This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Yes / Steven Wilson Remixes – 6LP box set £72 £87

The box includes remixed versions of: The Yes Album (1971), Fragile (1971), Close To The Edge (1972), the double album Tales From Topographic Oceans (1973), and Relayer (1974). This ships to the US and works out at $73. Same box is $165 in America

UK: David Bowie / Space Oddity 2019 Toni Visconti mix – vinyl LP £14 £24

Great price, and perhaps a chance to pick up one of the rare coloured vinyl versions! (they are random).

UK: The Rolling Stones / Honk 2CD – £4.49

Last year’s double-disc compilation for less than a fiver!

Sting / My Songs special edition

UK: Sting / My Songs 2CD Special Edition – £6.79

Not the original 2CD but the recent special edition which includes 16 live bonus tracks in addition to the main album.

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3CD+Blu-ray box set

UK: The Beatles / Abbey Road super deluxe box set – £69


UK: Brian Eno / Music For Installations 6CD box set – £19

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Offers on Amazon today – Depeche Mode Construction time 12″ box lowest price yet at £45


Kingmaker 5cd anthology Everything’s Changed is a £22 pre-sale over at Cherry Red. Really decent price. Released end of July.



3×2 vinyl promotion in amazon germany

Mike M

REM – Automatic For The People – 3CD and Blu Ray Boxset £40 on Amazon UK, superb price


Same price here in Germany via Amazon and JPC. But still waiting for a lower price for Monster.


Great price on Bowie Space Oddity Paul thanks nice bank holiday pressie for me


Received the Eno box today. Absolute bargain and an amazing collection of music.
Thank you for the link


Thank you Paul for the Yes box tip..Got one..a bit worried that this would go out of print The Yes Album was one of my first rock albums..1970 and still perfect! Should have been very them this weekend..Gateshead and Glasgow..sigh..

Joel Rabinowitz

First thank you for your hard work. I love SDE and look forward to receiving your e-mails. I tried to order. The Sting Cd as well as The Rolling Stones Honk because the price was amazing. Both came to £9.40!
A great deal. Shipping was £25.00 to Canada. Suddenly not so good a deal! Too bad Amazon UK has raised their shipping price so much that it makes no sense to buy from them if you’re in Canada and I imagine the USA as well. Just checked. Stones Honk on Amazon.Ca is $5.04 Canadian. About £2.50! And The deluxe Sting edition is $17.49. Still a great deal.


Also out this week is a 12 song Ronnie Milsap’s Greatest Hits released by Concord Music which is one of the best greatest hits compilations of all time!!!


Surely you jest

David Brown

The Steve Wilson Yes Remix box is £72 on Amazon.


Oooh tempting …. think I’ll wait til it’s more like £52, possibly never. Cheers tho!

Paul Taylor

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbot Manchester Calling
£10.89. Temporarily Out Of Stock at the minute but a steal


If anyone is really keen on the Stones Honk set, right now on eBay you can get the 2 CD set new for £3.49 post included, 3 CD version £7.58 post included. For the life of me I cannot imagine there was ever all that much demand for yet another 1971 onwards comp, I know I had no interest and am still not tempted at these prices.

David Murrie

David Bowie Who Can I Be Now box is reduced on vinyl….£150 on Amazon or £160 on Rough Trade.
Best price I have seen on this in ages.


Thanks, as ever, Paul for the top tips. Ordered the Eno at the slightly higher price of £22.94. Still a bargain. BUT it’s marked as out of stock. I hope they honour this deal, but I guess it could be cancelled.

Mike M

I bought it a fortnight ago, it was also showing out of stock then. I received it yesterday pal so fingers crossed for you.


Thanks, M. That is encouraging! Hope you are enjoying the box.


Hi, they honoured my order for this (£15) so fingers crossed that you get it


Just Bagged The Bowie LP’s. Great Concert. Thanks Paul.

Wayne Olsen

For those of us living under the Orange guy, Elusive Disc has a 15% off sale, Omnivore has a bunch of CDs at $5 and cheap vinyl too, Real Gone has free shipping, and Sundazed has a 25% off vinyl.


Neil Young’s 2LP Songs For Judy is only $8.04 at Deepdiscount – even with shipping to the UK it’s only $14.02, which is much cheaper than I can see it elsewhere:


Rich G

Nice spot. Thanks Alan


Don’t forget to add a customs import charge on top of this.


Will there be an import charge for an item only costing £11.50 or so? I thought there was a £20 or so lower limit from memory, so that would be disappointing!

Richard Shaw

Amazon currently have Joe Bonamassa’s Sydney Opera House double blue vinyl for £12 – looks like a bargain to me. A few of his other double and triple live vinyls are also fairly reasonable at around £15 to £20.


Thanks Richard! I ordered the Sydney Opera House live album. really good price and excellent concert.

Paul Kent


Manics’ Everything Must Go 20th Anniversary box set with vinyl, 2 x CD and 2 x DVD is currently €23.99 at JPC. Worked out at £26.93 including delivery.

jonathan stevens

dunno if its a bargain, but it looks cheap – all 10 studio albums by UFO for £24.63

Roberto R

Afraid of Sunlight Deluxe at 21.79 great price

John ob

Stones now £269.00

Stan Butler

The Stones’ Honk 2CD set only £4.49 on Amazon UK.

Johnny John

Music For Installations on Amazon Uk: Price £22.94 + £18.98 shipping fees delivery to Canada !!!
Items: £19.12 (minus VAT)
Postage & Packing: £18.98
Import Fees Deposit: £2.97

Cost more for shipping than the item itself !!!

Johnny John

For the Stones LP boxset, there’s no hi-res download included in my last december buy from amazon.ca. Check the web for download card issue.


There should be a tongue logo shaped card in the boxset, the download code is printed on the reverse.

Paul Taylor

Seems to be a N America issue with box sets. I think it was the same with The Police Every Move You Make. Download on European ones only


Snapped up the Stones. Thanks for the heads up, Paul!

Richard Wright

Led Zeppelin II Super Deluxe £69.87 on Amazon right now. Lowest price I’ve seen.


Eno now £22.94…


Rush – Hemispheres Super Deluxe £62.99 Sterling



Thanks for the heads up on the Eno set! This will soon make my work days a little less stressful.

Phil Morris

Muse Simulation Theory deluxe CD down to £4.15 on Amazon UK. Cheaper than the standard edition.


UK Time now 14:00.
Bowie conversation piece £29.99 +p&p Amazon reseller. Seems to good to be true I know but hope it arrives! 10 left!! Wow.


All my stuff ends up like that anyway! Cds in the car and book on bedside table read and reread many times.
I was lucky enough to get ‘Is It Any Wonder’ after one of your alerts, removed shrink wrap to read inside cover and listen in car. Worth less I know but …..


Phew I got the last one. Hope the minor dents and marks aren’t too bad. Bargain price whatever.


Here’s hoping. Glad you got one.

dirk de maesschalck

71.99 now


Recordstore have got a few bits on

Today’s deal of the day is the white 25th anniversary edition of pulps his and hers at 14.99

Or you can bundle up with the Jarv Is LP at 35.99


Also I ordered the teenage fanclub 4 creation LP bundle at 53.99 which also comes with an extra 7″ with each album

Steve W

The Eno set is now £22.94 & temporarily out of stock but still a bargain so bought it – thanks.


Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Immersion box is £48. That is a good price.

Richard John

Dark side immersion set is down to 50 quid as well.

Good price there.

Rich E

Beatles singles collection is 129.99 on HMV (50 quid less than I paid upon release) I know people have been put off by reports of warping (my set does suffer this on a couple of singles) but for that price I would recommend going for it.


M People box now £39.99 on Amazon. Not the signed copy.



M People Box Set in Amazon UK down to £39.99


I’m still waiting for Pink Floyd – The Later Years to drop to £200-ish. I reckon it’s bound to happen at some point.


The Rolling Stones deal would be a buy except for the $64 shipping charge plus an all of a sudden new fee (“exchange rate guarantee”, wot!) of $8. Hate to admit it but deals and buys are dead for me here in the USA.

Bob Peel

Just bought the 1st kate bush cd boxset off hmv for £25

They have some decent offers on the depeche mode vinyl boxsets atm also

Benny Roosen

Sgt Pepper box the SDE price no longer available?this morning..

John ob

Rolling Stones 1971 – 2016 vinyl box set 15 albums £208.55 AMAZON UK

Peter Muscutt

As of this morning the Eno CD set was “temporarily unavailable” but I still ordered at the £19 price, and then got an email saying I had an MP3 version available immediately as part of the Amazon Autorip scheme. I recall this happening when I ordered a compilation by The Servants (Luke Haines’ old band) that eventually got cancelled, yet I still “kept” access to the MP3s via Amazon Music. Hopeful I’ll get the actual Eno box set though…

Steven Lowe

Usually when an item is cancelled they will charge you the download price if you have already downloaded the MP3 version so be careful.

Martin Williams

Yes, this happened to me for Marillion Clutching at Straws. £23 for the box, but got charged £13 for the mp3 when they couldn’t fulfill the order. I wanted the box, not the mp3 and couldn’t find any way of sending it back. Be very careful as Steven says


Yes, definitely! Stream and only download (if you really need to) after you’ve received your CD order. There is a flaw in Amazon’s Autorip that sometimes allows you to download MP3’s for cancelled orders that are still added to your library.

Mike M

Superb price for the Sgt Pepper boxset, I already own it, it’s a steal at £69. Want to see the Abbey Road Boxset drop a bit more though before I pull the trigger. Keep up the good work Paul mate.


The New Order “Movement” set is pretty much worth it for the Cargo Studios demo of “Procession”alone. Wow.

CJ Feeney

Got my “Eno Installations” box today. Very pleased they didn’t cancel at the bargain price.

Dave Hunt

Beatles Sgt Pepper deluxe box set on Amazon 69.99

Nelson Lee

Abbey Road same price


Sting – My Songs Special Edition 2cd now £6.99. Too bad shipping to the US is an arm and a leg otherwise I would buy this for the live cd.


Paul. Ogdens Nut Gone Flake SDE is £39 on Amazon.uk currently. Only a few left though. Never seen it that low. Certainly a lot less than when I bought it!


Correction to the Ogdens Nut Gone Flake price – it’s £34.99. Only 3 left sadly.


Ogdens nut gone flake 3cd/ dvd down to £34.99 amazon uk.


Ordered the New Order – just as well, as it’s now £106 !!…..

Anthony Paul Squires

I dithered for a day as to whether I actually ‘need’ this and jumped in at £59 after reading some reviews and should be arriving later today. Just as well given that hike back up again (£97.83) as I write. Yesterday I still felt a few pangs about buying at £59, now I feel like I’ve got a bargain – isn’t psychology wonderful?!!

I checked my existing collection and I’ve got all of the tracks on the 12″ singles on vinyl one way or another (that lovely New Order 1981-1982 EP covers a multitude of sins) plus all the equivalent singles on original 7″.


Hi Paul!
Last year you surprised us german fans of your SDE blog with a post of an Udo Lindenberg release. This box is now availabel over some european amazon channels for a great price.
In Germany it’s only 52€
Over UK/IT/FR/ES nearly the same price.

Herbert Grönemeyers “Alles” CD box is also very cheap: 70€ via amzon.de

Hope this is useful for some german collectors ;o)


for all fans of the german singer Herbert Grönemeyer: the price for the career-spanning limited CD-boxset “Herbert Grönemeyer: Alles” is at the moment at Amazon DE at € 70,- instead of € 128,- and at JPC the price is also reduced at € 90,-!