This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Depeche Mode / Black Celebration: The 12″ Singles – £45 £72

UK: Curtis Mayfield / Keep On Keepin On – £48 £60

Limited time deal for the 4LP studio albums vinyl box set.

Depeche Mode / Some Great Reward: The 12″ Singles – £50 £90

Superb deal at Rough Trade in the UK

Bobbie Gentry / The Girl From Chickasaw County 8CD box set – £77


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Tony O

Brilliant :-)

Richard Fisher

Macca’s “Flaming Pie” 3LP SDE is €52.33 at amazon.it (https://amzn.to/2zvwIoG) to pre-order. Couldn’t resist.

Richard K

Jethro Tull Stormwatch deluxe is just over 20 quid now on Amazon Japan


Prince / One Night Alone – Up All Night 4cd + 1dvd 29€ on Amazon.de. Cheapest price in Germany so far.

Tony O

can anyone tell me the difference between an “ebay Scalper” and a “Music Dealer”

Chris Squires

A dash of jealousy, three spoons of bitterness, a fluid ounce of spite and a decent helping of laziness and ignorance of the facts. Mix with some anonymity multiplied by distance. Mix it all up in the internet bowl and there you have it.

It’s a very good point Tony and one which needs to be challenged more often than it is. It’s a throwaway, thoughtless line no difference to lazy journalists saying “Reclusive Kate Bush”, “Chubby Gary Barlow” or “One Chord Status Quo”. It bears little relationship to the truth but is easily believed and distills something very complex into a soundbite, basically it’s bollocks in my book.

Tony O

Brilliant :-)

Richard Anderson

The Factory Records Communications 1978-1992 eight vinyl box is £68.20 on amazon UK and much the same on other amazon sites. Mine arrived today and the musical content is great. Good value for money at that price I reckon.

Anthony Squires

Thanks for that spot Richard – just ordered.
Been mulling it over for months but bitten at that price.
I used to have the old Palatine 4 x LP set back in the day but sold it years ago for much the same price as I just paid for this. So with 8 X LP this time and effects of inflation etc I’ve told myself it’s a good deal!

Ivo Peeters

Bobbie Gentry box 67 euro at Amazon Italy



Hi. Small Faces Ogden’s 50th 3CD+DVD is 35£ and Judy Collins Electra Albums Vol 1 8CD is 43£ at amazon.uk. Looking forward receiving both. Cheers


Thanks Pablo, bern waiting for that to come down. Just ordered it.

Peter Anderson

Bruce Springsteen Album Collection volume 2 vinyl currently £89 on Amazon UK albeit awaiting stock but as low as it has been I believe. Select market place sellers and top listing is Amazon Prime at the cut price.


Needless to say the Bobbie Gentry is now on Amazon at £59 after l Just took the plunge at £77.


For german readers:
Retailer Saturn has 25% discount on selected Vinyl. You can get DMs Speak & Spell and Brokwn Frame Sets for 40€. Items will reduced at checkout.


Thanks Chris
Lou Reed‘s RCA Box was €62,24.
Hope I‘ll get a decent copy.

Mark Jensen

Just ordered both DM boxes. Shipping to US from Rough Trade for Some Great Reward was a bit high, but overall price still cheaper than current Amazon (US or UK) prices.


Seeing these price now for the DM boxes, makes me think I’ll wait a few months for the new ones coming out this year.
This is how much they should have been to start with.

Ian Scott

I have the Mayfield set and it is a cracker. Been thinking about buying the Bobbie Gentry set so it is probably time

Richard Fisher

It has been £59 on Amazon UK, recently too……


Yes, I got the Bobbie Gentry set a few weeks ago for GBP 60 (so the GBP 77 mentioned here isn’t that much of a deal, though cheaper when first released). I wasn’t very familiar with her music, but it is an outstanding set! I love her take on country/pop/roots music and she has written some truly great songs. The set looks beautiful and is well worth the money. So don’t hesitate as long as this one is still in print.

Alain Brenez

Depeche Mode’s Black Celebration box set on Amazon UK at £44,99 !!!
Good price at Rough Trade for the Some Great Reward box set but shipping costs ludicrously high to Belgium….£ 32 !!!

Inner Space

For Croatia its the same amount as well…….so, it might be the case for many EU countries.
Looks like its worth buying only if you are in the UK.

On the other hand, some shops, like Zoom.co.uk, Rarewaves, Dodax, Grooves-inc.co.uk have dirt cheap or no shipping costs at all, but their stock selection is a different matter altogether.
Sometimes you can find great bargains there and other items terribly overpriced.
So, you have to shop around……and as I like to buy several items at once and not get them one by one, it can get tricky.


Sadly Black Celebration has gone back up in price – now £64 (still 10% off).


Might be worth mentioning Paul that the Spooky Tooth studio albums box set, which has appeared to be out of print, seems to have mysteriously appeared again on all major seller sites. I’d missed out on it first time around and certainly wasn’t going to pay three figures for it bearing in mind you can get all the original albums with bonus tacks – as on the box set – individually for £6-7. However at £65-ish, with the extra, other unavailable live album and nice booklet, it’s a no brainer!

Peter Smith

Agreed – and Amazon themselves are now advertising this great set at £67.81 for a June 20th restock date….tempted…


Since my ‘break of dawn’ posting, I’ve had another quick look at the selling sites…

I’d noticed the ‘re-appearance’ of this quite by chance of Tuesday night, made my order, and got shipping confirmation yesterday, before thinking it would be worth a mention here.

…seems like it’s disappearing fast. It’s back up to £95 or so with secondary sellers, and already on back order – if but still under £70 – for Amazon itself. Most of the copies available from legit company sellers on ebay uk and discogs have disappeared, although there’s still one or two about.

So, whether it was a very limited re-print run, or just that somebody found a store of the original run hiding in a Universal warehouse somewhere, who knows… . Just a warning then that this may disappear quickly again.

Bob Peel

Depeche mode black celebration is £45 on amazon now


Motown: The Complete No.1’S
67,99 €
10 CD Box Set
Amazon Italia

Larry Davis

Yep Bobbie Gentry IS an amazing set, she does resemble Shania a bit…but I have to say…I went for that Motown Hitsville boxset from Amazon Germany for 64 Euros, which was brought down to 54 Euros without the VAT, all great BUT the shipping was 32 Euros which brought it up to $101 US…ouch but it is what it is


Thanks – I ordered the Curtis Mayfield box – would strongly recommend the Bobbie Gentry box – it is really fabulous.

Completely off-topic, but the Criterion Collection has a cool promotion going on here at the UK at the moment. 2 Blu-Ray Titles for 25 Pounds. Just saying


Fantastic Criterion Collection blu-ray deal alert, Leonardo! Thanks, man!

Mike M

Curtis Mayfield
Keep on Keeping On: Curtis Mayfield Studio Albums 1970-1974 4 LP Boxset just £48 on Amazon UK, limited time offer. Superb price for a great boxset, I’m in.

Inner Space

5 DM 12″ boxes put into cart.
Entered delivery details.

Choose a shipping option:

UPS Saver
Parcel tracking

Parcel tracking

I honestly hope this is a joke.


Probably to discourage eBay scalpers…


Talking of honestly hoping stuffs a joke – I just seen some of the prices for RSD stuff. Roughtrade and banquet are listing the Pink Floyd 7” as £16.99. Seems expensive for a 7. the Nick Mason 12 is also 16.99 which seems more reasonable. the bowie Im only dancing is £34.99 on LP – I know its double but bit steep? The entombed double lp is reasonable 29.99 on RT but on Banquet its £62.99!!! Its not like the prices feel massive high but its like they got sneaked up a few quid each and that makes it feel expensive. Only couple of years ago (back in 2019) 7’s were like £10-13 each.

Steven Campbell

PLib thats the prices for RSD unfortunately! I have noticed them creeping up myself and some shops are more expensive than others but what I tend to do is keep some back of my lists and then buy them online when they come down in price which invariably they eventually do.


I remember only two years back the bowie 7″ picture discs were £13 a piece. A few years before that you could count on standard non-pictur disc, non etched 7″ and 12″ singles as being a quid an inch! I found I’d left the price tags on a couple of them the other day. I was shocked at the cheapness compared to now. Prices rise but £7 going up to £17 (yeah I know its etched but theres fewer sevens it seems) in about 5-10 years!


Looks like Shania Twain. Good set

John Orr

It is indeed a cracking set. Picked it up last year from an ebay seller, brand new and sealed for under £50.


Having said that price now up to £77


An absolute bargain price for one of the best box sets ever. Just oozes quality!

Mike M

Superb price Paul mate, time to pull the trigger, had my eye on this for ages. Thank you sir!!