This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Rush / 2112 2CD+DVD deluxe  – £13 £20

2016 deluxe reissue featuring covers on CD 2 (including Steven Wilson doing ‘A Passage to Bangkok’) and a DVD with newly restored video and audio of the Capitol Theatre concert in 1976.

UK: The Band  2CD deluxe – £11.99 £15.31

This two-CD set features 13 outtakes (six previously unreleased) and alternate recordings from The Band sessions, as well as the group’s Woodstock performance, which has never been officially released.

UK: Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man / Out of Season vinyl LP – £12.99 £17.99


UK: Massive Attack / Mezzanine  2CD deluxe – £3.99 £7.99

Remastered album plus bonus disc of exclusive Mad Professor dub remixes.

UK: Mark Hollis vinyl LP – £12.99 £17.99

UK: The Police / Every Move You Make 6CD set – £9.99 £15 DEAL OVER

This Police 6CD box set won the SDE ‘Best Value For Money’ box set award last year, and now it’s even cheaper! The remastering is excellent and the packaging is also much better than you’d expect at this price point, as this SDEtv unboxing video illustrates. What was a no brainer is now, er, a total no brainer. The vinyl box is also the cheapest it has been at £79.99.

Howard Jones / One to One 3CD+DVD reissue


UK: Howard Jones / One to One 3CD+DVD box set – £19 £24

Not Howard’s best album, but the reissue is close to faultless.

UK: OMD/ Souvenir 3LP vinyl set – £25 £36

UK: Freddie Mercury / Never Boring 180g vinyl set – £12.99 £17.99


UK: The Cure / Distintegration 3CD set – £7.99

Fantastic price for reprint of the Disintegration reissue. This features remastered audio, a bonus disc of demos and an expanded and remixed version of the Entreat live album (called Entreat Plus for this set). Packaged in a jewel case, this time around. Out on Friday, along with Faith 2CD which is just over £7.


UK: Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 4CD super deluxe – £41.99 

UK: Pink Floyd / Wish You Were Here immersion box set – £47

Possibly a new lowest price for the superb immersion box which contains the 2011 remaster, a CD of Live at Wembley and alternates, 5.1 mix, quad mix and concert screen films (on blu-ray and DVD). And let’s no forget those marbles. The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall boxes are similarly cheap

UK: Elvis Costello / Look Now CD edition – £2.88

Virtually charity shop price for a brand new copy of the standard CD edition of Elvis Costello’s last album.

UK: The Allman Brothers Band / Trouble No More 5CD set – £39.99 £50.99

Forthcoming 50th anniversary set. Includes 88-page booklet. Price now down to a more respectable level.

UK: The Human League / Octopus 2CD deluxe – £11.89 £12.99

UK: David Gray / White Ladder 2CD deluxe – £8 £21 DEAL OVER

Great deal for the newly released 2CD deluxe of David Gray‘s White Ladder which features remastered audio and a bonus disc of B-sides and demos.

UK: The Chemical Brothers / Surrender 3CD+DVD box – £19.99 £38 DEAL OVER

UK: The Chemical Brothers / Surrender 4LP+DVD – £44.99 £73 DEAL OVER

The CD box deal is over, but this vinyl box set brings the original album with previously unreleased ‘Secret Psychedelic Mixes’ and a selection of remixes from the period, curated by Tom and Ed over four clear vinyl LPs. This also comes with a DVD featuring restored promo videos and footage from the 2000 Glastonbury performance, four prints, a book and a download card.

SDE helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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‘Every Move You Make’ by The Police is still available at HMV who Amazon were price matching. I saw it instore at Bristol Cribbs yesterday and you can.
order it online.


White Ladder back down to £8 on Amazon.


House to myself this Sunday afternoon, company is The Police cd box & Paul Simon Hyde Park cd/blu ray , £15 for both, crazy value, my pizza cost more, thanks Paul, I’d be far too lazy to media surf these for myself.




Just picked up the R. E. M Monster deluxe box set in HMV for £39.99, they have the chemical brothers Cd box set for £20 also and lots of other box set and vinyl offers

Jonathan Riley

Rebpublica 3 disc set that just got released last week is already 12.99 gbp on amazon.co.uk before shipping by a third party seller for a new copy


Judas Priest complete collection, all their albums before Firepower on CD less than £34 on Amazon uk at the moment.


You mean: all their albums before “Redeemer of Souls”….

Nelson Lee

Allman brothers now 35.39


Ref the Chemical Brothers “Surrender” box, just had mine delivered from Amazon via Italy & Germany for some reason. It’s highly recommended if it comes up on offer again. Everything has been done with a lot of love very professionally in a 12 x 12 “ box. It’s surpassed my expectations for the price I paid with no VAT it’s absolutely brilliant. Even if you’re half a fan it’s worth it!!!

Mike M

Still readily available from HMV for £20 Inc delivery

Chris Squires

The Abba Live at Wembley Vinyl had dropped as low as £30.27 when it was originally posted. It has spent the last 6 weeks at £39.99 but is currently back down to £31.99 which is not too bad for a triple LP.
It is 11 days from release so now would be a good time to nab it if you didn’t lock in to something lower back in January.


Suede Studio Albums box, black vinyl edition, is only £87 right now on Amazon UK. Was well over £100 until recently.

Colin MacKenzie

Looks as if Bruce Springsteen’s Album Collection Vol 1 has been reissued. Whilst its £225 in the UK by purchasing through Amazon Canada you can get it delivered to the UK for £143 which is a decent reduction.


Springsteen vinyl box set would also have customs, when it arrives. Very easy to pay though. Around £30 i suppose.

Colin MacKenzie

Price shown above includes Amazon’s estimate of customs charge. Last purchase I made I subsequently got a small refund later of a couple of quid!


Thanks to Andrew Mant for the heads-up re. HMV. The Leicester (High Street) shop has all of the same deals (as of 11am this morning). Bought the REM & Cure sets.

Richard Fisher

Music from the Big Pink 50th anniversary boxset pretty cheap on Amazon UK:

Music From Big Pink – 50th Anniversary Edition (Super Deluxe) (45rpm) https://amzn.to/2vFWFA7

Richard Fisher

It’s a bargain I think, enjoy. I have it but paid a little more (£39) in January. Just waiting for the second album boxset to drop a bit more (it will I’m sure). Waiting game…..

Wayne Klein

The Pink Floyd is still too expensive.


I have had issues with black discs in the past and luckily have not stumbled on any in years but some of my cd players would not read them, same with some of my disc drives in computers.
So, as I just put the Massive Attack set in my amazon cart I now may reconsider.


Got the Massive attack set yesterday and works fine.


2CD Massive Attack Mezzanine at £3.99 – unbelievably low price. Fantastic sounding but beware – the black discs are VERY delicate and skip ‘as enthusiastically as a little girl’. I bought it from Amazon and found that with the slightest blemish they skip. CD2 would not play through 99% of the time without skipping so was duff. Obtained a replacement and the new CD1 had the same problem. I kept the best of both and returned the skippers.
Make sure that you listen to them thoroughly before the return period lapses.
It’s all very well having slick-looking black discs but it will be a very expensive mistake for someone…


Those black MA CDs are ridiculous. From an aesthetic POV it’s pointless. After a lot of whirring and stuttering, I managed to rip them to FLAC using a standalone CD player after my PC’s built in one rejected them.

Pete C T


Cheapish. As of 16:15.


HMV Canterbury has a big bin upstairs full of bargains.

INXS Live 2 CD £5.99
The Band Super Deluxe £69.99
The Police CD Box £9.99
The Cure Curation DVD £12.99, Boxset DVD £27.99, BR £32.99
REM Monster SD 5CD/1BR £39.99
Freddie Boxset £54.99/Deluxe CD £5.99
Chemical Brothers BS £19.99

And a load CD fairly cheap


FOPP in Glasgow has pretty much the same selection plus more


Cranberries In The End deluxe cd currently available on Amazon UK for £10.59

Tim Barton

My Mark Hollis album sounds fine. No problem with it. Could be lucky I suppose. I have had a few inferior pressings-Imagine on clear vinyl does not sound great. Surface pops are really annoying.


The Simple answer with vinyl is don’t buy it because ultimately it’s inferior compared to CD and vastly inflated in price…Do you honestly think the artist who made the recording purposely put snap crackle and pop on the quieter sections of the recording or on the fade out? Simple answer is NO But one rule to the acception is Celine Dion on her new album she sings a song called “Imperfections” and it purposely has old vinyl crackle in the background but that is just one song…The pure hiss and crackle free sound is how the artist intended you to hear the finished product…oh and CD never wears out no actual physical connection to the media I think some people forget how good CD is compared to all the other old formats of vinyl and cassette



Chris Squires


The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Just stick to the format you prefer. Why go slagging formats others prefer. Childish behaviour really.

FYI some LPs sound far superior to the same CD version, and lot of CDs sound totally inferior to the LP version. You can also reverse that statement to suit CDs.

Me? I`m lucky I like and buy LPs and I like and buy CDs and I simply love mixed format boxsets.


Why would anyone reply to this post with ‘hilarious’ or ‘yawn’? He’s simply stating facts. I might PREFER the sound of vinyl to cd but to say that vinyl has superior sound quality is nonsense.

Chris Squires

I’ll tell you why it’s “yawn” Edward.
This is a site to celebrate all forms of physical product. Vinyl, CDs, box sets of all shapes and sizes.
Whether it’s opinion or fact doesn’t matter. The intent was to come here and upset as many people as possible and that’s really boring. Let’s slag off the chosen method of listening to our music of at least 50% of people here. Rather like going to the Hillman Imp or Humber association or Betamax group and pointing out imperfections imagined or real in something the people there appreciate to the extent they write about it and buy it. OP is being either malicious or stupid. I’m hedging my bets on that one.
I thought “yawn” was the politest way of responding.

John McCann

Betamax good,higher resolution than vhs, smaller tapes, first machine was a sanyo in 83,recorded spandue over Britain,live at saddlers wells, of the telly on it.i was 14,and had attended the Glasgow Apollo gig,so happy betamax memories.


Vinyl is not limited like CDs are (16 bit/44.1 kHz). FACT. Therefore, vinyl can be mastered at much higher quality. Sometimes it isn’t mastered at it’s potential level, but when it is, the superior quality is uncontestable.

joel ivins

personally enjoy the pops, hisses and crackles


‘Do you honestly think the artist who made the recording purposely put snap crackle and pop on the quieter sections of the recording or on the fade out?’

Google ‘glitch music’ – A whole new world will open up to you well beyond anything by Celine Dion.

John McCann

Does all music not have melody (melodic)in some shape or form?


I’ve had plenty cd “wear out” due to nothing more than storing it in the packaging it was purchased in. My vinyl has only “worn out” due to either my younger clumsy self or older drunken self mishandling it.

Wes David Headley

I’ve got several thousand CD’s and several thousand vinyl records. The vinyl usually sounds better. CD’s too often sound overly compressed and harsh. That’s why so many artists will tell you they prefer the sound of their music on vinyl.

Wes Headley

There’s an answer to playing back vinyl without ticks and pops: https://sweetvinyl.com/ — they make a series of products called SugarCubes– which miraculously remove the surface noise without effecting the music. I have one in my system and it is nothing short of amazing. Makes an old record sound brand new, no ticks and pops!

John McCann

Yes mate the gold plated interconnects,,,,if you have 2 grand to spare buying one of these,then just go and buy a load of new records and ditch the scratchy ones.


Got the Police box. Cheers.

Martin Power

If anyone is looking for the Chemical Brothers – HMV have them at the same prices and are currently showing stock

Mike M

Sold out of the vinyl

Simon Broch

The Police box is available in Fopp in London for £10.00. They also have the Freddie Mercury SDE at £55.00 if anyone is interested.


Keith Richards Talk Is Cheap SDE box now only $68 on Amazon USA.


I found KR’s box set generally boring. The CDs are duplicated on the LP which means only thing very remotely interesting is the 7″ vinyls which are already on the LP.
Then you get all the filler that I’m sure most don’t care about.


Absolutely. It’s a total dud. But if anyone was interested, $67 is not a bad price. Now it went back up to $90. But it will go down again because as we both agree, there is nothing but filler in that box. I was tempted at $67 just to have it in my collection but waited too long. It’ll go down again. Patience.


I read somewhere that the single lp of Monster is actually not the original version of the album, but the new messed with mix. Is that true?


That’s the 2LP edition which comes with the original and the remix. The single LP is the original version.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

ZZ Top: Cinco No1 The First Five LPs Box Set £57.18

ZZ Top: Cinco No2 The Second Five LPs Box Set £58.21….both at Amazon UK


Anyone had any experience of the Massive Attack black discs? The reviews on Amazon seem very……..concerning. I know they are only £4 but I’d rather not waste my time if they are known to be duff.


I had no problems with the black discs at all.

It’s now £2.72 by the way! Those bad reviews must have really hurt sales…


Thanks Caroline. Fingers crossed.


Thanks Caroline!


They are totally fine. Been playing them for months without any issues whatsoever.


I think there is sometimes a problem with black discs on pc’s/ laptops, but on regular CD players aok.


Thanks for the Mezzanine alert. Was listening to this a lot recently with a free Amazon Music subscription. Bargain price for the album and mixes.

Stan Butler

The Who’s “WHO” Limited Deluxe Edition, £5.99 on Amazon UK now.



The Discogs listing for the OMD 3LP set says its 180g. There is even an image of the sticker on the set stating this to be the case.


Gary Hunter

Brilliant, Thanks for that Edward.


The Police boxset is £9.99 on HMV if anyone missed the Amazon price.


Thank you Mark, ordered it yesterday with another album on my list to bump it up for the free delivery. Great saving.

Gary Hunter

Does anybody know if the OMD Triple Vinyl set is 180gm vinyl??

Alan Mitchell

Limited edition vinyl nowadays means it’s standard weight and black. Just try finding any new release in this format ;)

Seriously, since Prince died and the Estate started reissuing limited editions of his work, it’s the black, not purple, that will be worth hundreds in a few years.


The sound quality of “Souvenir” set is horrible. It’s a brick walled cd master transferred to vinyl.
I returned my copy.

andrew R

Paul ref the mark hollis lp .Is it down in price because of the terrible quality of the pressing?
Mine was warped to the extent the stylus left the record surface and what did play had background rumble. It was returned for refund and i haven’t chanced my arm with it since.
Anybody else had more luck.It is a great pity as it is a fine recording that needs a silent pressing.


I was tempted to buy this then saw the reviews (vinyl) which are predominately negative. Shame.

Electric Sydney

I ordered the Mark Hollis myself, from what I can tell, recent reviews of the record indicate the problems have been solved. I hope I’m not wrong!


The REM ‘Monster’ CD/Blu Ray Box Set did not last long, so I bloody missed it! AGH!

Richard Fisher

Nil desperandum. It’s £39.99 at hmv.

Ted Sayers

HMV still have it for the same price.


Erk! Also sold out.

Habbarab BaB

I found it today in a shop. The sticker still said £89 but the til corrected the price to £39. This was in Manchester, they still have another copy left.

Richard Fisher

Pretty good price for this Paul Simon live cd and blu ray (a little over a fiver) :

The Concert In Hyde Park (Cd/Bluray) https://amzn.to/38du42l

Richard Fisher

No problem. I thought so too. Thanks for sharing with others.

Gordon Downs

REM-Monster SDE £39.99 at Amazon UK!

Alan Mitchell

Last week also saw the announcement of a limited edition double LP of rarities and so on from Sleaford Mods. Available in white vinyl from the indies or gold vinyl plus flexi disc from their site. Both include a booklet written by Jason, plus words from their greatest admirer, Iggy Pop. An essential purchase for me.

Think it’s on Rough Trade?

Stuart S

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man’s vinyl reissue of Out of Season currently £12.99 on Amazon UK.


Boo… Amazon won’t ship that discounted Chemical Brothers to the USA.


At Police box vinyl version is a very reasonable £79.99

Wayne C

Thanks for that – ordered a very good price.


For some reason, Amazon UK won’t process a delivery of the Chemical Brothers Box Set to Canada… anyone else is experiencing this issue for international delivery of this item?


It can’t be shipped to the Netherlands too :(


After refreshing the page Surrender Deluxe will be shipped to the Netherlands :)


The same problem to Italy…. Only to UK delivery Address… For other records no problem…. System error?

Terry Poole

Asda. UK have been selling the Police box set for £15 for the last month. Extra selling point you can pick a box set with no damage.


Sainsbury’s as well.


The cure Disintegration box is incorrectly listed on Amazon UK –
It appears to list the Faith album of some sorts. Its been like that for weeks –


Me too but i understand what ‘cure’ is saying above. Amazon show the track listing for ‘faith’, 2 cd edition on disintegration page.


What type of jewel case?


Police back up to £20. Missed it.

Peter Stanton

Police went whilst I was in the process of ordering.
Now £20


Thank you Paul. Just successfully ordered the Police box & Chemical Brothers set. It would show a complete lack of self respect not to at those prices!, despite having no plans to order either.


Thanks Paul. Have nearly bought the Police box on impulse at the supermarket. Glad I didn’t!
Another nod to the pop up shop in Byres Road, Glasgow. Thanks to the SDE-ers who flagged it up. The Pink Floyd Immersion boxes are £30 currently. I bought Wish You Were Here, and can’t stop playing with my marbles, fnarr.


Hi Alistair,
At those prices, if you or anyone else could buy a set of these Immersion boxes on my behalf and post them to me in Hertfordshire that would be amazing!
Immediate reimbursement plus several beers or a decent meal as an incentive!
Just a thought….


Hi Allan. I won’t be over there again for a couple of weeks, sorry, but maybe one of the other SDE ers from Glasgow can oblige.
Meantime if you or anyone else like REM’s Monster, the HMV online store is doing it for £39.99

Richard S

Amazon are also now selling the REM Monster box set for £39.99

Richard S

Woo! I was wondering about the Chemical Brothers box just the other day, so snapped that up. Thanks!

Martin Power

That Police box is insane in terms of price and an absolute bargain

Grabbed the Chem bros – Brilliant


Marvellous, been after the Chemical Brothers for a while

Jacob Rees Mogadon

T-Rex 3 Vinyl Box set only £12 – issued by Demon


Paul – when you have a moment, the Grammar Police would counsel including an apostrophe between the “k” and the “s” in the word “Weeks” in the heading. The Grammar Police could be accused of having too much free time and / or needing to get a life.


Ah, the dreaded ITS vs. IT’S dilemma… :-)