This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Pink Floyd / The Later Years box set – £268

UK: Adam and the Ants / Kings of the Wild Frontier super deluxe – £33 

Flashy 2CD+DVD+LP+’stuff’ box set. So much gold in this package even King Midas might think it’s a bit over the top. Fantastic price, mind.

DE: Creedence Clearwater Revival / Studio Albums vinyl box – €99 DEAL OVER

Great CCR 7LP vinyl box from Craft Recordings. High quality ‘Tip on’ sleeves, half-speed mastered, all seven albums and an 80-page book with new sleeve notes from Roy Trakin.

DE: Frank Zappa/ Halloween 73 4CD set – €54

Save approx £20 on the UK price.


UK : The Who / My Generation super deluxe box – £47 

Five CDs of content (stereo, mono, 44 bonus tracks and demos) plus an impressive 80-page book in this excellent box set.

UK : Paul Simon / Graceland super deluxe box – £28

Two CDs, two DVDs, an 80-page book and a poster. Not a modern remix in sight. This is an essential box set for any collection and this is a great price.

GERMANY (JPC) : Manics / Postcards From A Young Man box – €22 

Excellent price for this box set. It features the album on CD, a DVD featuring the making of ‘Postcards From A Young Man’, cassette demos of the whole album – including the exclusive Nicky Wire demo of (It’s Not War) Just The End Of Love (not on the 2CD deluxe) – a flashy 42-page scrapbook by Nicky Wire and a set of 12 postcards. All secured in a sturdy outer lift-off lid box.

UK : Led Zeppelin / The Song Remains The Same super deluxe box – £67 

UK: David Bowie / Glastonbury 2000 2CD edition – £5.99

Bowie returned to the Glastonbury Festival 29 years after his first performance and delivered a phenomenal set of hits and well known album tracks.

UK: Joni Mitchell / The Studio Albums 1968-1979 10CD box – £27

Ridiculous amount of good music for the price. If you’re in Germany it has a similar price tag there.

UK: OMD/ Souvenir 2CD – £5.99

UK: Queens of the Stone Age / Rated R vinyl reissue – £12.99


The Cranberries / Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? 25th anniversary edition

UK: The Cranberries / Everybody Else… 2CD deluxe – £2.98

2018 remaster on CD plus 21-track bonus disc.

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Darren Gray

U2: iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live In Paris [Super Deluxe] [DVD] [NTSC] is currently down to £88.19 on Amazon UK


I finally caved and got the Adam and the Ants box. Had to buy it from JPC as they are the only ones shipping to the USA. Quite cheap, €42 including shipping. On Amazon.com it’s more than double that. Thanks for another great deal alert.

Stan Butler

Well it took a 4 year wait, but I finally have the Kings Of The Wild Frontier SDE.
£75 was always far too much, but I couldn’t resist it at £33.
Now, if only the Abbey Road box would come down similarly (some hope).


If you are a collector or a remote Donna Summer fan, you should pick up this 33 disc box for £169. In the USA this is already selling for $600+. They only made 1500 copies of this box. It will soon be sold out, like the Depeche Mode “Mode” box, leaving you with regrets you did not pick this up for a very reasonable price.

And here I am again with my Prince “Originals” cd + 2 purple 180 gr vinyl discs + book, now $15. Looks like they can’t give these away. It is an absolutely great package.

Peter c l

Harry nilsson back on Amazon £40.49

Mike M

Missed the CCR boxset :( Can’t turn your back for a second, oh well. You win some you lose some, keep up the good work Paul mate


Saturn.de still have it at that price as well as the second Def Leppard boxset at 79.99 €.


Thanks for the CR. Just ordered form Daturn.

Marcus D

Hi Thurston – many thanks for the tip!
Ordered the CCR Box from saturn.de.
Is there a CD/Vinyl promotion going on at saturn.de at the moment?


Saturn.de have so-called Weekend Deals starting most Friday nights. Every other month there is vinyl on offer. Amazon usually immediately put up the same prices.

Graham Gardner

I got the CCR box last year when HMV were doing it for £80. There is a major problem with Bad Moon Rising on the Green River lp. There are big skipping problems on it. HMV told me to return full box as they wouldn’t just replace one lp. I have since bought another 2 copies and have had to return them becsuse of same skip problem. I ended up buying the normal version that isn’t half speed master. It plays fine so will have to do.


Oh well, we’ll see. Couldn’t have picked a Mardi Gras song for the skipping, could they…

CJ Feeney

I had skipping issues on another half speed master (Elbow at Abbey Road) that couldn’t be replicated in the shop. (But the shop still exchanged discs). It turned out my stylus weight and tracking needed adjusting as the dynamic range on the half speed was bigger than the regular cut discs I used to set up the stylus.

Graham Gardner

Hi CJ, my issue was with the same track each time. It was tried on 4 different turntables. Two of which have heavier weighted arms. I’m sure on this occasion it was a manufactoring problem. I would be interested to hear the views of people who have made recent purchase of it. Maybe it has been corrected by now.

John McCann

Wots the chances Paul of doing a feature on the best band that ever came out of Ireland,,the boomtowns rats?

Mr Hump

Hopefully none.

John McCann

Well thanks for trying anyway!

Bob Geldoffice Supplies

This month’s ‘Classic Pop’ magazine has Boomtown Rats on the cover

David Cornyn

Better than Thin Lizzy?! I don’t think so!

Jarmo Keranen

Thin Lizzy wasn’t all Irish in their classic years. Scott Gorham came from USA and Brian Robertson from Scotland!

David Cornyn

Yes, I buy music occasionally and was aware of this!

John McCann

A tonic for the troops first l.p I ever had 1978, I was ten,still have it, I take the inner sleeve out once every 5years and the smell takes me back to a high rise in Glasgow 42years ago, playing with Weetabix boxes that came with cardboard dr who figures,


Boomtown Rats, get their name right at least.

The Undertones
Thin Lizzy
The Radiators
Stiff Litte Fingers
Fontaines DC
The Murder Capital

I won’t mention that other band from Malahide, or was it Ballymun , ha ha ha.


Music of course is subjective. A few small omissions of minor credible bands obviously not a patch on the boomtowns
The Divine comedy
the Cranberries
The Corrs
The Pogues
Saw Doctors
The Script
My Bloody Valentine


The Nolan Sisters


Chris Squires

And of course the wonderful Duckworth Lewis Method!
Utterly, utterly fabulous.

Chris Squires

Don’t forget the rather wonderful Hothouse Flowers. Songs from the Rain was a terrific album.


A House


Therapy? Not a question. Just adding to the list.


CCR half-speed master 7 vinyl box is currently €99 at Amazon Germany. That’s a fairly good price. https://amzn.to/3bQn8ug


the CCR deal went very quickly ….


Excellent spot – not something I would buy at full price but at EUR 100 well worth it. Sadly all gone now.

Chris Squires

The CCR set is beautiful. I was lucky enough to get it from HMV last year and I think it was £75 or thereabouts. A few people here had mentioned it so I went in and asked whilst on a trip to Specsavers (other opticians are available). They said they didn’t think they had it but very kindly went to look anyway and there it was, out the back, stickered up at a ridiculous price and I was quite chuffed!

Vincent Dymanus

Creedence deal already gone. Price is now € 230.99!!

John Orr

Graceland ordered, many thanks once more!

James W

I definitely would have grabbed that Who box set and maybe even The Band. But, I’m in Canada. So…. But, I don’t blame them, it isn’t their fault. The Who is $181 CAN. at Amazon.CA. Sigh!


Got The Eagles for £118 and the Clapton boxset too…I thought I was meant to be spending less in the lock down! Trying to save some cash to spend in local record shops post lock down…


Thanks to Blade Runner for the heads-up re. Manics. Just ordered from jpc.de. Works out to £23.42 (inc p&p).

Blade Runner

You still get the Manic Street Preacher – Postcards From A Young Man for about 20 Pounds + P&P from jpc.de. Here is the link.

Roel Glas

Some more deals on Amazon AU
John Lennon Imagine Super Deluxe $69
Fleetwood Mac Tusk Super Deluxe $75
Prince Originals 2LP + 1CD $31
The Who – 30 yrs of Maximum R&B Box set $19 (but that’s gone – I bought the last one!!!)


Thanks for the Fleetwood Mac tip-off…I just managed to sneak one in at $71. A few minutes later it had jumped up to $130! I checked my invoice just in case it happened while I was ordering.

Roel Glas

Bowie’s Loving The Alien Vinyl Box set only $162 (GBP 80) on Amazon AU for you Aussies


Has anyone else noticed that Amazon’s ‘new & used’ option has disappeared? Is this to stop disgruntled customers, not will to wait a month for delivery of a cd, shopping elsewhere (i.e. new & used)?


Its odd as when I access from laptop or tablet, the new & used options arent available but when I access from a mobile, they are shown. Weird..


I’ve noticed that if Amazon have an item in stock, then the used-and-new isn’t shown. However, if Amazon doesn’t have an item in stock, then the used-and-new is present. Funny business!


I used to browse my Wish List in the evenings looking at prices for the day. However, on my PC they’ve removed the third-party prices from the list. They show the Amazon price, but no others. This is a recent change I noticed probably a little less than a week ago. It sucks, and makes comparing and contrasting virtually impossible (unless you have a very small list, where I guess you could look at every individual product page. My Wish List has 2000 items, so that’s a non-starter for me).

Steven Roberts

I noticed the third party pricing had disappeared as well. The crazy thing is, it doesn’t make me buy more items direct from Amazon – it just makes me less likely to buy items full stop :(


@CJL: I don’t know about Amazon’s new & used option, but I do know that in the U.S., one has to wait for a very long time for delivery of non-essential items, due to the impact of the Coronavirus. I ordered a few CD’s on March 27th and expected delivery day is not until April 23rd. A book that I ordered on the same date is due April 9th, still a very long time compared to their usual service (that’s all for free shipping).

Wayne C

Snooze , lose on the Eagles. I have had that in my wish list on Amazon for months and the day I don’t check it drops in price!!. Oh well maybe next time if there is a next time!. Now it’s back up to full price.


had the Eagles box in the Amazon basket but it went up to £175 just as I was going to check out… better luck next time

Glen Leat

It goes up and down. I started watching it at £175 and grabbed it for £129 and it went down as low as £120. It’s been like this for a couple of weeks so put it in an Amazon tracker and when it goes down again you can grab it.


It says only 5 copies left as of 22.14, but at £40 that’s a bargain for the Nilsson RCA albums box set:



Thanks Quante. I passed on this when it was under £30, but couldn’t resist this as a comfort purchase for these strange times.

Mike M

Damn, missed that one :(

Peter c l

It’s back on


Thanks for that tip-off Quante. I went to Amazon but they had sold out; cheapest is now £45 from third party seller so a quick look on a price comparison site bought me to Base.com where it is £40 (inc postage). So I have ordered it there. This is one set that I have had an eye on (should I, shouldn’t I?) ever since it was released back in 2013. I’m not the world’s greatest expert on Nilsson (I have one Greatest Hits single vinyl LP by him), but his songwriting reputation precedes him, and his mid 70’s drinking sessions with good friend John Lennon are legendary, so decided to go with this one. Looking forward to it.

Oh yes, a massive Big Up to all the postal workers, warehouse workers, delivery drivers, etc all of whom are doing a fantastic job getting orders (for all sorts of stuff) out to customers at this extraordinary time…

Spiral Scar

Hey Simonf,
I’m hoping the Nilsson box gets a lot of love in your house. There is so much wonderful music that you’ll probably discover entire “new favorite albums.” I grew up with Nilsson Schmilsson, standing at my mom’s stereo (a console!) as a kid watching that old orange label Dynaflex LP go round and round. There’s a childlike quality to much of his music and a great deal of humor. There’s the opposite of that too, even alongside the “happy” songs. He could be really clever with a lyric and melody. Close listening will be rewarded. It’s a pity that his voice just goes to hell by 1974 (that lifestyle…) but the talent never leaves him. The first albums are my faves, a very 60’s style not unlike what you’d hear on a Dionne Warwick album from the era. There’s no “rock” (barely) until “NS” and Richard Perry, but the songs are sharp. The box has loads of bonus material too, so much that I haven’t even gotten to it all yet. Maybe today.
Thanks for the nod to the postal workers. I’m relieved that here in the US, I still have work to do and we are operating at Christmas-level with all the parcels we’re delivering (and I have some music geeks on my route – I can tell!) As long as there’s work to do, we’ll be doing it. I appreciate the “Big Up.”
Take good care, everyone.

Dave brealey

I think one of the reason amazon are not posting to other countries is the high cost of transport by air at the moment with so few flights I imagine costs are very high. To send by sea would probably take too long for expected delivery times by customers.

Phil Cohen

Well, Amazon.co.uk just said goodbye to me; a customer of 14 years.

Andy P

With that attitude they are probably glad to see the back of you!
A little understanding of the plight we find ourselves in wouldn’t go amiss.

Marc K.

The Eagles Legacy box puzzles me……I bought it a few weeks ago. I’m impressed by the quality of the vinyls, they sound great. And it is wonderful to have all the studio material as well as all the live albums. But I really don’t understand the packageing. The records are housed in plain sleeves. The original artwork has completely gone! The book only has pictures and nothing more. It would have made sense to give some information on the albums, the credits, the history, the art work, but nothing at all. The pictures are nice, but nothing special, if not boring.
Again….the records sound great.

Rob Frampton-Fell

Is it just me or do the records in the The Eagles box set look like liquorice whirls?


Well, what a shame!

I ordered the last copy of the Fleetwood Mac 4-CD set yesterday and today I got an e-mail from Amazon stating that my order was canceled. No reason given.



Is this related to the pandemic situation with Amazon limiting what they are currently shipping and to where?


Thank you, Paul.


Prince “Originals” 2x 180 gr purple vinyl + cd + book now only $16 (!) on Amazon.com. I bought this for $23 thinking that would be a rock bottom price. Crazy.


Yep but they won’t ship external to USA at present


This is at Amazon.com so it is for the USA. Not sure if they ship to Europe now. They may be.


I’ve already received two e-mails regarding two different Blu-ray pre-orders that they are not sure when they will ship them. Amazon (U.S.) is putting major priority on shipping supplies that are essential to everyone during this pandemic. Food, medicine, etc. will take priority over art (music, film, etc.).


Manic Street Preachers / Postcards From A Young Man box set in Germany at JPC.de for 21.99 EUR. Within Germany even shipping free.


Bought it there two months ago. What a bulky box set. And if you want the demos from the cassette on CD you have to buy the other deluxe edition. But all in all a great price for this SDE.

Stay home and enjoy your music collection ;o)


Thanks Heimi

Ordered from JPC, never had any problems with them in the past.

Richard Cosgrove

The Rumours set is unmissable, I picked it up for £12.99 a while ago but this is even better value!

I can highly recommend Brave by Marillion as well. I was always a Fish man, but the concept appealed so I gave the SDE a go at full price a while back and I was very pleasantly surprised. A solid, rewarding album that I’ve listened to many times since.

Darren Gray

Fleetwood Mac Rumours (Deluxe Edition) Deluxe Edition Box Set (4CD) is currently £8.99 on Amazon UK

Ed Moore

Any chance this will come to the US?


Just confirmed in a chat with an Amazon associate. There’s nothing on the amazon.co.uk website saying so; but according to the Amazon associate, they’ve suspended all international delivery service. So if you’re outside the UK, the Amazon UK deals are not available.

Derek Langsford

I hope this phase passes quickly. I feel cut off, making most of my new purchases through Amazon UK. Have several things waiting to be purchased. Can’t even purchase them now for later delivery. Hoping my one pre-order (Marillion – Script SDE) gets shipped. At least I got my Ammonia Avenue Blu-ray from Cherry Red.


Thank you for the information, Chris. I will avoid ordering anything from there for a few months.

Usually the only things I order from them are Marvel (MCU) 3-D titles, as Amazon U.S. stopped selling them. They don’t sell Star Wars 3-D titles, either. I guess it is an issue with Disney and Amazon U.S.

Amazon is not well-known for keeping information on their page up to date and/or accurate. Sometimes they will tell us it can’t ship to the U.S., and other times it won’t.

Once I wanted to order three 3-D titles that the U.S. Amazon did not have, and they all stated they didn’t ship to the U.S., which was odd, so I called them and they realized that the information was not correct and they had it corrected.

Thanks again.

Richard Pievaitis

Regarding the “Joni” issue you can still seek out those HDCD versions of those 3 or 4 mid 70,s albums eg Hissing/Don Juan etc but for the real audio experience the simple answer involves having a turntable- sorry non vinyl people !
Over the past 5 years or so I have attended the local Hull record fair (Used to be held every 2 months in Hull Minster but not right now obviously) and managed to pick up 1st pressing of all my fave Joni albums for approx. £5 each. Sure it is not easy and involves a fair amount of crate digging but when you find one (shadow and light for instance in immaculate condition for £6 ) then its worth it.
They sound fabulous on a decent turntable, again sorry cd lovers.

Wayne Olsen

It looks like Amazon U.K. has cut us off here in the USA.

James Hoffmann

Yes, that seems to be the case for me as well…


Welcome to our world, guys (SDE member from Australia here)! But really, it does hurt being cut off from Amazon UK, the music deals are painful to watch slip by en masse. Maybe when all this returns to normal, we’ll all be allowed back on there to order? I hope so.

Gilles Valiquette

ABBA’s single was £8 already when I got there.

Ian S

It’s £2.99 again now!

Richard S Jones

Thanks, just ordered the OMD

Dave Lancaster

Eric Clapton 9LP Studio Vinyl Collection down to £80 on Amazon UK: The Studio Album Collection [VINYL] https://amzn.to/2wKVlN3

The box set includes the albums:
Eric Clapton – Eric Clapton
Derek & The Dominos – Layla And Other Songs
Eric Clapton – 461 Ocean Boulevard
Eric Clapton – There’s One In Every Crowd
Eric Clapton – No Reason To Cry
Eric Clapton – Slowhand
Eric Clapton – Backless
Eric Clapton – Another Ticket

Paul H


Bowie deal back again, I’ve just ordered for £29.99.


This is a bargain!
ABBA – Chiquitita (Picture Disc) 2,99



Thanks Thorsten!! Ordered…. What a bargain!! :)


Probably an april fools for the Bowie :’-(

joel rabinowitz

fleetwood mac now 13.99 pounds

Billy Jinchereau

It’s still there at 8.99, you have to click to see the other offers and then you can see it at that price from Amazon!
But they don’t ship to Canada!!!!!!! That’s a first for me, I order a lot from them!!


None of those were available to me in the States. I was told by Amazon UK it wasn’t possible to order.


For now, that is the case for the UK or EU Amazon stores.


It seems physical media is not available to ship abroad on Amazon UK and Amazon.com. I don’t know about other Amazon country sites.

Mike M

Bowie deal lasted all of one minute :(


Hi It is still available to order at same price from HMV


That Joni box is good value anyway, but not really a “deal”. I picked it up for under £20 a few years back. The current price is pretty much the most expensive it’s been on UK Amazon in the past year!


Joni Mitchell let down by not being remastered versions


Have of the Discs are the HDCD versions…the rest need to be replaced.

Bruno MacDonald

I fear her catalogue won’t get the attention it deserves – both from a remastering and commercial perspective – until she dies. And even then the focus will be on the obvious albums (such as Blue), rather than the – in my view superior – likes of For the Roses and all of the eighties albums.

Hope I’m proved wrong though…


Sending this comment again as it was only added yesterday rob the previous “Deals” post but probably didn’t get seen by many people. I hope that is ok.

Not CD/vinyl, but good, music-related, deals all the same.
Rocket Books (https://rocket88books.com/) have some serious reductions at the moment on their excellent books.

A couple of obvious SDE-related ones at half price:

The Sprit of Talk Talk

Time Flies: the Story of Porcupine Tree

Dinosaur Jnr:

And there are plenty more at lesser reductions or normal price that fit into the SDE-readers (Jethro Tull; 10CC; Syd Barret etc…).

The ones I’ve encountered re all really well put together and beautifully designed and I can definitely recommend the Devo book for any other Spuds out there!!!

Happiness is Easy

The Talk Talk one is fantastic. So good after buying the silk covered deluxe box I bought the paperback of the second updated edition.


Ordered Dinosaur Jr and Talk Talk yesterday.
Have the Barrett book already and it’s a beautiful book so I’m looking forward to the others.
Very good offers on there.

Ben Wardle

I can certainly recommend the Devo one because I did all the interviews for it!


Good work @Ben Wardle!
I’m chuffed enough to be in the roll of honour in the book let alone having interviewed the Spuds themselves


Their shipping prices to Canada is ridiculous. The book is £17.50 and they want £26.00 to ship!!!! And that’s the cheapest shipping.


Thank you for posting the book deal, ordered the STD Dinosaur Jnr book yesterday. Then as somebody else mentioned that cherry red records had 15% off I decided to buy a couple of Dinosaur Jnr cds to go along with the book

Paul Thomson

Thanks Heraldo, had no idea about the Too Fast to Live forthcoming set. Right up my alley and duly purchased!


My pleasure @Paul and @Paul Thompson :-)

Dean F

Bowie Glasto CD good value too at £4.59 (+£1.26 postage) from marketplace vendor on Amazon UK


OMD Souvenir 2CD £5.99

Murray Robbins

Joni’s back catalogue is badly in need of some better attention with flat transfers from the master tapes being the best route. I would love a great sounding SDE of Court and Spark and then Hissing. That’s just for starters. I wonder what there is in the can?

The compilations she has put out herself have not addressed the issue and although they sound superior I think there is room for even more improvement.

Mike the Fish

How do you know that they require flat transfers?