This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: David Bowie / Conversation Piece 5CD deluxe – £63

UK: The Strokes / Is This It white vinyl LP – £21 £31

UK: Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction super deluxe – £56

Excellent price for the 4CD+blu-ray package.

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Amazon has the 2 TONE 7″ Box Set back on at £68. Bargin.


Reduced box sets announced by Recordstore.co.uk and/or udiscover. Zappa Hot Rats box £70, Band 50th box £60, Who My Generation and Mercury Never Boring both £55, INXS Kick for £16 and Softcell Keychains £40 amongst others.


HMV 50% off flash sale on now. Looks like a lot of the stock that has been turning up in the stores of late. The odd good offer like Street Fighting Years box set now £15, Cureation £15 amongst the Amy Winehouse Back to Black and Nirvana Unplugged LPs at 50% off £40 when they’ve been nearer a tenner for months!

Colin MacKenzie

Seems quite a bizarre sale – approximately 90% of titles sold out already and with many of the vinyl titles at least the price is grossly inflated before you apply the 50% discount – U2 Songs of Experience £39.99 !! REM Out of Time £39.99 !!! John Martyn Solid Air £34.99 etc. etc.


HMV having a 50% off sale with the code ‘Flash50’. Just got The Allman Brothers ‘Trouble No More’ vinyl set for £175. Cheapest I’ve seen it


Now only 4 left in stock:


Neil Parnell

still, have the Bowie New Career Vinyl box on HMV….crazy prices everywhere else…finally got one and it came in one day….wish they would repress five years too


Love From The Planet Gong (The Virgin Years 73-75 Box 12Cd + 1Dvd) 77€ + shipping from amazon.it. I have nothing from this band in my collection, only a cd from a very early Steve Hillage project (Arzachel) so really looking forward this set. Might be of interest for other prog, space rock, jazz fans. Cheers


Thanks mate. Couldn’t resist at that price!


Looks like my cheap copy of Eno’s Installations CD box is arriving today!

Keith Slatter

Finally got my copy of Eno’s Installations CD box set from Amazon (£14.78!). Ordered on 31st May…well worth the wait. Just ordered Soft Cell Keychains & Snowstorms from UDiscover Music for £40! Box set sale on.

Sten Sawicz

Also on the HMV site is the”Springsteen on Broadway” 4-LP box set down from £79.99 to £34.99 https://store.hmv.com/store/music/vinyl-chart-best-sellers/springsteen-on-broadway

CJ Feeney

I’m a big Springsteen fan but I’ve never seen the appeal of that set on vinyl, even at half price.


Well CJ, what about the Springsteen Broadway vinyl set at €20 (+€4 postage)? At what price does something become worth buying even if it doesn’t grab you as a product; perhaps never? I’m certainly guilty of buying ‘bargains’ that sit unopened.


David Harold

Well, that was my ‘magic price’ even though I have the CD already.

CJ Feeney

Still no.

But what a bargain for those that want it. Along with lots of other Springsteen vinyl.

There is a lot of new music on the horizon for me in August and September as well as some truly great deluxes of old stuff.

So, I’m finding it easier to resist stuff I like rather than love.

John Orr

Yep, also picked up David Bowie’s Conversation Piece, though paid a lot less than Amazon. £52 brand new and sealed. As ever, it pays to wait and look around.


Where was that out of interest?

Shaun H

The latest Who album special HMV version on vinyl is now £14.99 with code Disc50.
It includes a bonus disc of “classic” Who tracks.


Ordered cheers Shaun…..Sean :)

Graham Gardner

Thanks Shaun. Also picked up Sandinista triple lp for under £20 on Hmv.


Any news around more Bowie boxes like this. I was hoping it was going to be part of a series.


The Supergrass box is only €128 on Amazon Germany. In U.K. it’s £212 probably because it is close to being sold out.

Macca’s Tug Of War at £70 is not a terrible deal either. Sold out on the other Amazons so this may be your last chance.


Thanks for the heads up, just ordered Supergrass , proper result, thank you


Thanks a million for the Tug of War SDE alert, Kauwgompie! I’d been kicking myself for not getting this back in the day and it’s great to be able to find it now at a decent price. With this, plus the fantastic Flaming Pie SDE and our host’s expert study of Macca reissues, I feel really spoiled as a PMC fan.

David M

Tug of War deluxe is about 40 pounds on Amazon Canada ($69.99), as is Pipes of Peace. Has been that price for a long time.


Hi, just bought David Bowie Conversation Piece 5CD set for 61,5GBP from amazon.uk 3rd party seller. I think it is close to the lowest price it has ever been. Cheers

Paul E.

That “Appetite For Destruction” Super Deluxe is available on the US Guns N’ Roses official store for $49.99 – once the “GNR10” coupon code is applied, it drops to $45.00.

John Orr

Picked up the GnR’s one earlier this year, got it for £46 brand new and sealed! It’s still sealed, I should open it and play the thing.

David Brown

Just picked up Traffic Studio Albums vinyl box set at HMV Basingstoke for £44.99. Only copy. Did see Police Studio Albums vinyl box set for £37.99. One copy


£38 for the Police boxset is a steal!! I tried HMV Stevenage last week, and they didn’t have any bargains.

Stephen smalley

Guns is now 80 quid


If you click into other sellers the Amazon offering is still there, just out of stock.


The Appetite For Destruction set is out of stock now – there were 9 left when I ordered half an hour ago. It’s still available at the £59 price if you click into other sellers.

John Barleycorn

Lots of bargains in HMV at the moment, depends on your location as well but I bought Tears For Fears ‘Songs From The Big Chair’ SDE for £29.99, TFF ‘The Hurting’ SDE was available at £24.99. I bought a few copies of Moody Blues ‘In Search Of The Lost Chord’ at £12.99. The Police six disc set is down to £4.99. REM ‘Monster’ SDE was around £29 too. REM ‘Monster’ 2CD is £11.99. Simple Minds ‘Street Fighting Years’ SDE £29.99.


Not a deal as such, but the Amazon pre-order on Peter Gabriel Plays Live on Amazon UK has dropped £10 to £19.99.

Richard Fisher

Nice spot Rich! Ordered.


Paul, The Donna Summer “Encore” 33 disc box is announced as being available again in mid August on the various Amazon sites. They announced they would only print 1500, did they do an additional print? If so, how many? May be you can ask your sources. Thanks!!


Amazon US has it available with no qualifications, and close to it’s lowest US price

David Harold

Imagine John Yoko book back in stock at £8.75 at Amazon.co.uk again.

Gary Hunter

Thank You David for posting the update about the Lennon book, snapped one up at that price :)

Mike M

When this book hasn’t been available for £8.75 it’s been readily available for £15, for the past month or so. It’s a bargain at £15 also yet I see loads of comments from folk unwilling to part with a few quid more for this fantastic book, “damn I missed that deal”. Makes you wonder sometimes what folk’s motives are for buying some stuff. Do they actually want this item? Or are they just picking it up cos it’s a bargain?


Hi MikeM. To be honest it’s a bit of both. I was interested in the book and it looked fantastic but as I have a stack of books in my reading list to get through I wasn’t fussed on rushing out to get this. At £8.75 it really was a bargain so I swooped on something I would normally be happy to wait around for. I’m excited to see it when it arrives as it looks beautiful and I look forward to learning about an album that hadn’t fully grabbed me in the past.

That £6.25 difference is the equivalent of a second hand vinyl record from my local shop so I’d rather have the difference in my pocket than Amazon’s and spend it locally. With other financial commitments I have to pick my battles at times so yeah it’s a bit of both.


Not now. £161 it’s saying on Amazon.

John Barleycorn

Back up to £15 and the Amazon description says “new, unread, slightly shelfworn book” so buyer beware.


Thanks for this Paul. Ordered! This was my entry point to Rush and my favourite Rush album. I’ve been undecided on this but pulled the trigger now before it’s impossible to get.
It would have been tempting to get the others but it was really off putting having a deluxe version with a disc of cover versions.
I think I’m in for Moving Pictures, Signals and Grace Under Pressure as they become ready. That’s my prime Rush phased.
Keep up the great work!

James A Gates

Love Rush but have all the Sectors boxes and see little reason to spend big bucks on these sets that offer very little.

Derek Langsford

I bought the 3 Rush Sector Boxes, Moving Pictures and 2112 CD+Blu-ray sets, and hoped they’d continue the CD+ Bu-ray or DVD format, but no. They lost me with these Super Deluxe sets adding so much I really really didn’t want. Would love to get the 5.1 of AFtK and Hemispheres but not in these overstuffed SDEs.


Loved Rush since the 70’s . a magnificent album with possibly the best rock song ever made in Spirit Of Radio ……. but not at that price nor anything like it.

mark turrell

These Rush 40th reissues have been an example in how to do literally everything wrong.
New artwork nobody wanted.
cover versions nobody wanted to hear.
Live stuff from disparate shows. instead of full concerts.
Very little 5.1 or hi res stuff.
i’ve given them all a wide swerve and just bought the 2/3cd issues, and i still feel ripped off.


Must agree with this. Including cover versions was a terrible idea. Very glad I have the 2112 and Moving Pictures CD+Blu-Ray reissues from 8-9 years ago. Those were good enough.

Having said that: if Geddy and Alex decide to remix Signals for a deluxe edition in 2022, I might bite. Great songs on the album, but poorly mixed. Alex’s guitar parts are too buried/isolated in the mix.


Starting to go for ridiculous prices so had to jump in now. Got the other Rush SDE for half price but this one looks to be more popular.


€58 for the triple vinyl on amazon.de but doesn’t look like they post to UK?

Stephen Tomlinson

Also available in Canada at Musicvaultz. Also, 15% off with code “vaultzvip”.


I guess that code is only good for Canada mailing addresses? Doesn’t work for me in the USA.