This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Kate Bush / Remastered Part 1 7CD box set – £25

INSANE price for this Kate Bush CD box set which offers remastered versions of The Kick Inside, Lionheart, Never For Ever, The Dreaming, Hounds of Love, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes! If you want the ‘whole thing’ with the rarities then check out Part 2 below!

Kate Bush / Remastered Part 2 11CD box set – £39

Three studio albums (Aerial (2CD), Director’s Cut and 50 Words For Snow), the three-disc Before The Dawn, and most attractively four CDs of 12-inch mixes and B-sides! Arguably even better value than the set above!



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Jonathan Rilley

max ritcher sleep, the 7 cd + 1 blu ray edition is 23.44 quid shipped to the USA, during amazon.co.uk prime day
if you don’t have a prime membership on amazon.co.uk you can get a free trial for a month and be eligible for the deal
such a great price shipped, since this release never goes down in price, or I have never seen it go down in price


Just ordered both box sets. Many Thanks, Paul, for the heads-up.

Neil McLaughlin

Sorry to say guys the INXS KICK is the back to black not the half speed mastering so back it goes

Neil McLaughlin

Not your fault Paul it’s Amazon’s. great site keep up the good work! Saved me tons of money

Cédric (Switzerland)

Same for me. Got the Back to Black instead. Contacted Amazon.uk by chat, saying that postage from Switzerland to return the item would be higher than the price of the item itself. Being a “loyal” customer, I got full refund and can keep the vinyl. Good service :)


£25 for a 7 dsc boxset and still people moan, no pleasing some people.

Mike Melody

Thanks for the heads-up. With amazon’s £10 off £25 for installing (and then uninstalling) Amazon Assistant, I couldn’t resist.

M Reid

Aagh, I bought this when I received the last recent update re the price reduction although did get it for £26 plus postage from eBay. Always worth a quick check on eBay before purchasing although realise sellers there can sometimes be hit and miss with quality of packaging. This set fine for me as an admirer of Kate Bush without having any of these albums. If I was a big fan though I would be as frustrated as the rest of you with some of the omissions. Thanks for the regular price alerts.


So for roughly $30 you get a no frills set of remastered albums, and no bonus tracks. Not bad, but not over the moon either, actually that price sounds about right for what you get, remastered albums with one song missing and another one with the wrong mix. This set will likely not get any cheaper and I bought here. As a set this obviously was all about reprinting the vinyl and the discs were never a serious consideration. This set should have been done like the Complete Smiths – all CD’s made to look like the original vinyl, at the very least digital enthusiasts could relive the fantasy in miniature, like you can with the bowie box sets. Even better if Bonus tracks and outtakes supplemented these sets to make them essential for any longtime fan, that would have ensured these sets sold out and retained their premium pricing, a comprehensive set that people have wanted and would treasure for years. Most Kate Bush fans seem pretty anal retentive about their Kate Bush stuff, so I am guessing if you still find her old records interesting then you probably have the original box, and even so, you still need the bloated 4 disc set that fits on 2 discs, to get some of those missing songs ( but not all of them) so offering nothing new but the promise of a remaster shows you what you get…. a lot of overstock. Ultimately, the customer is always right. Buying any of this stuff is purely optional, it costs money and takes up space, so one making a set like this should really think about why anyone in their right mind would part with their money for these sets at the original price, and make sure they have a real reason to do it. And for gods sake don’t put a naked bloke on an office chair on the cover.

Robert Lewin

Thanks, bought it

Derek Langsford

Seeing the KB I CD set plunge to an insanely low price (less than £4 per disc) is really irking me. As a fan since I heard WH on Radio 1, and buying all her music upon release, first on LP, then cassette, then CD, the TWW box, and now these sets, I am feeling frustrated by pre-ordering at almost twice the price, the alteration of HoL, and being underwhelmed by the most of the difference in remastering (I now realize they couldn’t be improved that much). And Remastered II was a train wreck in slow motion as its shortcomings were revealed.

The lesson to learn is to be cautious unless boxed sets are identified as limited editions/pressings, but also, if no unreleased material is being offered, to wait for reviews.

I hope I can follow my own advice.


I have the first box set, since the second is of no interest (sorry Kate, the music isn’t good, imo). I paid £31 for Box 1 a few months ago when a sale hit. You’re right – it’s not great. For me the remastering is hit and miss. The replacement of a track on HOL is sacrilege, and the drop in quality should have been noticed and corrected before it ever went to production. Taking an extra track from Sensual World – a track that had always been part of the CD – and moving it to box 2 was asinine. The much hyped “improvement” to Kick Inside and Lionheart just isn’t there, imo. The fact is, these albums always sounded good on CD. I’ll never play HOL in the box again, returning to my older copy.

Honestly, at £31 I still feel I overpaid.


The good thing about this box set is that it renewed my interest in Kate Bush’s work. Over the last few months I have managed to pick up almost all her cd’s for €1 apiece in charity shops, and enjoying them. Thanks to Paul’s unboxing videos I had doubts from the start about these reissues. Reading all the replies to this deal alert just confirm this is a missed opportunity by Kate and the record company. I’ll pass.

Chris Squires

You are right it a well respected game on here, to know when to bite. It’s easier when one is not so invested in an artist and can wait.
I would, however, go further than your recommendation of only biting if it is “limited edition” as it seems that every release is noted as such even if it remains on sale a year after release. I can think of dozens of Limited edition sets I have cancelled on week of release and been so glad as I picked them up for 50% of release cost a few months later. To me now, in 90% of cases, only a run of less than 1,000 needs acting upon (if we ever get to know what the run is). I can think of only two normal releases in the last couple of years where significant runs have sold out stupidly quickly. The red vinyl Lord of the Rings at 5,000 and the recent Wings box set at 3,000. I say normal because stuff like Mobile Fidelity one step runs of 8,000 do also sell out quick. As a point in case I look at the U2 limited edition boxes and Depeche Mode boxes which are also presented as “limited edition” which will be around for years as 10,000 / 15,000 is no longer “Limited”. Led Zeps offer of “the first 30,000 comes with a print” also seems ridiculous in these impoverished times for physical media.
Quite a few 500 / 750 / 1,000 runs are available at a reduced prices months after release.


Fully with you on not committing until I know the print run nowadays. I’d rather take a chance for the most part and save some money.

Craig B

As a matter of interest , The “Part 2 ” boxset is only £39 plus change at the moment.


Thanks Craig. As I didn’t know if Amazon would automaticamly adjust price before shipping, I just cancelled my previous order (only a couple hours ago, it was priced £49) and ordered it again. So I just paid £65 for part I and II. Great deal.

Tony Ward

Thanks for the heads-up. I have Kate’s first seven LP’s nought on release & I’ve looked after my vinyl. Is there anything extra on these CD’s? Do the remasters sound “better”?

Brian Nelson

Kate Bush Remastered Part 1 for $31.80 including shipping to the U.S.! Thank you so much for the tip!


The Kate Bush box probably got that cheap because it is one of the worst box sets in terms of value. It’s just the albums, nothing exclusive to the box set. No wonder it doesn’t sell. It’s almost like the “Original Album Series” where you get 5 albums for $10 except this box comes with better packaging and has 7 discs. I hope record companies learn from this. Give fans what they want: box sets should come with exclusive content.
The Loving The Alien Bowie box made the live stuff available but at least it still has the Call cds in there that are exclusive, and the remixes. That box is already sold out on Amazon USA, remarkable considering 2 of the previous 3 box sets are still widely available. The 80’s was not Bowie’s best period but certainly his most popular.


Thanks for the info. I just noticed part II is only £49. If my memory serves well, the original retail price of Part II was £99 when it was released in november last year.

So I bought both Kate Bush cd boxes for £74. Part I (£25) and part II (£49) so £74 for the complete CD set ! That’s awesome.


Couple of more decent deals on Amazon Germany at the moment. The Springsteen on Broadway vinyl is at £29.63 plus P&P whilst Tom Petty’s American Treasure Boxset is at £96 inclusive of P&P to the UK.


Wow – that is an amazing price for the Kate Bush Box! I wish Amazon UK would start shipping to Australia again. I paid a heck of a lot more for the Kate Boxes down here :-(


Thanks SO much for the heads up.
I’d bought the red shoes remaster from a few years ago and was undecided about this set. However , at £25 it’s a fantastic bargain.
Ordered and can’t wait to hear how much better it is.


on Kate Bush see Amazon Germany has the Remastered in Vinyl III (which is the one that is at a much higher price than the others in the UK ) at £33.93. In excess of £60 at Amazon and £70 in HMV.


Every time the price of Kate Bush’s box set drops I consider buying it. It’s the awful Fish People packaging that stops me.


@Gerbrand – my thoughts EXACTLY… I’d have bought this many pricedrops ago if it wasn’t for the artwork, which I can’t look at, really.


Do what I did Gerbrand and put the box in the recycling and keep the CDs on a shelf. There’s really nothing about the box as an artefact that would make you want to retain it. I got my copy from HMV for £35 about a month ago but that Amazon price is truly amazing!

Christopher Merritt

Paul – you are the best! Always wanted to dive into learning more about Kate’s releases (only have a few 12″s) but the price always held me back. Thank you! I can’t imagine this price will last long…

Steve Robertson

Got the Kate Bush one!

Nopw for the 2nd part!

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

Kate Bush Part I Box set now only £25… at amazon UK

John Orr

Crazy price on Amazon uk for Kate Bushs’ Remastered Part 1 CD box set at the moment. £25.59!! Couldn’t say no at that price.


I’ve taken a chance on the INXS Kick, hoping to get the 2 x 45RPM 30th Anniversary Edition. I’ll probably end up with the Rhino 2014 Back-to-Black Vinyl Edition, even though the Amazon album photo shows the 30th Anniversary Edition on the listing I ordered. I can always send it back if it is the Rhino.


It could be the Half Speed Master. I bought it on sale for €12 (60% discount) at a FNAC store in Paris two weeks ago and they had like 6 copies available so there could be two many copies pressed and some merchants are in the process of unstocking.

For what it’s worth, it happens often with Half-Speed Mastered 180g 45rpm 2LPs, I previously bought some Eno half speed masters (Another Green World or Before And After Science) for €15 each 2 years ago.

So it could be the Half-Speed Mastered 180g 45rpm 2LP you just bought ! My copy’s still sealed as I was away from home for work but will probably open it and play it this week-end.
Anyway if it’s not the half speed master, you can just leave it sealed and return it to Amazon and get a refund.

Paul Taylor

The cheapest INXS half speed is £49.99 via 3rd party seller

Paul E.


The Gun N’ Roses “Apppetite For Destruction” Deluxe deal is back on/shows available again after frequent checking. Just ordered the set delivered for $38.25 w/the promo code. Thanks for the heads up and hope those still interested can get in on the deal Anth posted earlier today:

“…$40 with free shipping on the official GNR site, and the code GNR10 gets you an extra 10% off.”


bob peel

buzzing got 1 thank u


Fantastic deal on that GnR Paul! Thanks so much!


Thank you Paul E! Got myself a copy for less than $40. What a steal.

Richard L

Re Appetite for Destruction offers (Anth/Steven Roberts below) – the all singing all dancing box set is only $359 with 10% discount – and shipping is ‘only’ an additional $342.18. Of course that’s before customs at 20%+ is applied. Cheaper to buy an air ticket and pick up???!!!


Regards the Inxs deal, some of the Amazon reviews indicate that this is not the Half Speed but the Black to Black, and the wrong picture is shown. Can anyone clarify?


Worth a punt, can always send back free of charge of its the wrong pressing. Cheers for the heads up pal


Meanwhile, The Who @ Fillmore 3LP is £17.66 on Amazon


its gone…unavailable!cest la vie

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

Number #1 best seller in vinyl at the moment… what influence SDE has ! :)


I ordered this on Wednesday. It arrived a day later and I’m not even a Prime member. It *is* expensive, even at the £72 I paid, however… I own a lot of box sets and this is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The hardback book is on thick stock and very nicely designed, the CDs/DVD all have cardboard inners. The whole thing is very sturdy. From what I can tell so far, the audio is significantly punchier than the 2008 remaster. I’d certainly recommend this while the price remains under £80.


you are ordered what ?


Tom Petty studio collection 1976-1991 €110 Amazon.de


The Appetite for Destruction super deluxe (4 CD, not the big leather set with all the vinyl) is available for just $40 with free shipping on the official GNR site, and the code GNR10 gets you an extra 10% off.


Steven Roberts

GnR works out at about £56 if you live in the UK, after you factor in import duty and Royal Mail ‘handling’.

Too rich for me – but still a damned sight cheaper than Amazon, which us £100+


That’s crazy cheap. It shows sold out now. Too bad. I bought mine with one of Paul’s Deal alerts for 69 Pounds but would have bought another copy for $40. Thanks for the heads up.

Bob Peel

Bugger missed it

Stephen B. Collman

Amazon Prime day is coming up. I like multi-format releases (prefer Blu-ray over DVD) but have reigned back on all these reissues because I continually feel as though I am being shafted by the record labels exploiting ‘rose tinted’ nostalgia of a greying generation. Seems as though the record companies are generally exploiting the older music fan as they recognise that vast swathes of millennials got rather too used to not paying for music and have magpie selection tendencies (shiny singles). The onus is on the record companies to provide quality packaging and high-resolution digital files and physical pressings free of digital data errors, shoddy remastering or bogeys in the vinyl and representing excellent value; not to simply repackage and stick on a shamelessly grossly inflated RRP.

Martin Power

For me this has a way to drop yet I agree with others that it could have been so much better


My only complaint is the non-Saville design of the box. Why on earth would he not design it?


I read that he’s annoyed with Bernard Sumner over a story in “Chapter And Verse” – IIRC, Sumner relates an argument between Saville and Peter Hook; Hook unable to remember this, nonetheless called Saville to apologise at which point Saville assured him that it didn’t happen.


Ramones Rocket to the moon 40th amazson £19.99

John Murray

Rocket to Russia.

Charles Hodgson

Has this gone already?
As for New Order, I’m waiting for the career spanning “My Struggle” Super Deluxe Box Set, that will also include all the Joy Division stuff in an iconic Leni Riefenstahl designed Iron Cross shaped sleeve.

Joseph Bartram

now 34 quid still good value.


I saw this and grabbed it, even though I have zero interest in the Vinyl. £20 was simply too good a price. I now have three of the four currently available Ramones sets due to getting bargains on them. As a Prime member shipping was free too…. can’t beat that. It should arrive later today. 12/7/19.

Glen Withonen

A few weeks back I purchased a copy from Amazon Australia for half the asking price – $89 instead of $180, which is about the maximum I would consider paying. Even at half price I’m still somewhat underwhelmed by the contents; the exclusion of the contemporary singles really rankles, especially as Procession, EGG & their b-side tracks were recorded during the very same album sessions – so frustratingly you only get some out-takes of the these but not the original versions.

Also the book has far too many uninteresting full page pictures of the band’s old musical equipment & hardly any reproductions of the amazing Peter Saville sleeves or even a basic discography – perhaps not surprising as that would highlight the tracks left off; & of course there’s no lyrics either.

Not sure sure why they chose Movement for the deluxe treatment considering it’s the least interesting & accomplished of the Factory albums, but if it this is the first in a series I really hope they offer more comprehensive & interesting content with future instalments.

Kevin Smith

It is, PCL out 8th November and the singles from early October.


Apparently all the singles and B Sides are going to be in the equivalent Substance box (but that’s at least another 3 box sets away if they’re issued chronologically)

John Murray

Another set that I would jump for except that the inclusion of vinyl is pointless for me.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

Still too expensive… £39.99 and I’ll give it a go…

Mike Shawyer

Waiting for sub £40.


1 LP, 2 CDs and 1 DVD… this set shouldn’t be costing more than £30. £35 at a push. Very bad value. … unfortunately it is par for the course these days :(

Alan Mitchell

Try being a Prince fan :/


let’s talk when it’s £35

Mike Williams

This also comes with a book. For this price, it should have also included the 12″ & 7″ remixes that came with the previous 2-disc version. Nice set; still needs to be cheaper.


It’s big, it looks interesting, but really not a lot of value for money. At one tome a complete career could be summed up with a footprint that big. They are obviously counting on the same core group of fans to spend no matter the cost. I can imagine, “should we include the 12″ mixes and singles from the era?” “No, they already have all of that, but lets make reproductions of the 12″ singles and sell them separately, we can make up something about that being more authentic, because they were not really on the album anyway, and then they can spend $50 more.” “That’s brilliant, but won’t that take up a lot of space?” “Well, from our calculations, the core fanbase has kids that are leaving home or have already gone, and the extra space can be used for our oversized boxed sets.”


“Well, from our calculations, the core fanbase has kids that are leaving home or have already gone, and the extra space can be used for our oversized boxed sets.”

This is so true. And this core demographic has more disposable income too…


it was £72 briefly yesterday before going up to £76.
Am still waiting for it to go under £60, which is just about reasonable, before i bite!

eric slangen

thanks, bought it.