This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals


UK: Fun Lovin’ Criminals / Come Find Yourself collector’s edition – £25

This set was once over £60! Contains three CDs, a DVD, a 12-inch picture disc, a 10-inch vinyl LP and a hardcover book.

R.E.M. / Monster 25th anniversary reissue

UK: R.E.M. / Monster 5CD+blu-ray super deluxe edition – £52

Lowest price to date for the Monster super deluxe which contains the original version of the album remastered, the new stereo remix, demos, two CDs of live performance AND and blu-ray with the 5.1 surround mix, hi-res stereo and promo videos!


UK: The Doors / Soft Parade super deluxe  3CD+LP – £38

Another lowest price to date… for last year’s reissue.

UK: Various Artists / Now 2 2CD set – £5

UK: Whitesnake / Slide It In 5CD+DVD super deluxe edition – £29 DEAL OVER

Superb deal for last year’s super deluxe edition which contains six discs worth of content including a DVD with an incredible amount of TV appearances.

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The Byrd’s Complete Columbia Albums Collection (11 CDs) for £28.55 on Amazon UK just now. Keep 10 and throw away Sweetheart Of The Rodeo


Supergrass box set down to £136 Amazon UK.


Lennon Imagine Super Deluxe Box
36 Euros from jpc Germany



Hi Jürgen!

Two box set buyed.

Danke schön

Mike M

Nice one Jürgen ordered, cheers pal

John Simmons

does anyone know how much delivery to the UK is?


Hi John
According to the jpc Website delivery
to the UK is :
„Großbritannien EUR 2,99 plus EUR 0,99 per Kilogramm „
That means if the box weighs for example 2 Kilograms you have to pay:
2,99 + 0,99 + 0,99 = 4,97 Euros total
You also can see the exact postage before your order.
Hope that helps you.
Have a nice day

Mike M

Can’t remember exactly John, postage was reasonable though. It came in at less than £40 delivered to the UK. Waiting for my copy mate, it’s a great price.

Rich E

The Beatles singles collection is now a shade under £140 on Amazon UK. That’s nearly £40 under what they were selling it for on release.

Ian Murphy

The Cure Mixed Up 3 CD set is £7.99 from Amazon at the moment


Queen live at the Rainbow Theatre blu ray £4.99 Amazon UK
Hope this is of some use to some

Dean F

Thanks Tyrone. Just ordered it.


Nice spot Tyrone, thanks. Now ordered.


Thanks, Tyrone. Great price – still valid on the 27th…

Steven Lowe

Fun Lovin Criminals is £20.74 with free delivery on EBay at the moment (From a proper EBay store)


Rubellan expanded remasters of Visage’s first two albums out now $14 each with the singles collection (continues mix) out in a few days.

I have the first two (The Anvil released last week) and they are the best sounded CDs I have heard for a long time


Great label supporting CDs and dynamic range.

David Carter

Amazon have James Blakes 2019 album Assume Form for £9.99

Frank P

Amazon.au has the 35th anniversary box set of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours (6 discs – 4CDs, 1DVD , 1 LP) for $29.99 AUD.


If you don’t want to fork out £75 for the Soft Cell box, this is a great alternative for a super low price. 3xcd of 12”es for only £6. Lowest I have seen.


For an additional £3 you can add the one CD of Keychains & Snowstorms to get the regular single versions and a handful of more recent tracks.


I’ve seen the 12″ collection priced at £4.99 but £5.99 is still great.

Gareth Jones

Not on this list, but…. has anyone found a tracklisting for the extra CDs in the Supergrass box set, released today? I’ve Googled, looked on Discogs, Amazon, etc. but still no joy. Surely it must be SOMEWHERE online?!

Gareth Jones

Oh, missed that post! Thanks Paul! :)


The Queen is Dead Deluxe Edition [3SHM-CD+DVD] – £12.63 direct from Amazon.co.uk



Nice one! According to the product details this is a Japanese import containing SHM-CD.


The price direct from Amazon is now £118! My order from yesterday has already been dispatched!


My ‘Queen Is Dead’ has also been dispatched. So, fingers-crossed.


Didn’t last long (or was a pricing error) because it’s nearly 10 times that price now!


Just ordered mine on Amazon for £18.30. The Amazon price has now gone up to £118! So, great deal. Thanks RJS.


My box set has turned up and it’s the Japanese SHM CD edition. Shipped from Amazon Spain!


My order of The Queen is Dead arrived this morning and I can confirm it is indeed a Japanese SHM-CD edition. At a shade over £13 I’m very happy with this. Thanks RJS!

Iain Carmichael

I don’t know whether you still have trouble ordering from Amazon Australia but the Moody blues In Search of a lost Chord deluxe set is available for $28 Australian at the moment it’s about 15 quid in British terms


John Lennon Deluxe at Amazon.de down to 36€


link please!


Hi Frank,

Thanks for that information. I managed to get the item (sorry Oskar).

I have the two disc version and the second disc is brilliant, so I’m hoping the extra discs are additionally worthwhile.


I have a $15 credit on US Amazon account and based in UK. Anyone has an idea what I could buy (ideally something that’s much more expensive in the UK )?


The forthcoming Heaven 17 CD box is up for preorder on Zoom for £69 which is fifteen pounds cheaper than amazon. I bought the first box from them for a similar price


Have done the ‘report a cheaper price’ thing on the Amazon website. Perhaps others could too & see if they reduce the price. Not autographed though so perhaps they won’t.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

I got Simple Minds `Rejuvenation` from Zoom a couple of months after release for£41, good service also.


Come Find Yourself by Fun Lovin’ Criminals 6 disc Super Deluxe Edition, now €35 on Amazon France:


Wow, I bought that for $60. Incredible price!


Currently £20.89 (inc. p&p) at Base.com


Soundsystem by the Clash 9 disc box, down to €100 (£84) on Amazon France. I thought this was out of print. Greatest box set!!


The Doors / Soft Parade super deluxe 3CD+LP is around $66 CDN on Amazon Canada. Don’t need the vinyl but ordered.


Flaming Lips Greatest Hits Vol 1 Deluxe Edition (3 CDs) now just £6.03 on Amazon UK inc. p&p.


Thanks for this, just picked up REM. Had it on my Christmas list along with the Freddie Mercury box set. Freddie turned up, REM didn’t. Although to be fair, the FM didn’t really deliver anything new but as Queen completist, I had to have it. Enjoying the REM reissues though. New Adventures In Hi-Fi due next year?


Amazon UK won’t ship to Australia, so I’ll miss out on this one. However, I did check Amazon Australia, and the Unzipped Box Set is an absolutely ridiculous A$20.99 for the six disc set – about GBP11.


Neil Kelly

How annoying I missed Whitesnake!! Probably never get it now. Not interested at anything more… Especially now lol!!


Should we trust this is a legit Japanese version of the Bowie Box “Who Can I Be Now”? If it is, this is a great price (GBP 83.02)

Paul Thomson

Thanks for this. Looks like it’s the Japanese version with an extra book! Arrives tomorrow, excited

Stephen Hance

Now £450


Cool! I ordered one too, but it will take longer to arrive. Let us know if it’s the real deal!

Paul Thomson

Unfortunately what I have received is the standard UK/EU box and not the Japanese SHM version with the extra book advertised. Not only has it been mis-sold, but the copy I have received is obviously a return complete with labelled, grubby marked packaging, greasy fingerprints on cd covers etc. This is not the first time Amazon have deliberately sent returns to me as new items. I had to return Pink Floyd’s Early Years three times before that sent a new copy. Really quite angry at being on the end of this sharp practice again


Oh no, sorry about that. I ordered the same box but it hasn’t been delivered yet. Guess the same will happen to me, then… I hope you are able to sort this out with Amazon


I can’t really see someone coming out with a non-legit box set of 11 CDs. A lot of work. I will assume you have at least one other box set. Compare the quality.


The first three Bowie box sets and the Beatles In Stereo box were all counterfeited heavily, and although there was no difference in the sound quality (digital is digital after all) the discs were the wrong colour and the sleeves looked like they had been badly photocopied…

Paul Thomson

As William so rightly says, the Bowie boxes were heavily bootlegged to the point that eBay copies for sale could not be trusted. This set was, however, offered by Amazon EU for sale on Amazon UK and so should be legit. I’ll find out soon


Wow! Whitesnake went up to £39.99 no more than 5 minutes after I ordered it. Thanks for letting us know about this deal Paul!


Wow just got it for $36 including shipping to USA before it went up. Once Paul puts it out, hundreds if not thousands of readers flock to that site. Amazon was probably like, quickly cut these SDE readers off before we lose our entire stock for a dump price.

John B

Whitesnake offer seems over already, still listed at £28.99 but price goes up when you put it in your basket ☹️


Wow, great price that Whitesnake box. Couldn’t resist it. It’s been a great beginning of the year for us “deal-chasers”. Madonna, Neneh Cherry, Simple Minds, Howard Jones, Stevie Nicks, R.E.M., Paul McCartney, Keith Richards (that Talk is Cheap 2cd seems perpetually stuck at 5 Pounds), OMD, INXS, Ian Dury, It’s been a crazy start of the year.

Dave Smith

Anyone know if the Whitesnake DVD is region locked ?


The “1987” SDE box came with a NTSC Region 0 DVD so I’m sure this one is too.


Gonna wait for Monster. Considering the actual size of the set in comparison to Automatic and that’s been down at sub £40 price I’m thinking £35in 6-12 months

Joe Yadloczky

Snood picked up the Whitesnake for that Price – US dollars 36.52 Thank you \o/


Great price for the Whitesnake, and couldn’t resist it at that price. As always, thanks for the heads up!

James Watts

Once again, many thanks, for your keen observation Sir. Another nice WS boxset to add to the collection. All the best……


Of course I just bought that Whitesnake set just a few weeks ago. Oh well, it is still worth the money I spent and more. I bought all the Whitesnake Super Deluxe sets after I got Slide It In. They are awesome and well worth the money!

Fantastic deal. Jump on it!

Nelson Lee

Ooh nice one. Had this item in my basket for ages waiting for a reduction but got fed up waiting and deleted it. Thanks!