This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Kate Bush / Remastered Part 1: 7CD box – £28

I paid £60 for this back in late 2018! It’s not perfect (cover art leaves a lot to be desired, and bonus material is ‘saved’ for the Part 2 box) but Kate’s first seven studio albums remastered and repacked (as six-panel digipaks) in a box for less than £30 is great however you choose to look at it.

USA: Keith Richards / Talk is Cheap super deluxe – $61

UK: David Bowie / Diamond Dogs – £16

45th anniversary ‘one-run-only’ RED vinyl pressing.

UK: Manic Street Preachers / Futurology 2CD deluxe – £4.98

2014 album in hardback book format with a bonus disc of demos and extra tracks

UK: Various Artists / Now That’s What I Call Music 5 – £7.99

Already down to just £7.99 on pre-order. First time on CD.

UK: Tears For Fears / The Hurting vinyl LP £11.99

UK: Freddie Mercury / Never Boring 3CD+blu-ray+DVD deluxe£55 £72

Issued last October, this Freddie Mercury box set features a new special CD edition of Mr Bad Guy, the orchestral version of Barcelona on CD and a special 12-track compilation. The Blu-ray and DVD feature promo videos and stage performances and this comes with a 120-page hardcover book.

UK: Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction super deluxe – £59 DEAL OVER

Includes four CDs of content (including 49 unreleased tracks) and a blu-ray which features the album, bonus tracks and music videos all in brand new 5.1 surround sound. Also contains a 96-page hardcover book and other printed material. Amazing price.

UK: Pink Floyd / The Later Years 18-disc box set – £263

This Pink Floyd extravaganza is back down to its lowest price of £263 right now.

UK: Rush / A Farewell to Kings 3CD anniversary set – £10

No brainer price for this 2017 triple-disc deluxe set.

The Killers / Hot Fuss vinyl reissue

UK: The Killers / Hot Fuss vinyl LP – £10.99

New album Imploding the Mirage is imminent, but meanwhile The Killers’ classic debut is just £10.99 on vinyl right now.

UK: R.E.M. / REM at the BBC (8CD+DVD) – £38 £55

This wonderful box set is beautifully packaged and, more importantly, has an immense amount of content. 8CDs in total, including two discs of BBC Sessions and seven further live broadcasts. On top of that you get a DVD of BBC TV performances and a few videos! All that for £38 is an absolute steal.


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Bruce Nicholson

Re: tears for Fears box sets.
I bought a copy of each of the reissues to replace by worn out original copies. When the world has got back to something like normal I’m happy to sell the new ones at cost to anyone on here who would like them. Not sure how to do this but I’m sure theres a way. I’d like a nice pristine copy, but if people are still having trouble getting one im happy to part with them.


I have received my Black Box Recorder box set from Amazon and it is the CD version of the box at £27.71 not the vinyl if you look at their site today it shows the vinyl at 49.99 and the order is shown in the CD page too even though it said vinyl when I ordered it !!

Iain Carmichael

The Kate Bush box has been at €37 for weeks.
A little more than the deal listed but not bad.


Not really a deal, just an information:
amazon.de has basically stopped to ship out media, if you order now (23rd March that is), they show ridiculous delivery dates for items in stock like 20th or 22nd April, even for Prime members in Germany. Just as a warning, if someone hopes to order sth. in time for Easter.

Peter Stanton

Kate Bush deal is on again. I think that I shall finally go for it.

Also the English Nirvana double CD Rainbow Chaser The Island years is £4.99 on Amazon.uk.

David Cornyn

Thanks for the heads up – bagged one. Don’t know them very well but at that price to I’m happy to find out more!


It looks like toilet paper and the Hurting are the new gold. Perhaps a sign of the times. Take care all…

Tom m hans

In regards to TFF the Hurting SDE. I followed the US amazon link from Paul’s 2013 posting and was able to order for approx 35 USD a new, in stock copy from a seller called Oxfordshire England. I keep my amazon uk order alive for now. Let’s see what happens.

Tom m hans

Oxfordshire England cancelled the order just now. Surprise!!!

Darren Linklater

I was slow off the mark for the TFF boxes. I would have bought both but not at scalpers prices. I will bide my time until the next reprint. Can’t see the record company leaving pent up demand in the market. It’s easy profit to make a few more.


The Kate Bush box is excellent value. Cannot understand why you don’t like the cover art. It’s awesome! It fits in perfectly with her most recent project (Before The Dawn) and the sets take us right up to her last work, so it encapsulates the destination she’s arrived at. I can’t wait for her new album or Before The Dawn blu-ray to hit the (online) shelves.


The udiscovermusic store has now sold out of “The Hurting” boxset. So glad I bought from there as soon as I had that Amazon email. That’s that for that then unless you want to pay stupid money for it. Like someone here said before, this is a high demand product, Record Companies need money, so make more of them! I bet they could’ve easily sold another few thousand more & the mark up must be quite tasty so what part of this is difficult? It’s a win win for everyone!


I find it a bit ironic that everyone who ordered “The Hurting” by TFF seems to be hurting… by Amazon. Their mercurial pricing is also a big hurt for me.


I think the KateBush deal is quite over…


Sadly the Kate Bush deal seems to be over. I was just searching for her vinyl box sets and couldn’t find them… Have they finally sold out? They seem to have vanished without a trace on Amazon UK

Eric Generic

If you click on the NOW5 deal, the listing has Bowie back on disc 1 – do we think this is an error, or they have managed to thrash something out with the Bowie Estate?



One song out of 30 missing – does it really matter? Anyone who likes the song that much will already own it or they could pick up a Bowie compilation that has it.

Paul English

@ RJS – of course it matters. Its availability elsewhere is irrelevant. Ever hear the expression, if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly?

Before you mention licensing restrictions (which I accept do happen), note that these Now CD reissues have been plagued with avoidable errors – https://apopfansdream.wordpress.com/words/now-cd-errors/

Eric Generic

Yes, I’m inclined to believe the edited sleeve artwork is a truer reflection of Bowie’s (non-) appearance on the CD reissue. Amazon probably just copied an earlier tracklisting when putting it back up following the amended/delayed release info.





My Hurting boxset totally disappeared from my account. Yesterday morning it was showing on Amazon as being on the verge of dispatch, by early afternoon cancelled & totally disappeared from my order history. Basically they’ve been taking orders knowing they couldn’t fulfill them & I personally think this is pretty piss poor! How can it take you 5 weeks to tell someone you haven’t got what you advertised under false pretense? Anyway , I found it on the undiscover website for a tenner more so bought it from there. Will you publish this Paul?


I sent a similar message in the Corona – Amazon post moaning about the “Hurting” fiasco & it never got posted. I did use some raw Anglo Saxon because I’m pretty annoyed by it but no worries.

Brian Roberts

I experienced similar with the Blue Nile releases towards the end of the year. Ordered them as soon as they were announced and then all sorts of nonsense on release day. Thankfully all got sorted eventually.


Interesting. I’m still waiting for my Blue Niles from Amazon US. They still appear in my ordered items but with no expected ship date.

Frank R

Hey Paul, just curious do we know how many TFF deluxe sets they produced this go round?

Frank R

Thanks as always for the info Paul. Hopefully they see the demand and decide to produce some more. One can hope.


£4.98 is a much better price for a Manics 2CD deluxe than £40.


Brilliant album!

Richard S

Well my Hurting box set turned up today after ordering from recordstore.co.uk only yesterday. At least I’m assuming that’s what it is, as it’s now in the de-contamination chamber (garage) for a few days :(

Mic Smith

I ordered SFTBC from Amazon when the price was just under £36 (just happened to check as I was getting ready for bed) and the next morning it was £49 and then quickly unavailable. I ordered The Hurting from Burning Shed when they had it available for preorder. Both sets arrived separately on Friday (yesterday). I feel very fortunate to have got these as I passed on them in 2014 due to financial constraints as much as anything. I’m sorry to read that so many have been let down by Amazon. Hopefully they’ll get another reissue at some point. It does seem that they underestimated the demand for these boxes.


Its a good deal on the kate bush box though im not a massive fan I would love a good anthology best of!


yes my Black Box Recorder got cancelled as well. What a joke! Vinyl box set now at £52,54 from Amazon.

Nigel Croft

Well, that Black Box Recorder deal for 14 quid WAS too good to be true! My order was just cancelled.


Yup – me too. All a bit strange.
At least going through amazon marketplace gives you some protection I suppose.

Graham Gardner

Mine too.


SFTBC arrived yesterday. The Hurting shows arrival date “3 April – 3 May” and as being purchased. Wait and see I suppose.


Keith Richards “Talk Is Cheap” box now only $61 on Amazon USA

Tim Abbott

I’d be very wary of that Black Box Recorder price; it’s being sold by a newly-registered seller (rather than Amazon) with no feedback. You may end up with just one LP, or an empty box or nothing.


I just had my third party order cancelled :-(


I had pre-ordered the Black Box Recorder box set on their bandcamp site and paid, if I recall it correctly, for about 70 Pounds with shipping to Germany. I don’t regret this as I love the music and it delivers great vinyl pressings too.
Now, I really appreciate everyone who has made a bargain with this deal. But throwing the music out for such a ridiculous price, is really a punch in the face of those artists, as it devalues their efforts and their art to garbage.

Brenez Alain

Black Box Recorder box set now sold through a 3rd party at £14,99. Even adding shipping costs of close to £14 to Belgium, it comes to less than £30, cheaper then the Amazon price (Amazon not selling it anymore).


Just to say, I ordered The Hurting’ box set from HMV.com and it was delivered yesterday. I also risked life & limb(and CO-Vid19) to pop into my local store and was a little surprised to see two on copies on the shelf, so it is out there
Thanks for costing me thousands of pounds, Paul
Stay safe all


Yes hmv coventry had 2 on the shelf as well.

What? HMV? Worry!

On other sad notes. HMV have closed stores due to Covid 19.

Shaun H

For those who were let down by Amazon


Like others I was charged for the auto rip but after a phone call to customer service they credited me and gave £10 future purchase credit as compensation.


Hi Paul – I also got the Hurting email from Amazon but at least TFTBC was dispatched. I just looked on the SDE site and the Hurting was available which I ordered !!! I hope this is not an error ! I can’t quite believe it. Sold out again after I ordered. Was I lucky ??


Arrrgh ! I thought it was too good to be true. Given all the bargains I have picked up and releases that would have been sold out if I did not read your site 5 times a day it would be churlish to complain. So I won’t !!! Thanks for the great site.


Hi Guys – Paul

Loving the Alien box on Amazon UK now down to £60!!!


I just received an email from Amazon UK explaining the situation. The Hurting box set is no longer available.
Surprising because I also ordered from JPC in Germany last month and they notified me a couple hours ago The Hurting was dispatched today.

Amazon UK :

“we have been unable to source the following item from your order:

Tears For Fears “The Hurting”

Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. This item has now been cancelled from your order. In case you have been charged for it, payment will be refunded within 5-7 business days.”

Richard Cosgrove

My Hurting was cancelled as well, but was was particularly annoying was that I had downloaded the tracks on the day of release thanks to the link they sent, and then once the box set was cancelled I was charged £10.99 for the downloaded music! I don’t have a problem with the paying for the music, but I wanted the physical product and so now if I’m able to find it I’ll have effectively paid twice for the music. First world problems, I know, but nevertheless slightly annoying.

Bob Peel

Amazon did this to me with a release I got my money back tho


I bought Tears for Fears box sets one month ago on Amazon UK and was notified this morning Songs from the Big chair has been dispatched but the Hurting totally disappeared from my orders. It wasn’t even cancelled. It just plain disappeared like I never ordered it. Yesterday it was listed as “arriving march 19” and now it disappeared !

First time it happened to me, I previously had orders cancelled (because Amazon couldn’t fulfill them) but I never ordered an item and saw it disappear later from my orders.

Anybody had an experience like this with Amazon UK?

For people who ordered the Hurting box set from Amazon UK, can you still see this item in your orders ?


What date and time last month?


February 13, 19:21.

Phil Wilson

I can still see mine, not cancelled and no email, ordered 13th Feb at 10.16 am (in the uk)

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Hi Poptones, this has also happened to me a few times with Amazon. I`ve also had my order for `The Hurting` cancelled, oh well should have ordered from SDE.

Alan B

Amazon cancelled my Stereophonics signed CD citing “unable to get from supplier” (not bad as it was an Amazon exclusive!) and like you the order completely disappeared from my order history including the cancelled order history. It was like it never existed. I got the dreaded “we are trying to get stock email from Amazon regarding the two Tears For Fears box sets. Delivery estimate was then updated to Apr 3 to May 3. I got the SFTBC box set a couple of days ago but The Hurting box set is still showing Ap3 to May 3. At least it hasn’t been cancelled unlike some unfortunate posters. As per Paul’s comment it is best not to download the Autorip until you have the physical product. I had decided to wait for these two anyway in case there was an issue having downloaded something that got cancelled.



Is this still possible to order from Amazon UK to a European country? I leave in Greece and a regular customer of Amazon UK but with recent corona virus issues a bit sceptical to buy an expensive box set and risk not receiving this. Any comment or recent experience?


Yes, can confirm for Germany. I ordered 3 CDs from Amazon UK last weekend. The package departed Castle Donington, UK, on Tuesday morning and has been delivered Wednesday afternoon.


Great, thanks for the response!
I placed the order (actually based on SDE link for Loving the Alien box set, got this for 85 euros including postage to Greece which is a very good price).


Not a deal alert as such, unless you live near Goole in Yorkshire and you are not self isolating, but I managed to get George Michael’s LWP 4 disc deluxe sealed for a tenner (two more copies when I left) plus loads of vinyl stuff cheap. The shop sells stuff that is probably excess stock or whatever.
The reason I write though, is what a revelation. The only GM related product I have ever bought was Wham The Final and Faith back in the day, but always admired his craft. I had never heard LWP before and I now think its a masterpiece. I always thought the Listen Without Prejudice as a title aimed at his fans, to ease them into more sophisticated territory, but now I think it was meant for people like me, who should’ve given it a chance. The Unplugged is stunning as well (great SQ) and I am looking forward to the DVD. Makes me realise even more what a sad loss George Michael was.


What was the name of the shop please? I’ll try and pay them a visit.


Paul, it is in the old Halls Music premises on Pasture Road. It’s worth a visit.

Colin MacKenzie

The Glasgow Shop. Sadly closed tonight when I passed by at 5pm hoping to pick up some goodies prior to beginning to work from home. Was advised last week that they expected some new stock at the weekend and it appears from the window that a lot of Pink Floyd stuff has come in. Dark Side & Animals both at £12 and The Wall at £15. Other goodies in the window included the double Mick Ronson tribute on coloured vinyl at £15 and Paul Weller’s Other Aspects at £20. Last chance tomorrow morning at 10 am to see the box sets inside so hope they are open!

John Orr

Yep, ordered a couple of things today. One comes tomorrow, the other next week.


Anybody else noticed that if you order anything (Prime members + in stock) from Amazon UK that the earliest you’ll get it is a week later?

Paul Taylor

Demand for virus related items affecting delivery times.
Compulsory overtime for all warehouse staff. Showing that getting orders out is more important than being a responsible employer. Beyond words


Amazon suspending shipments of non-essential items. No new CDs or vinyl for at least the next three weeks:


Ursula D

Wrong – Now have already put out a statement to say their releases are on hold and Now 5 won’t be released until 8 May 2020 – Amazon have the release date changed also

Lazy sunday

Same here, so tried to cancel cd to be delivered next Monday and immediately status changed to delivery tomorrow!!
Weird just like greedy Amazon so maybe try this.


R.E.M. set — no delivery to the U.S.

Spiral Scar

I ordered REM yesterday morning (thanks, Paul!) and double checked the status last night.
No problems shipping to US for me.

Frank R

Amazon U.S has it for $46.99. It’s a better deal if you have prime and live here


I and my wallet have been able to resist the LP trend of late and stick to just CD SDEs…but damn that Bob Dylan set looks gorgeous. At that price I may have to jump at it.

Thanks Paul…I guess, haha.


Yes Andrew – YES
Long live the purple Yoda


The Keith Richards super deluxe box set was $62 today which is £50, back up to $75 now (£61) but it keeps going up and down on Amazon USA. In the UK it is still £95. The box isn’t much to write home about but for $62, it’s reasonable so I jumped.

Derek Langsford

Hoping some day that the 5.1 mixes buried deeply in the Rush Super Deluxe Editions might escape for a while on their own. Loved the CD+ blu-ray versions of 2112 and Moving Pictures but the treatments of AFtK and Hemispheres have so much material I don’t want (vinyl, remixes, yet more live material, ephemera) that their acquisition is totally unjustifiable. I wonder how may buyers of the SDEs can’t even use the blu-rays? A big shame IMO.

Dave Glennon

Elvis 3CD deluxe The Searcher is £10.50 on Amazon

Electric Sydney

A good spot with the Elvis, ordered.

Steven Campbell

Prince not shipping to Northern Ireland! What’s going on Amazon? Not the first time it’s happened either as this happened when I tried to order the half speed mastered version of Everything but the girl’s walking wounded and then later on somehow Amazon were allowing orders for said album to where I live.

Francis Maher

Sony . The PRINCE release programme is going perfect-ly . The prices are great and I’ve waited so long for anything . So keep ’em coming . I was never online with Prince , so I want everything . Crystal Ball next please .


My dream is for a super-super deluxe release that includes Dream Factory (2-CD), Camille (1-CD), Crystal Ball (3-CD), and a remastered Sign O The Times (2-CD). Add in some unreleased songs from the era, and we have an excellent 10 CD set!


This, too, is my dream.

There would be many repeated tracks but in slightly different versions, but who cares?! Perhaps the ULTIMATE demonstration of Prince’s genius, those records.

Long may he reign. Stay safe everybody.


Yes, that would be my dream as well. And there are (strong) rumours that a Sign O’ The Times boxset is coming at the end of this year. However, it might be that we will have to adjust our expectations for that one. That has to do with the rights to the music, that is currently divided between Warner and Sony. And some songs from that era are with Sony (like Crystal Ball, Dream Factory and other songs that appeared on the Crystal Ball set that was released in the mid-Nineties) and can thus not be included on a SotT deluxe, sadly. So unfortunately there’s likely no complete Dream Factory/Crystal Ball configuration possible in one package. Still, I hope there will be lots of other great material on that boxset.


Why is the Sign Of The Times era ownership split between Sony and Warners please?


The Crystal Ball rarities compilation that came out in in 1998 was originally issued on Prince’s own NPG label. So he always retained ownership of that release, whereas his earlier work was still owned by Warner. And still, his pre-1995 material is licensed to Warner, with the later material licensed to Sony. From somewhere in 2021 onwards most (but still not all) will go to Sony.
Anyway, that Crystal Ball compilation contains several tracks from the Sign O’ The Times period that are thus licensed to Sony. That will be material Warner will not be able to use, likely & sadly. Prince’s catalogue is unfortunately still a licensing mess.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Yes…I am looking forward to the rainbow children and one nite alone sets coming out April….. covid19 permitting…..

What I would really like to see coming after that is stuff that is hard to get in the Uk, or anywhere unless you pay $$$$$$ ….by which I mean:

Black album
Crystal ball


Indeed, the Eagles box set is (for years now) too expensive … on Amazon. I don’t think it dropped in price before. Luckely I could find it new for 45 euro’s in a shop. Even that is still too much for what you get. The hardcover book is a just picture book (like the tour programme book). No new interviews, no story about the making of, … no text, only a forword. The live CD has 10 songs on it, half a show. The blu-ray is only audio. But it’s a classic and I’m a fan but I would never spend £80 on it.


I highly recommend the Freddie Mercury box. It’s so beautiful I had to buy the limited picture disc too!


This WFH lark is costing me!!! £90 on 2 box sets so far. First John Lennon now Freddie box set! damn you Paul but thanks!!


At least you can be more frugal with your lunches


Think of it as only spending what you are saving on fuel for your car!


Thanks Paul:

Finally I used the promo:
Get £5 off £25 with the promo code MYDISCOUNT5
on items sold and shipped by Amazon*
Validate your order before 29th March 2020.

To buy Cream Last Goodbye, and Bob Dylan Triplicate deluxe edition

Mister Stick

Huge thanks on the REM update. Ordered.

Too bad it doesn’t have the now-apropos “Underneath The Bunker.”

‘Course “World Leader Pretend” seems about right.


It’s the end of the world as we know it


And i feel fine (at least for now).

Tim Abbott

If not…

Everybody Hurts.