This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: David Bowie / Loving The Alien 15LP vinyl box – £139

Lowest ever price for the massive 2018 box set. Amongst the contents, this features features Never Let Me Down 2018, Dance (2LP), Re:Call 4 (3LP set featuring non-album singles, edits, single versions, b-sides and soundtrack music) an 88-page hardcover book. If you’re in the USA, this price here is even better.

Heaven 17 / Play to Win 5LP coloured vinyl box – £43

Cheapest price yet. Fantastic buy for a shade over £40.

T’Pau / The Virgin Anthology 4CD bookset – £20

Another ‘Virgin’ set. This 4CD package features a disc of original single versions, a CD of remixes and rarities, Rage + B-sides and The Promise + B-sides!

Marillion / Clutching at Straws 4CD+blu-ray – £21

These always go out of print relatively quickly and then end up costing a fortune to get hold of. So take SDE’s advice and grab this now while it’s as low as it has been. You WILL regret not doing it when it’s over £100, which is basically the starting price for Misplaced Childhood in the same format!

U2 / The Joshua Tree / 30th anniversary 2CD deluxe edition

U2 / The Joshua Tree  2CD deluxe – £7.99

Prince / Microphone & A Piano 1983 LP+CD deluxe – £15




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Evripidis Tarasidis

Moody Blues – In search of the lost chord (super deluxe) only 26.99 euros and Iron Maiden – Fear of the dark box set 25.62 euros now in Amazon Germany

Deano Hollett

T’Pau Box-Set now down to £17.99 on Amazon UK!!


Anyone know if the Bowie ‘Five Years’ box set will ever be available again at a decent price?


T’pau set down to £17.99 on Amazon UK for anyone interested.

Big Nige

Marillion’s “Clutching at Straws” deluxe CD / blu-ray box is an absolute steal at £21.

I got 2 on day of release for £22, as per MC and Brave, the former shooting up in price. Superb items and sound great.

The live material on CaS is one of the best recorded live performances there is. And the remix is really good too. I went on to get the vinyl box too, which actually sounds even better! Played it all twice on receipt. Just waiting on the Brave 5LP box to drop to a similar £40.

Unsure which is next out of the proposed 8 deluxe issues, but as per another post, Fugazi is the one I’m most looking forward too, together with Seasons End on vinyl.

The blu-ray deluxe boxes are amazing at around that price. Just how Super Deluxe Editions should be!


@Big Nige:
Afraid of Sunlight is next.
Fugazi in 2021. They are going back and forward between the 2 eras except the last 2.

Brian Smith

So no more era spanning boxsets of Bowie?

Stephen Hance

I have been wondering about this. He changed record label after Never Let Me Down – don’t know who now owns later material. I think we knew by this time in previous years what was coming out in the autumn. Has anything been said to make us sure there are no more era-spanning sets to come? I’m guessing there may be something mega for the 50th anniversary of Space Oddity, but having bought all the rest of that stuff this year I am not that enthusiastic for more.


I think Bowie’s estate owns the later material (and the earlier stuff) as it tends to say ‘copyright… Jones/Tintoretto Entertainment Co, LLC. under exclusive license to EMI Records’ on the earlier releases; then ‘copyright ISO Records/ Risky Folio, Inc. under license to Sony Music Entertainment Inc/ Columbia’ on the later releases; and finally ‘copyright ISO Records, under exclusive license to Columbia Records…’ for Blackstar. Jones/Tintoretto Entertainment and ISO Records are all Bowie’s own companies so the Estate owns the recordings. However, when and if they could be released in any ongoing series of boxes following on from Loving The Alien (etc.) is dependent on whether the exclusive license to Columbia/ Sony have expired at that time. Or whether Columbia/ Sony felt generous enough to allow such a venture. Or participated in it themselves. Certainly the Tin Machine era, Buddha Of Suburbia, Black Tie White Noise (4 studio + 1 live album would seem to match the core of most of the boxes so far), are all available for a box set without treading on another label’s toes…. though whether such a thing would sell in sufficient numbers to justify is a matter for bean-counters to squabble over. Perhaps slightly fewer discs and a lower price might make it more attractive.

Shawn C.

Just picked up Loving the Alien for $134 on Amazon US. Sweet!


The T’pau set is available on base.com for £14.79 (inc. P&P).


Anyone know why the Loving the Alien box set on CD has been wiped from existence in the US? I saw it in store at Barnes and Noble for the longest time and was saving my money to buy it, then when I went to buy it, it was gone and was no longer available on their website, nor is it order-able from any other retailer anymore (incl. Amazon) here in the states for a new price. The one now listed on Amazon US is an import for over 200 bucks whereas previously it was available new for like $130 USD. Can anyone provide clarification if they’re just making more right now or something and that’s why you can’t order it new anywhere? It’s not even listed on the David Bowie store anymore while the previous three sets on CD still are.


I think it sold out. A lot of people, including myself like his 80’s stuff. But rest assured, there are likely loads of record trolls hoarding them in sealed condition.


Paul might know more but it “feels” like companies are trying real hard to get rid of the CD format.


I don’t think labels are trying to kill the CD format. It’s all down to demand and economics. Vinyl is very popular at the moment and there is more profit to be made from selling vinyl than CD.


Damn! Bowie didn’t last long at that price! Already back up to £176

Tony M.

What’s the lowest Loving the Alien box set (CD Version) has gone for? Either UK or US.

Michel D.

I paid CAD $100 (£61) at Amazon Canada a few weeks before last Christmas.


@Michel D.
Craps. I missed that….


For those in the States, Loving The alien is $138.75 on Amazon US as well.

Timm Davison

Thanks Paul! Because of Amazon UK’s weird pricing structure, I was able to get the Movement box set for 76 USD with delivery!

Woodsey Niles

Although this offer is tempting, my luck getting Amazon deliveries to Chicago from the UK has been brutal. 4 of my last 8 orders have disappeared in transit, and of those which I did receive, 2 of the packages were brutally handled, just short of destroyed. The vendors were nice enough to give me refunds but it’s not fair to them either. More than one of them told me I’m not the only one who has had this problem and that it might affect whether or not they will continue to ship internationally. I assume the problem is either on the UK side or in US customs because I never have a problem with domestic deliveries.


I’ve had similar issues with orders from Amazon UK to California. Packages beaten, often very late or missing…. last I got Bowie’s Loving The Alien in a trashed, and partially decomposed water damaged at some point box. The contents were ok, beyond a dented, rounded corner, not worth returning to repeat the process, but in mentioning it to Amazon customer service, there was a lot of apathy, got a credit, but I really had to fight them on the issue, the damage was avoidable if it was packaged properly. I have not had the same issues fom independent vendors, just Amazon directly, slow service, poor packaging, damage, very frustrating. One would expect ordering directly would be more reliable, but no.

Timm Davison

Woodsey, I’ve had that problem as well. More than a couple boxes of vinyl from Amazon UK have been poorly packed – loose in the box, with very little bubble packing or padding of any kind. Luckily, nothing damaged yet, but, I’m sure it will happen eventually.

Chris S

Had the very same problems with Amazon UK this year. Been using them for a long time, but this year has seen a big rise in damaged & lost packages. Probably half my orders have had to be returned or replaced. Poor packaging is main reason, but it is terribly inconsistent how they send items (I only buy vinyl). I don’t why their standards have dropped so sharply recently.

BTW Paul: Kinks – Arthur Deluxe is huge disappointment, small box, CD only.


@Woodsley Niles:
I order from the UK to Canada. Never had an issue. Must be Universally Sh__ty Pathetic Service.
I ordered something from the US. Shipped by USPS. It went to London, UK first! This after stuck in LAX for 3-4 days!

Roberto R

Morrissey Low in High School clear vinyl € 8.00 amazon.it


Last time I checked Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood is something like £24.50 on Amazon UK.

David Bourgoin

You probably need to check again then as it’s a long way away from £24.50

stephen maynard

Surely a format issue? the offer here relates to the blu ray audio price not the cd deluxed box set ?


@Stephen Maynard:
There is no stand alone BR. Single CD, 4CD/BR, vinyl and deluxe vinyl.
Amazon doesn’t know how to categorize multiple format box sets.


Roger Waters green vinyl version of Is This The Life We Really Want is £18 on Amazon UK. Watch out for the forthcoming cinema showing of the Us and Them tour – the concerts were stunning.


Marillion’s Brave 5 LP set is £46 on Amazon Uk.

Roll on for the Fugazi set, which I read somewhere is going to be at the end of the Marillion reissue schedule


Hi Paul, ordered Marillion last night. Order accepted and order number given but the item is “temporarily out of stock”. Will it be ever delivered ?

Sean Daly

Just ordered the Marillion boxset at £21.60 but now says temporarily out of stock, but order has been placed !! – bugger !!
So if they get anymore back in stock, will I still get it at this price, as “order has been placed” at this price???
And will I have already been debited for this, even though it is out of stock?

Phil Robinson

Brave by marillion is only £24.24 too for the box set with bluray

Larry Davis

yeah I went to the 3rd party sellers regarding T’Pau cuz that Amazon price went up to 32 pounds…saw the 17 pound sellers, but the “Bridge Of Spies” box was being sold 60 & up…would like to order both as a set…went to eBay, saw it for 48, then on Discogs, saw it for 24…will order both by Friday…sometimes it has to hit you in a certain mood…as for Heaven 17, turns out the signed 10CD boxsets are still available or a copy has become available…so I may order that next week if it’s still there…and if it is, I will buy the keepsake booklet from you, Paul…

Jim Ellison

Joshua Tree double cd ordered at £7:99 bargain. Thanks for the heads up Paul

Darren Bergstein

Though I never was the biggest Marillion enthusiast, the price was too good to pass up to give it a shot. Ordered!

Chris Topham

I’ve had a Mint sealed copy of the T’Pau set up for grabs on eBay for about a month, priced at £17.99 with free shipping; no takers at all. Bizarre.

William Christie

how come when you click on the deal for heaven 17 it comes up at £53?

Antony Smith

T’Pau available from secondary sellers for £19

John Orr

Thank you Paul! Marillion set ordered.

Richard B.

Paul, thanks, picked up Marillion. Initial reviews stated ,not as good as prior deluxe set. Price makes it worth a listen. Cheers.


@Richard B
Only objection I have about the CaS box set is leaving out several tracks on the 2CD 1999 remaster second CD [but on the BR].
The remix of the album freshened it up a bit.


T’Pau now £32.78 :-(


It’s still possible to get it for just shy of £20 from third party sellers on Amazon.

Joseph Bartram

Thanks for this got u2 and marrilion for under 30 quid already have multiple editions of the joshua tree.


@Joseph Bartram:

Well, haven’t we all? I just counted and think i have it five times so far.

1. Original Vinyl LP from 1987
2. First CD-release, also from 1987 but bought some years later because i haven’t got a cd-player in ’87
3. 20th anniversary box from 2007 bought some years later in a sale
4. 30th anniversary 2-cd from 2017, bought a year later in a sale
5. 30th anniversary box from 2017, bought some weeks ago in a sale

Made a quick calculation and came to the conclusion that i spent about EUR 100 on this one album alone so far.

SDE-readers are crazy people sometimes.


That is an incredible price for an excellent reset of music and top quality box set!
If people don’t have it already you should snap it up!!!

Mr X

Crap I just missed this last night.

I was listening to nighthawks on u tube and thought I’d treat myself.
Back up to £56


Snapped up Marillion. Never really listened to them but for a little over £20 for a nice looking set I’ll give it a go. Thanks Paul.


Would the cd-edition of the H17-box please stand up and go down to GBP 40? ;-)


As an occasional Prince fan I hope the originals set meets this set’s price too. Im keen on that but not at the price

Jon Mansfield

Don’t worry about box set. Get the black vinyl of Originals. Best release in a long time…


Grateful for the heads-up, Paul – T’Pau boxset snapped up!