This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: PiL / The Public Image Is Rotten 6LP super deluxe – £48

Bargain for the massive 6LP vinyl box which comes with a download card and includes a 72-page book, poster, prints and come packaged in a ‘debossed’ black and gold foil box.

GERMANY: Springsteen / The Ties That Bind 4CD+2 blu-ray €48

Suede / The Blue Hour box set details revealed

GERMANY: Suede / The Blue Hour 2CD+2LP+DVD €26

GIVEAWAY price for the Suede box, given that this includes 2LP vinyl, the CD edition, a bonus ‘specially mastered instrumental CD’ of The Blue Hour, a bonus track, Manipulation, on seven-inch vinyl, and DVD featuring album commentary from the the band, lyric sheets ‘and more’.

GERMANY: The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead 3CD+DVD €26

GERMANY: Kate Bush / Remastered in Vinyl III  €36

6LP set. Three double albums: Aerial, Director’s Cut and 50 Words For Snow.

UK: Paul McCartney & Wings / Red Rose Speedway super deluxe – £114 £145

Enormous McCartney package that comprises SIX discs (3CD+2DVD+blu-ray) along with a veritable library of books.

UK: The Killers / Career Box 10LP vinyl set – £104

This includes the alternate US version of debut Hot Fuss (2004) and goes right up to last year’s Wonderful Wonderful. Odds and sods compilation Sawdust is also included, as is 2009’s Live From The Royal Albert Hall (exclusive to the box).


UK: The Beatles / The White Album 4LP deluxe – £61

Features 2018 stereo remix plus two LPs of ‘Esher Demos’. The 2LP edition is also discounted to £25 while the 6CD+blu-ray super deluxe is down to £87.

UK: The Beatles / Sgt Pepper super deluxe – £76

UK: Def Leppard / Volume One 9LP vinyl box – £83

Features the band’s eighties output: their first four albums, Live at the LA Forum 1983 and a disc of rarities. Additionally, this includes a recreation of the band’s first EP The Def Leppard EP.

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Managed to get Tangerine Dream on Amazon UK at £45. This morning showing in orders as dispatching , gone this evening after recieved email , cancelled as cannot deliver to P O Box , please reorder with physical address. Strange as every other order has gone to box with no issues. Wasn’t really expecting it to be honoured at that price , but is a bit sneaky.


Mine shipped to the USA for that same price. Don’t think it was a deliberate ploy to not send you the box. Don’t forget Amazon changes their policies all the time. If they had too many issues with PO Boxes, the next day they decide to not ship to PO Boxes anymore. Or perhaps not boxes over a certain weight?


Ordered mine from Amazon.it and am glad that it showed up today. Musicwise the deal of the year so far. About 65 EUR including shipping (from France) made that a must even though it originally was only a can or a maybe, because i already have the two “Virgin Years”-boxes from about five years ago. Also quite well packaged for an Amazon delivery. Outer Amazon-box includes another smaller sealed box (i guess the one that the record company used for sending it to the dealers) that includes the still shrink-wrapped 12″-sized cover in which the book and the discs are sitting. And i also found out while waiting that it includes quite a lot of music that isn’t included in the older sets.


Got mine today. Yes, a lot of music to enjoy plus the Steven Wilson mixes on Blu-Ray. Thanks Mark for this deal.


Thanks for the heads on the Tangerine dream deal.

If it turns up in reasonable condition.

£58 delivered.

Sitting by pool in USA, very happy.

Stephen dC

To my amazement, The GOLD series is going to include Five Star which, if the Amazon listing is correct gives you almost the SDE singles etc for a fiver.

Feeling a bit conned buying the remix anthology for £10 now….[not really]

Gary Smith

I’d feel conned paying a fiver ;-)


Tangerine Dream box set €57 on Amazon Italy at the minute.
Hendrix ‘Electric Ladyland’ box set now just €30 on Amazon Spain.


Tangerine Dream still available – great value for a reasonable price. Thanks for the heads-up!


Paul do you ever do US amazon deals??

Tom m hans

I preordered Tangerine Dream and Vangelis Boxes. I never regretted it. Same with the Jethro Tull SDEs. I never look back, maybe with the Kate Bush CD Boxes, ah well, win some, lose some. Peace.

Wayne Olsen

Rule#1. Don’t ever preorder anything. You’ll save tons of money waiting for The inevitable deal.
Rule#2. Ignore rule#1.

Damn! I missed that PiL deal. I really want that. Waiting for New Order Movement to come down to 30 pounds ha!

Timm Davison

Yah, I missed the PiL deal as well. It’s 69 pounds on Amazon UK currently. Oh well…next time round!


In addition to the UK price, the Sgt. Pepper Super Deluxe is also currently at Amazon US for $83.84. Not bad at all!

Michael John

Curious, since The Killers are from the US, wouldn’t the UK version of the first album be considered the “alternate”? ; )

John Orr

I and many others got the Sgt Pepper deluxe boxset last July (2018) from Amazon Germany for £55 inc postage. It was the deal of the year for me, apart from Amazon UK’s January sale. And true, like some have said, it’s taking the gamble. Sometimes you save money, sometimes not. And yes, wish I’d discovered SDE back in 2014 or 15, I could’ve snapped up a few boxsets cheap at the time, such as TFFs’ SFTBC. Ah well, the search and waiting continues, just like any other hobby.

Geoff D

I alerted Paul to the PiL deal at about 09:30 this morning and he sent the email out at 13:10 so it was active for at least 3 hours. Of course, the more people that visit the product page, the greater the risk of Amazon increasing the price.

Jarmo Keranen

I thought you are awake 24/7!


I it normal that prices for some of these items have gone up only a couple of hours after the SDE Alert mail has been sent?
– Suede 40€ iso 26€
– PIL £69 iso £48
– Bush 50€ iso 36€
– Killers £140 iso £104
Just wondering if it’s a ‘the higher the demand, the higher the price’ thing, cause it happens frequently. Not a critique, just a genuine question.


I kick myself for not getting the TFF – Songs from the Big Chair SDE at or soon after its release. It’s always over £100 these days it seems.

Craig Hedges

Me too, Considering the amount of interest I’m surprised Universal hasn’t done a reissue.

Gunther S

I am also still searching for SFF super deluxe for an affordable price.

Mr X

How long was the pil offer going for – 10 minutes?

Already up to £68

Richard Magill

PiL is now £68 on Amazon Uk

Mark G

Managed to grab that PIL one before it went back up (£68 now), thanks!

Stephen Graham

Just bought the PIL vinyl box but I paid £62.99
Its since gone up to £68.99
When I bought the price on the item was £56 but when I bought it the price was higher.

paul wren

Springsteen / The Ties That Band – should read “The Ties That Bind”.

Jim Cargill

Am I alone in thinking that the Red Rose Speedway set is way overpriced even at this new lower cost of £114? Especially in the light of Sgt Pepper at £76 and the White Album at £61? I appreciate nice books, package, etc but it is the musical content that is important to me.

Tim Barton

The Kate Bush sets are finally coming down av Amazon Japan. I got the first two, just ordered the third but waiting for stock. IV on the way.

That Suede box looks tempting!

Jonathan Riley

Amazon italy has tangerine dream set for 57.08 euros before shipping. Comes out to $80 shipped but its currently unavailable

Tim Barton

That’s an excellent deal!

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Thanks for that Jonathan, ordered, not bothered about the waiting, as long as they come up with the goods. I’m gonna sell my Tangerine Dream Virgin sets to offset the cost.


@Golden Age…:

I’d keep at least the second “Virgin Years”-box because it has material that isn’t included in the “…Hades”-box.


Thank you Jonathan … ordered in search of Hades for $76 shipped to the US. They wii probably ship this from England … at least I hope so.


Thanks Jonathan!!! Got it…..assuming they replenish their supply.


Thanks Jonathan! Grabbed the Hades in Italy. Hope Amazon.it sends and it gets well to Brazil.

David white

Not a mega deal but Ian Dury Do it yourself deluxe box set currently at £53 on amazon.co.uk

Alan B

I know I’ve banged on about this before but it needs mentioning again – the postage fees charged by some retailers/distributors and postal service they use. I pre-ordered a signed version of The Murder Capital new coloured vinyl LP from their web store which is operated by Sandbag. They charged £5.99 postage which was as advertised as first class post – which is excessive. They posted it second class post so I was charged 6 quid to post a parcel which costs half that to post. To make matters worse they posted it the day before the album’s release date (as is their policy for pre orders). Second class post takes 2 days (on a good day) to get to you so they ensuring that as an official handler of the band’s web store a fan won’t get the album on its official release date.

A week ago I emailed their “friendly and helpful (quote Sandbag) customer service team who promise to respond within 24 hours and put these points to them asking for their comments. I’m still waiting on a reply. I had an issue a couple of years ago when I informed them a parcel hadn’t turned up and again they ignored me.

I purchased the TC&I cd from Burning Shed who charged and stated it would be posted first class but guess what it was posted second class. Not the first time this has happened with them either but at least their postage charges aren’t as outrageous as Sandbag.

Domino Records also do the same as Sandbag – charge £5.70 for an LP first class but post second class. At least they ship their pre-orders early enough to get them on release day.

On a positive note Townsend have adjusted their postage rate and offer various options at more reasonable prices so that is good.

The items I order from them are usually exclusive items so I have no choice to get them somewhere else.

The Golden Age Of High Quality LP Packaging

I agree Paul. I have been selling lots of unwanted box sets/LPs and 1st class is £4, 2nd Class is £3. That is all I charge, packaging I provide free, yes I get lots of LP mailers (Amazon, SDE & JPC are good quality) with my numerous LP purchases but the cost of parcel tape, bubble wrap, printing mounts up. Not to mention petrol taking the packages to the Post Office.

Stuart Ansell

Hi Paul, I think any of us who have purchased things from you will attest to how well things are packaged – and that’s the way to get repeat business. These things are noticed and appreciated, as are the less scrupulous – it’s the small details that make for happy customers!!!

Have a great weekend everyone x


I second what Stuart says.
I received Joan As Police Woman today and it was very well packaged with care. Thank you Paul.

Phil Aston

I bought the Tangerine Dream box set for £106 a few days ago (I did not see it drop further). It is well worth the money and I don’t think it will be around for much longer.

Andre Denis

It is almost everywhere sold out but you can order it still directly from Tangerine Dream web shop.


… and, of course, still available direct from the SDE shop.


Amazon Germany seems to have decent prices on some things:

Bruce Springsteen on Broadway 4 X LP is €26


Bruce Springsteen The Ties That Bind (Blu Ray version) is €48


How low can the Kate Bush Vinyl III go? It’s currently €33 for 3 double albums


The Smiths The Queen Is Dead CD box is €26. My son, who is off to University soon, is constantly singing songs from this album. It’s great to see good music go from one generation to the next. Billy Bragg spoke eloquently about Morrissey recently at the Folk on the Tyne festival at The Sage. Regardless of Morrissey’s views nowadays, The Smiths music is still brilliant.



Thanks Quante, I bought Bruce Springsteen Ties … a very good price!


Wish ac/dc would do issue a sde of Back In Black
Any inside info. as to why some bands don’t issue any sde’s Paul?

Tom m hans

What happened really to Brian Jones?


Hi there, The Manic Street preachers everything Must Go SDE is at 23,99 EUR on Amazon Germany. I have finally pulled the trigger :)

David Tomlinson

Sandy Denny ‎– Studio Outtakes – Home Demos – Unheard Songs – Complete Studio Recordings is almost unfindable for less than $750. One good reason for buying on pre-release.

Tony O

The problem with waiting is that there will be truly limited editions that will be sold out and deleted and we would have missed them, thats the Gamble

John Orr

Disappointed by the lack of great deals this year so far, (depending on your musical taste of course) last year was better. As for the Paul McCartney/Wings deal for example, it was cheaper from Amazon.com back in Dec./Jan. Picked it up for £88 inc. import fees. Appreciate the alerts though, like others, prepared to wait longer for that next strike off the list. Interestingly, Wings Wildlife deluxe has never even been below £100 anywhere has it?


Wings Wild Life deluxe was offered for around the same price as Red Rose Speedway deluxe in Dec. from Amazon.com. I got it for £85 including import fees.


Amazon UK lowered the Tangerine Dream box (11 discs) to 55 pounds 2 days ago. I quickly bought it. It said it wasn’t available at the time but now it is and it’s scheduled to be shipped. It’s back at 125 pounds now but keep an eye out. It’s sold out anywhere else so these must be the very last copies.


You got to be kidding me on a 55 pound price….that’s painful to miss. Congrats though!

Steven Roberts

If it only has 11 discs then that explains why it was only £55 – my box set has 18 :)


Haha, yes, 18 of course!


@Kauwgompie – I’m reliably informed that it’s being repressed so I suspect Amazon had the opportunity to reduce some of the new batch.
I also noticed that it had risen to #9 in their music bestseller lists while that incredible reduction was in place.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

What’s the situation with The Kinks ‘Arthur’ SDE Paul? Is it only going to be available from their site or will retailers such as Amazon have it on sale.


Yes…got one for £58 and due for delivery today….made price


I wondered why Paul didn’t do a Deal Alert for the Tangerine Dream set, seeing as it was up for almost a day on Amazon so not a blink and you’ll miss it thing. Someone had even updated the Hades page here with early news of the stupidly low price and as all comments are moderated before posting Paul had to have seen it. Then I realised – Not going to sell many at £125 on the SDE shop if everyone piles in at £58 from Amazon. What’s the phrase here…? Ah, yes – Conflict of interest.

Will this get posted? I very much doubt it.


I wonder where Amazon UK gets its pricing from. Its extremely erratic. As a hobby I sorta keep track of boxes before and after I buy them. Since a few months Amazon USA charges tax that Trump forced on us after his feud w Jeff Bezos. Especially for box sets that makes a big difference. So as a USA resident since a few months I buy most of my stuff from Amazon UK because there is no US tax, the VAT gets deducted and the shipping price is almost always the same as buying from one of the 3rd party sellers on Amazon USA where I almost always bought from before the dreaded “Trump” tax.

So I have been keeping track of the Tangerine Dream box. It went from £125 to out of print to back in print for £110 then down to £106, then down to £56, then unavailable, and back available for £125 and now again unavailable and still £125. Who makes up this pricing? It makes no sense.

I also keep track of the new 2cd Apollo of Brian Eno. It goes from £14.99 to £17.99 and back almost every day. On Amazon USA it is $33 (outrageous) every day since it’s release. Pricing in USA is very even. The UK is all over the place which is great so all you need to do is wait for it to go down one day. The Simple Minds Rejuvenation goes from £64 to £59 and back every day. In the USA it is always $64. Just curious who and what determines the UK pricing.

Chris Squires

I do love a conspiracy theory Replicant. However you don’t seem to know Paul very well, he regularly (I can’t say “always” as no-one but Paul sees all the posts) posts replies that are negative to SDE or sometimes negative to Paul personally. I regularly see posts that I wouldn’t have had the good grace to put up if it were my site.

Still I hope you feel better for it.


Some people seem to think Paul has unlimited time and resources.
You are doing a great job Paul, imagine there’s lots of relevant things to do, putting irons in the fire for future features and doing things like the TFF features this week,as well as checking on prices of current releases.
Even though I spend too much on music, this is one of 3 sites I look at as soon as I wake up and always on and off during the day too!

Roberto R

its 86,05 € on amazon.it now


Bit unfair to have a pop at Paul over one websites reduced prices – you can’t expect him to monitor all prices. Deals pop up and disappear all the time – if you get a bargain good for you and pass it on for us all to share. I’ve got many a bargain from Paul’s updates so really appreciate all his efforts.

Steve j

I’ve held back on a few new release super deluxe box sets on release hoping for a decent price drop after a while.Point in question Tangerine Dream In search of Hades for a limited time on Amazon this week £58


Sometimes I could almost hate this site … just parted with around £200 to buy all 3 Beatles Super Deluxe sets whilst they are cheap! Sgt Peppers is also discounted if you haven’t got it yet ..


Not everything ends up cheaper. The erasure “from Moscow to mars” box set and the new order vinyl of the singles being examples. Sometimes waiting pays off though :)


Wouldn’t mind a discounted Def Leppard – Volume Two on CD….


Totally agree, been watching this one since pre-release and hoping for a decent price, as the £83 that HMV/FOPP are looking for is hugely excessive imho


Pretty reasonable at Amazon in the US. Not sure how that translates overseas but $67 here.

Lou Jenkins

Thanks Paul, McCartney in the bag – That’s another beer that I owe you!!!!



andrew r

Is there anything worth paying for on the day of release?
i own all the above at full(ish) ticket price but i am increasingly putting off purchasing
sets on the basis that in 6 months they will probably be half price.
Example i ordered and cancelled Abbey rd. These superdeluxe sets never really sell out.
Another example the guns and roses set .

Timm Davison

I wonder if that’s why collections are increasingly becoming ‘exclusive to [name the website]’. For example, I don’t really want to pay full price for the Factory Use Hearing Protection box set, but if it’s exclusive to Rhino UK, then I’ve really no options for a discount later on, do I? If that’s the way the vendors can charge full price for box sets, expect that to become increasingly the norm.

Tony M.

I agree with you Andrew R, if you’re patient you can save plenty of money. No real reason to buy anything on release unless you absolutely can’t wait, or you know without a doubt that it will sell out. I haven’t pre-ordered Abbey Road for that reason.

Michael Graff

Unless you wanted the Dead or Alive set.


Yep, I bought bought CD and clear vinyl amazon exclusive sets of the Dead or Alive boxes and glad I didn’t wait. They’re one of a handful of artists I wouldn’t wait for though, the others being Cinderella and post Hunter Mott (though the chances of getting anything else from both of these is remote!). Anything else, I’ll take a chance on because limited doesn’t seem to be that limited these days in most cases.

Mike M

It’s all very well waiting for a price drop but some releases will sell out. Take the Pepper reissues, the deluxe boxset is still available but the double LP isn’t available anywhere. What format you are after comes into it and for that reason I have pre ordered the Abbey Road 3LP boxset, limited in number (though probably in the thousands) it’s still not going to be around forever and it’s not overly expensive so I’m happy to buy it now, sometimes I just CBA playing the waiting game, each to their own.


Sod’s law that the ones you really want never get reduced – I kick myself for not getting Springsteen’s The Promise and Belinda Carlisle’s anthology sets when they were released.