This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Pink Floyd / The Wall  2LP vinyl – £16 £21.50

Remastered edition of Pink Floyd‘s classic 1979 album, beautifully presented on double gatefold vinyl.

UK: The Doors / Strange Days 2CD deluxe – £7

UK: Tom Robinson Band / Anthology 1977-79 3CD+DVD – £10

FRANCE: The Beatles / The Singles Collection seven-inch box set – €122

Excellent deal for a wonderful box. 23 singles cut from the original mono/stereo master tapes. You get to this price via a €21 voucher that is deducted at checkout. It’s important you proceed to checkout to see the discounted price. SHIPPED to the UK price is £114 which is as cheap as I’ve seen this!

FRANCE: Paul Weller / On Sunset 2LP vinyl – €9

Improbably cheap pre-order price for Weller’s new album on double vinyl.

UK: David Bowie / Conversation Piece 5CD deluxe book set – £65 DEAL OVER

Superb price for this wonderful set. Read the SDE review.

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Nigel R. Taylor

I was tracking the Eagles “Legacy” vinyl box on Amazon (UK) when it was mentioned on here, but it had gone up to £175 by then. It dropped the odd pound and pence by the hour for days … til I finally jumped in at £119.96. It did drop another 74p but then shot up again. It’s hovering around £140 now. Still a great price, it’s a nice item and sounds better than expected. It was £280 when released wasn’t it? So cheers to all on here!

What’s next……


quite a good price for the police vinyl box right now in france, save an additional 13% by applying the coupon before checking out! https://amzn.to/2zjqzM9

lee sharp

Def Leppard: The Vinyl Collection: Volume Two currently 99.99 Euros at JPC


Ordered. But never used JPC before, I assume they’re ok. Do they take long to dispatch (obvious problems excepted) normally?


Just out of interest, does anyone know if the last edition of “The Wall” still comes with a sticker on the cover, and does the inner sleeve still feature the lyrics to “What Shall We Do Now”, even though it wasn’t on the album?


Thanks, Paul.


Is there an (un)official release of the the track “What shall we do now” on any CD? But not the live version.
Thanks for your help ;o)

Ton Hermans

Just checked, there is no What Shall We Do Now on the (first) inner sleeve. Also, Empty Spaces has moved to the right spot instead of coming after Don’t Leave Me Now like on the original inner sleeve. The cover does contain the transparant sticker, yes.


Thanks, Tom.


David Bowie Loving the Alien CD Boxset £78.24 on Amazon U.K.


Great price on The Wall. Cheers. Snapped that up. I wonder if Conversation Piece will drop. I’ve stoppEd buying CDs because I really don’t play them but as this isn’t out in vinyl I’d like to get it. Hoping it will go lower yet.

Mark Phillips

Just spotted on Amazon UK, the superb 3cd 1DVD box set Tom Robinson Band -The Anthology 1977-1979 is just £9.99.

This is a superb set which includes pretty much all of the recorded output from the original TRB from demos and radio sessions, via the massively influential Rising Free EP, through the classic Power In The Darkness album and the disappointing Todd Rungren produced TRB2, b-sides, plus a Granada TV documentary, promos and other clips. It’s so cheap I’m tempted to buy it again “cos it’s so good!

Chris Squires

Picked up my TRB box set in 2017 and I have loved it from that day to this. The guy was so imaginative and weirdly his politics were massively different to mine but the music was so bloody brilliant it didn’t matter a single jot. Tom was a genius. This is well worth a tenner of anyone’s money.


The Beatles Singles box is a great package but the quality control on the pressing is terrible. I was fearing the worst when I read a number of comments on the issue with warped singles. Mine arrived today, wonderfully packed and presented. Half of the singles are significantly warped. A couple of the singles are so warped that they could be used as a fruit bowl, others have a significant lop-sided warp. Given they are heavy weight vinyl my centre weight will not help. It is amazing that these were let through. I also received the Credence Clearwater from Amazon Germany. Packing was rubbish so there a dent on one corner of the box. Amazon Germany are sold out so cannot replace. I got it for EUR 99. So what was a great deal for a new box set becomes a “Warehouse Deal” for box set with a dent. Luckily there are far bigger things to worry about at the moment.


Just to update – the Beatles box is really very cheeky indeed. This problem is not a one off and Universal should have a replacement scheme. Out of 22 Singles 12 are significantly warped and 5 are so bad that the record skips. I own a lot of vinyl and until now I have never had a single one skip due to such warping. Amazon France I suspect have had a lot of returns and are knocking them out cheaper to empty their stock room. I now need to return this at a EUR 20 loss (as they will only refund EUR 7 of the return postage cost). This box set is a trinket which cannot be used as intended. Normally the Beatles uphold the highest standards but this has really slipped through the net. It is really not on. This is all irrelevant given the bigger picture but I don’t want other SDE readers to be disappointed when they are trying to distract themselves from the current situation.

Derek Langsford

This sound exactly like the late 70s/early 80s when CDs came to the rescue. I spent far too much time taking poor pressings back to the shops, sometimes taking a bus 25 miles away (I grew up in rural Cornwall). I’ve vowed never to go back to vinyl and focused on improving my CD playback and sound system to get the best I can out of them. Of course, the loudness wars and brickwalling has injected problems into the digital world.

Why can’t the industry just get things right the first time? Must be poor quality control at some point in the chain from design to delivery and one or more businesses in the chain thinking it’s worth the risk of dumping bad products into the market. I can just see the label, the pressing plant, the product assembler, and the shipping companies all pointing fingers at each other with none taking responsibility or bearing the expense of solving the problem.

Keith Slatter

Amazon France have temporarily shut down their warehouses in terms of orders. You can still order however, they wont be dispatched/delivered until the shut down is lifted. Not an Amazon France decision, but the Nanterre Court.


Almost. The court ordered Amazon to stop selling “non-essential items” and Amazon responded by saying unfair, too complicated and closing their French warehouses for a week while they sort out their appeal. This doesn’t affect 3rd party sellers who dispatch themselves and Amazon France are continuing to meet orders via all the other European warehouses. Pretty much business as usual. Amazon 1 : Fr gov 0! Daft. I’m expecting a delivery today on some goodies from them that were dispatched yesterday.

Michael D

Adam – thanks for the heads up on the Doves albums on vinyl at recordstore.co.uk. A bargain at £12.99 each (they were a bit pricey when they first came out last year). I noticed the Sound of Vinyl website also has them at this price but I went with recordstore.co.uk because as a first time customer, I got 10% off my order. This paid for the postage for all 3 so total price was just about £38. This has made my week – thanks very much!!

Ollie Carlisle

Thanks Adam, couldn’t resist these. Wonder why they didn’t do Kingdom Of Rust as well (on a rusty coloured vinyl!)


Yeah strange that they didn’t resissue Kingdom of Rust. I already had it on vinyl so i wasn’t that upset, but you would think they would do all four same time.

Steve W

Darn! That was a very good price for Conversation Piece! Pity I saw it a day late…

Iain McInroy

Isn’t vinyl the plural of vinyl?? (Not “vinyls”)


Have you not noticed that it’s used in perhaps 8 out of 10 comments?


Being pedantic passes the time….

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

The plural of vinyl is LPs or records.

The singular of vinyl is LP or record.

We do not call CDs poycarbonates, that is what they are made from. LPs/records are made from
vinyl or polyvinyl chloride.

Richard Shaw

“Power from the needle to the plastic”!

John McCann'

I agree and if you want to call your vacuum cleaner, the vacuum clear then thats fine as well!.


Paul I also call my Dyson the Hoover, you’re right. More important things to worry about like is David Bowie’s A New Career CD box set about to sell out? I still need to buy it!

In Paris

It’s like people who say Tannoy when they mean a public address system. Tannoy is a brand name.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

That is why whenever I get my Jeffrey, and put it on the Elevaterie, I find that the Scorching of the pluminae always succeeds in fastinicating the elimnitude of my torbind Samarkand.

Aah. Words. They never fail to procrastimune the scarlet of the rinding.


Hooray i`m glad you said it , totally agree.


There’s a bit in a Dave Gorman’s Modern Life Is Goodish about ‘catphrases’ (sic) – where he notes there’s well-known phrases which have evolved to the point where half the population think it means one thing and the other the exact opposite: for example, many still understand ‘like a bull in a china shop’ to mean clumsy while many others think it’s ‘like a bowl in a china shop’ and think it means fragile. Another notable one is ‘man flu’ – many think it means over-inflated cold yet many think it means a severe flu. Language evolution only really works if most people agree.

Probably best to check what your boss understands before phoning in sick to say ‘I can’t get to work today – I’ve got terrible man flu today because I’m like a bowl in a china shop’. :)

Wayne C

I wonder if young people call Dysons , Dysons or Hoovers – anyone hazard a guess?. Maybe they call them Henry’s or Numatics. For sure they won’t say mother I’m just going to get the Kirby Heritage out and do my daily workout!!.

Those were the days!.

I’ll get back to listening to my Shellac’s


So does that mean we should call them lp/record and the whole industry is wrong. Artist new album available in various formats.
Vinyl, cd, cassette
Should it now read
Just seeking clarification. As the whole industry needs to be re-educating.

John McCann'

Back in the day,when a album was released a typical advert in smash hits would say available on l.p and cassette,or TV advert for a cheap ronco comp would tell you the same thing,all old record shops said records and tapes on their signs,me and my mates would have thought vinyl was a floor covering that originally came from Kirkcaldy I think or was it Dunfermline?


Hi John, it’s Kirkcaldy – Forbo Nairn – home of marmoleum. The vinyl flooring is linoleum. Infamously the football commentator said ‘they’ll be dancing in the streets of Raith tonight’ when Raith Rovers won the cup final….you know the rest of the story.


Morrissey Low in High School vinyl now £8.47 on Amazon – insanely low price for a lovely object and not bad (if not great) album.


It’s the coloured vinyl, single LP version, which apparently is a really appalling press. Lots of pops and surface noise and really low db. One to avoid I’ve heard, the 2nd Expanded vinyl is the one to go for.

Ben Williams

I don’t think it’s appalling – my copy sounds fantastic to my ears.


Mine sounds pretty damn good too. Wish I’d got it at this price tho!


Ants ordered, thanks for the heads up, yet again.

Richard Fisher

I managed to get the Bowie set for £53 this afternoon via Amazon Warehouse deal. Quite pleased about that.


That Sting box set for a box set is back down again, surely there can’t be that many left now , just £35.
Sting – The Studio Collection: Volume II [VINYL] https://amzn.to/3cgrbAb

David Harold

Just had the Manics Postcards deluxe deal from the other week cancelled by JPC.de. Weird because the previous email I had said the item was on it’s way to me… I guess it wasn’t.


The grown-ass man that I am understands we’re all making sacrifices during this time but I’ll be damned if when I see all these deals that aren’t currently available in my country that I don’t turn into a teenage girl who wakes up with a humongous zit on her nose the day of the prom and shouts “why is this happening to me!!??”

Thankfully I did get that Re-Flex box for £14.44 though


Re-Flex box – where is that please?


Is it not still available from the band’s website? Won’t be 14 quid, though..


Yes it is https://www.re-flex.com/shop and they don’t seem to be selling the albums individually as they did before. Strange that Amazon went to the bother of listing it and had no intention of selling it. I knew that price was too good to be true.


I feel lucky. I received mine from Amazon UK, at the £14 price last week. I can’t figure out if it’s the reissue or new old stock. There’s not a Discogs entry for the reissue and everything on the one I got matches the original entry. Nevertheless, am glad to have it, and especially at that price!


Bowie duly ordered, I’d been stalling for a bit of a price drop, especially after seeing a lot of positive reviews.

Thanks Paul!


Bowie back up to £72.43. Bugger!


Thanks for the heads up on the Weller album, really want the coloured one but couldn’t resist the black one at that price.

Grahame Andrews

Was thinking of getting the Weller vinyl in sunset colour, for £30 from his site! A total of 12euro from Amazon Fr. a bargain not to be missed. Used Amazon Fr several times, no problems at all, purchase with confidence. Thanks Paul, stay safe, stay well.


@Grahame Andrews:

This one might take some time though.
There was a courtal order in France yesterday which forbids Amazon France to ship anything but products for hygiene and medical supplies.

Apparently the French workers union, and subsequently the court, were unhappy about the work condition for their workers at the warehouses during the current Covid-19 crisis.


Conversation piece now £64.07.
Wasn’t sure this morning when it was £68, but succumbed now.
Due to be delivered Sunday, so will keep an eye on the price and cancel and reorder if it drops any more.

Paul Taylor

Re Paul Weller album
Amazon France did a similar thing with Big Country’s The Seer album last year. It was advertised at something like €6.95 when it was first listed. It then jumped a few days later but I hung in. It did eventually arrive and I think it came to under £10 including postage. Prime membership only covers your home country, even though you can sign in with your UK details. A delivery charge will therefore apply.
The main listing for Sunset shows a release date of 12 June, but within my order it states that they are waiting for a release date (if my rudimentary French is right!) It’s possible emails advising of a delay and offering to cancel the order may yet come. I think cancellation by Amazon will depend on how many have ordered at €9. I don’t think Big Country was a huge seller which might explain why mine was honoured at the lower price.

daniel rezende

Hi. I’m from Brazil and unfortunately this Paul Weller album can’t be dispatched to here.


Is that really the finished artwork on the Paul Weller LP? If so it is truly appalling.

Nigel Croft

Ordered the Weller, better than spending 28 quid on it. Amongst other things, recordstore.co.uk has the 3 Doves coloured double vinyls for 12.99 a pop. Plus an extra 10% off with code RSSEZHEL10.

Cheers Paul.


Thanks Nigel for the heads up, ordered all three of the Doves LPs!


Orderes Paul Weller – I recall fhis happened with some Pearl Jam vinyls a couple years back, and they changed to out of stock for ages and then either cancelled the orders or something, either way we never got our cheap as chips vinyl preorders fulfilled! Here’s hoping this one goes ahead!


Talking of Pearl Jam, did you clock how many different versions of their new LP were released recently. Ridiculous for completists.


Did everyone who purchased the Weller album have to pay a delivery fee making total price Euro 12.47?

Brian Campbell

Ordered the Paul Weller LP first time ive ordered from the French version of Amazon thanks for the information.

Tim Barton

The Beatles box is reduced at Amazon Japan, as well. Now ¥14,000. It was around ¥20,000 when it was first released, so I am tempted! They seem to be well-stocked, too. Decisions, decisions…


Cheers, ordered the Weller LP

Alan B

I bagged the Paul Weller deal on Saturday and it has been the same price since then. It’s their number one vinyl seller so hopefully this is not a mistake. I would have thought this was easy to spot within Amazon if it was a mistake.


Great bargain for the Beatles 23 singles what a winner – Wasn’t on my list but to good to miss up

Thanks Paul as always


Thanks Paul- I have held out on this one as it feels like an accoutrement compared to the other boxsets but at this price it is a worthwhile addition.

Matt C

What’s the general consensus on the quality of pressings? Saw comments around warped vinyl that has put me off thus far

andrew r

Lots of complaints on various amazon sites referring to
badly pressed/ warped vinyl .Frankly has put me off pulling the trigger
on this deal .Anybody have any positive comments?

Gunther S.

The price has increased already! Voucher still valid.


No voucher shows up and Im at the final check out point.


Ah yes! Thanks, didn’t see the tick box :)

Gunther S.

Correct! thanks Paul!


Nice deal, thanks Paul! :)

Marc Kieser

Also at Amazon France the new Paul Weller album ‘On Sunset’ – 2LP vinyl is on sale for only 9,25 euros. (pre-order) Must be a mistake, but usually they honour the order when they find out. Otherwise it’s dirt cheap

Glen Leat

Weller LP, what an amazing price. Be rude not to order it!