This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

ZZ Top / Goin’ 50 – 5LP vinyl – £22

Crazy price for the recently released 50-track, 5LP vinyl box set.

GERMANY: John Lennon / Imagine 2CD deluxe – €9.99

This two-CD deluxe set offers 26 – count ’em – bonus tracks. Superb value (it’s also £12 in the UK).

GERMANY Springsteen on Broadway 4LP vinyl box – €31

Lenny Kravitz / Mama Said 2CD Deluxe Edition

GERMANY: Lenny Kravitz / Mama Said 2CD deluxe – €4.99

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3×2 on selected vinyls and CD’s at amazon.es until September 30th.


Hotel California: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition in amazon Italy at 53 € https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B076BWHMDP/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A11IL2PNWYJU7H&psc=1


Suede coloured vinyl box set appears to be available from Amazon UK £138
Ordereda copy and due tomorrow so will see if it is as advertised and not the normal black vinyl version –

Studio Albums 93 – 16 (Amazon Exclusive) [VINYL] https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07HF72W8H/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_7SNADbEQHW59H

Chris Squires

From my post about 15 down below.

It got down to £114 a couple of days ago. I resisted as I already have one but it’s odd that they should appear now. It’ll be interesting to see what number turns up for you as they are numbered. Have they been saving up the returns? I don’t think it’s been re-pressed. It’s been 3rd party sellers only at £229 for the last 7 months. Interesting.


The suede box has just popped us £100….

Bob Peel

It’s now £100

Chris Squires

Martin, Black or coloured? If coloured what number was it if it is numbered? If unnumbered it must be a silent re-press…..

Gary Shepherd

Hi, I bought one yesterday and it was numbered. Guess they didn’t sell very well. Haven’t opened it yet, but I’m guessing I’ll need a replacement for Night Thoughts?


Hi Chris
Got a coloured vinyl set but didn’t notice anything indicated numbered edition. I actually had a replacement order yesterday as original had damaged sleeves and again no numbered edition that I can see


Hi, I’ve just got the coloured vinyl set from Amazon this week. Mine was numbered. The number was on the base of the box.

Bruce N

I bought the coloured box set from Amazon. It arrived in one of those plastic bags that they sometimes use. The box the vinyl is housed in was open within the bag (as the box was unsealed) and had lots of scuffs. The replacement came yesterday in a massively over sized box with a tiny bit of scrunched paper. The vinyl box was just about sealed [though the cellophane was ripped in places] but because it had been so loose in the box, there were scuffs on the box. The packaging is all over the place with Amazon products and I can’t believe anyone would genuinely think either packing a vinyl box set in a plastic bag or an oversized box is a good idea. DMG though have been good and they are sending out a replacement copy for Night Thoughts. I wonder how many of these sets Amazon have lying round?


Correction to my earlier reply – had a look around the box and found that it is numbered on the base of the box – number 729/1000

Chris Squires

How very odd, that it should have been noted as “unavailable” for quite a while. Can’t quite work out why they wouldn’t have wanted to sell stock when the secondary seller market was asking £200+.

The only thing that leaps out is that it could have been an inventory issue. Maybe they just mislaid some, it happens, Cherry Red do it regularly and logistics is harder than we would imagine once humans get involved. No other reason to hold that many back to try and sell them months later at a lower price. I could imagine a shop doing that if the price settled higher but not to sell it lower. i.e at £100

So very odd.

Gary Shepherd

Maybe they pulled it after all the complaints, and are now just quietly trying to clear stock? Still haven’t checked, but I assume Night Thoughts is a mispress like all the others.


Many thanks Paul – got in quick on ZZ Top yesterday. Delivered this morning. Unfortunately damaged – sent in a box FAR too big with standard token sheet of scrunched up paper. Amazon will replace of course but you would think they would have learnt by now and got some boxes made more suitable for box sets? They must be inundated with returns every day – or do people not bother and just accept the damage?

Rich G

Hi Paul. TRAFFIC The Studio Albums 1967-74 [VINYL BOX], down to £100.44 on amazon.co.uk. at the moment. Cheapest it’s been I think.


I was lucky and managed to get one of the ZZ Top sets. Thanks Paul.


ZZ bagged. Many thanks Paul.


I just got the ZZ top in time as it’s back to £63.99!


ZZ Top box set ordered Paul, crazy good price, too cheap to pass up. Cheers once again pal


yeah ZZ top literally changed price in my basket!

Joe Embleton

ZZ Top offer ended. Did not last long!


Was just in time for the 22 price. Got confirmation in the mail. Although I have most of the pre Eliminator stuff on vinyl this price was too good to miss. Still find it strange that one of the best ZZ Top songs Blue Jean Blues is missing on this set.


ZZ top says £22 but basket says £63 now

Joe Embleton

ZZ Top bought! what a bargain! Cheers Paul!


ZZ Top box set ordered. Incredible price! Thanks a lot Paul for this fantastic deal alert.


Zz top ‘Going 50’ 5 LP box just £22 on Amazon – normally £60 plus. Absolute bargN


Cheers Paul, just grabbed in time – all gone at that price from the looks of it.Bargain doesn’t begin to cover it!

Chris Squires

Even though I promised the Mrs. that I wouldn’t buy any more box sets £22 is too good a price to miss out on. Thank you Paul I & Paul II.

Also if you missed out on this and are still interested the Suede Coloured Vinyl box set that had long since disappeared is currently £116 through Am UK. It means having to get night thoughts replacement discs, if they are still doing those but £116 is better than £200+ in the secondary market



Thanks for the Lennon heads-up. Some XTC vinyl has been reduced to £16.99 on Amazon today – Skylarking, Apple Venus I and II.


Springsteen Broadway is now 30€, I wonder why it goes up and down?
I haven’t bought the set yet as I saw some not so good comments of the pressing over at the discogs. Anybody got it and could share some views?


Springsteen Deal is back for €30,95


Pete Townshend Who Came First Limited 45th 2 CD Edition only 12,99 € on Amazon Germany.

Glen Buchanan

This is for Paul, Has Are You Gonna Go My Way ever been reissued on vinyl?

Robert Frampton-Fell

Currently available on Amazon .co.uk


Hi Paul
I don’t know if this if the king of thing you highlight but for those with more “adventurous” taste in music Burning World Records are having 10 euro vinyl sale at Discogs. I’ve nothing to do with the label but have bought from them several times and always had great service. There are some excellent deals on there including doubles and box sets!


Sprignsteen is gone. 54.99€ now
Thanks anyway, Paul


Lenny Kravitz – Mama Said (21st AnniversaryMama Said (21st Anniversary Deluxe Edition) 2CD https://amzn.to/2LcgNxC in amazon Germany at 4,99 €


uDiscover store have a 2 for £15 offer on some vinyl at the moment. I picked up the bet of Big Star, Weller Heavy Soul & More Modern Classics and an Elliot Smith LP for £35 with postage


“Currently not available.
Be notified of our eCourier if the product can be ordered.”

Thanks for the Deal, Paul. Last night i got this marvellous box set.


I remember the Nicks and Bush deluxe sets i had ordered from jpc and vowed to never ever use them again.


How would people spend €125 for 4 discs, a book, and some fillers. Did Paul McCartney advise him? :-)


thx Paul,orderd! prefer JPC for box sets,better packaging,never had damaged boxsets with them,Amazon on the other hand….

Robert Laversuch

Bagged it -ta muchly


This Deluxe box can be bought at Amazon.de for 32 euro without costs for posting, so cheaper then at JPC


Thanks Paul, ordered this great set!!


Wow, ordered! Thanks!

Donal O'Connell


It is also up in Amazon uk for £25.


Great, thanks Paul!!


Got it today … beautiful thing. Thanks