2 vinyl – £69 

This great deal RETURNS! Amazing price for this 10LP box set which features Tunnel Of Love(2LP), Human Touch (2LP), Lucky Town and The Ghost of Tom Joad, a double vinyl MTV Plugged (from 1993), the Chimes of Freedom EP on 12-inch vinyl (issued in ’88) and the debut on vinyl of 1996’s Blood Brothers EP.


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Roberto R

Automatic for the People Limited Edition box 4 CD EUR 59,72 amazon.it


Amazon Italy are now offering the 35th Anniversary box set ‘Eye In The Sky’ by Alan Parsons Project for half price which means you can purchase it for less than €49.


And the offer is already gone apparently

Narve Nicolaysen

I clicked on the Bowie dealalert and all I got was the Springsteen box set… Wrong link, Paul?

Colin MacKenzie

Anyone who has easy access to a Fopp store its worthwhile having a look around as a pretty good sale on at present. Was in Edinburgh store and whilst some of the sale items are on display many others such as Stones (Blue and Lonesome, On Air) Beatles (White Album) Pearl Jam (Let’s Play Two) U2 ( both the best ofs) are not, so worthwhile digging deep!
Sample prices Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt £10, Let’s Play Two £18, Stones on Air £13, U2 Best Ofs circa £15, Beatles White Album £20. Lots of albums down to £10.
As Fopp in same ownership as HMV sale possibly on there as well.

Colin MacKenzie

Cannot remember the exact price but at both Fopp and HMV in Edinburgh included in the sale was the Stones Studio Collection at around 180 to 190 which is miles below any Amazon at present. The recent Creedence Half Speed Masters Boxset is around 85 as was Killers Career Boxset. Half price as well on the Tom Petty Best of Everything and Clapton’s Life in 12 Bars.
Stones, Clapton & Creedence all available in Edinburgh tonight.

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

King Crimson’s Heaven & Earth 138€ on Amazon Italy. Only 10 left.


I wish there were CD releases.

Dave Sullivan

Springsteen vinyl box set vol 2, back at £69 on Amazon just now


and gone again …

Mark Phillips

Jarmo, how on earth can you prefer the 2009 version of Sgt Pepper? I’m assuming you are talking the stereo version, not the mono one?

The mono version of Pepper is a world away from the stereo version, being harder, crunchier, and with lots of little overdubs that were simply missed off of the stereo mix.

What the box set managed to do was replicate everything you hear in the mono mix, but in stereo. It’s a wonder of technical prowess as many of the overdubs were put straight onto the two track final master and don’t exist on the 4 track original tape.

So I’m curious to discover how you prefer the 2009 mix!


Maybe he’s not a fan of limiting and the modern pro-tools sheen?
Also, maybe he likes his albums made in 1967 to sound like they were made in 1967?
Shame Geoff Emerick’s not alive – you could have asked the same question to him.


I think the 2009 Sgt Peppers mono edition in the mono box is the by far the best version of Sgt Pepper’s. I am unimpressed by any of Giles Martin’s remixes and am sure he only gets the job because he’s George’s son, not because of any natural talent. He didn’t mess too much with the White album, though I still much prefer the 2009 remaster of that as well. No doubt we will see an ‘Abbey Road’ box in the not to distant future.

Jarmo Keranen

I bought Sgt Pepper vinyl version first time in 1976. Then i bought the cd version in 1988. Then i bought stereo and mono boxes in 2009. It’s the new Giles Martin remix that i don’t like. I have a very good stereo system and bass level almost brings the whole house down. To my ears he ruined the whole thing, when you compare original and new version. I’m almost 60 years old and like to hear my music as it was made!

Wayne Olsen

Paul, have you noticed any price drop for New Order Movement? I cannot believe they’re selling at such a prohibitive price.


Judas Priest / The Complete Albums Collection
EUR 35 (about GBP 31) in Amazon France

Robert Laversuch

That is a steal – would get this in a heartbeat but own it already. Awesome value


Kinks Village Green Deluxe Box currently £80 on amazon. Think that’s the cheapest it’s ever been.

Roberto R

Eye In The Sky box (35Th Anniv. B.Ray Disc) EUR 48,59 Amazon.it


thanks Roberto! Ordered

Tom m hans

Thank you. Ordered to the US.

Robert Laversuch

And again – thanks. Bagged it.

Wayne C

Thanks for that, appreciated and ordered


Heads up for any Angelenos here. Amoeba Hollywood is having a half price off on all
used vinyl box sets today, June 5th. I will be there emptying my wallet, they’ve got a great selection of stuff.

Derek Langsford

Wish I lived closer but a day’s trip up to LA from San Diego to go to Amoeba to check out CDs is difficult to justify, but even Lou’s Records (our last bastion of physical music here is San Diego County) is shrinking, turning to vinyl to increase sales, and making perusing their used CDs excruciating for us older CD buyers with failing eyesight and difficulty getting down on one’s knees and back up because of their floor to 5-foot high shelving containing CDs vertically displayed (spines out). It’s no wonder the last time I was there I was the only one looking at used CDs but 8 people came in and perused vinyl.

Chris Squires

Barry White’s The 20th Century Records Albums 9 LP Vinyl set has dropped to a new low of £79.14 from it’s usual £110 to £120 on amazon UK

Jonas Thunberg

Suede deal over.

Michael John

It’s worth noting, for those not in the know, we’ve hit the magical 6 weeks after RSD mark. This is where many stores start pricing their remaining RSD inventory below list price to clear their shelves. Of course there are still releases (Dylan, Duran Duran, etc.) for sale at very inflated prices despite what appears to be high availability. Those few being the exception, a vast majority of releases can be scooped up on the cheap either at your local store or thru Discogs. Not so much eBay yet though.

Paul Gray

Paul, as the man in the know, do you think there is an possibility of the Complete Bob Dylan box set decreasing significantly in price? It’s hovering around just below the £100 mark on Amazon UK and a £60-£70 price would be enough to make me take the plunge, despite owning 95% of it already! Thanks.


I paid £85 for it from Base.com but that was back in November 2015. It now sells for £97


@Paul Gray:

I waited a long time before i bought it from Amazon.uk (directly) for around GBP 90 including p&p to Germany (around EUR 100 at the time) in November 2017.

Haven’t noticed it cheaper anywhere since then and i think your best chance to get it at the price you think of would be via Discogs or Ebay (SmallAds), if someone there would really be in need of money. It kept being in print since its release date but i don’t think that there is any significant overstock of it at any dealer, which IMHO would be necessary for a landslide in pricing.

Paul Gray



@Paul Gray £87 ex shipping at amazon.fr currently. Don’t expect to find it lower than that. Great box set.

Paul Gray

Many thanks!


Amazon US has A New Career In A New Town for $83.72 for CD version. For those of us stuck stateside, it probably makes more sense to get it there than from Italy.


Bowie Boxset4 announcement should be due real soon, right? (late June traditionally, I think)


Being the smartass that i am: Wouldn’t that be Box No. 5?


You’re right. Where do the years go…? Wasted anticipating another SDE anniversary on here, I guess.

Jesper Jensen
Roberto R.

Badmotorfinger Super Deluxe amazon.it EUR 98,99

Robert Laversuch

Bagged it! Thanks


Does anybody know if the copies of Bowie’s ANCIANT which are currently being sold by amazon, contain a “fixed” version of the heroes disc?


Agreed. If I recall correctly they didn’t issue “fixed” boxes. They offered a limited time replacement, and after that you’re expected to get the single CD of Heroes yourself for the “fix”.

Paul Taylor

It doesn’t. I got it a wee while ago and it has the Heroes issue

Bongo Fury

During a limited period you could request a replacement disc with a “fixed” version of “Heroes”. After that it was no longer possible to get it….


No, they didn’t address the issue within the box sets and the fixed version is no longer available as a separate fix. Tho if you buy the Heroes CD separately you get the fixed version. Hope that makes sense.


They ran out of the replacement discs and now you have to buy the regular Heroes CD if you want the fixed version. But remember the regular Heroes CD is not “gold”. All discs in the Bowie boxes are gold discs. I think this is their way to battle piracy or so. The replacement disc is gold. So unless they do a re-print of the box (not anytime soon I think), those who have a replacement disc have a rare copy of the box.
By the way I wouldn’t be too bothered with the 2 secs of diminished sound. It’s nothing. I have the box and the replacement disc, you have to really pay attention and “want” to hear it otherwise it is over before you hear it. It’s much ado about nothing IMHO.

Jarmo Keranen

I bought Sgt. Pepper super deluxe edition 2 years ago. I’ve listened disc one maybe 3 times. I prefer version that was released 2009. Discs that contains studio outtakes i have listened 2 times. Blu-Ray/DVD is still unwatched. In December 2018 i bought White Double super deluxe edition. It’s still unopened. Sgt. Pepper cost me 110 Euros and White Double 130 Euros.


I’ll give you £20 for your copy of sgt Pepper.


David Bowie’s ‘A New Career In A New Town [1977-1982]’ is currently €71 direct from Amazon Italy.



Wish I had spotted that!


Thanks a real bargain.
Managed to order it without the English translation too.

Wouter Bessels

Amazon Germany has the Grobschnitt Solar Movie box (DVD, 2CD, 2LP + book) for a nice € 59,99.

Wayne C

This site always delivers, soundgarden at my favourite band of all time bar non – didn’t have the Superdeluxe of the monument that is Superunknown but thanks to my limited overdraft I now have !!!. Thanks once again Paul and again and again for these alerts!. I have it four times on vinyl but am intrigued by the 11.1 mix on this if you can still use it that is.


Thanks Paul. Picked up the Soundgarden box. Not a huge Soundgarden fan but at this price, it’s a no brainer.


Bowie’s New Career In A New Town CD box is only €71 on Amazon Italy too. Lowest European price for a while. https://www.amazon.it/dp/B073NXBYP6

Roberto R

Soundgarden Superunknown Anniversary Edition box is 70 euro on Amazon.it


Thanks for the “alert” re deluxe Sgt Pepper at Amazon Italy Paul.
Duly ordered!
As the Who might say BARGAIN!


Thanks for the Beatles deal – Managed to grab one at last

matt j

Springsteen still $135AUD on amazon.com.au. Picked it up 2 weeks ago at that price.


Sgt Pepper deluxe box set down to €60 on Amazon Italy at the minute.

Chris Squires

Here’s a question….
For every box set up on amazon there is always such a wide range of prices. Take the Springsteen box which was down to under £70 for a blink yesterday. There are 10 sellers between £145 and £579!!!
What’s that about? The seller at £579 must know they will never sell it.
It’s more than just shouting “he’s a scalper” because I would imagine it will never sell, the psychology of the stupid price is something odd to me….particularly when the product is identical.

Wayne C

I was thinking the same, I cannot ever seeing that box set to go at such a price. I’m all their stock is equally highly priced then they will sell nothing what so ever. Maybe they don’t like parting with anything at all?.

Colin MacKenzie

The question I have, especially over the Springsteen box, is why Amazon discounted it so heavily in the first place? If they had said went to £99 as opposed to £69 presumably they would have sold the quantity discounted in a matter of days – even at say £119 ditto.

John Steel

Now £145 :-(


It’s over, but I managed to get the CD version for $80 or so last year. Wish they would offer this box outside of Japan for those who want it.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

Gorillaz – The Now Now – Deluxe Box Set only £26



No surprise this didn’t last long – Amazon UK (direct) has sold out. Only marketplace sellers left

Paul Evans

Thank you for the heads up on this Paul! I usually miss out on these deals but was lucky enough to catch this one! Happy Days!!

Charlie Waffles

One left now and up to 99 pounds. Pass.

Wayne C

Glad I was quick now it’s back up to £100 from a third party seller and £20 postage. I went to see Springsteen many times during this era , including a brilliant and exhausting Open air gig at Sheffield Utd Football Ground In 88. which must have lasted 4 hours on the Human Touch/Lucky Town Tour . Happy memories. Thanks Again for the alert!.

David M

Tunnel of Love tour (with a different band)

Roger Mills

The Tunnel tour was 1988 with the E Street Band, the Lucky Town/Human Touch Tour was 1993…


The deal is over ☹


Looks like price has gone up now


I do miss unboxing video’s – Probably a time thing I know but they are very informative. Whatever happened to the Egypt Station Suitcase one?

Marc Sutton

Back up to £88, didnt last long!!!


The deal is over ☹

Michael Jones

Thanks Paul, this is the first time I’ve ordered something as a result of one your deal alerts. I always seem to miss the one’s I fancy as I’m in work during the day but this is great.

Andre Salles

Any word on whether the CD version of this will ever see a stateside release?

Andre Salles

Sadness. Thanks!


That is an incredible deal, ordered, many thanks Paul.


I had this in my basket last weekend at £120 but thought I’d wait to see if I could get this for around £100, so this is excellent news for me. Thanks Paul!