This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Sparks / Past Tense: The Best of Sparks 3CD set

Sparks / Past Tense: The Best of Sparks 3CD set

UK: Sparks / Past Tense: The Best Of 3CD set – £9.99 £18

Fantastic pre-order price for the three-CD set which is due out on 8 November.

UK: Pink Floyd / The Later Years 18-disc box £272  £327

The forthcoming Pink Floyd box (delayed until Dec) has gone down in price again. £272 is almost £160 cheaper than when this was first announced. If you have already pre-ordered on Amazon UK, no action is needed (you’ll get the lowest price) but if not, then this could be the time to lock in.

UK: Blue Oyster Cult / The Columbia Albums Collection 17CD – £31 £56

UK: Neil Young / Official Release Series 5-8  vinyl box – £73 £100+

Neil Young on vinyl is never very cheap, so jump on a great price for this collection of sought-after Young, including On The Beach (1974)Time Fades Away (1973), Tonight’s The Night (1975) and Zuma (1975). All have been remastered for the first time in 40 years from the original analog studio recordings.


UK: Love / Forever Changes 4CD+DVD+LP super deluxe – £29.99 £45


UK: Paul McCartney / Egypt Station 2LP black vinyl £15.99 £27

This is the original release – album only – in a single sleeve. Still great value for the price. By way of comparison the black vinyl 3LP ‘explorers edition’ is £46 and the coloured vinyl 3LP is £60.

UK: Ian Dury / Do It Yourself 2CD+DVD+LP super deluxe – £36 £53

Lovely package which features 17 art cards with 34 variations of the front cover design. These slide into a die-cut outer slipcase.


UK: Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge 3LP set £24.80 £40

Enjoy every ruddy word of the two Knowing Me Knowing You radio series, which, arguably, were never bettered for sheer laughs. Join Alan and his distinguished guests, including France’s second best racing driving Michel Lambert (“you’re nearly at the top of your profession…”) and showbiz cockney Shirley Dee, who is devoted to her boxing-club running uncle (“you say ‘nice’ but your uncle Dennis did commit murder…”). A ‘textbook’ vinyl reissue.

UK: Various Artists / Lost 80s 4CD set £14.99 £22

Four CDs and 63 ‘rare, diverse and electric’ tracks from 1980-1986

UK: Elvis / ’68 Comeback Special 50th anniversary 7CD – £66 £83


UK: Depeche Mode / Speak & Spell: The 12-inch singles  super deluxe – £35 £43

Includes three remastered 12-inch singles, a flexi-disc and a poster. Music for the Masses is down to £68,

UK: The Cars / The Elektra Years 6CD box set – £16 £20

UK: Paul McCartney & Wings / Red Rose Speedway 2LP  £19.99 £35

Another great deal considering this is the more limited ‘double vinyl’ edition of last year’s Red Rose Speedway reissue. The originally conceived – but scrapped – double album version of the album was recreated for this edition, so it flows properly and doesn’t just have the bonus tracks bolted on the end.

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I bought the CD of Marvin Gaye’s You’re The Man for £4.99 at HMV yesterday and on the counter they had the three CD edition of The Rolling Stones Honk for £5.99 with any purchase. A lot of Scott Walker CDs going for £2.99. I think they had Scott 1-4, a Walker Brothers compilation, a solo compilation and Climate of the Hunter.


R.E.M. at the BBC now £29 at Amazon (Uk).

Ivo Peeters

My original BOC box included a download code for four live albums. However, I tried to download those a few years after the original release and it was not possible anymore.
Does this edition still have the download code?


Bobo, yes, the BOC cd’s contain the bonus tracks (but they’re not included on the cd sleeves). It’s a fantastic set & worth every penny.

John Bobo Bollenberg

ordered the Blue Öyster Cult box set as so far I only had four from the seventeen albums. I wonder if the discs inside the box will also include the bonustracks? Thanks for the tip

John Bollenberg

the discs inside the box do include the bonustracks

Geoff D

Public Image vinyl set now £46:79 at Amazon UK.


Don’t forgot to politely complain to Amazon if your “Tonight’s The Night” night sleeve is inevitably faulty in the Neil Young box. A generous discount makes it less than £9 per LP.

Colin MacKenzie

Re the HMV sale – always worth searching the items in alphabetical order of artists which are separate from the clearance or sale items as frequently there are reduced price items there not in tbe sales racks.


Thanks for the Sparks tip Paul. Ordered. Had that on my wishlist on Amazon US and it went from being available to not available a few weeks ago.


I picked up the triple black vinyl Egypt Station (Explorer) in Liverpool HMV just now. I was also able to buy The Stones – Honk (triple black vinyl) for £17.99 as I had made another purchase.


The 3LP Egypt Station was £14.99, the 2LP version was £15.99 ?!?

There were about 5 copies of the 3LP version left.


That’s a terrific price for the new Sparks compilation. Out of curiosity, i checked the price on Amazon Australia. The pre-order guarantee price is…wait for it….AUD 79.78. What an absolute disgrace! Amazon Australia is beyond shambolic!!


Lindsey Buckingham solo anthology vinyl is $33.43 on amazon.com … should have waited to buy for this price!


John kilbride

Thanks for flagging up the Blue oyster cult box- ordered this morning at that insane price. Fancied it for a while but couldn’t justify the price. Already got a couple of the albums but still well worth it!

Geoff D

Vinyl version of The Public Image Is Rotten is now £49:23 on Amazon UK.

Dave Sullivan

Also picked up Egypt Station Explorer edition ( 3 LP ) for £14.99 at HMV Dundee yesterday , a few remaining when I was in, together with Beck’s Morning Phase for £7.99 on vinyl

John McCann

Is this the same album that was getting sold in may for ,£54.99, Just looking back at comments from may,if it is dont early adopters feel seriously ripped off,now that you can buy it for 3 fivers.


Picked up black vinyl triple of McCartney’s Egypt Station at HMV Reading for £14.99. Didn’t see any other copies. Though double was £15.99 which suggests triple was mispriced.

Steven Roberts

Yeah, I picked up the triple McCartney at HMV as well (Cheltenham, in my case) – except mine was the purple and magenta variant?

Also got a few other odds ‘n’ sods – Black Sabbath 13 orange vinyl, John Martyn Solid Air blue vinyl, Creedence Bayou Country Half Speed Master, Hozier debut 2LP…

Most occasions I find HMV a tad overpriced – but they do have GOOD sales from time to time :)


The Verve Urban Hymns super deluxe CD box is down to £24.37 on Amazon UK

Richard Fisher

Slightly cheaper than that at base.com.


In my humble opinion the 2LP version of Red Rose Speedway is far superior to the original release and s steal at £20

Shawn C.

Wanted to remind folks that if you’re in the States, Target is running a “buy two get one free” deal on all CDs and vinyl. They have a surprisingly large collection with comparable prices to Amazon. The promo includes preorders, of which there are many. I picked up the following on vinyl EBTG “Walking Wounded,” Nick Cave “Ghosteen,” OMD “Souvenir,” Blue Nile “Hats,” They Might be Giants, and Prince “1999” all on preorder.


THANK YOU for this tip. I’ve been compiling a long want list, and most of the titles are available at Target at already decent prices — with this discount and free shipping, it will be the best pricing anywhere. The larger box sets that have come out recently/will come out soon, like R.E.M., the Replacements, Prince, Ramones, etc are a huge bargain. Cheers!


A really good pre-order deal on at Amazon UK at the moment for the Mark brothers’ career-spanning 3CD “Past Tense – Best of Sparks” due to be released on Friday (8th Nov).
It was £18.99 when it first went on sale in Sept and had previously dropped to £12.99 but now sits at £9.99
Past Tense – The Best of Sparks https://amzn.to/34prdlh

Tom Walsh

Thanks Heraldo…That Sparks CD set is a real bargain at 9.99


Thanks for the heads up, Paul. Just ordered the Blue Oyster Cult box from Amazon USA & with shipping, it came out to $45 which is about $2.50 per disc!!!. What an amazing deal. It is kinda strange that it is shipping from the UK to Texas for $8. BOC was never that huge in the UK but is still a very big deal in the USA.
I have all the Floyd boxes until this one since there only a handful of songs from this period that are really great to me. @ this price point, I will pass


The upcoming Gentle Giant “Unburied Treasure” boxset is listed on Amazon US for $299. That’s quite a good deal, if you live in the US, compared to the GBP 250 price on the official Burning Shed band storefront. And even if you live in Europe and order it from Amazon US, you get more or less the same end price (shipping and customs duties included).


Even discounted, $351 US for the Floyd is still roughly $20 per disc.
Thanks for the head’s up on the price cut though.

Colin MacKenzie

The comment that Neil Young is not cheap on vinyl is bang on the money! His new album Colorado is retailing at £42 . Cannot imagine sales are too high at this level. Also cannot recall any recent releases as expensive as this.


True, Neil Young physical product is really expensive in Europe. But his online Archives offer a subscription package that grants access to his entire catalogue for streaming, a lot of it (including Colorado) in hi-res, his concert films that are broadcast from time to time and so on. It’s a really generous offering, if you can live without the physical element of the music.

CJ Feeney

I bought (and returned) the vol. 5 – 8 box two years ago. It was poorly made, the cover of Tonight’s the Night fell apart when opened, and one of the discs had a visible scratch. It was marketed as reduced from £200 to £100 back then.

I’ve no idea if they fixed the issues, so anyone thinking of buying should ask around. I did eventually pick up the CD set on a deal (£30-ish) so I’m happy now.

John Simmons

Big thanks to everybody for letting us all know the HMV store sale deals.

I picked up the triple CD Cherry Bombs and Ladytron Old Grey Whistle Test compilation CD’s for £3 each and have noticed that they are also the same price on their website.

They seem to be keeping the sale very low key with regards to their website as their is no mention of it!


It’s not on the website as very store specific but bargains to be had I picked up a load of stuff last week – then went back in yesterday and saw the Cranberries box set for £13 – The Abba Set was also available for £13 and Chris Cornell for £22

It is a little pot luck – I saw another Paul McCartney Egypt 3lp version as well (Which is supposed to be out of stock everywhere)

Richard S

I picked up that Cherry Bombs cd recently. Then realised when I got home that they were actually studio versions of the songs. Who thought of that? Took it straight back. Shame as it would’ve been a great package otherwise!

Christopher Hill

Nice one Paul been considering the Gary Crowley set for some time at this price its a no brainer. PS love this site even though you cost me a fortune!!!


the Depeche Mode are the 7″ boxes not the 12″ ones

John Barleycorn

Here are a few instore sets I have seen in HMV up north in the last week: REM at the BBC (8 CD/ 1 DVD) £28.99. The Cranberries ‘ Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?’ box £13.99. Def Leppard ‘Volume 2’ box £48.99. There’s a lot of cheap(er) vinyl too including Wings ‘Wild Life’ £19.99, ABBA ‘Voulez-Vous’ £12.99. Florence ATM ‘Lungs’ £12.99. Elton John ’Capt Fantastic’ £9.99

Richard S

Grrr! They closed the 2 HMVs nearest to me. Will have to see if there’s anything in Fopp.

Stephen dC

Got The Soft Cell O2 Farewell 2CD + DVD from HMV in store for £5.99!

Not the best vocal performance but I’ll let them off.

Ian Whiteford

Thanks again Paul. Just ordered the BöC set. Really pleased.


New Order “Movement (Definitive Edition) at 67,58£ at Amazon.co.uk.
I decided to take it, it’s the cheapest I’ve seen it so far, not sure I’ll get a better bargain later.


That is an amazing price for the Blue Oyster Cult. Oddly it was seemingly out of print for a few years, only to reappear last year. They must have found some deadstock in a warehouse. It is a great way to get just about everything in the BOC cannon.

Stephen Hance

One of the boxes I have been waiting for is the promised Blondie. Anyone know anything about it?


Definitely no Blondie box set this year … rumoured issues with the record label (Numero, who are no longer releasing CDs) and with licencing/paperwork for rarities.
A few weeks ago, Clem Burke was asked on twitter whether the box set was still happening and he reply was just “Sooner or later”.

Stephen Hance

Although Numeto did the Heart of Glass 12 which was billed as the taster for the box

Larry Davis

It was supposed to be on a collaboration teamup between Numero and Universal…we’ll see what happens I guess…


Interesting, let’s see how long that UK price for the Pink Floyd boxset sticks. It now matches the Amazon.fr price, which has been at that level for at least two weeks. Now, if it dropped even further, that would really be something!


With the first Early Years Floyd Boxset it eventually went down to just over £200, I got mine at £223 around Christmas time, they usually drop again on Christmas day, new years day etc so still worth waiting…especially as they’ve missed off so much stuff they should have put on there!

Live 8
Carrera film soundtrack
Other rare concert footage
etc etc etc


Wife also got a copy for £131 January 2017 from amazon UK, she also got another £40 off as the bottom band was torn so bargain all round… I thank you.

andrew R

floyd still overpriced .They had really jumped the shark by this point
it would have to be about 100 quid for this punter to show any interest.
“Sweepings off the floor ” would be an apt title

Paul Szkwyra

I can’t disagree.


Couldn’t resist Metallica at this price. An absolute bargain. Has there been any indication when The Black Album box will be released?

Wayne C

Offer seems to have ended, wish I’d have bought this last evening now!!.

Alan Fenwick

Blue Oyster Cult The Columbia Albums Collection £30.99 this morning on Amazon UK



Still is, this price must have come and gone in a few hours.

Martin Power

Grabbed the Cars and Gary Crowley sets cheers

inner space

April Showers – Abandon Ship, Matt Fretton and 23 Skidoo……are the stand out tracks on this wonderful Gary Crowley collection.
Been waiting for the price drop for a long time – so now its finally on its way to me.

Gary Smith

Depeche Mode-Music for the Masses 12″ singles box set.

Waited many many months for this to come down in price.
£67.99 is still a fair wedge but far cheaper than this has been available before.

Maybe clearing stocks for the eagerly awaited Violator and SOFAD box sets which I cannot wait for.
Saying that I am warry of what price they may be.
Fingers crossed.

Richard S

That is a decent price for MFTM, it’s been my favourite so far.


In for the Love over here in the USA – Thank you Paul

Sells for 70ish dollars here in USA – great deal \o/


Not necessarily a deal, more of a treat I suppose… but both Geneva albums, remastered and expanded (Both CD and Vinyl!!), are out. Both amazing albums and highly recommended for those not in the know. Perfect company for those rainy afternoons.


Wow, thank you so much for mentioning this! The Weather Underground is one of my favourite albums.
I found that all info is below this new video: https://youtu.be/xFt84LVd1jk


They’ve put together a great package for Weather Underground, with unreleased material and all the b-sides, but I’m a little disappointed that they left some of the b-sides from Further off.

Since it was the age of 2x CDS + 7″ releases, they all probably wouldn’t have fit on the second LP for the Further deluxe edition, but they would have fit on the CD easily. “At The Core” and “Selfbelief” in particular were never issued on CD, and the 7″ versions were not good pressings. I bought the “Best Regrets” 7″ twice trying to get one that wasn’t pressed off-center, but failed. It actually makes me queasy to listen to it. Still LOVE this band and hope they tour in the States!


The Geneva reissues are cheaper on bandcamp with some . signed ones


Fantastic was waiting for a good price on Metallica “and Justice …” box set, great price and fantastic in depth document of that time but would be nice if they let someone remix tapes with actual audible bass just to see but I guess this never will happen, cheers Paul from Eire. Thanks for heads up on so many great deals you’ve posted on this excellent website.

Wayne Olsen

Thanks Paul. Do it Yourself ordered along with not the 9 o’clock news. Merry Christmas to me!


A few of the Amazon uk deals are collected here. Good deal on the Good Omens and Alan Partridge vinyl box sets.

paul wren

Thanks – that’s the vinyl McCartney “Red Rose…..” bought.

graeme ewan

Logged on to amazon , other half had her details logged in, £6 if you top up £80 offer. Metallica bought so minus the £6 £82.99. bargain. PS paid for on my own card. oh well, it is pay day. cheers!


Ian Dury new boots and panties 40th anniversary down to £33 amazon


Thank you. Picked up both Ian Dury SDE’s today! Here’s the link for the New Boots…SDE

hendry doran

Thanks for the heads up Paul. That’s me with the 57 different variations of Egypt Station. No more Sir Paul, please


Actually picked up the triple vinyl Egypt Station in Fopp Covent Garden for £15 last Saturday.

Richard Fisher

That’s a nice thing, well done!


It is still available at that price in Liverpool HMV as of yesterday. I got the 3 x coloured vinyl version for an extra £1 (£16).


You know, if HMV can’t get their customer service right – they’re on a hiding to nothing… again.


Don’t be too harsh. Every company has weaknesses and makes mistakes, which is frustrating; but on the whole HMV are a force for good for physical music on the high street. They keep amazon in check – to a degree. Their sale in the last week has been excellent. They had a live band playing in store last Saturday in Newcastle, giving back to local talent. I hope they keep improving and thriving.

Paul’s HMV tap tap tapity tap no stock experience reminded me of the excellent Little Brexit show on bbc radio 4 last night……’computer says no’