This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

GERMANY: Motown / Hitsville USA  11CD box – €64 

Back again! Superbly packaged box is £111 in the UK. All packaging is in English, in case you are worried.

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Ian Hicks

Just a heads up that this is now £40 + £6.95 postage at recordstore.co.uk


Is anybody else still waiting for the Eno box set from Amazon to be delivered?
I’m hoping they don’t cancel after all this time, looking forward to listening to it.

The Geordie Expat

According to Amazon.co.uk mine has shipped today to the US, by UPS no less. They are predicting a 9 day journey and it cost nine quid for shipping.


Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but Amazon have the very lovely LP from Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot – Manchester Calling – for a very lovely £10.89


Brian mckeen

almost $40 to ship to US. No way…

Steven Roberts

Paul Simon _In the Blue Light – £2.89 on Amazon UK:_



Blockheads looky here for Ian Dury! https://amzn.to/2XNPjWh


Prince Purple Rain Super Deluxe is out of print. On Amazon Germany there are a few listed for €19 by market vendors like Moviemars. Very reputable shop. Get it before they are all gone and you pull your hair out.

Mike M

It’s listed as the deluxe edition, don’t think it is though? Anyone?


Yes that’s weird, when you pull up the Purple Rain Super Deluxe and click on audio CD where it says €19, it brings you to the regular 2cd version, not the Super Deluxe. That’s a strange Amazon glitch.


This is not the SDEdition!

Mike M

Cheers Chris mate


So you are saying that the 3rd CD & DVD are not BBC included? Can you 100% certify/verify this?


Jeff, this is the 2CD edition.
I have the SDE on my watchlist and is unavailabel.

Mike M

Does anywhere have the SDE of this still for a reasonable price? Cheers


Sports Team’s debut album Deep Down Happy is out this week. I really like them – they’re like a modern day Blur with short, clever, catchy songs, and apparently they’re great live.

Anyway, the CD version is only £4.99 on Amazon for just this week, so a bargain (and apparently it’s number one in the album chart ahead of Lady GaGa at present!):


PS : I sent this through earlier, but it didn’t get posted – is it because they’re a new band rather than one dating back 30 years or more?!!

Alan B

I pre ordered the exclusive clear vinyl plus signed print from Record Store. Received it yesterday. The signed print is a CD booklet sized insert which doesn’t quite go with an LP. Funnily enough the signed insert is not available to order with the CD where it would be a perfect fit.

Joseph Bartram

Damn just seen this I ordered from resident

Richard Anderson

I really like the new Sports Team lp too and they are really going for it on the coloured vinyl. So far I have seen it in black, blue, red, clear, orange and gobstopper colour.

Richard Anderson

I bought the Bob Marley Exodus40 super deluxe vinyl box set (4lps and two 7″ Singles and I think there is a booklet too) for £44.99 on hmv which seems a good deal. It says now only £69.99 on hmv site but they are charging £44.99. Same price on amazon uk but not in stock there until 25th June.


Motown: The Complete No. 1’S:
The version sold on Amazon.de or UK is not as good as the version sold at the french La Fnac Store last year; it had the last disc with 11 tracks being covers that reached number 1 instead of a disc with 6 “uninteresting” tracks

Daniel Chisholm

I ordered my set in the early hours of yesterday morning and it arrived today (Sunday!) at 4pm. The packaging is among the best I have ever seen and the remastering is among the very best I have heard. Tremendous purchase; thanks Paul.


Lovely Creatures-the Best of…(Deluxe Edition) van Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
amazon.de €18.99


Amazon Spain now offers the Equinoxe Project box set from Jean Michel Jarre for under €28.


3CD/DVD Deluxe edition of Nick Cave’s Lovely Creatures below £18


I’ll regret not buying the super deluxe edition until the day I die…..

Chris Squires

Not sure how I feel about this: File under skinflint.

I just cancelled my order of Installations at £14.78 and re-ordered because it has dropped to £14.69.
I mean I have done that before when pounds had been involved but I can’t ever recall doing it for the grand total of £0.09p
Can anyone beat that piece of thrift? Not sure whether to be happy, sad, indifferent or disappointed that my life has come to this.

Mike M

That’s pretty sad that mate, 9p saving on an item that is already ridiculously cheap, unbelievable!!

John McCann'

9p will get you a pretty decent gravel and beetroot sandwich in some countries!,, well done Chris; nice to see that you laughed in the face of the virus and decided to enjoy your wealth,! cant take it with you and all that.

Chris Squires

I am sure Mr. Bezos will not miss it.

Richard Fisher

Not sad at all Chris – why pay any more than you need to if with very little effort you can pay less. Well done I say!


Haha. That’s some effort.

Trevor Smith

A savings a saving, well done I say.


They canceled my SPLIT ENZ Mental Notes White Vinyl Order; fine. I have two copies of the original from 1977. SO I just jumped on that Eno box; Lets See If it happens.


I finally bagged the Eno box at £14.78 so well pleased..


For US buyers, Whitesnake s/t 5 disc superdeluxe edition now only $37! Mostly sold out everywhere so this may be your last chance.


Great spot. Ordered. Thanks Kauwgompie!


The Eno “Music for Installation” 6CD box-set is back on Amazon UK for £15.19 (previously lowest price flagged up on SDE was £15.14). Not in stock but I’ve just ordered one on the expectation they will honour the price.

Nelson Lee

£14.78 now


Going lower every day but surely this is the best price it will reach. Amazing value, really.


For anyone that likes Helloween Amazon uk have this all singing dancing box-set for less than the Blu Ray or DVD versions. 2BR/3DVD/3CD


Only 4 left at time of posting.

Paul Taylor

At what point was that a-ha box €40? I’m just trying to work out what version it is via Discogs and the most expensive was a box that didn’t look like this one and had DVD and Blu-Ray discs. The others are around €10-€15. I’m not disputing the fact it’s a bargain at €7, it undoubtedly is. I just wanted to be sure what one they are selling!


Eno box down to £18.40 on Amazon UK. Cheapest yet, I think. Wish I hadn’t bought it just last week.


Eno down to £15.19 this morning on Amazon uk. I’ve bagged it at that price.

CJ Feeney

It was £15ish a few weeks ago, I bought when “out of stock” but they honoured the price over a week later. Quite a decent buy.

Shaun H

Eno now down to £15


Eno 6CD box now (31 May, 11:45) down to £15.19 on Amazon UK!


Now down to £15.19, just 5p more than when SDE first highlighted this set. Not in stock but I’ve ordered in anticipation.

george c

just in the last few day’s I’ve bought bob Dylan’s More blood more tracks 6cd box set brand new from a seller on e bay. it was advertised at £56.99 it also had the option to make an offer. he accepted my offer of £50 + free p&p. he stated it was this price because the there was a couple of tears in the shrink wrapping. when it arrived there was the couple of tears as he said and a very slight dent on right side of box. but everything else brand new in perfect condition. there was 2 copes on offer so as far as I know there is still one left should anybody be interested. this box is on amazon for £90 so a bit of a bargain.

Murray Robbins

Hi George
I just (17.31 on 30/5) picked a copy up for £53 inc shipping from what I’m guessing is the same source.
Thank you!


Keith Richards Talk Is Cheap SDE now only $44 on Amazon.com. Yesterday it was $42 but my post was missed.

Shaun H

Hi Paul, thanks for helping to keep us all sane during these interesting times.
Bowie’s Who Can I Be is available from HMV for £150 along with Bob Marley’s Exodus 40 which is going for £45.
Keep safe everyone.


HMV also have A New Career in a New Town available to backorder at £150 https://store.hmv.com/store/music/vinyl/a-new-career-in-a-new-town-1977-1982
I’ve spent £429 on Bowie vinyl today! I think I need to sit down. Either that or hide my credit card!
Does anyone know if Five Years will ever be re-pressed and available again? I’ve seen it going for crazy prices on eBay!

Richard Fisher

Beatles White ALBUM boxset now just £78 at Amazon UK.

John Orr

Picked up Bowie, Eno and A Ha deals, with an added promotion on top. Proper bargain again, cheers Paul!


A lot of the Amazon UK Deals are coming under a Fathers Day promotion. Some decent deals on Tom Waits and Eurythmics vinyl as well. Full list here.


The ENO box set deal seems to be over it’s back up to 29.60 GBP……damn


Listed as €29,60 now, but if you check the list of sellers you can still get it for €16,97 (sold by Amazon.de themselves…?!?)
Just snagged one at that price!

Mike M

It’s available again for £18.40, out of stock at present but so was mine when I ordered it and they fulfilled that, don’t miss out again pal


For German and Austrian readers:

Def Leppard cd-box Vol. 2 is down to 22 € as a weekend deal on saturn.de

The “Alles”-box by Herbert Groenemeyer is down to 70 € (instead of amazon.de’s current offer price of 90 €) through the same offer

It might be that amazon.de will reduce their prices too but that’s uncertain at the time of writing.

Sheldon Cole

I tried to order the Def Leppard from Saturn but I don’t think they deliver to the UK. I managed to buy it on Amazon.De for 30 euros which is still a good price.

Richard Wright

Who Can I Be Now was briefly £149 on Amazon last night but went quickly. A New Career In A New Town also £149.

Colin MacKenzie

Re Bowie – Amazon UK currently have the A New Career Vinyl Boxset at £150

Richard Wright

Spotted that too and picked it up this morning. Who Can I Be Now was also £150 last night but sold out quickly.


Who can I be and new career boxes at 150 @ hmv this weekend


Hi Paul, many times i would find it interesting to know where a reaction is coming from (US/Can/Germany/etc…) Could it be interesting /possible to ask every commentator through an extra Question to add this information?

Also: have you ever considered to let people log in to SDE so they don’t have to fill in name, email, et cetera to add a comment?

Either way your website ia my favourite and first destination on the internet. I would very much like a similar website for boutique blurays and dvd’s (criterion, eureka and the like). Maybe i can start one myself if i ever find the time :-)

Jim Breeds

In your work that is afoot on comments and logging in, etc., can we have a tick box that optionally allows us to tick to say “Notify me of replies”? :)


In your work at improving comments – can you do it yesterday please. LOL

Richard Fisher

Fantastic work Paul (and Roland!). Had my eyes on the Stax 68 boxset for a while and at that price snapped it up. I’m glad I waited a bit!


About the Voodoo uncut again. It is said out of stock but will be back in June at 28,04 as per order.


Voodoo Lounge deal is over too. Now it is at 61,20,


Thanks to Dennis for the Skids heads-up. Worked out to £15.06 delivered to the UK. Bargain!


Decent Tangerine Dream deal…



Thanks Paul…. grabbed the A-ha box…. fantastic deal.

Michael Kelly

What aha deal was it. Is it still on


on amazon.de
The Skids – The Virgin Years (6CD Boxset) for 12.97 EUR


Thanks for the tip , just snapped this up.

David Ware

Thanks Paul
Just orders the Def boxed set with postage only 32€, excellent value.


The Motown Box set is a absolute steal at that price. Postage if your not on prime is approx £4.


I remember buying the previous edition of this Motown box set for €25 a few years ago at a Spanish store. One of the best deals I’ve found ever. But I won’t buy the new one with the extra CD.

Robert Dorson

Does anyone have definitive word on plans to release a 50th Anniversary rendition of “Derek and the Dominoes, Layla and…..?” I know there have been so many Anniversary editions of this album already, and perhaps not much more novel material available to still present, but that album does represent an important part of Rocky history. Thanks

Neil McL

Hi Robert FNAC have a double yellow vinyl for pre-order released next month


Who are FNAC? What is their web address please

graeme ewan

great spot Neil. cheers.


Shipping from Amazon European sites to the US has recently increased 300-500%. Is anyone aware of the cause for this? Thanks.

David Harold

Just had this statement from Royal Mail:

Last year, the UPU agreed to allow the US to set terminal dues/prices themselves from 1 July. This met the US administration’s stated objective – to increase how much they charge other countries for delivery. It averted their threat to leave the global network. It will see a significant increase of over 100% in the the rates we pay for last mile delivery in the US from 1 July. We will have to pass on these costs. We will not profit in doing so.

Either that’s part of the cause, or there’s worse to come…


Thank you for the information David.


Motown box set: Shipping to Canada is as much as the box, so uh, nope.


Postage charges from Amazon Canada and USA to Europe have been high for a long time now, it seems now it may be similar going the other way Europe to USA/Canada.
I have often found USA postage charges cheaper using Ebay and just as safe.

ian whiteford

Thanks Paul, amazing price on the Leppard box. Snapped it up.


A-ha looked like a super deal until I began to check out: €6.97 + €20.41 shipping…….think I’ll pass.


Hi Paul,
first thanks for your great work!
Second: at amazon.de you can find at the moment a lot of reduces boxsets under “CDs & Vinyl” – Featured Deals.

Alan Smithee

Brian Eno “Music for Installations” 16’97€ at Amazon.de, in stock June 5.


Has Mute Records still not finished squeezing every last penny and milking every last drop of DM’s back catalogue?


And the answer is no, Sony havent. Theyve barely started ;)

Frank P

Recently picked up the Pipes of Peace archive box set on amazon au for $43 AUD free delivery. Bargain!