This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Yazoo / Four Pieces 4LP vinyl box – £46

This averaged around £70-80 for a long time, but the 4LP Yazoo set – which contains both albums remastered, a LP of remixes and an LP of radio sessions – is now the cheapest it has been at just £46.

UK: Grateful Dead / Portland Memorial Coliseum 5/19/74 6LP set – £36

Now That's What I Call Music 4 / 2CD

UK: Various Artists / Now 4 2CD set – £7.99

Good pre-order price for the forthcoming reissue of the 1984 compilation.


USA: David Bowie / Loving The Alien 15LP vinyl box – $108 (approx £80)

Fantastic price in America for the vinyl edition of the 2018 David Bowie box set. If you live in the UK and are tempted, this price equates to £107 shipped, including import duties (by way of comparison the UK price is £155).

UK: The Police / Every Move You Make: Studio Recordings 6CD box – £17

Not a ‘deal’ as such, but this pre-order price for the forthcoming six-CD set remastered Police set – complete with ‘Flexible Strategies’ bonus disc, is too good to miss.

a-ha / Hunting High And Low 4CD set

UK: a-ha/ Hunting High and Low 4CD set – £15

Another pre-order that offers incredible value. This is the super deluxe of a-ha‘s Hunting High and Low minus the DVD, so you get more or less ‘everything’. Remastered album, B-sides, 12-inch remixes, 25 demos and a version of the album taken from alternative versions of each track. Down to £15 which is the lowest so far.

GERMANY: INXS / Kick 30 4CD set – €17.99

Kick 25 was so bad, it’s easy to forget quite how GOOD Kick 30 is. Three CDs made up of remastered album and basically ALL the remixes, and then a Giles Martin Dolby Atmos surround mix on the blu-ray. For less than €18 it’s a complete steal.

GERMANY: The Cure / Mixed Up 3CD deluxe – €7.99

Great triple disc Cure package. This features a newly remastered version of the original set on disc one, a further CD of extra remixes (either from the original era, or from 1990) and a final CD of brand new Robert Smith ‘Torn Down’ remixes.


The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3CD+Blu-ray box set

UK: The Beatles / Abbey Road 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe – £76

About a tenner cheaper than it was a few weeks ago. The book is beautifully done.

R.E.M. Automatic For The People 25th anniversary reissue - 4-disc super deluxe edition

ITALY: REM / Automatic For The People 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe – €30


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HMV Westfield Shep Bush

Pete Townsend Who Came First Deluxe £11.99 from £24.99
Soundgarden Live from the Artist Den 4 LP Set £34.99 from £73.99


Bowie box price is now down to $100.

Mike M

Some online offers would be nice lads. Some of us live miles away from the nearest HMV.


Most of if not all the HMV offers were also online via their own website. I got yellow submarine soundtrack on vinyl for £11.99 from their website and free p&p

Peter Stanton

I feel a bit like our Aussie friends. I live on the Isle of Wight, nearest HMV Winchester or Worthing. No deals for me .


Stephen Hance

Several bargains from HMV and Fopp over last week. RnR Circus vinyl for 25, Coltrane 63 vinyl for 70. But best of all today, from HMV Manchester, Johnny Cash Unearthed vinyl, 366 (!) down to 149.


Fopp today
Soft Cell live at O2… 2xCD + DVD.
Reduced from £20 to £6.


Popped into HMV in Staines today. Lots of the vinyl deals as mentioned in other posts still available (Macca, Stones, Elton etc). I picked up the PiL The Public Image is Rotten CD/DVD set for £28.99 (to go with my vinyl box…), Glenn Frey CD/DVD set for a tenner and Little Steven Soulfire Live 3CD for a tenner.

Paul Taylor

HMV in Edinburgh this morning:

Travis-The Man Who £9.99
Travis-Live At Glastonbury £14.99
Fairport – Unbricking pink vinyl £9.99
Kaiser Chiefs -Duck £9.99
All vinyl
Passed on McCartney & Stones triples as wary of Egypt Station based on mixed reviews and how many Stones compilations does one need?

Dean Taylor

Pay day bonanza…
Stone rock and roll Circus £24.99
Mccartney Egypt Station explores £14.99
Nirvana live at the Paramount £14.99
All at Harlow HMV
Been on the list for ages .. so thanks to all for the tipb off.


Sounds of the 80s (1980-1983) 3CD box set now only £2.99 at Amazon UK.


The Super Deluxe for Prince’s 1999 (10xLP/DVD) is £157 on Amazon UK at the moment. Comes out to about $173 US. Cheaper than Amazon US and Amazon Canada.


Well spotted thanks Ben. Have been waiting for a half descent price before committing


ABBA Voulez Vous 2x half cut. £12.99
James Brown, Goodfoot double £12.99
Travis, Man Who 2xCD £2.99
Gomez Liquid 2xCD £2.99



I picked up a Sgt Pepper pic disc for £15 in Fopp Covent Garden, great staff, the guy serving me told me a lot of people buy 2 when prices drop & blames the buy one get one free culture, anyone other SDE readers buy 2 just because they’re discounted? Where do they put them all?


A word of warning on the HMV deals they are store dependant not every store has the same items reduced, Canterbury no Macca or Stones bar Honk reduced. Asked at counter and was told each store has different reductions. Picked up 5 Elton early albums £9.99 each reduced from £23.99 upwards. They had 4 Janet Jackson deluxe 2lp sets at £12.99 each, Rory Gallagher Blues Vinyl £12.99 (cheaper than the CD!)

Martin Power

They told me similar in the store but that the reductions in Universal items are national – I just took a punt today on my way between other things (I typically don’t get a look in!!) Worth a try


Janets albums were £14:99 in my local HMV. Maybe living that bit closer to London justifies a couple pound more? Must say I was disappointed with the Rhythm Nation pressing sound wise. Not awful but not great. Also got Housemartins London 0 Hull 4 for £9:99 on vinyl


And the HMV bonanaza continues. Edinburgh (Ocean Terminal) had pretty much all the previous mentions but in addition I bagged
Bob Dylan – Basement Tapes Vinyl Box – £42.99
James Brown – Get On The Good Foot 2 x Vinyl £12.99, Slaugther’s Big Rip Off £9.99, Black Ceaser £9.99
Rolling Stones On Air 2 x vinyl £14.99
Eno – Another Green World £9.99
Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear £7.99
Moody Blues In Search Of The Lost Chord Box £21.99
Cure – Mixed Up £7.99
Lots of nice items at £2.99
Boz Scaggs – Out Of The Blue £4.99 is a wee gem too
Skint but happy


Enigma Limited Edition vinyl records 7.99 euros in amazon.de right now

Martin Power

Early Christmas pressie for me called into HMV in Redcar between meetings and picked up some real bargains
McCartney Egypt travellers vinyl £15
McCartney RR Speedway deluxe vinyl £20
McCartney Wild Deluxe vinyl £20
Honk Stones Vinyl £18
Abba Voulez Vous 1)2 speed remaster £13!!!
Stones Circus deluxe vinyl £25!!!
Specials col vinyl double £18

Winner – Now to hide from wife!!


Amazing price (16,99€) for the soon to be released 4 CD edition of Mercury Rev’s “All is dream” here: https://amzn.to/360m1ps


any time : )


Picked up def leppard vol 1 cd box set £28.99 hmv on line

Larry Davis

Waiting for the CD Volume 2 box to pricedrop…currently $69.99 on Amazon US…anticipating what Volumes 3 & 4 will include…

thomas solimine

Next month Bowie issues a 700 cd box set of every noise he ever recorded in a handy box set for $12,000. When does it end? This catalog has been milked for every last dime. No, I guess not as they keep coming.


I got the cd set of the Bowie box when it came out…which is good for me. but it is funny that recently the cd box has soared in price to where the vinyl was originally while the vinyl price has dropped in the u.s. to lower than the cd set was originally.


Police albums from the vinyl box set are being released as standalone vinyls at about GBP17 from amazon. Due 8th Nov.


No surprise on the Bowie box as it is by far the weakest of the lot. Wish they’d unleash the ‘Never Let Me Down’ ’08 version and release it as a standalone vinyl. Amazing interpretation of the album and justice done to the tracks. Maybe they should tackle ‘Hours’ in the next box set :-)


Ok so a new NOW! reissue, what is being omitted this time around, someone who didnt pay their taxea? Got a speeding ticket?


Just been to the Fopp and HMV stores in Glasgow – some really keen price cuts. The following stood out…

The Beatles – Sgt Pepper pic disc £15 (only saw this in Fopp)
Gomez – Liquid Skin – 2CD – £3
McCartney – Red Rose Speedway and Wild Life 2LP – £19.99 (down from £42! – they had a few of the former but only one of the latter)
Spice Girls – Greatest Hits picture disc £9.99
Travis – The Man Who 2CD – £2.99

Fopp were doing an offer by which you could have the deluxe of Madonna’s “Madame X” for £5 but only with another purchase. Also some price cuts on a couple of recent Metallica CD reissues (2 and 3CD editions) and Pete Townsend’s deluxe “Who Came first” down to £12.

Get in!

John McCann

Thanks Caroline will Pop into fopp on Saturday as im taking my boy max to taco bell which is across the road,its the fopp next to the cathouse not Byers road.will probably get the McCartney lps,£20 ok never worth£42 Cheers.


It is the one next to the Cathouse I was in, yes. Good luck!

Dave Glennon

Beatles Anthology DVD is £15 in HMV
REM @ BBC 8 CD £28
Gomez Liquid Skin 2CD £3

Paul M

Would buy all 3 at those prices but no HMV/Fopp in Oxford these days


They do have an online store now although I don’t know whether these offers apply there.


Managed to get the bbc set via hmv online for £28 (search it and it comes up) but the Gomez and Travis are full price online
Thanks for heads up – all still full price on amazon – let’s hope this is a start of great hmv pricing to come

Paul M

Thanks that’s good to know – thought they were only doing online for pre-orders. Lots of “website under construction” notices so must be they’re adding more.
Now, will that REM price last until pay day…?


Whatever happened to the Bowie Loving the Alien CD boxset? It only seems to be available for £130 at Amazon and sold out everywhere else. Did they make fewer copies of this one?
I’d picked up the others for reasonable prices but have missed out in this one.


I was thinking exactly the same when I saw the image & “deal alert” text. Because of the content I expected the cd-box to drop in price quickly and substantially. But that never happened. Still hoping, but I’m not too bothered to miss this one, as this his far from his best work.


I think the Loving The Alien Box was out of print. Now it started to be available again on Amazon UK and USA. Not sure if they printed more or found a forgotten batch somewhere. If they printed more box sets, it may lower in price again. If not, may be wait for the 3 for 2 promo which I hope they have again in Germany in November or so.

Martin Power

Yep me too – Would love a deal for the cd version


As a Bowie fan, I consider the LTA box to contain some pretty poor work. That said, commercially it was Bowie’s high point, so there were plenty of people who wanted this set above the others. I think it’s a case where the set hits the spot for more people. That and the excellent remaking of Never Let Me Down….

Kevin Welch

HMV online store still has the Loving The Alien CD boxset at £90. Not a deal as such – but not premium price either.

Clinton Barrans

check out “mik shop”.loving the alien cd boxset is $95.99 dollars.£74.43 in english money.free shipping to the U.K. i have bought 3 bowie boxsets from them.genuine product,very well packaged and great prices.their single cd’s and DVD’s are not so cheap


How on Earth is Bowie on vinyl cheaper than Bowie on CD? Still holding out…


How can I switch in amazon.it the language to English? All my attempts didn’t work out.

Gary C

There’s also a thing on the amazon app that lets you change to different amazons too. Doesn’t change the language tho but if you’re already signed up it’s easy enough to work out the buy now button.
When you’ve made your choice on Paul’s site, it’ll open the Amazon app and ask if you wanna change to Italy, France etc


Maybe restart your session or perhaps you have pop-ups blocked as the option to translate pops up on entering amazon.it. I had a few issues with it but got there in the end using Chrome. Can confirm it’s very much in the Amazon UK style in terms of purchasing options.


The latest Christine and The Queens 2lp/cd set is only £6.75 on Amazon at the moment.

It’s the French version though, if that’s a deal-breaker for you.


Bargain! Thank you

John Kilbride

Just bought this. Double vinyl and CD and change from £7…magnifique!

Larry Davis

Took advantage of the Cure Mixed Up…7.99 euros…with shipping from Germany & VAT removed, came to $11 and change…not bad!!


Yeah, that’s a great deal and a nice set. Cheapest price on Ebay now to ship to US is over $20.


My local HMV has the triple vinyl Explorer’s Edition of Paul McCartneys Egypt Station for £14:99!!! They also had the triple vinyl HONK best of the stones ‘71-‘16 for £17:99 when bought with any purchase. It went through the till at £2:99 so ended up paying £17:98 for both triple albums/vinyls

Alan Baldock

I went into my local HMV this morning and they were heavily discounting loads of vinyl and box sets. Perhaps they have finally realised how overpriced so much of this stuff is and are desperate to shift stock.

Stephen Hance

In Fopp Covent Garden clearance offers included Rock n Roll Circus triple vinyl for 25, PiL CD box 30, Madonna Madam X deluxe box for 20.


Thanks for the heads up Stephen, I’m on site nearby tomorrow and was thinking of popping in, you’ve made my mind up for me


Justforkicks-store in Germany has the best preorder price ever for Pink Floyd – Later Years-boxset,it’s currently priced at 269,99€ which is definitely the lowest price so far. No wonder, it will only come down as it was originally priced too high.


Thanks Dennis, great deal on the Cranberries box! Grabbed it!


Final pulled the trigger on REM ……however I do need some advise on which sets to buy upon release opposed to those worth waiting for future deals?

My biggest regret; not buying Marc Almond “Trials…” on release…..thinking it would be reduced at some point, how wrong can someone be? ( now definitely out of my price bracket )


Pink Floyd – The Later Years mega-box is currently EUR 350 (that’s GBP 300) on Amazon.de and JPC.de. While not exactly a steal, I think it’s the lowest price I’ve seen so far for this release.

Roberto R

Bogdan, its 333,82 € on Amazon.it


Roberto, spot on, thanks mate! Slowly, slowly, the Pink Floyd box is getting towards a more palatable price.


Bogdan, it is currently at €315 at fnac.com (french retailer).
I pre-order it with 2 gift cards they are also selling (€150 the card, paid it €130).
So I got the boxset at the incredible price of … €275 !

Roberto R

The Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion Edition Box € 58,67 amazon.it


The Cranberries – Everybody else is doing it (4CD Deluxe)
21,09 EUR on amazon.de

Larry Davis

I saw that the OMD box is 81 pounds on Amazon UK…is that a good price??

Jos Dingemans

I think that is expensive…the OMD box is about €85,00 at Amazon France


It was around £80 on pre-order. Got mine at about £79 from Amazon, then the price just kept going up. So it’s back to around a normal price. Whether it will drop at some point, that’s the gamble :)


It’s not the cheapest it’s been (by about £5), but OMD deluxe editions often sell out, or go up in price. I’ve had to pay extra to get some I missed upon release.


The OMD box is disappearing fast. I ordered mine last week (to be sent to the US) from Amazon UK. With tax and shipping it was still under $100.00, and I’m glad I was able to find one still available.


Clutching at Bras went up slightly. If can’t wait, the US price is around $44 plus the usuals.



You’ll get arrested for that.


Australian Bowie fans can get the Loving The Alien 15 disc vinyl boxed set for AUD$173 at the moment. that’s about 92 quid.


On amazon.com just 104 usd for the Loving The Alien 15 lb box

Gunther S.

The mccartney deal seems to be already over.

Rui Inácio

Thanks for the tip Paul. I had been tempted several times to buy R.E.M.s “Automatic for the People” but was delaying hoping it would become cheaper. I’m glad I waited. Order made.


Just went to order pure mccartney but sold out already at amazon


Thanks for posting. Missed the deal but snagged a 2nd hand one for buttons. Happy!

Martin Kilroy

Got an e-mail announcing a pumpkin coloured vinyl Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack for £24.99 just before watching a film at the cinema. 2 hours later after the film went to buy and all sold out! Loads available on ebay starting at £80! Got a love capitalism!

Paul Taylor

If it’s a Universal title they’ll ‘find’ some more soon enough


It’s still there now, Sunday 20th Oct at 1.00am
It has gone up a little to £25


The Cure Mixed Up Deluxe 3CD now available for less than 8€ in Germany (Amazon.de)


Thanks Ralf for the deal!

Tim Ricketts

Thanks for Blade Runner tip


Never bought a deal before…

REM will be delivered before next weekend, and that was after I changed my Amazon App to Italian, managed to buy it (whilst using a translator accidentally set to Spanish), as I didn’t realise I could set it to another language. Only thing is it didn’t like my gift card (in pounds), but I suppose that is quite obvious really.

Graeme too

So thanks for all you do here, Paul. Always a good read, even if I don’t buy much.


The “old” Marillion is £21 but the new one “Afraid Of Sunlight” is £23 in pre-order. Seems like a no brainier too.

Gareth Pugh

Thanks for the heads up on Abbey Road, have pulled the trigger. The Beatles super deluxes rarely dip much below where this one currently is and I’ve been impressed with all of them so far.

Mike Ostrich

Just bought the REM box to the US – $45 USD. :)

https://www.amazon.it/Out-Time-25th-Ann-M/dp/B01KXQBQRG – Out Of Time is 32 Euro.

Frode Heieren

Ordered the Marillion 4cd last time you told me about a good deal Amazon had; £18 in august, and still haven’t received it. Was told “between Nov 9th and Dec 10th” a week ago

Neil Kelly

Me too!!

Jeff G.

Same for me. I just checked my order, and now it says “arriving 15 Jan”. So, somehow, I ordered it when it was cheap but out of stock in August, then they got some more copies, but they skipped fulfilling my order before it went out of stock a second time? Very annoying.


Bargains Amazon Germany

Inxs- Kick 30


Bryan Adams – The Best of Me