This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Pink Floyd / Wish You Were Here immersion box set – £47

The immersion box sets rarely dipped below £70 in the last eight or nine years, so this is a cracking price for a very good box set. The Dark Side of the Moon box is also available for a similar price.

UK Supergrass / The Strange Ones 1994-2008 box set – £131 £170

Lowest price in the UK to date, for the newly released Supergrass box set. Thirteen CDs of albums, live concerts and rarities, plus all the long-players as vinyl picture discs. Also available in Germany for €130.

The Beatles / The Singles Collection seven-inch box set


UK The Beatles / The Singles Collection 23 x 7″ box – £139 £160

Solid reduction for last year’s Fab Four seven-inch box set.


UK The Cardigans / Gran Turismo remastered vinyl – £11.99 £18

UK: Prince / Nothing Compares 2 U 7″ single  – £4.49

USA: Paul Weller / Other Aspects 3LP vinyl +DVD – $17 DEAL OVER!

AMAZING price for this triple vinyl Paul Weller set that sees him perform live at the Royal Festival Hall AND includes a DVD of the show! For British fans, this price equates to £23, including shipping and tax to the UK (it’s £40 in Britain without shipping!). Can’t see this lasting too long, so grab it while you have the chance.

GERMANY (JPC) John Lennon / Imagine 4CD+2blu-ray – €36 DEAL OVER

Mega deal for the super deluxe that has just about EVERYTHING. Stereo remixes, new 5.1 mix, vintage Quad mix, and an incredible amount of outtakes.

GERMANY (JPC) Franz Ferdinand / Tonight 2CD+DVD+6 x 7″ – €17 DEAL OVER

Insane price for this set. Grab one before they go!

UK: Suede / The Blue Hour 2CD+DVD+LP+7″+book  – £22 DEAL OVER

Suede’s last album was fabulous and this is ludicrous value. The box is also nice and slim and slots into a vinyl rack rather nicely.



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“Franz Ferdinand / Tonight” – deal is back!

Mike williams

The 3cd edition of the latest best of from Simple Minds currently £5 at Amazon uk.
Also £2.73 for the Coldplay 7” of orphans/arabesque.

Roberto R

Morsefest 2017 Testimony Of A Dream Box € 33,35 amazon.it

Mike M

Like the look of the immersion boxes, wasn’t there an issue with these though? Dodgy blu rays or something?

Phil Cohen

The Blu-ray problems are only on European-manufactured/distributed “Immersion” boxes. The U.S.A. sets (whose discs were pressed in Mexico) were not affected


Yes, ordered the WYWH Immersion box, the one missing in my collection. My first post Brexit order, we will see what will happen….

Thanks Paul

Graham Gardner

For anyone in Glasgow area there’s a record & cd shop on Byres Road opposite the underground. I picked up 3 Floyd Immersion sets for £30 each. Loads of other sets at unbelievable prices.


Hi Graham,
What’s the name of the shop (can’t find anything online except a Fopp which is closing down)? For that price I might give them a ring….
Cheers in advance

Graham Gardner

Alan the shop doesn’t appear to have a name. I think it was meant to be there for Christmas but is still open. It is genuine box sets, vinyl etc. I have bought numerous sets and all are fine. Other bixes include Kings of the Wild Frontier £20, The Man Who £20, Suede Blue Hour £20, Eye in the Sky £20, News of the World £40 & Hotel California £30. Also boxes by Kate Bush, Dylan, Chic. Too many to list. Oh and if T’Pau’s your thing it’s only £5. Cheers, Graham.

Colin MacKenzie

Hi Graham
Do you mean Hillhead Underground. Am in Glasgow on Tuesday and would like to take a look.

Graham Gardner

Yes Colin Hillhead underground. Next to Pizza Express IIRC. As i said i think it was supposed to only be open for Christmas and January. I was in yesterday si not sure how much longer it will be there.


Hi Graham cheers for that got Travis The Man Who Adam Ant Kings Of The Wild Frontier The Band Music from the Big Pink all £20 each Eno Flexiglass £60 News Of The World £40 & T’Pau The Virgin Years for £5 but gave me free as I bought the other boxes’ still open today

Steven Campbell

Graham Gardner, Do you have a phone number for them? I ask because my Dark Side Of The Moon has the faulty blu ray and if I could get one posted over for £30 plus whatever it would cost in postage I’d still be saving plus though I have an open email out to the folk who were replacing the faulty blu rays I’m not confident of a reply for some had said they had stopped doing so whilst others had said they were still replacing them but awaiting supplies of them again.

Graham Gardner

Sorry Steven Campbell i don’t. I’ve not had a chance to play mine yet so not sure if they are faulty.

Colin MacKenzie

Went at lunchtime today and came out £100 poorer! Lady on the till said they hoped to be open until April. Aside from box sets mentioned most albums are at £10 includes Beatles (various) , Paul Simon Ultimate Collection, Kate Bush Remasters, Van Morrison Healing Game. Lots of these unofficial live albums by Springsteen, Dead. Petty, Young etc and box sets of same. The Art of McCartney ( which must have bombed saleswise) was £6 for the triple and £12 for the quadruple coloured vinyl version. Buffalo Springfield box was £40 I think and Travis £20. . As Graham said too many to mention. Only had 30 minutes to spare so didn’t get a chance to look at CD’s of which there are plenty but spotted Springsteen on Broadway for £3 next to the till. Definitely well worth going!

Graham Gardner

Colin they had the Springsteen Broadway 4lp which i bought for £20 and Lennon Imagine box for £25. They seem to get more stock every week or so.


Well! My Neneh Cherry 30th anniversary Vinyl box set did arrive from Fnac!
Absolute bargain at 17 euros delivered to UK. Just checked and it has now gone up to 68 euros although Discogs has some For 21 euros from France.


Yes I know it’s 2U! But I’m old and senile!


Prince – Nothing Compares To You…currently £3.90 on Amazon


The supergrass offer is still going and it’s at a great price so had to say yes


Snagged the Weller album! Thanks so much for the tip, been waiting for a deal on that for a very long time.

Gary Fowles

My Imagine box was despatched today. Thanks for the heads up Paul.


This might be old news but jpc.de is selling the Gaslight Anthem’s „The ’59 Sound Sessions (180g) (Limited Deluxe Photobook Edition)“ for €17.99 instrad of €41.99. http://bit.ly/2RAUfe8

Oasister Sledge

only £13.99 for the Gaslight Anthem Box on amazon UK. Bought one last week. Great Value very nice set.


Joseph Bartram

Bought the supergrass boxset was waiting for it to go down

Spiral Scar

Much appreciated alert, Paul. I grabbed the Supergrass for $150 (USD.) Normally I don’t shop at the monopoly store and this is the first time in a year, but that was a sweet deal. I’ll have devoured this set by the time I see the band in New York in a couple of months. Thank you and the SDE team for always being on guard!

Nigel Croft

Weller box up to 41 bucks!


Back to $42 on amazon US…


Paul Weller Back up in price to $41.00 after 8 minutes!


Yes – I wanted one too!


Managed to get the Weller box for a total £22.92 earlier – thanks to all for the tip. Bargain!


Just snagged the Paul Weller. Can’t say no to that price!! Thanks Paul!!


If I buy a box set from France, Germany, etc, will the booklets be in that language, for UK/USA bands, etc (ie non-local region)?

Stan Butler

Any box I ever bought from mainland Europe has always been in English.
If it is Amazon, I believe sometimes it may be shipped from the UK anyway.

Alan B

The days of country specific releases have all but gone. No more of that “rare Spanish pressing” type of thing from yesteryear. Most releases are made in one run and made in the same pressing plant (“manufactured in the EU”) and sold/distributed all over Europe (and sometimes the world). So to answer your question they will all have the same booklets. Japan being the exception of course.


No, those are international sets, there is no translation

Darren Gray

Amazon UK currently has these Blu ray’s on offer: The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night: 50th Anniversary Restoration £9.99, Queen – Live At The Rainbow ’74 £4.99 , Queen – A Night At The Odeon £4.99.

John McCann

Great mate ordered a hard day’s night thanks.


Mark Browne – nothing will change until 31st December. After that will depend on the future trade agreement (if any). Transition period may well be extended beyond that date if no trade agreement.

Donnie Biscotti

Suede back up to almost £60! Bah.

John Lewis

Suede Box set is £39.95 on Amazon not £60

Miller Doyle

Great deal on Paul Weller Other Aspects live dvd/3 vinyl on Amazon U.S.
17 dollars and change. That’s under six bucks a record… and a dvd! Now
that’s entertainment.


Have you got a link for that?

Colin MacKenzie

Great spot Miller and duly ordered. Have had it on my Amazon UK watchlist for a long time at around £40! Did a bit of scouting around Amazon USA and see you can get Bowies Loving the Alien vinyl boxset including customs and postage for £104 (£149 on Amazon UK)

Nigel Croft

Yeah, nice one – thanks!

Ordered and sending to my California address – 18 bucks and change with tax.

Also get free AutoRip, which costs 14 and a half bucks to buy!


It’s gone already. It stated $17 but $41 when in cart.

Mark McKendrick

Those fabs singles sound very quaint.
I wonder how many times they’re going reduce the price before they’ll become worth buying merely as an artifact of crap mastering married to historically novel artwork?

Alan Cullen

Nina Persson for only £11.99 – can’t say no to that.

Have to ask how many divorces have been as the result of buying vinyl?? :-). I’m having to keep it a bit quiet from the missus!


Got the John Lennon box just in time.
Thanks Paul


Supergrass is 129.99 at amazon.de


mark browne

Paul I’m assuming when we leave the European Union when importing music from central Europe, we will have to pay fees in the future?

Ben Williams

This is great point you’ve raised here – it may be that the overall cost of physical albums made in Europe and sold in the UK will rise as a result, and almost certainly we may have to start paying import fees like the ones paid on things from the US.


Hello Mark
It depends what deal your government reaches with the EU. Still a lot of talking to go.
I would say more than likely that there will be import duties for goods from EU to Britain and vice versa.
The B word is far from over yet, I’m afraid to say!
AmazonUK exclusives will probably work out a lot dearer for those of us outside Britain.

Kevin Sims

Mind you, it could also work the other way, with items under the customs limit having sales tax/VAT knocked off if buying across trade borders (as currently happens, I believe, for USA buyers getting items from UK Amazon).

I guess we’ll have to wait and see!


it’s alright, paul’s got a year to sort it out before it becomes an issue.


Just so you know, I tried to order the Lennon box set twice but the cart would not accept my selection. On the third attempt, a ‘Currently Not Available’ notice appeared.



Lennon box set won’t load into cart on site…..

Not That Joe Walsh

The Canadian Amazon site has a great price on The Beatles Singles Collection. I picked it up for 201.20 (CDN), which is roughly 153 US dollars or 118 GBP!


The suede deal never lasts long, always seem to miss out


Amazon know nothing about Suede Box Set being £22 i tried to buy it satated £23 on Amazon UK but once in basket £58

Dean F

Ordered the Franz Ferdinand set from JPC.de. for anyone who’s not used them before, I’ve had a few things off them and always found them to be really good.


Thanks for the feedback Dean. I just ordered from them for the first time today so your experiences are reassuring.


Clicked on the Suede link immediately following your immediately. It wasn’t £22 but still cheap at £23.98. Got interrupted (i.e. had to do some work!) and when I went back to it 10 minutes later it was £58.94!! :(


me to Just called them and they were hopeless

Nigel Croft

Yup, same here! GRRRRRRR.

Jim Breeds

Thanks Paul. I just “bagged” the John Lennon set. It would be rude not to at that price. I might have to have a bed-in to get through it all.

Mark Yon

I know it’s not quite an up to date deal, but I finally took the plunge and bought the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here box sets for less than £50 each from Amazon UK: scarves marbles and all! Saved a lot from when they were first released.

Peter Anderson

You had better check if the bluray discs work – the EU version of the DSOTM disc became unplayable over time and at least some of these cut price copies being shipped by Amazon UK recently include the original now faulty disc. The WYWH bluray has an audible click at some point. You can find full details on the Steve Hoffman Forum. I bought second copies myself recently to replace my original faulty ones but had to send both back as they were faulty themselves.

gary oliver

why do some sets have ‘chocolate box ‘ lift off lids ? … isnt it wrong to store them flat ?


Suede is nearly £60

Robert Morgenstern

Thank you Paul, ordered John Lennon. This time waiting was worth it.

Gareth Jones

Supergrass price is much better, but I still think my other half would not appreciate me splashing out just over £130 right now! …Not that I ever tell her how much I spend obviously!!


Cheers Paul, snagged Suede’s The Blue Hour for £19.38 (with Amazon discount perk).

Steve Cawrey

I heard that there was a lot of warping issues with The Beatles 7″ collection and people were returning them for refunds. I wonder if this is the last of the first presses and a second ‘quality controlled’ press will be released.

andrew R

Nothing but complaints about this set, warping ,crackles
and sound level issues. I have held off personally. One guy on youtube
said “buy this as a piece of art not to listen to ” Amazing


Bought the Doors Singles 7” vinyl box set from Amazon.de. Just arrived after only two days and cost £67.50 including delivery.


Having not done so before how does one go about ordering from the German Amazon site? I’m interested in the Franz Ferdinand set. I’ve only ever ordered in the UK. Also what about postage and customs fees?


OK thank you. I guess I just register on the German website and order as normal. The translation tool will help me understand what is going on!

Mark Porter

Using the Amazon app you can from the menu on the top left change to a different countries Amazon and for Germany you can choose English .
All with the same Amazon account.
Works for Spain and US too.
Other countries are there but no language option .on desktop you can change language settings with google and set to autotranslate the web page.


Just realised deal wasn’t through Amazon but a third party website. I used the translate tool and ordered. It’s a few quid for p&p but still a great deal. Thanks Paul!


Just buy it off ebay new SEALED £19.99


Thanks Peter but it’s still cheaper through JPC. Or was!


Excellent price for the John Lennon / Imagine… just over £35 inc. delivery, thanks


How do you get the site to accept your postcode? It just keeps knocking mine back!


Thanks for the heads up on Franz Ferdinand. Great for all German SDE readers with free postage from JPC. Rude not to buy at this price.

Ian Smith

The Dan Carey (Speedy Wunderground) ‘dub’ mixes on the bonus CD are great – highly recommended.