This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Last updated 13.45 2nd Dec

The Man Who Fell To Earth four-disc box with book/poster

The Smiths / The Queen is Dead / 3CD+DVD box set

USA The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead 3CD+DVD

The Rolling Stones in Cuba / Havana Moon

GERMANY Rolling Stones / Havana Moon 2CD+DVD+Blu-ray SDE   €20

The Rolling Stones in Cuba / Havana Moon

FRANCE Rolling Stones / Havana Moon 3LP+DVD   €25

FRANCE Eric Clapton / I Still Do vinyl LP   €12.50

Sting / The Studio Collection: Volume II 5LP vinyl box – £35

FRANCE The Velvet Underground / Peel Slowly And See 5CD box – €23

ITALY Ramones 40th anniversary super deluxe – €32

Johnny Cash / The Complete Columbia Albums 63CDs

Johnny Cash / The Complete Columbia Collection – €190 €271

U2 / The Joshua Tree 30th anniversary 4CD box set – €69

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Chris Squires

The Full Sting Box with both parts 1 & 2 is £119 on Am.UK at the moment


That is one cheap Sting Box… And I thought I was done after Black Friday. Damn it, Paul. ;)

Tony Orwell

yes I bought the A-Ha Triple lp for €21.99 2 weeks ago and now it is up to €29.99

Robbert van Deursen

I noticed that after last weeks 3for2 Amazon DE lowered the price of the items I ordered by 20-25% on the day of shipping. I sent them an e-mail but no luck.
Now they are up again.

eric Slangen

OMG, the Amazon.de 3 for 2 is back!!
Bob Marley live 3lp and Neil Young original series 5-8 and 8.5-12.
I’m happy but broke.

Luis Armando

Havana moon 4 disc & totally stripped 5 disc dvd edition €52.00

Mad Earwig

Amazon Germany are doing the 3 for 2 deal again, just got some Tangerine Dream and Rammstein box sets so very pleased with the prices. (Thought I’d go all German)

Friso Pas

That Johnny Cash set I bought it NM off of someone earlier this year, at the same price. A steal, as it contains 63 albums! Ok, not every album is on par, but I have had a ball reading Robert Hilburn’s biography and chronologically listening to all his albums. Also get the this year’s 7 disc Complete Sun Recordings set, and you are there. Ok…almost, that is.

Leo Lotti

The latest reissue of Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall (with the Spike Lee doc on BLU) is currently less than 10 pounds at amazon.co.uk

Neil McL

Setting sons super deluxe by the Jam only 36.99 euros and in the 3 for 2 as well!! Amazon.de


In Germany Media Markt (www.mediamarkt.de) will offer 3 for 2 on music / movies /games at least from Thursday onwards (normally online from 8pm German time) -> in-store and online promotion. Basically the same promotion as Saturn did last week.


No idea, heard nothing so far, but keeping my fingers crossed. They better do :)))
By the way, should be 8pm German time today (Wednesday -> somehow that part went missing)

Chris Squires

Oh please God no! I will have to go into hibernation for a week!


3 for 2 at Amazon.de


Ramones first album SDE version (3CD + 1LP) on sale in Italy:

eric Slangen

Yes, got both Havanna moon editions.

Michel Banen

Wow !!! Got me the Havana moon box with DVD, blu-ray and 2-CD !


The Whitesnake 30th anniversary set is only
$25.53 on Amazon USA.


Thank you Mikey-D!


R.E.M. AFTP-SDE down again to EUR 72 (GBP 64) on Amazon.de


U2’s The Joshua Tree-4CD-box is down to EUR 67 (GBP 60) on Amazon Germany.

Paul E.

Yes the SDE widget is your friend. This set has been fluctuating up/down and on November 27th I grabbed it for $77.51 on Amazon US – it’s back up to $91.00 now. Should look nice parked next to my Mobile Fidelity Gold Disc and the 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition.

Tony Orwell

I cannot believe how cheap the havana moon is, cheers mate as always


Nice one Paul ! Got me the Havana Moon 3LP+DVD set to go with the From the Vault sets :)