This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Heaven 17 / Play To Win 5LP coloured vinyl box – £45

Mega price for the coloured vinyl box with the five Virgin albums. Why not buy a signed SDE interview booklet to go with it?

GERMANY (JPC) Allman Brothers Band / Live at Fillmore East 4LP box – €55

GERMANY (JPC) Small Faces / Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake red vinyl €16




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The Bowie Mercury demos is down to £59.00, be interesting to see if it has a big drop, can’t see the interest in this unless it’s £30 ish


Folks, heads up. Amazon canada has a bunch of Prime only deals going on today.
I just picked up the Village Green BOX SET FOR $35!
Also grabbed the Public Image vinyl box set for around the same, and these are both regularly well over $100 each.

Iurii Bilko

They cancelled all today prime deals for Mistale reason ;)))

Mark Yon

I meant to put a post on, thanking Paul for letting me know about the Heaven 17 recall – I wouldn’t have known otherwise! For those who need to know, I received the replacement discs for the CD edition (looking good with an SDE booklet, btw!) about three weeks ago.


Madonna deals: Madame x picture disc is £22 down from £45 on Amazon UK and who’s that girl is £8 on vinyl.

Steven Roberts

The H17 set has been as low as £42/43 this past week. Of course, as soon as it gets a highlight on SDE and people get alerted to the deal….Amazon get wise and bump up the price…

Ah, the blessing and curse of SDE!


It is a nice set. No booklet or anything though. it is annoying when record companies do that. Wouldn’t have hurt them to stick a booklet in.


Ya. While I don’t go through the lyrics [or pictures!] I do like to read the credits and technical stuff.
Only thing worse is buying a full length album which as thrown into a cardboard sleeve. No booklet either.


Tony O – unfortunately the Small Faces red LP is a standard 12×12 square jacket/sleeve.


Re Heaven 17 Box Set – Got It – Thanks!! The price is flying around all over the place, almost changing by the minute! How can amazon justify this? It has ranged from £44.12 to £69 in the last hour and is now £59.28?!!!


Dammit!! In holiday with intermittent internet and missed Heaven 17. Up to 59 now. (1/8 1109)


H17 is now £59.98 on Amazon.


Heaven 17 vinyl deal already over. But CD box still available at a very low £73.


Have they fixed it yet?

Chris Squires

They won’t ever fix it, not on a limited run like this. They will sell what they have created and expect us to know it is faulty and apply for the corrected discs. To fix what they have done would involve creating a new batch from scratch. It was never going to sell enough to justify that. Original signed limited batch of 1,000, then unsigned limited batch of what? 3,000? I don’t know. They would have to then remake another batch and to be cost effective they would again have to do 3 or 4 thousand. So that would be 8,000 copies of something they already knew would only sell 3 or 4 thousand if they did a stand-up job and probably take 2 or 3 years to do that.
The only alternative to the above is to recall all unsold stock, open it up, remove and replace the wrong discs by hand and then reseal. Then send out the corrected stock to the original retailers. Well that ain’t gonna happen. Far too expensive.

To be frank they are gambling and this is the cheapest way to have a sort of win-win. Even car makers do it. It is cheaper to launch a car with a known fault and do subtle checks / replacements at service than fix it before launch.

It’s also a thought to be factored in is that they will hope that the people who buy the last 1,000 copies at a reduced price won’t be uber-fans. But, instead, will be casual fans who won’t even notice. It’s not even faulty as such, like the Soft Cell set where the DVD wouldn’t play. I like H17 but probably wouldn’t have noticed the repetition or wrong remixes.

IT would have been cheaper to get it right before going to press by employing quality control but that isn’t the world of physical music we have nowadays.


I’m not bothered by the signatures but do expect the track listing to match what it says on the box. If they’re still selling the defective boxes and then expecting the buyers to apply for corrections then that’s out of order.

Tony O

hi Paul, do you know if the small faces LP is like the original (round fold out) or is it a conventional 12×12 square sleeve?


The ONGF looks like the same one which Sainsbury’s sold earlier this year and it’s not a round cover.

Chris S

According to Discogs, the recent reissues on red vinyl both have a square sleeves.

Paul Taylor

It’s the one Sainsbury’s sold last year


Good price for the H17 vinyl box set. I bought it for £51 a while ago.

Still waiting for London to correct and send out the new Blancmange vinyl.


Hi Paul,
Re the Heaven 17 vinyl box,where do I find it at £45?
When I click to order I’m taken to Amazon UK who are charging £65.56.


Heaven 17 is now £65.56

Chris Squires

I’ve been tracking the H17 box since launch and late last week it hit just below £42 and if I weren’t so flippin’ broke I would have bought a spare at that price, £44 ish is a great price and it is a lovely set if anyone is wavering.