This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: The Beatles / Abbey Road 2019 stereo remix – £6.99

The BeatlesAbbey Road album was reissued last year with the standard album receiving a new stereo remix courtesy of Giles Martin’s and Sam Okell. Pick up the single disc ‘anniversary edition’ for just £6.99.

UK: The Kinks / Arthur 4CD+4 x 7″+ box set – £55

UK: Springsteen on Broadway 2CD set – £4

UK: Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction 2CD deluxe – £6

UK: Fleetwood Mac / Don’t Stop 5LP box set – £45

50 track vinyl box that spans from 1968 to 2013 that features every incarnation of the band with musicians such as Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, Jeremey Spencer, John McVie, Danny Kirwan, Christine McVie, Bob Welch, Bob Weston, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Billy Burnette, Rick Vito, Dave Mason, and Bekka Bramlett.

UK: Yes / Topographic Drama: Live Across America 3LP – £16

UK: Travis / The Man Who super deluxe box set – £33

This 2LP+2CD box set was £65 when it was reissued by Craft Recordings last year! The large format lift-off lid box contains The Man Who album on vinyl and CD along with a B-sides album also on vinyl and CD. It also with a glossy 48 page photo book ‘The Man Who Photo Album’.

The Verve / 20th anniversary Urban Hymns 5CD+DVD super deluxe edition box set

UK: The Verve / Urban Hymns 5CD+DVD super deluxe – £24 DEAL OVER

GERMANY: Donna Summer / Encore 33CD box set€145 DEAL OVER

This may not last long, but it’s a tremendous price for the recent Donna Summer box set – €145 is roughly £128 on Amazon Germany compared to £170 in the UK. This is a limited edition of 1500 units. Watch the SDEtv unboxing video.

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Just got an email from Amazon.fr cancelling my Paul Weller on sunset vinyl at €9. Unfortunately looks like they are not going to honour it, despite it being up at that price for ages and it not being pulled quickly :-(


Just imagine how “honorable” Amazon will be in the future if a lot of their competition gets wiped out.

Colin MacKenzie

Paul Weller Amazon France deal not being honoured! Almost inevitable. They are not admitting to an error though.

We will contact you regarding your order 404-4261076-2271530 containing the item on Sunset – B0853X4SLP.

We were forced to remove this item from your selection because we are unable to obtain it.

If you notice associated costs for the item (s) canceled, the refund will be made automatically within 5 to 7 working days.

We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused by this cancellation and thank you for your understanding.


Amazon.fr Customer Service

Tony O

my amazon france paul weller LP has been cancelled with a total lie as an excuse. apparently amazon, the biggest mail order company in the world cannot get copies of the new weller album, not a total shocker because it was probably an error but as they make about a billion pounds a week i am sure they could honour it


Apparently amazon France can’t get it, but still very much available and up for pre-order on every other Amazon site…

Tommy Taylor

I just got an email from Amazon France saying they were not in a position to get the new Paul Weller LP. Not surprising considering the price but disappointing all the same. Or is the album being delayed Paul?


Weren’t Amazon France ordered to close their warehouses due to concerns around their social distancing policy? I might have the wrong end of the stick and it may well have nothing to do with it!

Jim Ellison

First time doing this and boy it felt good, just ordered both Springsteen and guns and roses cds. Thanks for the update Paul


I missed The Verve deal I’m so not happy


Michael, you can still buy it even cheaper at Base.com, where it’s only £23.69 with free shipping. Plus you get a further 3% off if you buy it via Topcashback.com, which is what I did.


I’ve tried to post this info before, but for some reason the post hasn’t appeared. I’ve also tried to post that at Recordstore you can get a signed Anna Meredith CD of Fibs – which is excellent – for only £5.99, and a signed White Lies LP of Five for only £8.99, but that didn’t appear either!


Thanks for the The Verve box set deal! I got mine from that site :)

G. De Wilde

Merci Alan! I’m giving base.com a try now too!

Jarmo Keranen

Now’s the time for Bitter Sweet Symphony!

Richard Fisher

Kinks Arthur… boxset currently £55 on Amazon UK.

Mike M

Great price mate, cheers

Richard Fisher

No problem. I’ve been waiting but when I saw it at that price my mind was made up. Enjoy!


People who buy more than one copy of a limited box set to then sell later to pay for the one they keep and then boast about it, stop it.

James W

I bought two of the Tears For Fears’ “Songs From The Big Chair” box sets. And one has officially gone missing, and I’ve received a refund. And the other still hasn’t arrived yet, and is very late. If I do get that second one, then it was a good thing I bought two. ha! Also, I would have resold the other to my brother, for less than I paid. So, I wasn’t doing anything malicious here.


Yes, I hate that too, it is right up there with flippers on record store day. It is also tempting fate. In the circumstances where I have bought a set for myself and as a gift for a friend, often one will inevitably show up dinged up. Then… I end up with the dented copy.

Chris Squires

Tim, Are you asking people to stop boasting about it or to stop doing it in the first place?
I get the boasting bit, although I don’t see it as boasting, for if your mind is set that way then every time anyone mentions anything in their collection or what equipment they use it can be read as boasting. I have the ABBA The Albums silver Vinyl box set, is that boasting or merely informative to the conversation about previous ABBA box set releases.
To me it’s just someone laying out their plan of action for others to read, ignore or follow. It is great for many here who can just buy what they want without thought or worry of funding. But for others, who maybe have partners or are less wealthy, they might need to justify purchases. I couldn’t justify spending £100 on this thing I want, for example, but if I can buy two and sell one at a later date then I can justify an overall cost of £60 with the £40 profit I made on the second box. Record collecting and buying isn’t a specifically socialist or altruistic exercise, people are allowed to make a profit and as been laid out here many times before by many people the profit margins can be tiny on what the uninitiated imagine to be “fleecing” or “making a killing”. Plus there is always the risk of making a loss, so don’t begrudge anyone how they go about building or maintaining their collection. People buy a second copy for all sorts of reasons, if taking a risk and hopefully making a few bob down the line is one of those reasons then so what? After all, all of our collections will be sold for money one day, either before or after we shuffle off this mortal coil. No harm in making it a reasonable amount for our remaining family.

ian whiteford

Spot on. Agree entirely with your comments.


Well said. You only have to look at Discogs and the multiple copies of unsold RSD stock sitting there at it’s original price to see that speculation doesn’t always work. Profit is not a dirty word, greed is though.

John McCann'.

No they won’t Chris,! your gonna leave everything to me, when you,, shuffle,,top man that you are.

Rich E

Got the Fleetwood Mac box on Amazon the other week for £35. Glad I didn’t pay anymore as it is utterly underwhelming. A throwback to the multi disc box sets of yesteryear with plain inner sleeves and a leaflet covering writing credits (and a few paragraphs of superfluous blurb). A real shame as 50th anniversaries don’t come around often.

I would also have preferred a ‘Pure McCartney’ approach with an iPod on shuffle running order. All told a missed opportunity.

Music is of course excellent and the pressing is nice.


At this price the Yes 3LP set is tempting just considering the artwork (I own the CD and I find it quite enjoyable, much better than the two previous Like It Is releases).

David McGonigle

Bizarre. I got the travis box set for 26UKP. I felt I had to as Dougie used to be my sixer in scouts…

John McCann'.

Got him up in the lift a few years back ,with his son, in the Waitrose in Byers road, telling some old luvvy about how they live in the west village, seemed like a decent sort,could never really be botherd with his mate Fran heally makes a big deal about how he grew up in possil,,but went to a school that in the west end!,and the uncle Albert beard is just ridiculous, total fake.!


Steven Wilson – Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall 2018 (180g) 5 vinyl (Limited-Edition) in jpc.de at 50€


Darren Gray

The Beatles Abbey Road (50th Anniversary) Super Deluxe 50th Anniversary Edition Box Set is currently £71.99 on Amazon UK


Votre commande Amazon.fr pour “Every Move You Make: The…” a été expédiée.

Wayne Olsen

Paul, you should probably change this section to “This week’s box set and reissue deals for European residents.”

Wayne Olsen

I’d rather buy everything through your site! Always ship quickly without getting stuck in the Amazon labyrinth.

peter chrisp

totally agree

Wayne Olsen

For those of us in the United States (it’s a country; just turn left at Greenland) Elusive Disc is offering 10% off and free shipping on orders over 99 bucks.
And you Europeans with your stupid Amazon embargo are not eligible!!!!! Ha!!!!!

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

You sound like your leader. Grow up!

Us Europeans cannot buy from Amazon USA. However we aren`t moanin` `n` groanin`!

Mark H.

That’s because with more Amazons there, there’s a better chance of a bargain somewhere. Probably half of my box set purchases or more from the last year came from Amazon UK.

— from the US


Just turn left at Greenland? That would be Canada surely!

Derek Langsford

I too have been frustrated by the restriction on music sales from Euro Amazon sites outside of Europe, even though I understand and concur with their reasoning.

Way back in the early days of CDs, all CDs sold in the USA were imported from Europe and Japan because US labels didn’t think a format twice the price of cassettes or vinyl (which were the best-selling format in the early 80s), would be anything but a niche market. They got caught with their pants down, rushed to build CD pressing plants, expedited production using secondary or tertiary masters of non-US artists, didn’t EQ/bias them correctly (early US CDs sounded shrill), put together shoddy looking artwork for jewel cases (ugly spine typefaces), and didn’t put on any bonus tracks which were common on import CDs.

Being a UK emigre to the US, I was most interested in the UK artists I grew up with, I quickly learned that UK/European CD editions of my favourite artists were superior in sound, appearance, and content. Before I had acquired 30 CDs I vowed to buy European CDs for European artists. While that took special orders, frequenting stores that stocked imports, and trawling the used CD stores looking for imports in the late 80s and 90s, the advent of eBay and Amazon has since allowed me to satisfy my desires as music stores went bust and in spite of streaming.

Now, 35 years later, and even though the same masters are used for most releases worldwide, I feel hobbled by the restriction on Amazon UK shipping to the US, taking advantage of the deduction of VAT and cheap shipping, especially for boxed sets. Boxed sets are often cheaper to import to the US from Amazon UK than to get from Amazon.com.

I missed out on the Donna Summer Encore box because I dithered, didn’t pre-order the set and didn’t want to pay the mark-up from Amazon.com. When the price dropped to £169.99 I was tempted but by then the restrictions had been applied. I keep having to persuade myself that I really didn’t need it and would likely not listen to it more than once. I still hope they press another 500. But many other bargains have come and gone with my being shut out by the restriction. I wish we could order to secure the item, then have them hold it until the restriction is lifted, though I presume that would get too complicated very quickly. At least the one pre-order I had in place, Marillion’s SfaJT Deluxe has now been shipped.

I hope that the restrictions gets lifted sooner rather than later though I know I should be thankful that I am still able to work and have the income to buy music through other sources (Amazon marketplace sellers outside the US and eBay).

Stay safe everyone.

Keith Slatter

Donna Summer Encore boxset on offer at Amazon Italy for 167 Euro (Approx £146) and back in stock at Amazon UK at £169.99

Alan Mitchell

I’m not European, I’m English. Talking of postage, I’ve had a small parcel sat at LA airport since the 4th of April. It’s not budged :( And British post is taking ages. Ten days or more to get albums from Norman Records in Leeds to sunny Herefordshire. I’m having to listen to music i already own!

But what’s really sad is not being able to buy from my local used record stall. Although i am saving a lot of money :)

PS: had the new Pigs x7 album turn up and Grant Green’s Nigeria. Also Cadence Revolution: Disques Debs International Vol. 2 so when i finish work this week I’ll have some new music to enjoy :)


Thanks Paul, just picked up the last Travis album on Amazon for £23


Jethro Tull – Minstrel In The Gallery (40th Anniversary: La Grande Edition) (2 CD + DVD-Audio + DVD) in jpc Germany at 31 €


Lee Realgone

That’s a good spot. I had no idea it was still available. I’m still trying to find copies of the Songs From The Wood and Stand Up box sets.

adam shaw

Can’t believe my Donna Summer box set just arrived !
Doubt it came from Germany but who cares !


Why shouldn’t it?

If not anything else logistics in Germany are still up and running.

adam shaw

Because it arrived 12 hours after I ordered it and there wasn’t any German writing on it at all .


…which just shows HOW effective German logistics are… ;-)


Thanks for the tip on the Donna Summer boxset yesterday. I had pre-ordered it then cancelled it due to the cost and the amount of duplication with the Driven By The Music sets, but seeing it a bit cheaper (and feeling like having a bit of a splurge on music to cheer myself up) I ordered it yesterday. I only selected standard delivery and have received an update to say it will be delivered by 8pm tonight (I assume, from Amazon UK stock).


The WallStreet Journal ran an article yesterday called “It’s Black Friday In April”. Stores are desperately unloading their stock to make at least SOME money. It was mainly about clothes but I can’t help think that it will also hit musical physical sales. Yesterday I bought the 30th anniversary Donna Summer album Another Place & Time for $14, same price for the Groove Armada box. Both are normally double that at minimum. I wanted to post it here but it was a market seller who only sold 1 or 2 copies of each. Probably unloading their stock. Anyway, I think more of these deals are in the pipeline. Sad on one hand and on the other hand an opportunity for us buyers.


Looks like the Donna Summer box is now out of print. All 1500 boxes sold. On Amazon UK there is only one seller who sells it for £250 and Amazon Germany now lists it for €350. I have seen this before, right before an item runs out of stock, they put it on sale. It’s odd.
Glad I ordered 2 copies of this box. I’m a huge Donna Summer fan.

flemming larsen

Amazon.uk hav the box in stock on 30 april 2020, price £ 170, so it not out of print -:)

Larry Davis

Good thing I pre-ordered the DS box end of January…got mine April 7 & I’m in the US and feel lucky to have gotten it at all, no matter the price…it’s a tremendous set & the things others have complained about it, doesn’t bother me at all…missing rarities and odds & ends & remixes/12″ versions will likely be on future sets…for now, it’s pretty perfect, worth every penny & minute and day to wait for it to arrive…period…


Travis deal increased past £30 already


Thanks Paul, really wanted this Travis boxset but couldn’t justify the price tag. But at this price – sold!

Roel Glas

For those of you in Australia, Bowie’s Loving The Alien Vinyl box set has dropped even further on Amazon AU to $131 (about GBP 65)


Police CD box set currently reduced back down to £15 on Amazon U.K.

adam shaw

Thanks Paul . Got the Donna Summer box set but my price came to £136 ? Did you have to sign up for Euro prime to get it cheaper ? It did offer a free trial but thought I’d forget and end up with two prime memberships .

Colin MacKenzie

Decent sale at Rhino Records UK – 25% off items which include plenty coloured vinyl albums.


I hate this strategy. I paid full price for a limited edition. 2 weeks after, there is a sale, and honestly, I wonder if it really is a lilited edition…


I know, but this boxset was released only 3 weeks ago…
I complain but in the past, I benefited many times for such bargains ;-)

Paul Taylor

It’s the price for being an early adopter. I paid around £220 for Loving The Alien vinyl box on release and it’s been below £100 in the months since then. You make the decision to buy based on whether you want the item, not on future price fluctuations. If you were happy with the price you paid, then there’s not really grounds for complaining too much. If it’s something you feel happens regularly, then wait. There will no doubt be people who paid £100+ for the Police box set when it first came out & are grumpy about it being sold at £48, but that initial issue became desirable and held its price. It’s the repress that has forced the price down and diluted the overall ‘limited’ nature of the set. I’d be more annoyed about paying for something with a limited issue, then see the numbers pressed being increased to ‘meet demand’. (Jar Vis?) or a different variant being pressed for the same reason (The National , High Violet on Cherry Tree). That really IS taking the piss.

Ron Davis

What annoys me is when I purchase something when it comes out and then a few months later they add a song or two to the standard version. The last one was Yola adding Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Great cd but I wish I had GYBR.


Just ordered the Donna Summer box in time, I see it’s now over 300 euro!

Mounir IDIR

Thanks Paul ! Ordered the Donna Summer box set.


Thanks Paul ! Ordered the Donna Summer box set.

Derek Langsford

My mild curiosity is now crushed as it seems to have gone out of stock at all Amazon sites and shot up to over $/£/€300 from third party sellers. I may have got it at the £169.99 Amazon UK price (with VAT discounted) but like all non-US sites was locked out by the COVID -19 restrictions. Oh well. As I said before, I doubt I would have played many of the discs more than once. I hope those who have secured a copy enjoy it and hope more such career-comprehensive sets are issued for other artists.


Has anyone noticed that the excellent album ‘UFO’ by Jim Sullivan is getting a Limted reissue on 1st May. Its a great album and great back story.

Jenna A

Discogs claims there’s already been a “Blue / Green Swirl [Psychedelic Desert Sunset]” coloured vinyl reissue of it this month https://www.discogs.com/Jim-Sullivan-UFO/release/15082326

You’re right about the great back story – only discovered it via Vinyl Me Please’s variant pressing. That essay in the booklet is amazing


Yes! Cant wait for this, and quite an interesting chap!

John McCann'

Paul always wondered why when someone posts a comment, very occasionally their name appears in blue instead of black,why is that? Also once in a while there is no reply function after a comment again this only happens once in a blue moon,cheers john,


When the commenter enters a website, their name becomes a hyperlink for the website and appears in blue.

John McCann'.

Well that clears that up!


Donna Summer Encore box set is 145€ on Amazon.de


Sadly this is EU only – from the US, I see a price of 83 Euro and when I click on it, I see 190 Euro. Alas!


The CD Version of this set is only 19,45 euro on amazon.de


It’s a tenner on HMV but conveniently out of stock.


I saw the CD box for a tenner instore at HMV before the lockdown.


So did I. Didn’t feel the need to buy it, though.

Paul Taylor

I was lucky enough to get it for £47.99 in the HMV sale last week. There must be a lot of this repress kicking around as everyone seems to be offloading them

Richard Fisher

Me too. That was a pretty amazing deal. Well done for getting one at that price. I doubt it’ll ever be much lower than that.


Good deal but Amazon closed its six french distribution centres after a french court ruled it was not doing enough to protect workers from the coronavirus pandemic. The court decision prevents Amazon France from selling ans distributing non essential goods for a month.

If you ordered a CD, LP or box set from Amazon FR recently, don’t expect it to arrive this month, more likely in may.


I’ve already had the confirmation of shipping with a delivery date of Friday.


In fact my Police box was delivered in Rotterdam, NL, within 24 hours of ordering! Quickest delivery ever; I think it was sent from Germany.


I got the Beatles box set in 2 days from France.

Bobby P.

Whisper it very quietly but Banquet Records have copies of the Tears For Fears The Hurting Box Set back in stock at £36.99 + P&P…


Unfortunately it’s not in stock but they happily take the cash and sit on your order. I’ve asked for a refund.

Ian Robb

Once again thanx for the heads up on the Joe Jackson vinyl Paul, amazingly low price, ordered before amazon up the price !


Thanks Paul. Ordered.


Ordered. Great price for this set. Thanks, Paul!


Joe Jackson trio double 180g vinyl live music Europe 2010 currently just £5.41 on amazon prime UK. A bargain


I’ve had this disc for a while. The musicianship is first rate and the soundstage through a good system is excellent. My favourite on the album is their version of Stepping Out. Seemingly the price has now gone up to 8.79 but it’s still worth a punt at that price.

Matthew Jessee

Fantastic deal! Ordered, thanks Paul!


Can someone confirm the sound quality vs. original vinyl?


“a vinyl specific newly re-mastered digital transfer made from the original studio mix files”. “I applied no digital limiting whatsoever to my new transfer as this is totally unnecessary for vinyl records and only serves to lower the audio fidelity,” Showell says, adding, “The result is a better-sounding record than was previously possible.

Ian Smith

The deluxe 2CD of Liquid Skin by Gomez is now £8.50 on Amazon UK, for anyone interested.

graeme ewan

good shout. had a look and found it new on ebay for £7.18!! result.

Peter Verlinden

Ordered! Thanks Paul for yet another great deal alert.


Ordered ! Thanks Paul !


It’s showing as €89 now. Where do we get the coupon btw.