This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Marillion / Script For A Jester’s Tear (4CD+blu-ray) – £23.99

Fantastic pre-order price for this 5-disc extravaganza. Includes new stereo mix, 5.1 mix, live concert and even better all the audio is available in hi-res on the blu-ray audio. American Marillion fans should be aware that this price equates to around $26 + shipping, compared to the $50 price via Amazon US. Effectively half-price!

UK: Eric B & Rakim / Paid in Full (2LP limited vinyl) – £14

UK: Madonna / Madame X (2LP vinyl picture disc) – £22

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Simple Minds “Street Fighting Years” box now down to £49.99 on Amazon UK now. A far more sensible price considering what you get / don’t get!


Since selling herself and visual presentation is meant to be Madonna’s expertise it is rather odd how BLAND and DIRE the Picture disc of her LP is. Why bother issuing a Vinyl picture disc version if all you can offer is a colourful M and X that aint really visually attractive?


The Clannad ‘In A Lifetime’ Deluxe Box set is a great pre-order price on FNAC and Amazon France – €84.99. It’s almost twice that elsewhere.

Richard Bartley

Hi paul,
I was just ordering three Blu Ray deluxe editions from Marillion site, when I received your alert. Now, I have Dispute with my credit card and Paypal pays immediately. Also, emailed Racketrecords so they don’t ship three items to Brooklyn. I ordered all three from Amazon. saved $31.00 usd. Thanks Paul and Staff.
Thanks for 3-2 sale in USA. Saved hundreds of dollars. Your site is my favorite everyday. I wish you could send texts. Emails aren’t so easy to hear on ipad. Phone is loud.


Sorry, not really a deal but having looked for the I Should Coco reissue vinyl reissue from 2015 a few months back and not finding it anywhere at a reasonable price, I see there are now all of a sudden 15 or so copies for sale on Amazon US for 24 dollars. It’s 100 quid on Amazon UK!

Electric Sydney

That was a great tip about Supergrass, thanks! I’m in the US, and by purchasing it I also received the full anniversary 3 cd version of it as an Autorip.


After reading your post, I followed your link and bought the album last night. I’m glad I did because it’s no longer available now.
Thanks Richard.


My pleasure! Amazon US must have found a box of copies lying around somewhere. I’m just glad I still had it in my cart from when I was looking for its few months back, otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed they suddenly had it back in stock!

Dave the Dog

Thanks Paul. I’m not that impressed with the bonus content but it is definitely worth it at that price

Mike Villano

$30.11 to the U.S.! Thanks as usual, Paul!


I’m noticing a fish theme lately on the deal alerts.

David B

Excellent price .. ordered . .may thanks ..


Nice Nick Lowe Australian Tour album available in Aus called ‘Walkabout’. One side Nick, the other side Los Straitjackets. It includes two unreleased tracks plus a sticker sheet. Available as a red/blue split coloured vinyl for £15 or a CD for £10.



1. Nick Lowe – Tokyo Bay
2. Nick Lowe – Crying Inside
3. Nick Lowe – Heartbreaker
4. Nick Lowe – Love Starvation
5. Nick Lowe – Blue on Blue
6. Nick Lowe – Trombone

7. Los Straitjackets – (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
8. Los Straitjackets – Rollers Show
9. Los Straitjackets – Half a Boy and Half a Man
10. Los Straitjackets – All Men Are Liars
11. Los Straitjackets – Friday on My Mind*
12. Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets – Heart of the City (Live)*



Marillion’s shop and Fish’s shop both have the Script box set. I can’t tell you what Fish charges for shipping but Marillion’s site comes in at under $40 US with shipping and signed by Kelly, Trewavas and Rothery plus Mick Pointer [Mosely wan’t on drums for the album].
And you get to support the band [no “middleman”].
I will assume Fish is signing his shipment.
Fish [going on tour in March] will also be selling the set before the release date.


@Paul Sinclair
The signed copy is more of a bonus since the prices are about the same. The fact that Marillion’s site will sign up to 4,000. Unsure how Many Fish will do or how since there were issues when he unwrapped CaS to sign and some came to buyers damaged.
And recently Marillion sold off stock for some of the remaining prints – part of the money going to charity.

Tom m hans

Fish is way too expensive to ship to the US. He lost a lot money from unregistered international shipping by refunding “lost parcels”. I never missed anything and I ordered many times from his website. Since he needs to purchase the boxes himself from universal UK I can’t blame him mailing registered and signed only but here it equates to almost 17 pounds to Florida. I have signed versions of MC and CAS but this time its amazin uk…. sadly….

Wayne Olsen

Amazon U.K. just thanked me and my order is placed.

The Geordie Expat

For US buyers of the Marillion set – the deal is even better. There’s no VAT. Shipped to the US the price is £23.09 (£19.99 + shipping !! I got the price back in late January. Waiting for delivery.


Received the neneh cherry vinyl today, no protection in the box from amazon so completely crushed on the corners, or someone there dropped a few boxes of them so they decided to sell them cheap, none in stock to replace either


They’re terrible for that sometimes. What’s the point of putting vinyl in a large box with just a bit of crushed paper which is how my Blossoms glow in the dark arrived, and it was rattling around inside. Or even worse, the box set of Rush’ debut just had the address sticker stuck on the outer shrink wrap, nothing else at all!! I was very lucky, norther of these were damaged, but they really need to look at their vinyl packaging.

Giles Kendrick

I got the Floyd Later Years set from Amazon and it showed up loose in one of their own boxes with a bit of paper and marked/bent as a result. Had a major pop at them and got the replacement sent in its original packaging with foam spacers. Hope they lost a packet on it, as it’s the only way they’ll learn.

Dave R

The GNR super deluxe set I purchased from Amazon at the bargain price and just received I have just noticed after opening has a crushed bottom corner that has ensured the hard back book inside the cover has also been left dented throughout….
That too came in a box much larger than the contents and just ‘padded’ with brown paper.

Martin Dudley

“The box set of Rush’ debut album”… do you mean the Sector 1 box set? If not, please can you tell me more about this, as I don’t know anything about a box set of their debut album… and I’m a MASSIVE Rush fan!


Rush – ReDiscovered LP box (2014)

Andrew Stone

Marillion Script box set £23.99 on Amazon at the moment


A very good price here:

Ivo Peeters

Received. And it’s indeed the 1 cd version although the website gives the tracklisting for the 3 cd version. Not the first time that they have such errors on their website.

Ivo Peeters

I ordered the 3cd Raw Like Sushi version from fnac.be for € 8,54! Not sure whether that will be honored. I already received a message that it was sent out but I wonder whether I will receive the correct version.

the real mike

looks to me to be the 1CD version at 8,54 – the 3CD is 45,85?

Rich E

I finally pulled the trigger on the Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box as this is currently £405 on Amazon. Factoring inflation this is roughly the same cost as when first released. So not a bargain as such but the cheapest it’s bean in a long while.


wowzers, i paid EUR 332,35 on amazon.fr when it came out :-O

Wayne C

It wasnt anywhere near that price it was around £250 as I bought it at the time , pre ordered it


If the CD were at that price, I’d consider it, but Vinyl ? No thanks

Just a matter of time for the CD to get there too I guess…

Steven Roberts

The Toyah Solo box is available for pre-order £35.99 from zoom.co.uk

If it’s your first order from the site, you can sign up for 10% off as well – so that would make it a tenner less than the Amazon pre-order price (although admittedly the Amazon box came with a signed card)


Yes Paul Kelly I’m with you – what’s with the rip off price for the deluxe CD? In Australia not only is it very hard to purchase but on Amazon Australia it’s selling for upwards of $100. Surely the true value is around $25-$30, particularly in a market where CD sales are falling?


Falling CD sales means smaller CD runs means higher costs.


Franz Ferdinand: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (Deluxe Box Set: 2 CDs, 1 DVD, 6 Singles 7″ ) again in deal in jpc.de at 16,99 €



That’s a good deal oskar. I ordered this a few weeks back and it arrived quickly and with no problem from jpc.


Thank you Oskar. I ordered it. My first order from JPC. Let’s see how they do. It’s certainly cheap!!

Richard Fisher

Hi Kauwgompie, I had no problem at all with jpc. I ordered the same set from there and it arrived promptly and in excellent condition. Hope your order is as successful.

Mike Pendlebury

Amazon USA are doing a buy 2 get 3 offer at the moment on select vinyl and cd’s. There are some box sets included in the deal. I bought Bowie’s “Scary Monsters”, Clash’s “Combat Rock” and got Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasure” on vinyl free. Would have bought more but I already went crazy in Barnes & Noble’s 50% off vinyl sale last month.

If you live in the US you also have the option of a 2 for 3 deal at Target – noticed some good box sets when I looked yesterday online. Barnes & Noble are also doing some sort of vinyl sale this upcoming weekend. With all the big guns doing such great deals I am going to make sure I take a visit to my local favorite indie too – Music Millennium in Portland Oregon – always has a great selection. I prefer the more intimate experience picking up that record or CD in a store than buying online so going to be showing them some love!

Tom m hans

Thank you. I have a hard time navigating the Target offers. Too many fillers.


The 3 for 2 deal at Target is just like the Amazon Germany one. It’s really good. I bought Bowie’s Conversation Piece, The Beatles’ Abbey Road, REM’s Monster and got Monster free. Then I bought Mel & Kim’s Singles box, White Snake’s Slip Of The Tongue and the Chemical Brother’s Surrender boxes and got Mel & Kim for free. Shipping is free!! All 6 boxes were on my want list. If you are in the USA, it’s a great deal!
Here is the link. There is a lot of cludder on the Target site so use the link and you are there.

Mike M

Gutted been waiting for this price drop but missed it, damn you work :(

Martin Power

Blimey that was auick one – fingers crossed will pop up again


Wow, that went quick!


That did not last.

Rob Puricelli

Bugger. Gone :-(

Steven Campbell

Missed out alas on this as it has gone already. I got the 3cd set via Amazon France for £21. Was going to get it even cheaper via fnac for £12.99 plus postage but I wasn’t sure if they’d honour the price which I’m told they did so I went with Amazon to be on the safe side.


fnac beautifully honoured the deal so some of us got both 3CD and 3LP sets for 30 euro, steal of the century!


It’s gone back up to £50.07

Wayne C

Gosh that didn’t last long , deal over!


When you click through to that link, and try and add it to your basket, Amazon just brings up the screen that says your basket is empty – seemingly won’t let you add it to your basket or buy it!


Does it have a download code?


Apparently so


Wow! Nice one, thanks. Ordered!


I suspect we’ll see more Deal Alerts on the Raw Like Sushi SDE. £40 (cd) or £65 (vinyl) is so off, literally no one will buy at those prices. I am beginning to wonder if they only printed a small amount. That would explain selling it at such a high price, unless you’re Paul McCartney.


As much as I love this album I was conflicted by this release in all its different guises at mostly inflated prices but at this price I’ll take a punt. Cheers for the heads up as always

paul kelly

i hope the cd version will go down in price around 18 to 20 pounds mark