This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

The Moody Blues / In Search of the Lost Chord 5-disc box – £22 £39

Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction – £16 £28

2LP remastered set with ‘hologroove’ hologram side 4

Various 2LP vinyl compilations£9.99

Includes The 80s Pop Annual, Disco Classics, Indie Alternative, Soul Classics etc.

Creedence Clearwater Revival / Studio Albums vinyl box – £84 £165

All seven LPs in this set are half-speed mastered. It comes with an 80-page book.

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Managed to grab a Brian Eno box from Sounds On Vinyl – same company as Udiscover, I presume? Plus 10% off for first order, so only £26.99 for the nine LP box. Ordered 9.30pm Tuesday, received this morning. Ace service. I notice that they went out of stock almost immediately though.

If you want one it’s worth sticking a shortcut on your phone or something, that’s what I did and checked every now and then until they were in stock.


Also, we’re in the second half of November already, where are those 3-for-2 deals from amazon (matching Saturn, JPC, MediaMarkt, etc) that we had in the previous years? :)


Moody Blues now £47.42 on Amazon UK. (strange price!)


I saw the new Stones box at the Utrecht Record Fair for 100 euros, so I expect that one to become cheaper soon. French dealer Barometre, stand 278.


For anyone interested, the 2017 Klaus Schulze vinyl remasters are ridiculously low prices on Amazon.de & Jpc.de. I bought 8 albums from Amazon.de & they’ve just arrived, all in pristine condition. They took 3 days to arrive from Germany. That’s pretty good service, I reckon.


Police CD box bargain at Sainsburys – £6.50!! £13 cash or double up your Nectar points before Tuesday evening when offer closes. Other albums, blu rays and books available. Don’t like promoting Sainsbury’s but too good to miss.


The Police CD boxset is just £15 in store in ASDA of all places.


Paul, can you do an unboxing of the new Police CD box set please and thanks. I’d love to see the cases the CDs come in.


Just buy it. It’s good value for money (in the UK).

For a budget priced box, it’s nicely done. A lift off lid, a ribbon to enable easy lifting out of the CDs. Each cd is a gate fold sleeve. Pretty good for the price of a few drinks. It’s a shame the CDs aren’t in an inner sleeve, but the price reflects this.


Got mine for £17.49 delivered to New Zealand. Not a bad deal at all :-)


Moody Blues cannot be delivered to my address ! (in Belgium)

Wayne C

A few good deals on the Sound of vinyl just added .

Megadeth – Warheads on Foreheads quadruple £22 significantly less than half price. – bought

Many more offers just added and 10% off for those who are new customers

Peter Stanton

Creedence didn’t last long but the Moodies is tempting.


Thanks Paul – Moodies ordered – been waiting for ages for that to drop in price


Strange But True
So I am walking around Walmart & flip through their little pile of vinyl and there it is: Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road picture disc manufactured in the Czech Republic & has a “Walmart Exclusive” sticker. What????? So I am walking around Target and there it is. A Target “Exclusive” Abbey Road 2019 vinyl in a box with an XL t-shirt. What???? I picked up both of them because that is what I do. I smuggled them in through the back door of course to avoid well-desvered ridicule.

Robert Laversuch

Awesome – good story! Used to have to smuggle stuff in formerly as well so know the feeling. Haha


Damn, missed out on the Installations box, but will keep refreshing just in case it comes back into stock. Did manage to get the three double half-speed masters at £8.99 a pop, which I wasn’t going to bother with as I already have a few different versions of each on vinyl. A steal at that price.

Anyway, F5….F5….F5…F5…F5…


Hi Paul Police box set £13 at my local Sainsbury’s this morning


Swedish retailer Ginza ( ginza.se ) currently has the Primal Scream – Screamadelica 4CD set on offer for an unbelievable 79 SEK (approx 7,50 EUR / 6,40 UKP) if anyone is interested…


Thanks Dennis – what’s the postage to the UK in rough terms?

Davey Sussex

Alan postage to the UK is £12 for the Primal Scream box which makes it more expensive than a copy off eBay. Probably still worth getting it from Sweden if you are buying a few other items at the same time though.


@Alan: Afaik 119 SEK for EU-delivery – just add the item to the cart (kundkorgen) and the total (incl. postage) should show when clicking on the button.

Hans lindskog

Nice too see record collectors from Sweden sharing good prices for record. Best regards hans


Thanks re Moodies – what a steal!


There was NO CHANCE to buy CCR Box discounted!!! :-((

Steve F

Try HMV.com where it is £83.99 currently.

Graham Gardner

Steve thanks for the tip off. I’m currently abroad and can’t access HMV but got my son in UK to order. Thanks again.


The Alan Parsons “The Secret” Deluxe Boxset is now only $53 at Amazon USA. It has a great 5.1 mix (which is also available in the 2 disc version) and the 2 live discs are simply excellent. “The Secret” is a surprisingly good album IMHO.

Pete Muscutt

Wasn’t sure where best to put this – but for any electronic music/Doctor Who/Matt Berry fans, the latest issue of Electronic Sound magazine features a yellow 7″ single featuring the Delia Derbyshire version of the ‘Doctor Who’ theme, with Matt Berry reading Francis Bacon over elements of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s music on the B-side. £11.99 for the magazine and 7″ at: https://electronicsound.co.uk/

The magazine sounds like it has some good articles in it, too.


Thanks for the heads up


The Rolling Stones box set is even cheaper at £155.99 at recordstore.co.uk


Thanks for this!. I subscribed to the newsletter and got it delivered for £146.65.

Richard E

Just picked up the Imagine double clear vinyl for under £20 on UDiscover. They also have A Very British Synthesizer Group Triple vinyl for £33. That might be of interest to those who have been waiting for a more reasonable price.

Stephen Hance

Some good deals at UDiscover store. Picked up Brian Eno installation for 30, Killers complete at 51. Good prices on PiL and others.

Wayne C

Thanks for that tip – bought , also got the Metallica and justice for all at 89 and also a couple of the 1/2 speed Eno albums at £8.99


Thanks for the heads-up – that’s a crazy price for the Eno vinyl box, had to snag one.


Came here to say the same about the Eno set. Just to confirm it’s the 9 disc vinyl set for £29.99 (+p&p), when it’s the lowest it’s ever been on Amazon at £139.99! The CD & MP3 are both currently more on Amazon than what Universal are selling the vinyl for!! Bonkers!!!

Inner Space

Went on the udiscover store just to check out the shipping costs to Europe and I was really in for a surprise.
The cost of the Eno box set 29.99 and the shipping costs ONLY 42.29.
Not very nice at all for all of us for not located in the UK.

Fortunately its already sold out, so I dont have to drool about it anymore…

Wayne C

Brian Eno back on again at 29.99 sound of vinyl 1905pm


Low prices on that site but crazy shipping. Picked out 2 albums and would have had to pay €15€ shipping. Which made me pass on the deals.


Great tip, also picked up the Eno Installation box for £29.99 – with another 10% off as a new user!

Thanks again.


The Stones box set is still available at thesoundofvinyl and recordstore websites for £155
If your new to those sites you can get a 10% discount on your first order, so about £147 inc postage.

lee sharp

Bagged , thanks


Thesoundofvinyl and recordstore websites have it for £155 at the moment. HMV sold out
If your new to those sites you can get a 10% discount too.
Hope that helps anyone who missed the amazon one.

Colin MacKenzie

Just seen it at £184.99 in HMV Stirling so it may have been reduced in other HMV stores.

Richard S

If anyone has a FOPP near them and doesn’t already have the Kate Bush remastered CD boxes, the first one is now £35 and the second £45.
Well, it was in my one in Cambridge anywho…

Richard S

I saw the Stones thing this morning. Thought about it … left it. Now I have saved myself nearly £200 quid. Woo hoo :)


I snoozed and I lose

R. Michael cox

Stones already gone?


Wow – the Stones one didn’t last long!


HMV has the Stones set for £185


Lenny Kravitz „Rise Vibration“ Super Deluxe – 2 colour Vinyl & cd & big photo book >>>13€<<< amazon.de. (from 56€!!!)
Great album!!!

Robert Laversuch

Link please if poss
Best Bob

Robert Laversuch

Perfect thanks 21 euros now but still a good price


$16.88 for deluxe Lenny on Deep Discount



Ching, ching! Couldn’t resist the Stones at that price. Let’s just call it a Christmas gift to me.


Rolling Stones in the bag, thanks Paul.


Great heads up on the Stones deal Paul – thanks.