This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Updated 3 March.

USA: Neil Young /  The Visitor  2LP Vinyl – $9 or £6.50!

Insane deal. £34 in the UK but less than £12 shipped to UK from the USA (no taxes apply because it’s under the limit! Update 11am GMT: Price increasing slowly… now $10.90

UK: Pretenders /  1979-1999 22-disc box set – £51

UK: Simple Minds / New Gold Dream super deluxe – £32

DE: Deep Purple / Made in Japan 2014 2LP reissue – €25 or £22

IT: The Alan Parsons Project / Eye in the Sky super deluxe – €72 or £64

DE: Leonard Cohen / Complete Studio Albums 11CD – €19.98 or £17.50

Well, it was ‘complete’ in Oct 2011. Still a great deal…

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Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Opened my Roxy Music box this weekend. Yes, it is indeed expensive(though I took the 79$ offer) but the book is one of the best Ive seen in a deluxe edition: lots of nice thick glossy pages with wonderful photos. Just when I was unwraping it I could notice it weighed more than other boxsets. The only negative points for me are the omission of the stereo new mix on the dvd and the fact that I would have prefered a bluray instead.


Some great deals on Amazon France:

John Orr

On another side note, following the links, ordered the Minds’ Once Upon A Time box set for under £30, as New Gold Dream went up quickly, along with Nirvana’s In Utero deluxe 3 vinyl set for £44.98, not bad.

Paul W

Had to make a hard call canceled my saxon live boxset and bough the pretenders boxset I think its better value for money. Thanks for your up dates Paul
It was 85 Aus delivered


Thanks Paul Neil Young is a snip!
I also noticed Simple Minds Once Upon A Time on Amazon UK for £29.94 which looks like a good deal too

Paul Wren

The Neil Young LP is still $12.80 – what a bargain/amazing deep discount for this major artist! I wish I hadn’t bought it when it first came out.

Colin MacKenzie

Anyone interested in picking up the Kinks 10 L.P Mono vinyl collection then there is a very good price on Amazon Italy of £104.89 compared to almost £156 in the UK. Non express postage only adds circa £6 to the cost.

Neil McL

Mad at myself. Took the plunge about 4 weeks ago with the Pretenders box set at £69.99 and so much cheaper now, and my return window is closed. I had no luck too with Amazon Customer Service re Roxy, as you said it depends who you get. Still waiting for Bowie replacement 4 email in lol

Andrew Lindsay

Regarding the Neil Young what is the limit regarding import duties etc? I’ve not used Amazon in the USA before

So tempting to order other albums!

Paul Wren

From memory it’s about £18. Google it for an accurate figure though.


Thanks for the heads up, was probably gonna end up getting Neil Young on cd but at £13.71 for the LP including postage that was a bit of a no brainer.


Pretenders’s box set has a great price but people should be aware that the albums have only been mastered and the general sound is FLAT compared to the quite recent fantastic Rhino editions ! So, if you do not care about the video stuff, you should save money by not buying this affordable and tempting box set…

Steven Campbell

Just ordered the Neil Young one. It was slightly more when I got the order in at £13.38 but I still got a bargain! Many thanks Paul!


Neil Young snapped up – bargain! Many thanks Paul, great stuff!

Henrik Tronstad

Thanks Paul. Neil Young vinyl ordered from the US.

tim ricketts

Cheers for the Neil Young heads up, Paul – top value.

It’s probably a bit rubbish given what I’ve heard but hey! it’s Neil!

Peter Reeves

Hi Paul
Thanks for tip. Neil Young ordered. Result

Alan Wilson

Not sure you’ve got the right Amazon UK link for that Neil Young one, it’s this one here:


Still expensive and way cheaper from the USA though, nice deal


I also tried to order the Roxy Music set from Amazon USA at the $64 price advertised on their website. Price doubled once the item went to my cart even though the $64 price was advertised. Multiple responses from customer care have not been helpful.

Tom M Hans

Terrific deal for me in the US, but I simply don’t like the early Roxy Music. Yes, I am a child of Oh yeah and Avalon, Jealous Guy and Slave to love.
Now if I’d get Tommy SDE for that price…. sigh.

Mathew Lauren

“Tommy” SDE with a 3rd and finally (proper) discrete, surround mix à la ES or SW — yeah, I’m onboard with that!

Marc Wishart

Hi Matthew,
Tommy? Haven’t seen any mention of that on here. How much? And where from?

Mathew Lauren

It hasn’t been announced. Sorry for the confusion, rhetoric and delay. I, also had to find my notes, not to mention, I’m waking when most on SDE.com are thinking about late-afternoon tea.

I’m saying that in light of Bob Pridden and Richard Whittaker’s rather well-received 2014 “Quadrophenia” 5.1 Blu-ray mix, which didn’t have main VOX coming out of EVERY speaker at every available moment; and was nothing like the orchestra/on-stage 2013 “Tommy” 5.1 BR disc MIX (available as both a standalone and SDE); and despite the fact that the “Quadrophenia” 5.1 mix was a bit lacking bass with next to NO SUB — and despite manufacturing issues on a Blu-ray Disc…

(in my case with 6 separate copies ordered from 6 separate retailers in the US, UK and EU over 18 mos — a disc that now fetches hundreds & hundreds of $$)

…that ALSO suffered from complete music drop out ~1:08.05 and ~1:12.15, that IF someone would offer another PROPER, discrete, surround mix for “Tommy” more like the 2014 “Quadrophenia” 5.1 mix (minus the mixing and mastering issues *little to NO bass & sub* and the apparent EU manufacturing issues), I’d be all over that!

I’d also appreciate if SOMEONE would admit to an EU, Blu-ray Disc manufacturing issue or own up to failing to “clean up” the “Quadrophenia” multi-track tape “drop out” issues — and IF THAT IS the case, failing to make mention of this in the liner notes! My research, however, indicates it WAS a manufacturing (last batch) issue and UNIVERSAL/Geffen simply didn’t care to fix it, let alone address it!

All in all, I like the “Quadrophenia” 5.1 effort (I just put it on when I found my notes to respond – it still lacks a bit of bass/sub), but even “Quadrophenia” 5.1 could be re-re-released TOMORROW (Monday, 5 March 2018) and it would sell out – again! Universal/Geffen would make “bank” and IF they’d re-re-remix “Tommy” 5.1 similarly without the above issues. “WOW!” I’d buy “Tommy” (as a stand-alone disc) in surround (again).

“Quadrophonia” 5.1 proved “they” had the right idea. Someone ought to step up and execute a PROPER 5.1 (from soup to nuts) on BOTH albums — maybe move the manufacturing from France to…I don’t know, ANYWHERE else!?

SO, regarding the comment above about Tommy SDE and price, I encourage UNIVERSAL/Polydor Ltd. to commission another 5.1+ mix – again for the 3rd time — that was my frustrated and rhetorically-loaded point/ask without telling Tom (above) to save his money.

For the record, Pridden and Whittaker seem to have the potential & the inside track, but remember Elliott Scheiner was pulled off his Beatles “White Album” 5.1 duties. Regardless, my favourite surround remixers without thinking are:

Scheiner, Bob Clearmoutain and Steven Wilson of course. I, also really like what Frank Filipetti did with Billy Joel on SACD and of course Alan Parsons doesn’t get enough surround work. James Guthrie improved his skills with the outstanding 2011 “WYWH” SACD (Jim it’s been too many years, where’s “The Wall” original album 5.1 SACD you promised? It will fit on one 5.1 SACD disc – barely), however, back to Steven Wilson — he has us IN the drum kit now with his surround mixes, thus he currently: THE MAN

…and it’s hard to go backwards, yeah?

More than you asked, I know, but I wanted to share my thoughts on all these (almost successes) 5.1 efforts by THE WHO, because I saw them on their 25e tour @RFK Stadium in D.C. I was BLOWN AWAY. The band. Set-list. It was an outdoor venue and it still ranks as one of the loudest & well-executed shows I’ve ever attended. That night. The people. One of the best memories of my life. I’d really like to see more WHO 5.1 and I’d like to see it ALL done “properly.”

John Orr

Roxy back up to $137, will wait it out again..

Peter Stanton

Roxy music deal seems to have gone

Bob peel

Just went to order Roxy advertises 65 still on the main page goes double in the basket odd

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

I didnt have any luck either with Amazon.com trying to get a refund for my already delivered Roxy Music box. I also got my Bowie replacement cd yesterday.


Many thanks for the heads up on the Roxy Music Super Deluxe Boxset, I ordered originally on 21st Feb when it was $79 after your post, and as it is currently out of stock, I asked if Amazon would refund the difference due to the current price drop, and they said that they would not. So I have cancelled and re-ordered at $64. Fantastic, I can’t wait to get my hands on it :)

Mathew Lauren

You played that well, Tracy. Hope you enjoy it when it comes in.


Not worth buying anything on release now. I suggest we all boycott and wait for the inevitable pricedrop!


I think the Cohen box is $24.99 in the US which is cheaper than the GBP price especially if you have prime.


Thanks very much, Paul, ordered Roxy for € 60 to the Netherlands, which is a bargain against the first price. To accompany that, also ordered your interviews booklet! Viva Roxy!
As always, keep up the good work, enjoy every day viewing your site! Great!

Paul Ward

Ordered. €75.00 including delivery and import charges to Ireland. Thanks Paul.


I ordered this six days ago after the first big price drop and just called Amazon US to ask for an adjustment. They didn’t adjust the price to reflect the current $64 but told me to cancel and reorder, which is silly but I did it. The order is a no brainer at that price. Thanks for the heads up Paul and love the website!

Chris Squires

No love from Amazon US for me either. They just said the same thing, refuse delivery and re-order. I can’t seem to cancel after it has been through their system, even though it is still in the US somewhere. It’s a silly policy designed to put people off as I guess they are hoping we won’t bother for the sake of £15 or whatever it turns out to be. First major disappointment I have had with any of the amazons really.


Same here, Chris!

Bob Bria

That’s funny, I did the same thing, and they issue me a refund for the difference. I was going to return my unopened version (at $80), and purchase again at $64.

Also, thanks, Paul, this site is the best!

PS On another note, received my Bowie replacement disc today. Actually, they sent me 2!!


No refund for me.
Quite strange, isn’t it?


I think it all depends upon who picks up your call/chat/email at Amazon customers services.

Darren Linklater

Thanks Paul,

Ordered. £64 duty paid is good enough for me. Half the current UK price


Dury back up to 50 pounds.


fyi re: Roxy, Amazon is price-matching Walmart here in the US. since Amazon was “Temporarily out of stock,” i ordered mine from Walmart as it was in stock and also offered free two-day shipping. after receiving it in yesterday’s mail and getting Paul’s notification today, i contacted Walmart about refunding me the price difference and they did. Amazon would likely do the same for anyone whose order may have already shipped before the second price drop if you contact them. thought i’d get the word out in case anyone was thinking they might have to return and re-order at the new low price, which you shouldn’t.


Thx for the heads-up about Walmart selling this. Just went there & bought the box!


I ordered the Roxy set from the US the first time Paul posted about the deal. Within a couple of days £5 was knocked off the import price due to it being less than was anticipated. They told me they would deliver on a specific date but I then received a text telling me it was being delivered 4 days earlier than announced, which of course I was delighted by. When the package failed to arrive by 8pm that evening they apologised for the “distress” this was causing me and told me they would knock 15% of the price. Of course I was very happy about that. I noticed a few days later they hadn’t done so and dropped them a note to see if this was still happening. They apologised again and reduced it by a further 5%. So in the long run it came in around £52. I don’t order often from the US and I can’t imagine this is that common but I’ve got to say it all worked out very well.

The Golden Age Of...

I had problems with my order and Amazon US gave me the Roxy box for not very much!

Mark S

Is there definitely no chance of getting stung in the UK with import duty etc in the Roxy release?

Mark S

Thanks Paul. Ordered.

Ray Culkin

Just got notification that mine has been delivered today. I ordered it on Feb 21 when Paul previously alerted us of the price drop. £77 including import and delivery. It was shown as temporarily out of stock shortly after. The UK price has got to drop at some point.


I ordered last week at 77 usd but when the price dropped today I contacted amazon US and after a phone call they refunded the difference, something Amazon UK refuse to do.


Thanks Paul. Already got Mr Dury and Mr Cohen. I’m just being stubborn on Roxy would snap it up if it wasn’t for the £17 shipping etc.


Paul – just ordered Roxy Music. This will go very nicely with your Andy/Phil interview booklet. Keep up the great work.

Mike B

Amazing. Just ordered the Roxy box set for £63 including delivery to the UK. It won’t be too long before the UK Amazon price drops too, I’m sure. Many thanks SDE.

Mark H.

Amazon Australia currently have 4 copies left of Gary Moore’s “Blues & Beyond” box set from late last year, for $19.99 AUD (a bargain!) if it’s of interest to anyone.


Unfortunately Amazon Australia doesn’t ship to Europe. But I did get the Roxy box. Thanks, Paul!

The Golden Age Of...

It`s of interest to me @Mark H. but AmAus won`t deliver it to my UK address, I have no probs with any other Amazon location.

James A Gates

WOW…glad I scrolled down to read your comment – as I live In Oz I snagged one of these :-)

Roel Glas

@ Mark H.
Thanks for the heads up. I don’t normally bother looking at our own Amazon Oz as they are expensive on most things. Delivery now 3-5 weeks so presumably out of stock. Placed an order anyway – hoping they will honour it. Free shipping (in Oz) offer on all music no matter what the purchase price is.
I know that they are taking a while to “find their feet” in Australia, so here’s hoping this is the start of better things to come


$64 For the Roxy Music – It’s Go time.


thanks Paul just ordered the Roxy Music for under $100 Australian !

Paul W

Thanks Paul just got Ian Dury cant waite