This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Led Zeppelin / The Song Remains The Same super deluxe – £69 

Nine-disc set includes two CDs, four vinyl records and three DVDs!

UK: Fleetwood Mac / 50 Years: Don’t Stop 3CD set – £8


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I picked up TSRTS for 54 Sterling last time Paul posted it last month……be patient everyone…..Amazon UK…..plays games with this set EVERY DAY……I keep going back daily to see the price changes….be patient, it’ll come around again


Amazon.com also has a 3 for 2 promo. Here is a link with the eligible items sorted from expensive to cheap so you get the box sets first. Paul McCartney’s Red Rose Speedway is in there any many others!


Hotel California box now £67.


That’s not really cheap to be honest. I bought it sealed on Amazon for under 40 euro’s long time ago.


Curtis Mayfield Keep on keeping on CD box set under 10 euros Amazon France!


It’s a bummer, this box just offers 4 Mayfield albums, no bonus tracks. Might as well buy the “Original Album Series”. You get the same albums plus an additional live album (which is excellent) for €9.99. Ok, it’s not remastered but still.

Joël V.

Probably in response to fnac.com that sells many CDs, including Pet Shop Boys further listenings for example, at 9,99 €.


Many reduced boxsets on Amazon France.
For example The Band superdeluxe edition (second album) for only 70.39 Euro.


Paul Mann

Sparks No.1 in Heaven, 40th Anniversary Vinyl
13.99 at Amazon UK

CJ Feeney

Out of stock but can be ordered. Great value for a 2LP set. Thanks

John ob

Zz top cinco 2 £35.00 Amazon Uk contains deguello el loco eliminator afterburner and recycler


The order placed with succes at 35 pond (Friday evening)
Today cancelled!!!

jonathan stevens

led zep now an eye-watering £181


Hi Paul
at amazon.uk you can find right now the David Bowie box-set: A New Career In A New Town (1977 – 1982) in Vinyl for € 150,-


The US Amazon site has loving the alien vinyl boxset at equivalent of 90 quid shame that UK shipping is so expensive!


Amazon uk doing Led Zeppelin, The Song Remains the Same (Super Deluxe Boxset) for £69.01


Richard Fisher

Factory boxset has crept back down a little to £92 at Amazon UK. Still worth keeping an eye on.

Alan B

Anyone else try to bag a signed CD or poster of Liam Gallagher’s new album via his web store? Got the email from his website yesterday afternoon and tried to bag a signed CD. Website couldn’t cope. It took umpteen times to get in. When you did it took several further attempts to add to the basket. I never managed to get it to reach the checkout phase. At one point it was trying to add to the basket for 10 minutes, flashing and hanging. I gave up in the end. Tried again at 11pm. Straight to the webpage with the signed CD. Still in stock. Hung again for a few minutes and I gave up again. Checked this morning. All signed items sold out. How people managed to bag one is beyond me. Beyond a joke.


Same here Alan B. I spent at least an hour filling and refilling in forms which then failed to load. I even at one stage got to the end and submitted the credit card details, only for the web site to fall over once again!
This morning at 6.45 the site still wasn’t accepting orders – then when I tried 45 minutes later everything was sold out!
I’ve sent an angry email to the “Contact Us” address on the site and asked for more signed copies to made available. I assume nothing will be done….
Alan (a different one!)


Same here, really annoying and unprofessional. It felt like 1999.

Mark G

Yeah, it was a scrum for the signed Liam stuff. I expected as much.. Still, some people must have got things, so never mind. Fortune favours the persistent…


Really disappointing … I reckon the website simply couldn’t cope, and the ‘sold out’ notice first thing this morning was simply them giving up in the end (the online store rather than the fans!) … ho hum …

graeme ewan

yeah Alan, same boat here. total shhheeeeeeite!honestly mate, a total joke. now on fleabay at yer usual w’ank prices. Oh well, £26 or so saved to me!! result. will spend it on a new guitar pedal to make my own sounds.


I woke up around 3am – couldn’t sleep. Checked the site and got straight in and got the CD with signed poster..vinyl had sold out, unfortunately. Good time to have insomnia!

Paul Mac

Think the CD comes with a signed card, the poster was with the vinyl

Paul Mac

I got the email yesterday and initially didn’t do anything until, like H below, (or possibly above, I’ve got no idea where this will appear!) I was awake late last night and thought I’d try to get a signed CD. It was slow but it did go through, and despite some stuff on the website saying there was a delay on the signed cards and it would be shipped separately in a couple of weeks, I got a shipping confirmation email this evening that looked as though everything has been sent already. Hopefully it’s all good, if so this was £5.99 very well spent!


I managed to get Liam Gallagher CD and signed card and CD and signed poster but it took me about 8 and a half hours.


VU’s White Light/White Heat 3-disc SDE is just under $77 at Amazon US right now. While that seems high for a 3 disc set, it’s normally (and needlessly) hovering around the $100 mark pretty much anywhere you look. I bit largely because I got the other two (1 & 3) at around $50 each, which is crazy considering VU&N is 5 discs and TVU is 6 discs! I figure getting all three for an average of $60+ is a win.


Bobbie Gentry back in stock on Amazon £69.39

george c

just ordered bob Dylan’s trouble no more 4lp & 2cd box set from a seller on ebay. brand new & sealed for £36.99 + free p&p. I’ve seen it sold elsewhere for £70 & upwards. seller states he has 7 copies should anybody be interested.

CJ Feeney

I recently got the 8CD + DVD. Gave in at £95.

It’sa really good set. Of the four bootleg deluxe editions I’ve had it’s the one I’m most pleased with.

It’s a great antidote after the disapointment of the Johnny Cash (volume 15)


I got the FAC vinyl box under the Target deal, along with Ramones It’s Alive and The Verve Urban Hymns box. Pretty good deal ($63 off!), and free shipping!!


Yes I forgot to mention the free shipping. We all know what a huge difference that can make.

Jon Barlow

Superb packaging, amazing price but poor basis for track selection. Still a no for me. I wish they’d stuck to material recorded in that building.

Andy P

I’m on the fence on this one for the same reason. The original Hitsville USA long box has a better track selection and all the earlier cuts are in mono.


Just ordered these on amazon.com.au. I think prices are good, I have been watching for a while.
Abbey Road Super Deluxe $108.09
White Album Super Deluxe $165.89
Talk Is Cheap Deluxe $89.21

Adrian Luvdup

Managed to grab the Factory Communications box set for £68 – it was back up to £119.99 within half an hour of me bagging it. Arriving today! Cheers!

Tom from FIN

That excellent Fact box was in eBay for 63 pounds on Monday or Tuesday.


Anything with liner notes by Paul Morley should be discounted at least 50%.


Spooky Tooth The Island Years 1967 – 1974 52 GBP from Amazon.uk although Back-ordered. Due in stock June 21. A 9 CD set comprising all the Island albums by Spooky Tooth, including “Supernatural Fairy Tales” by ART (their earlier incarnation), and many rare and previously unreleased bonus tracks, including a full concert from April 1972. Regards.

Stephen Hance

Can’t seem to find a way to get them to deliver to Uk sadly

Alain Brenez

Hey thanks for the info. I cancelled my order on Amazon UK and placed a new one on Amazon NL. Saved 25 euro !!!


Missed this as well… :-(
Will watch my blu ray of 24 Hour Party People now to console meself…

Matthew mcrudden

Hi can anybody tell me if target ship to the uk cheers

Peter Stanton

I got the Fleetwood Mac set for £5.48. Ideal for the car


For the USA, Target.com has a 3 for 2 deal. It includes pre-orders. To give you some ideas, I bought the Iggy Pop Bowie years, Eagles Hotel California & P.I.L. Box sets (similarly priced), then the two Replacements boxes (including pre-order Pleased To Meet Me box) and Whitesnake box (all similarly priced), then the Ramones Alive, the Jam 1977 and Sonny Rollins boxes (all same price).


Hey! Two things: First, thank you, for sharing this. Second, your comment sent me down a Mats rabbit hole/lol… There’s a Pleased to Meet Me box coming?!?!?! Why can’t I find anything about it?


Stan, it surprised me too but it’s on the Target website so it’s probably true. The price is consistent w the Don’t Tell A Soul box so I think it is safe to assume this is a box. Release date says Oct 9th. A lucky find. Here is the link to the Pleased To Meet Me box:

To be fair, all credit for the 3 for 2 promo should go to Wayne Olsen who pointed it out yesterday in the comment section of the “Out This Week….” post.

Wayne Olsen

Thanks! I’ve been going through my want list on Target.com

Andy K

In the too good to be true Neil Young Archives Vol 2 is listed a) for actual release 8/21 (believe when I see it) ) b) listed for 3.99. Obviously a mistake but worth a try to see if they honor it. Of course the challenge is to find 3 other items to order and qualify for the 3 for 2 deal. The site will deduct one of the other 3 things added and have the 3.99 stand alone.

Derek Skipworth

Fantastic! That’s a real barg……oh, wait a minute.

Andrew Mar

The link took me to amazon and the price was £66.68 but when I placed it in my basket it was £119.99, so I called amazon customer service and they asked me to email a screenshot to them and they processed a refund. Thank you for the heads up on this superb offer!

Tony O

Richard fisher mentioned this on the previous re-issue deal thread at 8am this morning, it was available for a while, well long enough for me to fill me boots

Richard Fisher

Glad you managed to take advantage of the deal. Mine arrived yesterday. Lovely.

Patrick Towning

Wow, managed to get mine for £61, perching. Back up now to £120!


The deal seems to be over. SDE email arrived on my laptop 14.58 – I looked at Amazon’s website at 15.19 and the price quoted was £119.99. What is the point of reducing price for 20 mins ? Is this a race ?


I managed to get in there quick enough!!!! I have looked at this a few time but just thought £120 was to expensive!! Looking forward to my bargain now though.


Yes, in most cases it is “a race” (a sprint finish?) from when the email goes out!
It was £68 for nearly six days – until Paul’s Deal Alert e-mail went out to thousands of potential buyers, a few of which will have been quick enough to buy the cheap copies before Amazon algorithms reset the price.


I ordered it on Saturday already and the deal had been on for a few days prior to that date…


You’re going home in a … ah, forget it.

Dennis Wilson

…. Crispy?


Well that didn’t last long, price is back at £119

G. De Wilde

Paul McCartney’s forthcoming ‘Flaming Pie’ deluxe set is currently priced at 30.22 euros and amazon.nl. A mistake I imagine, but it’s been like this for at least an hour now. Worth trying? https://www.amazon.nl/gp/product/B0833VG88D/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Wow! It looks like it won’t ship to a UK address. Has anyone found a way around that? Cheers.


Great spot!

It wouldn’t let me order it for shipping to the UK, so I ordered with delivery to a friend in the Netherlands instead, and the order has gone through at the EUR30 price.

I await an email from Amazon in the next 48 hours cancelling it…

Rare Glam

The McCartney set would be an obvious steal but as the Dutch web page doesn’t seem to have a English translation option (using Chrome) like the German site does I am not sure what the issue is when I add to basket. The next page seems to be saying there is a problem with the order in red letters.

Rare Glam

Managed to Google translate the McCartney offer page. It won’t ship to ‘the address specified’ (in UK?). So is this a purely Dutch offer wthin the Netherlands? Lucky Dutch if so!


I live in Belgium and I could order it without any problem. For that price it would be stupid not to.


Fantastic price! 30€ for deluxe set and30€ for triple vinyl. This will be gone real soon i assume.

Rare Glam

Vertymuch gone now!


tried to order but appeared in basket at 119 – price has been altered back up within 12mins


This has always been a nice to have, but can’t justify the price, item. But at that price, it’s finally justified.

Managed to grab a copy at £66.68 before it shot back up to full price!

David Anderson

That didn’t last long!!

Nigel Croft

Back to 120 – got mine though.


Grabbed it! Fantastic bargain!

Deal already over!!

michel bendichou

Only minutes after getting this alert and the price is £120.


I already have the 4CD. Great compilation!
@ Duncan: Besides, i visited a concert by the crispies in Plan K in Brussels in 2007. Nothing Wrong with that band. ( http://www.lefantastique.net/factory2007/index-en.htm )

Ian Hartley

There is nothing wrong with Crispy Ambulance and this box set is a treasure trove of unexpected delights. Off -piste and oft unheard compared to those who were more commercially successful or notorious. At this price you may be willing to take a risk….you will be well rewarded !

Duncan Bartlett

I think it’s a good looking set and it’s a good way of celebrating New Order and The Happy Mondays and a few other interesting tracks from the era. But surely there’s no demand for Crispy Ambulance to be included in the deluxe box set reissue series?!?


So who *is* going on after Crispy Ambulance?